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  • Xuất bản 21 Th11, 2022
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  • @TimeBucks
    @TimeBucks Ngày trước +576

    Love how grateful you are Les

  • @madaibenitez9181
    @madaibenitez9181 14 ngày trước +285

    Manifesting that one day I’ll be able to throw beautiful gatherings for my family & friends in a beautiful home one day! ❤️ Loved the video Les, so proud of all your accomplishments 💞🫶🏻

  • @cristinaordonez7530
    @cristinaordonez7530 Ngày trước +224

    Leslie always so grounded she doesn’t ever forget where she came from her original friends and her friends from content creating how awesome!! Love this

  • @Rosalia040509
    @Rosalia040509 14 ngày trước +185

    Best feeling being able to bring your friends and family under one roof and host making memories ❤️🫶🏼

  • @comefasttogetintomybody3965
    @comefasttogetintomybody3965 Ngày trước +99

    Let's just appreciate how much of time and work he put into these videos

  • @nena9184
    @nena9184 Ngày trước +14

    Les not being able to say Charcuterie Board had me dying 😂😂I love Les and Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.

  • @umarnazeerumarnazeer2339
    @umarnazeerumarnazeer2339 2 giờ trước

    So sweet

  • @LMLopez589
    @LMLopez589 Ngày trước +14

    the way baby g just loves Crystal & Sarah❤ Happy Thanksgiving! Love that you have these beautiful friendships.

  • @janetterodriguez2846
    @janetterodriguez2846 Ngày trước +25

    I love this I wish I had friends lol but we all grew apart when we started having kids and I mean I get it it’s hard to balance it all out but I’m glad to see everyone vibing ❤ happy thanksgiving 🦃

  • @aracely4106
    @aracely4106 14 ngày trước +24

    I would love to do this but I only have 1 friend 😂 so fun to watch all your friends come together! ❤

  • @felishathemom7393
    @felishathemom7393 21 giờ trước +1

    it always makes me wonder what people go through in their past life to be so blessed in the present life. les deserves every single blessing 🎉❤❤❤

  • @jazzyespitia9399
    @jazzyespitia9399 14 ngày trước +25

    Too cute! I wish I had friends that I could do this with. But I hate to host and I don’t like too many people lol. Loved through you all! I love you Les! My favorite family for sure ❤

  • @marshallnicole82
    @marshallnicole82 14 ngày trước +34

    The holidays with baby g this year is goin to be so exciting and fun. Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE 🦃

  • @priscilla1743
    @priscilla1743 Ngày trước +7

    Loved how everyone strikes a pose as soon as baby g was ready, soo cute.♥️

  • @esmeraldaluna9452
    @esmeraldaluna9452 14 ngày trước +16

    Love how grateful you are Les, we are grateful for you! ❤️

  • @mixstudio-sham1463
    @mixstudio-sham1463 19 giờ trước

    Thank you for this exquisite stream, I will never forget this experience

  • Trinh tue
    Trinh tue Ngày trước

    Lets be honest- Ian and Sigils are an awesome team- they make up like two of the brain cells out of the three that the group gets when they put their brain cells together.

  • @rosa123436ify
    @rosa123436ify Ngày trước +15

    The decor is so pretty ❤ so nice to be able to have all your friends over

  • @rogo6226
    @rogo6226 14 ngày trước +27

    Only 3 mins in and you can tell Laura and Les have been spending a lot of time together they both talk with their hands and move them exactly the same way! 😄

  • @daisinh7676
    @daisinh7676 Ngày trước +1

    Jev never fails to make me smile during a video