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$150 Plasma Cutting Table - With Spark Collector

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  • Xuất bản 06 Th12, 2022


  • Derek Peterson
    Derek Peterson 3 năm trước +5

    Great build, thanks for sharing your time and talent!

  • David Turpin
    David Turpin Năm trước +3

    You probably have already thought of it
    But if you put a small expanded metal screen down in your hopper you would be able to catch smaller parts and not have to dig them out of your bucket
    Very Nice setup

  • plsmithed
    plsmithed 3 năm trước +1

    Nice ingenuity man! This design could also work well as a hood for heat deflection and fume extraction for a forge with some ducting and in-line fan

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper Năm trước +1

    You have just saved me about $120.00 over Amazon's price for the Eastwood version of this table. Thanks a bunch!

  • Victor Perez
    Victor Perez Năm trước

    They finally have them in stock at Jegs’s for under $100. Was about to drop $230 on one from Amazon. Thank you so much for this.
    Going to make one soon!

  • patches of green
    patches of green 3 năm trước

    Simple and elegant solution. Nice design. Thanks for the lesson.

  • Douglas Bernick
    Douglas Bernick 3 năm trước +1

    That looks great I’m thinking of building one just like it thanks for the idea in the plans

  • Mike Bevan
    Mike Bevan 2 năm trước

    Love the idea. I am going to build a little bigger table, but will need to modify plans for a bigger collector. Also in watching your video, I noticed that bad ass belt grinder. Did you build that, or bur it? Would love to see your plans, if you ordered them, please share where. Thank you

  • Carl White
    Carl White 3 năm trước +8

    Thanks for the plans, I just bought one of these tables so big help as i hate catching my boot laces on fire.

  • nic repasky
    nic repasky 2 năm trước +2

    Plasma table coming today going to start building spark arrestor from your plans. Been looking for some time on how to make one & finally found yours.
    Thank you for sharing your plans & knowledge.
    I like to make stuff

  • machaf
    machaf 2 năm trước

    Thanks for the plans! Got it cut and tacked up today. Just need to do some minor fit up issues and weld the entire seam.

  • Rob the Wayward Woodworker
    Rob the Wayward Woodworker 3 năm trước +5

    It's great how you show the warts and all. Some videos only show how amazingly perfect some guys like to pretend to be! LOL Thanks for the heads up on the table, great value!

  • Michael McClister Sr
    Michael McClister Sr 2 năm trước +2

    Stupid question maybe, but where can one get the welding table metal that has holes all over in a grid like pattern???
    Love the videos, thank you for making them!

    • Michael McClister Sr
      Michael McClister Sr 2 năm trước

      @Make Everything thank you! I'm just getting started, finished welding school just to learn, and figure I can turn it into a side gig and make an additional revenue stream that I'll enjoy, and be able to use my welding skills. I'm an IT Director by day. Thank you again sir!

    • Make Everything
      Make Everything  2 năm trước

      Strong hand tools makes an amazing fixture table. They sell them through trick tools and other stores. It’s called a welding fixture table.

  • DC wood fab design
    DC wood fab design 3 năm trước

    Great idea. Gonna keep this spark diverting device in mind when my plasma cutter arrives!!

  • Clyde Decker
    Clyde Decker 3 năm trước

    Now that is a GREAT tip. Loved the outcome.

  • Fred McIntyre
    Fred McIntyre 3 năm trước +1

    Awesome work Chris! 😃👍🏻👊🏻

  • Len Conrad
    Len Conrad 3 năm trước +4

    Excellent job.
    the "buy (table) vs make" was clearly the correct one
    What about a fumes, smoke eater worked into the bucket?

    • Make Everything
      Make Everything  3 năm trước +2

      I usually do my cutting outside, and when im inside I have a smoke eater over the welding area. It would be nice to get a smaller one thats just dedicated to the plasma table tho... Now the wheels are turning!

  • Steven Mark
    Steven Mark 3 năm trước +2

    Nice job on the collector. And thanks for letting us know about the table. Super deal! You volume is pretty low. Had to hold the speaker up to my ear to hear.

    • Steven Mark
      Steven Mark 3 năm trước

      Make Everything it may just be my iPad and speaker. No one else has said anything. But I just watched a mini bike video and I could hear it fine. Thanks again. Great videos!!

    • Make Everything
      Make Everything  3 năm trước

      Thanks! Noted, ill turn it up next time! So hard to tell when editing

  • Asidi Chibwana
    Asidi Chibwana Năm trước

    Thanks for the good video. What is the name of the welding machine you are using in this video?

  • emaildavidlehman
    emaildavidlehman 2 năm trước

    That’s simple and fan-damn-tastic!

  • jj1479
    jj1479 2 năm trước

    Any reason that the smaller panels come out 1/2” higher than the longer bent pieces? (17-1/16”). If I make all 4 sides that dump into the bucket all flush on the small end than the small panels stick up 1/2” past the bend on the bigger ones.

    • machaf
      machaf 2 năm trước

      So you can bend the side up closer to the frame. Video doesn't show it. Plans don't show bending on that piece either. Hard to explain. You can see he sheared up pieces for the short sides too. See 9:06.

  • roger armoa
    roger armoa Năm trước

    Cool project. Thanks for sharing

  • Nikki Davis
    Nikki Davis Năm trước

    How well has the Jegs table held up? I’m looking at it and the Weld Tables version. Cost is drastically diff and I don’t want to waste my money. Need ur input!

  • jj1479
    jj1479 3 năm trước

    I got the last one that Jegs had yesterday. I had to call cause it was missing some of the bolts. She also said they won’t be back in stock till April as they are switching manufacturers.

  • House of Chop
    House of Chop 3 năm trước +3

    The fold up one I built saved me some space but this is such a cost effective way to go and your upgrade with the funnel section makes it spot on! Another great build sir 🔥👍🏼🔥

    • Make Everything
      Make Everything  3 năm trước +1

      Im still jealous of your fold up design! I have a feeling this one mine eventually become attached to another table with some hinges... BUT I do love being able to cut outside and keep all the smoke and fumes out of my shop! Thanks man!

  • Korbin Benson
    Korbin Benson 2 năm trước

    Where did you get/order the sheet metal?

  • ScubaDude68
    ScubaDude68 2 năm trước

    How would your design handle gas torch cutting? Would the 20 ga. hold up or burn through?

    • A Man Without Hope
      A Man Without Hope Năm trước

      You ever find out I don't have a plasma cutter but got oxy acetylene

  • Blake Adam
    Blake Adam Năm trước

    I have a non pilot arc plasma cutter.
    Will it cut through the table?
    I have heard you need a pilot arc to use a cutting table.

  • Travis Delano
    Travis Delano 2 năm trước

    The table is not on Amazon anymore, Ebay for 109.00 plus tax same one JEGs

  • Kyle Schmidt
    Kyle Schmidt 2 năm trước

    Great video. Did you make a video on the Lincoln Tomohawk 1000?

  • Uncle Bucks Forge
    Uncle Bucks Forge 3 năm trước +1

    Great timing I just got a Hypertherm powermax 45 and want a table. I'll be getting one of these and making the collection system. Thanks

    • Uncle Bucks Forge
      Uncle Bucks Forge 3 năm trước

      @Make Everything The table is here already! Going to put it together now.

    • Uncle Bucks Forge
      Uncle Bucks Forge 3 năm trước

      @Make Everything Already ordered the table and printed your drawing Thanks again

    • Make Everything
      Make Everything  3 năm trước

      Awesome! It’s crazy the difference it makes in terms of air quality and safety in the shop!

  • Reko Starr
    Reko Starr 2 năm trước

    Is this good for welding too?

  • jmtx
    jmtx 3 năm trước

    Awesome add on!

  • patrick mcglone
    patrick mcglone 3 năm trước

    Talk about Common Sense. My sandblasting cabinet has the same taper underneath it to catch the sand. And that's a great price for the table.. just in case you want to modify it , you have a great base to start with. 2 THUMBS UP 👍👍

  • Rudy Rivera
    Rudy Rivera Năm trước

    Thanks for sharing! 🤙🏻

  • robert w
    robert w Năm trước

    Good luck building that for under $500 just a year later…

  • Jon Ryan
    Jon Ryan 3 năm trước

    I need one of these for my powerplasma cutter.

  • olenick 7734
    olenick 7734 3 năm trước +1

    Well done ..

  • Artuur
    Artuur 3 năm trước


  • Joshua Vogt
    Joshua Vogt 9 tháng trước +1

    cool video but couldn't help but wonder why you were using circular saw, and 4 inch grinder to cut sheet metal when you obviously have a plasma cutter

    • Make Everything
      Make Everything  9 tháng trước +1

      it was much easier to cut the sheet on that foam board than to try and support that sheet while letting the plasma arc cut through it. Plus it makes less smoke, and less of a chance to warp that thin sheet metal.

  • Jptazz Airbrushing JPrice
    Jptazz Airbrushing JPrice 2 năm trước

    Awesome, got any tools or equipment you want to donate or sale? Just starting out really dont know what I need but going to collect tools and equipment. Ready to retire and use these to tinker with and keep myself busy.

    • Make Everything
      Make Everything  2 năm trước +1

      James Price check Facebook and letgo in your local area you can almost always find garage or estate sales with inexpensive tools. I go through my shop and clear out excess stuff from time to time, usually donate it to young kids starting out who don’t have any tools or money to get them

  • white fox
    white fox 2 năm trước


    H3AVY M3TALS 11 tháng trước

    Those 2 years ago Trump prices are looking pretty good right about now isnt it boys?
    Lets Go Brandon

  • bill baggins
    bill baggins 3 năm trước +2

    Really bugs me when it's cheaper to buy than make. Does nothing to foster creativity. Seems like everything must be sacrificed to the altar of capitalist profit.
    Nice upgrade tho Chris 👍

  • Peter Fitzpatrick
    Peter Fitzpatrick 3 năm trước +2

    What do you do with the collected sparks ??
    Make Sparklers ?

  • looeeloco
    looeeloco 2 năm trước

    Bad ass!

  • Eric Lakota
    Eric Lakota Năm trước

    Like you sead material is so expensive it kills the welding trade at one time welding was gold ticket from building wood spliters to car chasies and trailors now people want somthing the can but it at harbor freight or tractor macheanery the can get new wood splitor for 1000$ im cant build one with all new parts for that price .china and india get alot of are work but their is quality different but most dont care they rather pay less

  • Pete Peterson
    Pete Peterson 3 năm trước +1

    talk a little faster next time, So I only got to watch 4 times to get everything out the video LOL ; P )

  • nic repasky
    nic repasky 2 năm trước

    Where do I find the plans.

  • lostintime86
    lostintime86 3 năm trước +1

    Put a little water in that bucket.

  • Syazwan Badari
    Syazwan Badari 3 năm trước