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My Indie Game Publishing Company

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  • Xuất bản 20 Th09, 2022
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NHẬN XÉT • 17 108

  • Ivan Roman
    Ivan Roman 4 giờ trước +6

    It is heart-warming to see the inspiring stories of people that walk out of League of Legends. Thank you, Dunkey

  • Piccolo54
    Piccolo54 2 giờ trước +798

    I hope Dunkey doesn't get discouraged over the twitter trolls who really want this company to fail for some odd reason. I absolutely cannot wait to see what y'all have in store!

  • Timothy Bruno
    Timothy Bruno 17 giờ trước +226

    If the first game is a turn based farming sim, this will be Dunkey’s greatest joke yet.

  • Clayton Cowden
    Clayton Cowden 2 giờ trước +384

    it really makes you feel like you're actually a Publishing Company

  • TheSwindle123
    TheSwindle123 2 giờ trước +646

    I can never tell when Dunky’s being serious or joking. Thought there would be some sort of joke twist at the end but no, the man actually seems to be going for this so props to him!

  • Daniel Smock
    Daniel Smock 2 giờ trước +93

    I just want to say, that is the sickest branding I’ve seen for a publishing company

  • Iron Pineapple
    Iron Pineapple 7 giờ trước +6

    “I understand what kind of ideas always work”

  • Tristan Row
    Tristan Row 2 giờ trước +28

    As an aspiring game dev, this is great news! Thank you Dunkey!

  • Jak Baron King
    Jak Baron King 2 giờ trước +43

    I am so inspired by his tenacity and ambition.

  • crash bandicoot
    crash bandicoot 2 giờ trước +74

    Unironicly I think this will be a banger I wish you and all your future staff the best of luck I fucking love you bro.

  • Tyris ¿?
    Tyris ¿? 2 giờ trước +14

    This is the best video game news I've heard in around a decade its too bad not everyone can see that, we all want good games

  • Kaspian Nilsen
    Kaspian Nilsen 2 giờ trước +41

    This is exactly what the gaming world needs. A huuuge task to take on your shoulders though, but you sure have the passion and the confidence to do it. I really hope this gets as big as it deserves

    Traps, THEREALONE 4 giờ trước +2

    This man went from shitposting on Newgrounds to becoming an indie publisher, this truly is only accomplished by someone like Dunkey

  • Ryan McDonnell
    Ryan McDonnell 2 giờ trước +108

    Finally, the perfect company to publish my JRPG.

  • YEW
    YEW 17 giờ trước +5

    I'm so happy that Dunkley has decieded to throw his hat into the ring of publishing! Dunkey has always been one of the most genuine and honest creators on YT and you can tell how passionate he is about this project. Here's to the future Dunkley! I have high hopes for you and Lia!

  • Mighty Grimace
    Mighty Grimace 2 giờ trước +9

    As long as I get a grapplehook and pet the dog, any game published by BigMode is 10/10 for me and every gamer.

  • Kevin Page
    Kevin Page 2 giờ trước +23

    From Newgrounds traps to VNclip glory. The man, the myth, the legend. We salute you, BEEG YOSHI

  • Master Awesome
    Master Awesome 2 giờ trước +5

    Dunkey, I'm proud of you man, you really went above and beyond, cant wait to play your masterpieces bro.

  • Uncle Mingus
    Uncle Mingus 4 giờ trước +940

    This is the final stage of the gaming VNclipr career, and man I’m so glad that it’s you who made it. I can’t think of anyone better to run an indie game publishing company than the dunk himself

  • Andy Versus
    Andy Versus 8 giờ trước +4

    In all seriousness, don't let the psychos on Twitter get you down. There's a lot of us who are rooting for you!