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$800 Brakes vs $4700 Brakes

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  • Xuất bản 04 Th12, 2022

NHẬN XÉT • 6 827

  • Tim Vernak

    Love how this series really captures the reality of owning a subaru

  • John Lee
    John Lee  +818

    My heart dropped when he said "it might be the end of the line for HiLo". Thank you for keeping this series going, it is my favorite one to watch!

  • EggMcNog
    EggMcNog  +310

    The style of this episode, with Jerimiah showing up randomly and that. This was the best episode of anything on donut. Not even because there was a wreck.

  • eluberopaullo

    the last 10 minutes of this video has to be some of the best, most heartfelt, funny media I have seen in a long long time. It's like top gear but for our generation. I was cheering when you pulled the green screen back to show another clapped out WRX. Legends, the ebay motors ad during the brake fade test was hysterical, so was the donut media merch bit next to the totalled old high car. Awesome awesome video, I can really see the progress you're all making with how well these are filmed, how funny some of the moments are, how genuine the connection between you all feels. This one is really really good guys, well done. Next payday I'm buying some fricking merch, hope it helps with however many more EJs you'll need.

  • Roni Brito
    Roni Brito  +199

    The boys never give up. Love to see it. And I'll be completely honest, Jeremiah showing up last minute kind of brought a twinkle to my eye. Beautiful moment.

  • Geoff
    Geoff  +7

    Back on top boys - so good having old Donut back! The ads were absolutely perfect too 👌🏽

  • Jared Mullins

    If James keeps driving the WRX like that, next episode will be about comparing insurance premiums

  • armando Q
    armando Q  +83

    They been waiting to advertise the zip ties and that was perfect 😂

  • Ben McWhat?

    Was super worried for a moment there! Glad it’s not the end of the road for hi-low. Love this series

  • 1meang
    1meang  +8

    Nolan is proving to be a damn good driver!

  • ralixfilm

    would be interesting, how mutch the difference to stock from the low breaks are. Is it worth the cheap upgrade or just stick to stock and save up for high breaks?

  • Critical Event

    Owning three WRX's to keep one going is honestly the most relatable part of this series.

  • Simonas Petronis

    Wish you guys used the same kind of brake pad. Pads make a huge difference. I've run some good brake pads on stock brakes and it helped a ton with brake fade and consistency. These huge discs should take car of brake fade a lot, but consistency is probably more due to unknown quality pads.

  • cesar zavala

    This Channel goes above and beyond for us fans couldn’t thank y’all enough


    Man I love this episode especially the surprise new hi car part you guys are awesome and that never give up working on cars part made my day /night lol I work night shift ,love all you guys !! You guys are all hilarious at times keep up the awesome work !!

  • Cade co.

    The new Hi car reveal had my jaw dropped, the story, the drama, the emotion

  • whatismason

    Love the dedication, great series!

  • Nick Tuley

    I don't know why but watching James do a promo shot right after the wreck was gold 😂😂😂

  • Alexander Krause

    So proud of you guys!!! Glad everybody is okay and made me so happy to see you guys weren't giving up on the series!! It's my favorite thing to see on the channel and I'm so glad you guys are sticking with it.