Jose Altuve sends Astros to World Series with walk-off home run | Highlights & Recap | CBS Sports HQ

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  • Xuất bản 20 Th10, 2019
  • The Houston Astros defeated the New York Yankees by a 6-4 score in Saturday's Game 6 on Jose Altuve's walk-off homer in the ninth inning. Altuve's homer, which came off Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman with two outs, gives the Astros their second AL pennant in three seasons and sends them to the 2019 World Series.

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  • Bob Heck
    Bob Heck Tháng trước

    Yankees fan who loved ALTUVE and always will. Sorry for STADIUM ASSHOLES.

  • David Sawyer
    David Sawyer Tháng trước

    mighty mouse strikes again

  • Sam BassettLumber
    Sam BassettLumber Tháng trước

    Go Astros!!!

  • SneerfulDust
    SneerfulDust Tháng trước +1

    Thank you Astros for wiping the collective smugness from the Yankees faces. Well done.

  • Bongo Cat
    Bongo Cat Tháng trước +1

    yankees looking to go to the world series for the second time in 3 years?...
    ummm wait
    2019 astros v nats
    2018 dodgers v Rsox
    2017 dodgers v astros
    2016 cubs vs indians
    im not trying to be a smartass but
    turns out im retarded
    he said ASTROS
    LOL 😓😓😓😓

  • Joseph Benjamin
    Joseph Benjamin Tháng trước +2

    Altuve is 5-6 and his dad and birth certificate started his career then God and discipline demonstrated 👑👑👑👑👑

  • 713cca
    713cca Tháng trước +3

    Astros in 5!

  • Alfonso Perez-Borroto
    Alfonso Perez-Borroto Tháng trước

    Carlos Correa for MVP

  • Rodrigo Gonzalez
    Rodrigo Gonzalez Tháng trước

    Perhaps VNclip should put a sports trending tab? Why is this listed in top trending news? Why is Angelina Jolie in top trending news for talking about her upcoming movie? I would love to see entertainment actually sent to entertainment... And a sports tab for all people that love sports. That would stop VNclip from trying to water down any articles that are pro Trump...

  • How We Do Disney
    How We Do Disney Tháng trước +1

    I was waiting for the play by play guy to drop a “and boom goes the dynamite” line

  • Sean Stevens
    Sean Stevens Tháng trước

    Man yall complaining about how NY fans r assholes and then just absolutely just rip them here... ever heard of 2 wrongs dont make a right? A small part of the fan base r assholes but not our entire fan base. Enjoy your win but stop being bitches

    • Jerry K.
      Jerry K. Tháng trước

      There's a difference between calling out unacceptable behaviour as cretinous, shameful, and asinine and actually being cretinous, shameful, and asinine.

  • Tom Long
    Tom Long Tháng trước +4

    Thank for beating the Yankees...when the Brooklyn Dodgers left NY my father, who grew up in Brooklyn, couldn’t support any other NY team and was a lifelong Red Sox’s fan there after.
    Now, Pops is gone, and I remember him taking me to see Harmon Killebrew , “ The Killer”, “Hammerin’ Harmon”, play for the Washington Senators... I was all of 5yrs old.
    So this World Series’s is for Pops...Go Nats!

  • Efrain Vazquez
    Efrain Vazquez Tháng trước

    Jesus are you catching for the astros?

    • Sijham Bahri
      Sijham Bahri Tháng trước

      I think God is an Astro fan!😁⚾️🤠

  • Efrain Vazquez
    Efrain Vazquez Tháng trước

    Good swing carnation

  • Christian Ramirez
    Christian Ramirez Tháng trước +2


  • BassPlayah
    BassPlayah Tháng trước +7

    Seriously thank you Astros!!!!

  • Mob Rules
    Mob Rules Tháng trước

    Glen Beck interview with Ukrainian Andii Telizhenko. @.
    Andii spills the beans on ALL the Democrats in Ukraine. Democrat corruption is far worse than we imagined.

  • Gilbert Salazar
    Gilbert Salazar Tháng trước +2

    I was upset they didn’t win in NY but I was happy they won in Houston 🤟

  • Matthew Schlosser
    Matthew Schlosser Tháng trước +5

    So glad the Yankees tied the game before getting their hearts ripped out. Give em a little hope, then pull the rug out.

    • Bob Heck
      Bob Heck Tháng trước

      @Matthew Schlosser you'll die of a heart attack ASSHOLE!

    • Sijham Bahri
      Sijham Bahri Tháng trước


    • Matthew Schlosser
      Matthew Schlosser Tháng trước

      @Alex OjedaThose kinds of comments don't really bother me.

    • Alex Ojeda
      Alex Ojeda Tháng trước

      @Matthew Schlosser make it to the playoffs and then come talk to me fluke Sox fan

    • Matthew Schlosser
      Matthew Schlosser Tháng trước +1

      @Alex Ojeda lol I knew it was only a matter of time before the 27 comment came out.

  • Justus Languell
    Justus Languell Tháng trước +7

    This is why I love living in Houston

  • Richard Vasquez
    Richard Vasquez Tháng trước

    This game so obvious it was rigged from the get-go plain to see

    • Bob Heck
      Bob Heck Tháng trước


    • Jerry K.
      Jerry K. Tháng trước

      That's just what they want you to think...

    TOP EXPLORE Tháng trước +1


  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger Tháng trước

    did they really need to slow mo while he was spitting? nasty.

  • Kwadwo Holloway
    Kwadwo Holloway Tháng trước +6

    those Astros pitchers are really hard-to-beat.

  • AWretchLikeThee
    AWretchLikeThee Tháng trước +2

    I was dreading a Yankees vs Dodgers worlds series. I am happy.

    • AWretchLikeThee
      AWretchLikeThee Tháng trước

      @Jeff Wallace exactly.

    • Jeff Wallace
      Jeff Wallace Tháng trước +1

      I really can't think of a worse World Series for the average viewer. The two wealthiest teams with the largest media markets battling it out when nobody in the rest of the country gives a shit

    • AWretchLikeThee
      AWretchLikeThee Tháng trước

      @Bob Heck I love to jerk off 🤣

    • Bob Heck
      Bob Heck Tháng trước


  • rich s
    rich s Tháng trước +1

    Glad the Yankees lost

  • Santiago Camacho
    Santiago Camacho Tháng trước +1

    David vs Goliath

  • antoine freeman
    antoine freeman Tháng trước +2

    H town about to go str8 crazy if Astros when the world series...

    • Bob Heck
      Bob Heck Tháng trước

      Aren't they already? Love you guys! Go Astros!

    BUGS MORAN Tháng trước +1

    Yankees fans are on suicide watch..🐔🐔🐔

  • cookiepaws tv
    cookiepaws tv Tháng trước +1

    After Brantley did that catch and then when he batted the green stains on his shirt made the green screen was on his shirt 😂😂 😂😮

  • chief 1 redwolf
    chief 1 redwolf Tháng trước +5

    All good gifts and perfect gifts comes down from the Father of lights in who there is no variableness or shadow or turning Jesus said. And that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. ❤️📖🙂

    • Bob Heck
      Bob Heck Tháng trước

      Nice but speak in layman terms. Sounds gibberish.

  • Mike Illmatic
    Mike Illmatic Tháng trước

    As a Yankees fan, I congratulate the Astros and say comfortably I knew this was going to happen and the Yankees did not deserve to even touch the world series grounds this year.

    Fuck all of our GM's for once again wasting another season by undervaluing the importance of pitching and doing jack shit for our pitching rotation all year.

    Fire Cashman, get rid of Chapman, get rid of every last name that has "man" in it, and stop getting homerun hitters that can't even bat near .300, get more DJ's on the team!

  • JTB60 GSO
    JTB60 GSO Tháng trước +3

    Chappy, you can't hang a 100 mph fastball. I still remember when Wohlers hung a slider to Leyritz. Gotta bring the heat.

    • Bob Heck
      Bob Heck Tháng trước

      @Jacob Jones that shirty curve was ignorant.

    • Jacob Jones
      Jacob Jones Tháng trước

      That’s exactly what I thought about in the moment.. Wohlers throwing his second best pitch to Leyritz instead of his 100mph fastball..
      That was 23 years ago..

    • Jerry K.
      Jerry K. Tháng trước

      Sure, but Chappy wasn't able to throw his FB for a strike and he didn't want to walk Springer into scoring position.

  • tim simpson
    tim simpson Tháng trước

    Buh-Bye Yankees.... lol

  • Matte Syl
    Matte Syl Tháng trước

    Lol🤣😂 LMFAO 😂🤣🎉🎆

  • amerocker
    amerocker Tháng trước

    So sorry to see the New Yawk Junkies lose...not! Go H-Town!

  • Robert Downer
    Robert Downer Tháng trước +5

    From a Red Sox fan, CONGRATS Houston!!!!!!!!! I am so happy (Well. not as happy if it were the Sox instead, but this is MUCH better then if the Skanks were in it!) with this WS match up!!!!!!!

  • Edwin Moux
    Edwin Moux Tháng trước +2

    The Yankees should have walled altuve intentionally.

    • Bob Heck
      Bob Heck Tháng trước


    • htxtexans 713
      htxtexans 713 Tháng trước +1

      Horrible decision, so let's say Yankees would of done that and marisnick hits a single or a double, what would your opinion be on Boone??? Yankees made the right call, it just Altuve just hit it perfect.

  • Alex Valero
    Alex Valero Tháng trước +2

    1:16 sahWIiiing!

  • jay H
    jay H Tháng trước

    Welp.. Yanks froze again

  • 312vandal
    312vandal Tháng trước +2

    Glad the skankies lost 🤣

  • JordaniusVonRhod
    JordaniusVonRhod Tháng trước

    And why is this a suprise?????

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance Tháng trước +1

    Life drops the ball, the ball drops life. Perhaps, we see what isn't there and what isn't there, sees us.

  • Jesse M.
    Jesse M. Tháng trước

    Yankees can suck my left nut

  • Follower of God. BLESSED are we.


  • timmy
    timmy Tháng trước

    bye-bye Yankees now let's hope we can say bye-bye to that asshole Cashman

  • Gregory Morillo
    Gregory Morillo Tháng trước +2

    This destroyed me last night it this will sting for a long long time😓 this was the year and they couldn’t beat Houston when it mattered changes need to be made!

  • zim zum
    zim zum Tháng trước

    Yankees: Fu*k Altuve
    Altuve: what? Sorry I couldn't hear you over my home runs.

    • Jerry K.
      Jerry K. Tháng trước

      Yankees: Fu*k Altuve
      [Altuve ends NYY 2019 post season]
      Yankees: Fu*k Altuve!!!

  • Nexx Figueroa
    Nexx Figueroa Tháng trước +2

    im a yankees fan but ever since jeter left i stopped watching ,

    • Bob Heck
      Bob Heck Tháng trước


    • Ryan Gordon
      Ryan Gordon Tháng trước +1

      So you’re not a fan

    • James Yorizzo
      James Yorizzo Tháng trước +1

      Nexx Figueroa So that makes you a Jeter fan, not a Yankee fan.

  • David Nierzwick
    David Nierzwick Tháng trước +4

    Sorry New York, at least you have a great mayor and even a better governor👍🇺🇸👏👏👏

  • Michael Cap
    Michael Cap Tháng trước +1

    Nats in WS without Bryce? Who knew.

  • TheUnatuber
    TheUnatuber Tháng trước +2

    I can't stop thinking the Astros are a(n) NL team.

    • Bob Heck
      Bob Heck Tháng trước

      Yeah, for sure. Dodgers win.

  • TexasRed
    TexasRed Tháng trước

    Your commentators should really work on name pronunciation.

  • 63Jim63
    63Jim63 Tháng trước +9

    I am not an Astros fan but, Astros is a great team because, they have an excellent pitchin' staff and players.
    Astros got revenge on the YANKEES after four of their players got mistreated by their fans: Josh Reddick, Zack Greinke, Alex Bregman and, Jose "THE RUNT" Altuve.

    Good Luck Astros

  • Gram Jahash
    Gram Jahash Tháng trước +1

    I fuckin love altuve 😍

  • Chris Naples
    Chris Naples Tháng trước +7

    Hey Yanks BA BYE !!!!🤣

  • Ray Lo
    Ray Lo Tháng trước

    The Yankees are so damned STUPID!!! They knew this guy was hot!!! Why didn't they just pitch around him??? No homers if you walk the guy!!!

  • krazivaya
    krazivaya Tháng trước

    new york yankeeys and new york mets them ALL SUCK BIG TIME !!!!!!!!!
    BUNCH OF LOSERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason Franks
    Jason Franks Tháng trước +1

    You may be the worst sports caster ever

  • Juan Carrasquel
    Juan Carrasquel Tháng trước +10

    Homeboy connecting that Homer was a beautiful thing 🇻🇪

    • Sijham Bahri
      Sijham Bahri Tháng trước

      @LuNar31 He is here to stay. All Texas love him... He is a champions... we don't have problema with legal immigration plus HE IS a champions
      ... We Texans just have problems with Chaposss !🤠🇺🇸🇻🇪

    • LuNar31
      LuNar31 Tháng trước

      Build a wall send him back!!!