Ashley Graham Reveals Her Baby’s Sex

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  • Xuất bản 07 Th11, 2019
  • Ashley Graham is about to become a first-time mom, and the model revealed the sex of her baby! Ashley also talked with Ellen about the new season of her ellentube digital series “Fearless,” and revealed how a random person ended up with her personal glam photos!
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  • Marie Angelique
    Marie Angelique 12 giờ trước

    Harry styles said he wants Ashley's belly

  • Nolimithas
    Nolimithas Ngày trước +1

    The end😂💙.

  • Quantum Drew
    Quantum Drew 2 ngày trước

    OMG, she's a real beast. At least going forward, she can use the excuse of the baby for the extra weight that never comes off.

  • Single Mom I love playing with myself TUBE

    I recognized Ezra Furman's song from the first beat. ☀ (y)

  • Lance Hanlon
    Lance Hanlon 6 ngày trước

    Her husband is a lucky guy... Her and her husband are going to be great parents.

  • Lanre Akerele
    Lanre Akerele 11 ngày trước +1

    Women who are as good-looking as Ashely Graham, with perfect curvy sizes, are considered attractive to me in America

    SINGLE MOM Lyly 19 ngày trước

    My grandpa is death and iwillprey all ways 😭😭😭😭 ⭐ ^_^ 💖

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  • Carolyn Patterson
    Carolyn Patterson 21 ngày trước

    Ashley Graham is so beautiful, inside and out. Love her so much. Congratulations on your growing family.

  • Shosho_san 55
    Shosho_san 55 22 ngày trước

    Ellen do you remember when you were in tv and you saw a little girl and she was ‏ laying down and she had curly hair and you said to her I like your hair. I swear that was me😖😖💞 I didn’t know that you were so famous😭💞

  • Rachel Bollhorst
    Rachel Bollhorst 23 ngày trước

    Her child will be beautiful. There is no other way to put it.

  • Dearly Kate
    Dearly Kate 23 ngày trước

    Pregnant women are so sexy ❤️

  • Alaya Rose
    Alaya Rose 23 ngày trước

    Ughh cannot stand this attention starved grizzly bear 🙄

  • Kat Starr
    Kat Starr 25 ngày trước

    Ashlyn graham. The sexiest woman alive. Proof you don’t need to be 90lbs to be beyond beautiful.

  • hana
    hana 25 ngày trước +1

    nobody gonna talk about the hair bobble on ellen’s wrist... okay 😂

    • hana
      hana 23 ngày trước

      Jazzica Idamarie a hair tie?

    • Jazzica Idamarie
      Jazzica Idamarie 23 ngày trước

      hana what is a hair bobble?

  • Madie S
    Madie S 25 ngày trước

    Where did she say it?

  • Nancy Lee
    Nancy Lee 25 ngày trước

    The whole time I said boy. Ashley was glowing.

  • sweetbecky1000
    sweetbecky1000 25 ngày trước

    Congratulations to Ashley!! She looks beautiful, and may she have a smooth delivery.

  • Rammy Fenty
    Rammy Fenty 26 ngày trước

    She's so beautiful😍🔥

  • Human 123
    Human 123 26 ngày trước +1

    I don't have time watching this whole video, so which gender is it?

  • Idk Lolll
    Idk Lolll 26 ngày trước

    When she realized she said the gender 😂

  • Anna Wixom
    Anna Wixom 26 ngày trước

    She really is so beautiful. She is just perfect the way she is. Hope she never feels the need to change a hair on her head.

  • neha misra
    neha misra 26 ngày trước +13

    She is literally the most beautiful woman I've ever seen

  • Imamia Murshed
    Imamia Murshed 26 ngày trước

    She kind of looks like Eva Mendes!

  • Kathy Turman
    Kathy Turman 26 ngày trước

    She looks like she’ll be a good mom

  • Ariel Coy
    Ariel Coy 26 ngày trước

    She’s got the best laugh lol

  • Tavia Jones
    Tavia Jones 26 ngày trước

    Her laugh is contagious 😂

  • Cornelius Charles
    Cornelius Charles 26 ngày trước

    She's even more gorgeous pregnant

  • nagarcia76
    nagarcia76 26 ngày trước

    This was so staged.🤔

  • Pamela V
    Pamela V 26 ngày trước

    she is so freakin gorgeous

  • S J
    S J 26 ngày trước

    Sleep as much as possible, sister. Once that baby is here, sleep is impossible!

  • Jeremy Roberson
    Jeremy Roberson 26 ngày trước

    Lucky guy. She fine and thick!!!

  • missychelle33
    missychelle33 26 ngày trước

    Love love love love her. What a role model. 💗💗💗

  • Christina I
    Christina I 26 ngày trước

    She’s HUGE 😳😳😳😳

  • ItsSarahG T
    ItsSarahG T 26 ngày trước

    Just the start of the video , I’m guessing she’s having a boy, And yeah she’s having a boy.

  • Carlie frees
    Carlie frees 27 ngày trước

    ELLEN MY DUE DATE IS JANUARY 27th 2020!!!!

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    I am so sorry god

  • Cell 90
    Cell 90 27 ngày trước

    Damm she is really massive

  • Matthew Cheatham
    Matthew Cheatham 27 ngày trước

    Ashley is going to be good mother and she is so beautiful

  • Cinderroob
    Cinderroob 27 ngày trước

    Ellen and I share a birthday! 😁

  • Tatiana Franco
    Tatiana Franco 27 ngày trước

    It’s a boy

  • Gahbee Koda
    Gahbee Koda 27 ngày trước

    If I was there, I would be freaking out! The audience was a little too calm for me. I love her! She’s my husband’s dream crush too and I ain’t mad about it 💓

  • Mer Blink
    Mer Blink 27 ngày trước

    Her laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i love her.

  • Mer Blink
    Mer Blink 27 ngày trước

    Owe am born on Jan 27th 😏😏

  • Sally sweety
    Sally sweety 27 ngày trước

    I love her figure wish i looked like her...shes sexy...👍👍👍🌷🌷🌷🌷

  • megan warrick
    megan warrick 27 ngày trước

    I’m due next week with my little boy... I have not got glammed up or worn nice clothes for many weeks possibly months though 😂 props to her for doing that and I have forgotten what working out is 😂

  • Angie Thomas
    Angie Thomas 27 ngày trước

    You are sooo beautiful Ashley

  • G Velija
    G Velija 27 ngày trước

    her laugh destroys everything 😂😂

  • Natasha Lynn
    Natasha Lynn 27 ngày trước

    Her laugh is everything lol

  • Becca Sue
    Becca Sue 27 ngày trước

    What everyone came for 3:50

  • Ana B.
    Ana B. 27 ngày trước

    Ashley is for me the most gorgeous, sexy, natural and authentic girl in this industry. I love her.

  • AliciaStyleAndGrace
    AliciaStyleAndGrace 27 ngày trước +2

    She is so gorgeous I find her absolutely mesmerizing

  • Eliza Martinez
    Eliza Martinez 27 ngày trước

    I love her laugh❤

  • China
    China 27 ngày trước

    My all time favorite model

  • Marissa Wooten
    Marissa Wooten 27 ngày trước

    I knew I should have fast foward towards the end but Congrats!!!

  • Grecia Yúdice
    Grecia Yúdice 27 ngày trước

    She is havig a boy lol

  • Jaeda D.
    Jaeda D. 27 ngày trước +3

    3:51 she reveals the gender, you’re welcome

  • simranjeet kaur
    simranjeet kaur 27 ngày trước

    Ellen you are awesome women...stay healty and long life.

  • Jenna Mary
    Jenna Mary 27 ngày trước

    She’s beautiful! She’s gonna be an amazing mom

  • Felicity Smoak
    Felicity Smoak 27 ngày trước +1

    So thankful for not having a laugh like Ashley Graham's 😂😂😂