Brooks Koepka: Every shot from his 2nd-round 65 at 2019 PGA Championship

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  • Xuất bản 17 Th05, 2019
  • See every shot from Koepka's 5-under 65 in the second round of the 2019 PGA Championship Friday at Bethpage Black. is the official website and VNclip page of the PGA of America and has exclusive, original video around golf instruction and golf equipment, as well as PGA Championship, Ryder Cup and Senior PGA Championship highlights.
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  • Michael Doyle
    Michael Doyle 17 ngày trước

    @8:54 the ball is deflected before it lands. What did it hit? Announcer says "sideboard saved him" , or cyborg... What happened?

  • John Rotten
    John Rotten 25 ngày trước

    This dude always has a big ass plug of dip in his lip. Hilarious.

  • princess joytodworld
    princess joytodworld Tháng trước

    12:25 hater be Like😅
    ( in the banker )

  • Brock Lange
    Brock Lange Tháng trước

    If I hit a shot like 15:00 ever in my golfing career I am quitting the sport right then and there.

  • Joseph Hogan
    Joseph Hogan Tháng trước

    Is it the shot tracer glitching or is he really starting with a draw and ending with the fade on some of these shots?

  • Jose Villanueva
    Jose Villanueva Tháng trước

    20:40 Takes the shot and the camera man follows the ball to his feet hahaha

  • deys
    deys Tháng trước

    Better than Woody and Jackie combined.

  • Perusing Person
    Perusing Person Tháng trước

    Koepka-your irons will be deadly accurate if you stand closer to the ball and close the face a bit at address.

  • Three O Five
    Three O Five Tháng trước +4

    I will say that it drives me nuts how analysts talk about arm strength and hip rotation being the key to +300 yard drives. The key to +300 yard drives is to be born with quick twitch muscles in those muscles that are used to swing a golf club. Pure weight-lifting type strength has little to do with it which is why no matter what Arnold Schwarzenegger might do, Gary Player could always outdrive him by 50 yards. Koepka can "muscle" the ball out of thick grass because of the club head speed, his downward clubhead angle and to some degree, the extra momentum and inertia of thick arms.

  • Jerry Jazzbo
    Jerry Jazzbo Tháng trước

    Shouldn't any heckler be banned for disruption?

  • Vlad Sanders
    Vlad Sanders Tháng trước

    Not such a good video. You get to see more shots if you watch the Tiger video.

  • Connor D
    Connor D Tháng trước

    The ‘that’s Gucci bro’ guy has the hole rotation down pact. Up close on every drive lol

  • Gary o shea
    Gary o shea Tháng trước

    Love brookes! Imagine if he could putt😱

  • Kevin Guenette
    Kevin Guenette Tháng trước

    128 isn't impressive at all. I could shoot 128 even at that course.....OoOoOoOo that's for 36 holes nvmd.

  • ATCkeepsUsafe
    ATCkeepsUsafe Tháng trước

    Bethpage Black is the hardest and most beautiful course in the United States. Bethpage has four 18 hole PGA certified courses in one location. The Black at Bethpage is the most beautiful golf course in the United States and is in the top Seven in the world!

  • Earisu11
    Earisu11 Tháng trước

    Im 3 mins in, and already this is the best golf video ive watched. The cameras, tracer, over head hole shots with tracking.... its just dream golf viewing.
    Please keep this going ❤️

  • CoughingPig
    CoughingPig Tháng trước

    Story of the day : I've just been putting short all day. Can relate to that as well, plus crappy drives and some (many) terrible iron shots..... Not even talking about approaches.

  • Rob Miller
    Rob Miller Tháng trước

    Love his pace of play 👌🏻

  • Pneuma
    Pneuma Tháng trước +1

    I stared watching this then realized Tiger wasn’t in this video so I stopped immediately.

  • Joseph Kretschmer
    Joseph Kretschmer Tháng trước

    Nice game but the pouch is going to ruin his teeth.

  • SlimmSG7
    SlimmSG7 Tháng trước

    Killin niggas all weekend, i see ya homie !!!

  • the business handler
    the business handler Tháng trước

    I like his hat and the shirt

  • Brian Wilmoth
    Brian Wilmoth Tháng trước

    The best player on the tour !

  • John Edgar
    John Edgar Tháng trước

    He's Tiger 2.0, but Tiger can still get hot much like Arnie used to. I think Tiger has real good chances to get another major. Koepka is simply awesome, and is experiencing some of the same reception Jack Nicklaus got when he emerged on the tour. Both Tiger and Brooks deserve ultimate praise.

    • John Edgar
      John Edgar Tháng trước

      @rolndice ty Capt. Obvious

    • rolndice
      rolndice Tháng trước

      John Edgar tiger won the last major, the masters..

  • LocK RefleX
    LocK RefleX Tháng trước +8

    12:24 That Guy Said "in the bunker" he should be hit in the face

  • Josh Lynch
    Josh Lynch Tháng trước +3

    Can someone kill the guy who keeps yelling it's gucci bro

  • Capital G
    Capital G Tháng trước

    The drive at 3:15 is just perfect.

  • Tyler & Keke
    Tyler & Keke Tháng trước

    1080P PLEASE

  • David M
    David M Tháng trước

    Koepka is as good as any player who ever lived when he's on his game.

  • James Desch
    James Desch Tháng trước

    Brooks has the perfect mindset for "Major Championship Golf". The same mindset that Jack Nicklaus had. Brook's game is very similar to Nicklaus's. I think double digiit major wins is very doable for Brooks. Unless he implodes the last two.rounds, this major is all over but the shouting.

  • Sammy 5150Eddie
    Sammy 5150Eddie Tháng trước

    Somebody please slap the Gucci out of those guys.

  • Terry Thompson
    Terry Thompson Tháng trước +2

    ~12:23 mark, "Get in the bunker!"

  • 4Gentry4
    4Gentry4 Tháng trước

    This may be History in the making, if he finishes like he started!

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker Tháng trước

    Who is that toilet who keeps shouting “In the Bunker” when Koepka hits?

  • Macabre toast207
    Macabre toast207 Tháng trước

    My man had a dip in! What a badass

  • cledesma135
    cledesma135 Tháng trước

    This guys chasing 20 majors

  • DareToShine
    DareToShine Tháng trước

    15:03 was pretty incredible. Not sure if the distance control or line of path was more impressive.

  • Rigo Flores
    Rigo Flores Tháng trước

    Bethpage not getting the best of him......just give him the trophy already

  • evan
    evan Tháng trước

    I completely understand why people hate the guys yelling “it’s Gucci bruh” but I have no idea why people hate when HE says “that’s Gucci bruh”. Koepka is an absolute freak of a golfer, and when someone with that level of skill adds personality to the game it’s great for golf. He said it himself that the game is slow and boring, at least this adds personality to it.

  • David Niclas Klar
    David Niclas Klar Tháng trước +1

    This guy who screams that’s Gucci every shot please show me who he is 😂😂

  • Peder Lettstroem
    Peder Lettstroem Tháng trước

    Ok, there are two Golfers. DJ and Koepka. I’m very impressed of his shots from tee, but I am very much impressed of his 2nd shots from the fairway. What an accuracy. Wow!

  • 조유진
    조유진 Tháng trước

    Nice shoes ♥

  • yamamancha
    yamamancha Tháng trước

    I bet Tiger wishes he could draw crowds like Koepka

  • 오빠왓다
    오빠왓다 Tháng trước

    골프입문 1주년 기념라운드때,
    이븐파 기록ᆢ

  • 오빠왓다
    오빠왓다 Tháng trước

    그래서 나도 8개월째,
    파란잔디 필드 5번째 라운드에서
    한겨울 106타 머리올리고
    골프를 알고,
    6개월간 운동계획되로
    몸을 만들어 ㆍㆍ
    코스 경험과 운동계획을 맞춰
    그결과는 79타.

  • 오빠왓다
    오빠왓다 Tháng trước

    역시 ㅡ 장타치니ㆍ골프쉽네 ㅋ

  • Shootin' with Uncle Dan
    Shootin' with Uncle Dan Tháng trước

    What a round👍

  • Jalal Harfouche
    Jalal Harfouche Tháng trước


  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith Tháng trước +1

    Koepka is 29 and he has won 6 times. By the same age, Tiger had won 37 times including his record breaking 1997 and 2000 seasons and he had several major championship victories. In one season (2000) Tiger won 9 times, which is more than Koepka has won in his entire 10 year career. The "Koepka is the goat" people are delusional. Like Sherman said don't talk about the best!

    • TheLocalLt
      TheLocalLt Tháng trước

      Tom Smith koepka isn’t Tiger but he’s better than anybody since Tiger, including Rory and DJ. Also Tiger started on the PGA Tour at age 20, Koepka didn’t even get his tour card until his late 20s. Some guys are later bloomers, rememberer Tiger was historically young…

  • Gene Seale
    Gene Seale Tháng trước

    It's weird every time they show kept shot on the Green there's another ball there that's better

  • Janelle George
    Janelle George Tháng trước


  • Cooper41
    Cooper41 Tháng trước

    Thank you PGA! Being a channel for the people with these shot complications!

  • James Jenkins
    James Jenkins Tháng trước +1

    "IS THERE NO ONE ELSE!? IS THERE NO ONE ELSE!?" - Achilles Koepka

  • Ray Nicky
    Ray Nicky Tháng trước


  • Christopher Gilbert
    Christopher Gilbert Tháng trước +1

    Stop putting the score in the title please. It completely removes the anticipation. Thanks.

  • Essene Gnostic
    Essene Gnostic Tháng trước

    He looks like something out of a computer game.

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark Tháng trước

    Go Tiger! C'mon Tiger! Hoot Hoot Tiger!
    Brookes: Hold my beer....

  • Sean Jenkins
    Sean Jenkins Tháng trước

    This is just total domination. Hopefully the PGA will get the message that length is the only way to challenge the best golfers. This course is too wide open for a guy like Keopka and the rough isn't penal enough

  • 2011leoc
    2011leoc Tháng trước

    That's Gucci Brah! How Fucking annoying!

  • John Florio
    John Florio Tháng trước

    No weakness. None. Brooks Koepka has the most complete golf skill set ever.

  • S59
    S59 Tháng trước

    Quite a Long game Clinic, that's for real. It's kinda scary

  • Mindy Macready
    Mindy Macready Tháng trước

    So five hours on the course results in 20 minutes of gameplay. Interesting.

  • Marcos Betances
    Marcos Betances Tháng trước

    In hole 2 a guy said it’s Gucci bruh

  • Lui Craddock
    Lui Craddock Tháng trước

    He said he didn’t hit it that good, and he left a bunch of putts short in the jaws yet he’s running away with this major. The guy just knows how to play the majors

  • asianlicensing
    asianlicensing Tháng trước

    Butt ugly shoes bruh.

  • Mike Jenkins
    Mike Jenkins Tháng trước

    This guy is the real him over the next decade!...and doesn't seem to take any shit from anyone!!

  • Echo 180
    Echo 180 Tháng trước

    Did they let koepka go off yellows??

  • David Barnard
    David Barnard Tháng trước

    Does this guy have any weaknesses? That's ridiculous

  • Rob Tintelnot
    Rob Tintelnot Tháng trước +3

    Those dickheads yelling "Gucci" need to be lined up and shot.

  • M'Load, 1Man Bukkake Baller. Cum hard or go home.

    American golf fans take cringe to an all new level.
    " Gucci brah "
    Complete cunts.

  • SearchBucket2
    SearchBucket2 Tháng trước

    Geez .. the lame cliché ridden commentary is terrible. Then there's the instantaneous bullshit swing fault analysis. It's nearly always just a guess.
    Yeah .. "he's toying with the field" .... what utter rubbish. He's just playing hid own round of golf.

  • Burton Rd Forever 1977
    Burton Rd Forever 1977 Tháng trước

    Why is the crowd cheering Koepka's missed putts? The guy is fucking class! Went to watch the Challenge Tour in the UK back in 13 at Spey Valley' and there was this American Jock hitting it fuckin miles! Really nice lad too. Having the craic with the galleries and an all round down to earth lad. Dont understand the negative shit hes getting in the press over there? You could tell he had something a bit more than the rest of the field. USA you're lucky to have him!! Get behind him! I know hes playing with Tiger but that shouldn't mean you cheer his misses? Probably just a few pissed up idiots?

  • The Bambino
    The Bambino Tháng trước

    Koepka IS A MACHINE and just about UNSTOPPABLE in Majors !! The best part of the last two days was that WASHED UP CHEATER Woods had to watch EVERY MAGNIFICENT SHOT Koepka hit , lol !! The second best part is ALL YOU WOODS LOVING LOSERS can now go CRAWL BACK UNDER THE ROCKS FROM WHICH YOU CAME since your FADED PIECE OF SHIT HERO Woods MISSED THE CUT !! He probably won't be seen again until the U.S. Open where he'll play ANOTHER TWO ROUNDS AND MISS THE CUT AGAIN !!

  • David MacGowan
    David MacGowan Tháng trước

    More dreadful commentary. Why don’t they just SHUT UP and not state the bleedin’ obvious?

  • FabioEast
    FabioEast Tháng trước

    That’s Gucci bro

  • Heindrich Dyer
    Heindrich Dyer Tháng trước

    This guy is unbelievable

  • Kaver
    Kaver Tháng trước

    This is crazy. -12 over two rounds and I would argue that Koepka has even been a little unlucky with some very closely missed putts.

  • David Croft
    David Croft Tháng trước

    Why do the commentators make like they are close friends of the player

  • g cantstansya
    g cantstansya Tháng trước

    As my ex wife used to say, length matters.......... in driver shots.

  • Garth Fairfield
    Garth Fairfield Tháng trước +3

    One bad ass golfer...flying 255m with a 3wood and stops on a dinner table

    • Garth Fairfield
      Garth Fairfield Tháng trước

      Too right mate

    • martin  roach
      martin roach Tháng trước

      Garth Fairfield My mistake. I hadn’t even noticed the “m.” In the end, you are so very correct. This guy is one bad mutha _____!

    • Garth Fairfield
      Garth Fairfield Tháng trước

      @martin roach yards are about 10 %shorter than meters

    • martin  roach
      martin roach Tháng trước

      Garth Fairfield 287

    • Jaison Rodabaugh
      Jaison Rodabaugh Tháng trước


  • Heindrich Dyer
    Heindrich Dyer Tháng trước

    I didn't likehim a while ago but man he is one of my favorites. I hope he win

  • pabs211
    pabs211 Tháng trước

    I appreciate this course is difficult but for me it’s not a ‘major’ golf tournament. The course has no TV entertainment. Boring holes ..the only risk reward is clearing a bunker or rough at 290 from the tee.
    PGA got it wrong with this course

  • peanutaxis
    peanutaxis Tháng trước +1

    Either his drivers have a face angle of 45 degrees, or this flight path software is pretty crap.

  • Deepak Sharma
    Deepak Sharma Tháng trước +1

    @13:45 Guys shouting "C'mmon Tiger" are a disgrace. They're neither Tiger fans and also disrespecting Brooks solid performance!

  • Deepak Sharma
    Deepak Sharma Tháng trước

    @12:25 Someone shouting "In the Bunker", wth!

    • slash 1971
      slash 1971 Tháng trước

      That's moronic Tiger fans, glad he's missed the cut hopefully those fans aren't around the weekend!

  • Cory McCamish
    Cory McCamish Tháng trước +1

    12:24 "Get in the bunker" hahahahahahahhahaha

  • brucenlittlepictures
    brucenlittlepictures Tháng trước

    This guy is so much better than the field this week it’s scary. Absolutely amazing to watch.

  • Alex Timms
    Alex Timms Tháng trước +1

    That’s Gucci bro

  • SunOnTheBeach
    SunOnTheBeach Tháng trước +1

    12:20 Get in the bunker! WTF?

  • Rich Tucci
    Rich Tucci Tháng trước

    This Round could have been another 63 very easy, but then the 63 yesterday's round could have been a 60 pretty easily. He gives himself so many chances for birdie and his putting is deftly. The toughest venue for the Majors this year, and Brooks is making it look like my public county course! Trying to find a hole in his game and you won't come up with even a pinhole. Just completely awesome!

  • Ben Blackshaw
    Ben Blackshaw Tháng trước

    14:52 'lets go Tigger!'

  • 3rdGorilla
    3rdGorilla Tháng trước

    Brandel hows brooks doin?

  • esard2011
    esard2011 Tháng trước +1

    Dude has zero personality. Best golfer on the planet right now but excruciatingly boring.

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee Tháng trước

    This man is running a clinic on these dudes

  • Weird Kid Films
    Weird Kid Films Tháng trước

    Itʻs funny knowing that this guy fly some par 4ʻs in the world without even trying

  • Lawrence Malcheff Force Production Powerlifting

    I am a Koepka fan. Officially on the band wagon. The man's swing is like a Gucci Hemi Tag Hauer Rolex Detroit Deisel Mercedes Jag... Brah.

  • Lawrence Malcheff Force Production Powerlifting

    That round... was Gucci brah.

  • Tony Miami
    Tony Miami Tháng trước

    Nicely done!go Koepka!!!!

  • Kee Park
    Kee Park Tháng trước

    If he can play short game consistent, he will be next tiger

  • zachery joyner
    zachery joyner Tháng trước

    It's the shoes