I bleached my hair by myself and this is what happened...

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  • lol my new hair is so swag and u can’t tell me I’m wrong
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  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode 12 giờ trước

    James Charles:Bleaches his hair

    Few days later

    Antonio:I’ve had this thought for a while and I wanna bleach my hair


  • Pull-up Kid
    Pull-up Kid Ngày trước

    Can someone tell me what she uses

  • Juras go
    Juras go Ngày trước


  • Fatima Hussain
    Fatima Hussain Ngày trước

    Omg I thought you were a girl from the thumbnail for like WEEKS oof sorry if that offends anyone

  • Hollynwood FilmsTM
    Hollynwood FilmsTM Ngày trước

    My self control has left the chat😂😂me everyday

  • Ellen Johnsson
    Ellen Johnsson Ngày trước +1

    I love ur lisp.

  • EA.Slater
    EA.Slater Ngày trước

    1:29 - 1:33
    Just watch it
    I wish I looked that good
    Ur so prettyyy❤️

  • Greta Prinsen
    Greta Prinsen 2 ngày trước

    WHAT A QUEEN💖💖💖💖

  • Puppies Kawaiixox
    Puppies Kawaiixox 2 ngày trước

    Antonio: If no one sees this-
    No one:
    Legit no onnnnne:
    Me: *looks at views*

  • Hilluzxs
    Hilluzxs 3 ngày trước

    you kinda look like eminem's daughter????

  • karina quin
    karina quin 3 ngày trước +1

    Antonio looks so cute with that bag on wtf

  • Anuhea S
    Anuhea S 4 ngày trước

    sis bought herself a tesla but still records on her phone

  • stephanie bonilla
    stephanie bonilla 4 ngày trước

    What highlight is thattt!!?

  • Emily Carroll
    Emily Carroll 4 ngày trước +1

    like i know i am a little late, but you look gorgeous in the thumbnail...I cOuLd NeVeR!

  • Mrs. Coolridge
    Mrs. Coolridge 5 ngày trước

    Why are u so cute 😂😭💕

  • Sergeo Reynolds
    Sergeo Reynolds 5 ngày trước

    Is you a dude

  • ThisWasAMistake !
    ThisWasAMistake ! 5 ngày trước

    No one:

    Antonio: ANYWAYS-

  • GlitzLeopardNiteSky
    GlitzLeopardNiteSky 5 ngày trước

    Ur hair looks beautiful

  • * D I S N E Y * GaChA
    * D I S N E Y * GaChA 6 ngày trước

    9:40 "It's like....... I'M A FIREPLACE"

  • K-La Kay
    K-La Kay 6 ngày trước

    10:35 🦶🦶😍😍😩😩🥵

  • Briana Reyes
    Briana Reyes 6 ngày trước

    Honestly like I’m not gonna lie like I’m being serious you sing so good

  • Jocelyn Salas
    Jocelyn Salas 6 ngày trước

    Pause at 9:09 NOW!

  • Kenzie
    Kenzie 6 ngày trước


  • Anna Lubian
    Anna Lubian 6 ngày trước

    Are you a boy or a girl?

  • MizShon Early
    MizShon Early 6 ngày trước

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love this so funny 😂😂

  • nana
    nana 6 ngày trước

    4:24 can we talk about how cute that was

  • Monica Dimitrova
    Monica Dimitrova 7 ngày trước

    Sis,u are so beautiful like wtf😻🥰

  • Keane Manuel
    Keane Manuel 7 ngày trước

    what do u guy think of the ksi vs logan paul rematch? who gonna win

  • Chelsea Le Guilcher
    Chelsea Le Guilcher 7 ngày trước

    she be looking like belle from love island

  • charlotte-ann has a plan
    charlotte-ann has a plan 7 ngày trước

    i actually think bangs would really suit you

  • simay özgentürk
    simay özgentürk 7 ngày trước

    8:11 what the fuck just occurred

  • The Kuddly Krab
    The Kuddly Krab 8 ngày trước +3

    At first when she got out of the shower I was like “what does she mean???? It doesn’t look bad” but then she started zoomin and I was like 😳 OH. NVMD.

  • Dee M
    Dee M 8 ngày trước

    Wait so are you trans?

  • catherine rainville
    catherine rainville 8 ngày trước

    Literally BEAUTIFUL

  • Laura Natalina Pettinicchi
    Laura Natalina Pettinicchi 9 ngày trước

    whats the app your using to edit your videos ? btw your hair are pretty

  • Wicked Side 77
    Wicked Side 77 9 ngày trước +1

    Ok... I'm 42 and binging on Antonio... so freaking beautiful and adorable

  • Ghazal Aljubouri
    Ghazal Aljubouri 9 ngày trước +1

    Brad Mondo: *Ah shit, here we go again.*

  • blckpnks zone
    blckpnks zone 9 ngày trước

    Did anyone else notice that those 2 pictures on the wall have been moving through out the whole video ?🗿

  • Ashley Noelle
    Ashley Noelle 10 ngày trước

    can’t even sit through one of your videos. you’re annoying asf 😂

  • japanese wølf
    japanese wølf 10 ngày trước +2

    I’m being honest I like ur makeup more than anyone, including james

  • The Bestest Queen There Is
    The Bestest Queen There Is 10 ngày trước

    This was on my birthday :D

  • Pine Apple
    Pine Apple 10 ngày trước +7

    The closest you’ll ever get to hearing her actual voice

  • Sammy
    Sammy 10 ngày trước

    antonio needs acne medication coz its severe. she also needs laser hair removal for that 5oclock shadow, and in order to match the facetune: give her lip fillers and a nosejob. isnt she rich? why cant she afford some skincare? she cant always have a full face makeup on

  • Amanda Sellers
    Amanda Sellers 11 ngày trước

    Wayyy too much editing! Annoying!

  • Lexi Lizarraga
    Lexi Lizarraga 11 ngày trước

    what app does she use for her edits ?

  • GachaBlueGaming _
    GachaBlueGaming _ 11 ngày trước

    Every VNclipr: bleaches hair
    Brad Mondo: sTOnKs

  • Team SG.Luderz
    Team SG.Luderz 12 ngày trước

    I’m getting a heartattack watching this

  • liquid trash
    liquid trash 12 ngày trước

    tbh ur makeup is scuffed rn

  • Jessie Z
    Jessie Z 12 ngày trước

    What’d he use to remove the tape ins!?? Help

  • jaceri grimmett
    jaceri grimmett 12 ngày trước

    are u a boy?

  • A Radeker
    A Radeker 12 ngày trước

    omg i hate you

  • shan
    shan 12 ngày trước

    Can we talk about her acrylics in gloves im about to get nightmares also they look like salad fingers

  • Ramey Marie
    Ramey Marie 13 ngày trước

    youtuber: *bleaches hair*
    brad mondo: “reacting to youtuber fail at bleaching their hair”

  • Daniel Peppa-Pig Powers
    Daniel Peppa-Pig Powers 13 ngày trước +23

    *comes back from shower still wearing full undamaged face of makeup*

  • erika saccone
    erika saccone 13 ngày trước +5

    Girl you always look amazing though! I just recently bleached my hair and actually managed to make it work and get to a good base colour before dying it pastel pink but honestly idk if I could do it again lmao x

  • WhoStole MyChocolate
    WhoStole MyChocolate 13 ngày trước

    7:32 is me when I get my test back xd

  • YourgirlChriss
    YourgirlChriss 13 ngày trước

    CRACKHEAD❤️❤️❤️😂 we love

  • Breana smith
    Breana smith 14 ngày trước

    The wierdest thing is my grandmas name is bertha😂

  • Tania Beukes
    Tania Beukes 14 ngày trước

    This vedio was very frustrating and annoying

  • chris kelley
    chris kelley 14 ngày trước

    i bleached my hair on 1 am once and now i know not to do it without antonio’s help💘if anybody wants to y’all can subscribe to my channel, i make lifestyle videos and vlogs 😌but subscribe if you want. 💘