TRUCKLA: The world's first Tesla pickup truck

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  • Xuất bản 18 Th06, 2019
  • I got tired of waiting for Tesla to release their pickup truck, so I made my own. And I named it Truckla. WATCH HOW WE BUILT IT:
    Awarded Best Fake Truck of 2019
    "In a class of its own. Not a great class, but definitely its own" - Road & Smack
    “It looks great sweetie” - My parents
    Get your very own Truckla t-shirt:
    Patreon supporters get 20% off merch! We're also giving away keychains made out of Truckla:
    It truly took a village to make this project happen. You should hire/follow all these people because they’re smart and skilled and funny too:
    Marcos Ramirez:
    Laura Kampf:
    Rich Rebuilds:
    Ryan Kalb, build team:
    Jacquelyn Marker, director:
    Rose Kang, editor for the Truckla commercial:
    Jackie Grieff, editor for the Truckla build video:
    Scott Sorensen, camera operator:
    Will Nail, camera operator:
    Yvette Solis, preproduction, director:
    Ross Huber, mechanical engineer:
    Nathan Azhderian, build team:
    Asa Martinez, drone operator:
    Zack Wright, sound mix:
    P.S. Want to help finish Truckla? We would love to get more collaborators on board! Our current to-do list: waterproofing, putting in bedliner, doing body work, paint etc etc. Send us an email at
    P.P.S. This video is not sponsored by Tesla. But, if anyone knows Elon, tell him I say hi.
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  • Kylez
    Kylez 16 giờ trước +2

    The authentic pickup of Tesla is coming tomorrow

  • Mats Weinesson
    Mats Weinesson Ngày trước

    Love it

  • c fedyszyn
    c fedyszyn Ngày trước

    So funny. What a cool thing. Nice job. I loved the video.

  • Lois Rance
    Lois Rance Ngày trước

    I... I want it. Q v Q

  • M Tae
    M Tae Ngày trước

    Bet you feel silly

  • nathan koroush
    nathan koroush 2 ngày trước

    One time at band camp

  • NoMic
    NoMic 2 ngày trước

    And then they release a truckla

  • nirsh1000
    nirsh1000 3 ngày trước

    Loved every ‘m.b’ of it...!🔥 💓 🔥 lit love & lit.


  • Rob Nee
    Rob Nee 3 ngày trước

    Simone, you are my superstar! Nicely done.

  • Caracal Urban Project
    Caracal Urban Project 5 ngày trước

    Nice video

  • L A V E N D E R
    L A V E N D E R 6 ngày trước

    Available nowhere

  • Evan Rosenberry
    Evan Rosenberry 7 ngày trước

    *Elon Musk has left the chat*

  • Bjorn Sjogren
    Bjorn Sjogren 7 ngày trước

    Great show today at the Radar Summit in Stockholm. Tack för den.

  • Spann L
    Spann L 8 ngày trước

    First to get pulled over. Let’s me drive🤷🏾‍♂️

  • djay4487 deved
    djay4487 deved 9 ngày trước

    wait you should make a ford model T body and put it onto a tesla chassis

  • lynx318therealone
    lynx318therealone 9 ngày trước

    Tesla pickup release: Nov 21, 2019. Who's laughing now?

  • Karolis 1
    Karolis 1 10 ngày trước +1

    You should give it a lift and then it's good

  • James M. Meadows Jr.
    James M. Meadows Jr. 12 ngày trước +1

    Elon Musk sees this and disables charging...

  • IISammII
    IISammII 12 ngày trước

    Now there's a real one lol

  • Elliot Tall
    Elliot Tall 13 ngày trước

    Still got warranty? Nope

  • Dantae Simpsion
    Dantae Simpsion 13 ngày trước

    Nice try

  • Marcus Conaway
    Marcus Conaway 13 ngày trước

    This is cool an raw asf 😂but it’s ah pick up car she should’ve gave it a truck suspension

  • DarknoorX
    DarknoorX 14 ngày trước

    You missed writing random words in big white letters.
    All car commercials have these.

  • Scandic
    Scandic 15 ngày trước

    Im late but watching Savage builds and i gota say truckla sounds like the mushroom and im laughing my ass off hahahahaha truckla yer killing me.

  • buildIT.
    buildIT. 16 ngày trước

    Props for the Project but it looks like shit...

  • warrentowe
    warrentowe 16 ngày trước +3

    Who of this persons are to be watch this video still today 2019?

  • Rosalind Smith
    Rosalind Smith 18 ngày trước

    i am a woman engineer, i’ve been thinking myself.......what i can say is.......i bow to your supremacy......mic drop.....

    SHAIT 18 ngày trước

    You have ruined the car

  • I told you not to look me up
    I told you not to look me up 21 ngày trước

    IN YOUR FACE... that small black electric truck in front of the gray 18 wheeler IS TESLA PICK UP TRUCK. But instead of pulling a house trailer with the windows and the box hook up in the back of the black truck is pulling a regular trailer. REMEMBER TESLA IS PULLING 300,000 POUND NO WANT BELIEVE HIM BUT FORD IS PULLING 1,000.000.000 POUND AND YOU CAN'T TRUST TESLA

  • Rob Pettis
    Rob Pettis 22 ngày trước

    I want to adopt this young woman! You dear, and your team, are amazing! Nice job, very nice job indeed!

  • Daniel Turner
    Daniel Turner 24 ngày trước

    lol your advert got a car advert

  • Techy Plays
    Techy Plays 24 ngày trước

    Available now here? Sweet

  • Chase
    Chase 25 ngày trước

    anyone else find the voice annoying

  • yusuf ahmet
    yusuf ahmet 25 ngày trước

    Just so way cool this is amazing 😲😎😉

  • T Greer
    T Greer 27 ngày trước

    Aussies be like: that’s just a Ute mate

  • David Parsons
    David Parsons 27 ngày trước

    Gotta love a ute

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 28 ngày trước

    El Camino car but updated and electric. Very nice indeed.

  • BigHead Boi
    BigHead Boi Tháng trước

    you just change the back of the Tesla model 3 to a real model 3 Pickup truck?????

  • IonizedTester61
    IonizedTester61 Tháng trước

    if tesla actually made this i would buy it

  • Janielle Buf
    Janielle Buf Tháng trước

    Yay new commercial❤😍😍😍

  • Fra Tre
    Fra Tre Tháng trước +1

    so 6 millions wants a TESLA PICK-UP

  • Shorne Pubique
    Shorne Pubique Tháng trước

    the tesluck

  • mcmanus family
    mcmanus family Tháng trước

    A TRUCK has a solid front axle and off road tires. Otherwise it's a car with an open trunk

  • Ernesto Ortiz
    Ernesto Ortiz Tháng trước

    Available nowhere.
    More precisely "now here"

  • Sweet Tooth
    Sweet Tooth Tháng trước

    This was better then all car commercials

  • Faith
    Faith Tháng trước +1

    Poor model 3...

  • Albert Hood
    Albert Hood Tháng trước

    Available .... nowhere. LOL.

  • Steven Hoberg
    Steven Hoberg Tháng trước

    LOL! Awesome!

  • The Hostile Mob
    The Hostile Mob Tháng trước

    Many men ask her if she wants to marry him~

  • Jolan XBL
    Jolan XBL Tháng trước

    Available Now Here!

  • Russell Nelson
    Russell Nelson Tháng trước

    0:55 The flinging of the charging cable would have been MUCH more fun if you had flung it straight into the charging port. Of could, you would have to film it backwards pulling it out, but whatever.

  • hi pie
    hi pie Tháng trước

    You know Elon’s make a pick up I think from your idea

  • Frank Olivieri
    Frank Olivieri Tháng trước

    From El Camino To El Electro

  • Senthil Kumar
    Senthil Kumar Tháng trước

    Available NowHere Great job Simone

  • Tyler Spruill
    Tyler Spruill Tháng trước

    i watched like a whole a go and the build video to and i am looking now and it has gone super viral

  • i thirzty
    i thirzty Tháng trước +1

    "don't just leave a foot print when you can leave your ........"

  • Kings Man
    Kings Man Tháng trước

    Would be Nice if Tesla makes the first truck and call it TRUCKLA: Simone Edition

  • eduardlee999
    eduardlee999 Tháng trước

    Next thing you know she’s a Tesla engineer

  • Marie Flores
    Marie Flores Tháng trước

    I think ill get one......oh that’s y I can’t find them so I just came to the Tesla dealership for nothing time a 10 hour drive back

  • serafin mendozA
    serafin mendozA Tháng trước

    Trucksla better name!!