I Tried Following A Bob Ross Tutorial Using Frosting!

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  • Xuất bản 16 Th02, 2019
  • I followed a Bob Ross Painting tutorial using FROSTING instead of Paint!!
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    I hope you enjoy today's #Painting with #Frosting #BobRoss video! I have never painted anything before and had no idea it was possible to do something like this with frosting! I grew up watching Bob Ross and he was always such an inspiration to me. Not only did he make painting fun and accessible, he had such a positive outlook on life.
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  3 tháng trước +22454

    I hope you enjoy today's video! Have you ever followed a tutorial video? How did it go? 😊🎨🏞💕

    • Asad Sardar
      Asad Sardar 8 ngày trước

      You are a amazing artist
      BTW love you

    • Caitlin IH
      Caitlin IH 26 ngày trước +1

      It was amazing!!🎨🎨

    • K9-Non-Copyrighted Music
      K9-Non-Copyrighted Music Tháng trước +1

      It went horrible

    • Anaya Carroll
      Anaya Carroll 2 tháng trước +2

      Your picture looked almost identical to Bob Ross’s

    • 1_direction61
      1_direction61 2 tháng trước +2

      I just recreated one of his tutorials by ur videos, it turned out better than I expected!

  • Peyton Henry
    Peyton Henry 20 phút trước +1

    You should totally go on a TV show and like be one of those people who make a cake for the judges

  • Siwon Ryu
    Siwon Ryu 22 phút trước

    I still don't under stand how Bob Ross used to do that stuff

  • Eleanor Orestis
    Eleanor Orestis 3 giờ trước

    Rosanna is sooooo good I could not even do that with paint

  • Princess Fatima
    Princess Fatima 3 giờ trước

    I think she is the best painter I’ve seen it’s so awesome I’m so impressed

  • Alyssia Bush
    Alyssia Bush 3 giờ trước

    I have but it went just...

  • Spiritual Guidance Counselor
    Spiritual Guidance Counselor 4 giờ trước

    You did such an amazing job!!!

  • Shelby Beane
    Shelby Beane 6 giờ trước

    mind blown.. Ro.. YOU ARE A PRO!

  • Jack James
    Jack James 6 giờ trước

    Honestly if I ever need a pick me up, I come to this video. Gives me so much joy and positive vibes!!

  • Julio
    Julio 8 giờ trước

    Love videos were people try painting like him, it's his legacy. He wanted us to try painting and seeing people actually following his dream, so that everyone can paint just makes me happy.

  • Jasmine Hutchens
    Jasmine Hutchens 8 giờ trước

    U could do it with a cookie canvas

  • Fouz Alayash
    Fouz Alayash 8 giờ trước

    You should be an artist your freaking gooodddddd!

  • Brother & Sister Vlogs
    Brother & Sister Vlogs 9 giờ trước

    You literally sound like vannelope from wreck it Ralph!!!!! Love you!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Maca' diy account
    Maca' diy account 9 giờ trước

    this is soo beautifull😍😍😍

  • AgDancer
    AgDancer 13 giờ trước

    Ro, I actually think yours is a little better

  • Markdaniel Tirados
    Markdaniel Tirados 14 giờ trước +2

    Let's paint the thumbs up button blue ☺️

  • Cari Rios
    Cari Rios 14 giờ trước

    Love the bug curly hair to match lol

  • davie prell loyola
    davie prell loyola 14 giờ trước

    That's incredible😍

  • FļüFf ŰpP
    FļüFf ŰpP 14 giờ trước

    You did an amazing job with painting 😍😍😍😍😍

  • FļüFf ŰpP
    FļüFf ŰpP 15 giờ trước

    You are so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗😍🤗😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Leong Ella
    Leong Ella 15 giờ trước +1

    Omg who that Ro’s look so real.

  • Ton Chawit
    Ton Chawit 15 giờ trước

    GO GO GO Ro and Mo🧁.

  • Erica Babbitt
    Erica Babbitt 19 giờ trước

    Crimson not crimsim

  • Åce The Åłien
    Åce The Åłien 21 giờ trước

    Finally a VNclipr who doesn’t yell at their camera.

  • Ismail iddinabba
    Ismail iddinabba 21 giờ trước

    u r so good at painting

  • Kelly Agrestte
    Kelly Agrestte 21 giờ trước

    That's nice

  • Meagan Henscheid
    Meagan Henscheid 22 giờ trước +1

    She did better in FROSTING than I could ever do with normal paints..... AND it was her first time!!

  • Diwa Kakar
    Diwa Kakar 22 giờ trước +2

    5:57 she messed up on the first one😂

  • charles cascioppo
    charles cascioppo 23 giờ trước +1

    Does she still have that Painting and did get bad overtime because it frosting idk

  • Sayge Jouvin
    Sayge Jouvin 23 giờ trước

    Your so!!! Good at painting 🖼 your like really really good

  • Kayla Potts
    Kayla Potts 23 giờ trước

    So you’re telling me someone can be boss at painting a canvas with paint and i can do what? Squat. GOOD JOB RO ❤️😂

  • XxTekniqueWolfxX
    XxTekniqueWolfxX 23 giờ trước +1

    Anyone else just want to lick the canvas

  • Erin Bush
    Erin Bush 23 giờ trước +2

    remember : happy mistakes ;)

  • Rafael Hernandez
    Rafael Hernandez Ngày trước

    I love it. It look the same 😍

  • Margarita Rodriguez
    Margarita Rodriguez Ngày trước

    OMG she is the girl version of bob ross 😱that painting is amazing❤❤

  • Valery Monge
    Valery Monge Ngày trước +1

    Omg that’s beautiful 🙈🙈♥️ she’s so talented

  • Kelly 5585
    Kelly 5585 Ngày trước +1

    Ro it looks beautiful

  • Unikittygirl 1000
    Unikittygirl 1000 Ngày trước +1

    Omg Ro you did sooooo good. That was amazing I feel like your mountains looked more realistic

  • Risa Dixit
    Risa Dixit Ngày trước

    Wow!!!! Ro you paint so well!!!!!😍😍

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    John Everett Ngày trước


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    Lps,Gacha,roblox, Me Ngày trước +1

    YOU ARE SUCH@ beautiful ARTIST

  • Mayali Naidoo
    Mayali Naidoo Ngày trước

    Try to paint cookie and blueberry 💙

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    Vivi Gabagat Ngày trước

    U look like Hermione in your hair

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    Joandry Fernandez Ngày trước

    You are a artist rosanna

  • Mahdi Rasul
    Mahdi Rasul Ngày trước

    That looks better than bobs omg ro how are u so gifted I can’t even bake or paint and you can do both😩💕☺️❤️😊😔
    And it was your first time you could make a separate popular channel About this and it would go viral

  • Emmy Gaming
    Emmy Gaming Ngày trước

    Omg Plz do more and i love you channel

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    Alyssa Mason Ngày trước

    That looks wonderful! You did a great job!!😍🤗

  • Kayelvilli Yogananthan
    Kayelvilli Yogananthan Ngày trước

    Every painting is unique even if its made with frosting

  • Virginia Gamerschlag
    Virginia Gamerschlag Ngày trước

    Ro your painting looks exactly like Bob Ross painting

  • CuteZilla 223
    CuteZilla 223 Ngày trước


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    Odd ASMR Ngày trước

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    Lottie Collins Ngày trước

    Have a separate channel for just painting with frosting

  • RichieEXP
    RichieEXP Ngày trước

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  • The Black Dragon
    The Black Dragon Ngày trước

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    Lia 12 Ngày trước +1

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    Choco Sundae Ngày trước

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  • wolfiegurl playz
    wolfiegurl playz Ngày trước

    if id be doing an frosting painting...

    *maybe i just ate all the frosting with out even painting on the canvas..*

  • Jin WithLuv
    Jin WithLuv Ngày trước

    Both is good!
    Rosanna's painting is smoother than Ross'
    Ross' painting is tougher than Rosanna's
    Ross must be so proud!

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  • Samuel Agudelo
    Samuel Agudelo Ngày trước +1

    She did soooooooooooooooooooooooo good!

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    Luzy Kohnlein Ngày trước +1

    I was surprised when she said what the heck. 😛.

  • Macaroni I Trey
    Macaroni I Trey Ngày trước

    Ro, your frosting painting is just amazing like mind blowing that its your first time to do such a thing and I always paint but I always fail but sometimes failing is good or always just bad

  • Darlene Rogers
    Darlene Rogers Ngày trước


  • Emily Elizabeth
    Emily Elizabeth Ngày trước

    Make this a series! Loved this video, it looks really good!

  • Misty Ankney
    Misty Ankney Ngày trước

    This is really inspiring

  • Itz Sam
    Itz Sam Ngày trước

    Who went down to the comments to see what Bob Ross said
    I did xD

  • aj crews
    aj crews Ngày trước

    For a second I thought you were a crack head that liked eating paint then I read the title

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    Morgan Lamar Ngày trước

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    Zaynah Haq 2 ngày trước

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  • Jaelynn Trevino
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  • Hongfei Ma
    Hongfei Ma 2 ngày trước

    This is your first painting and it’s a million times better than any of mine combined. And I’ve been learning to draw for three years! And with frosting no less! Ur incredibly talented!

  • Hongfei Ma
    Hongfei Ma 2 ngày trước

    This is absolutely amazing!

  • Hongfei Ma
    Hongfei Ma 2 ngày trước

    Please try to do another video with real paint! If you can do so good with BUTTERCREAM FROSTING, imagine what you can do with real paint!

  • Reesemuffin
    Reesemuffin 2 ngày trước

    I'm jealous I wanna try .

  • Gloria Tavares
    Gloria Tavares 2 ngày trước +1

    You’re no longer known as Rosanna Pansino....
    you’re Ro Ross haha 😂

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    soph alexander 2 ngày trước


  • Reesemuffin
    Reesemuffin 2 ngày trước

    Amazing! I love Bob too!

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    rodney adams 2 ngày trước

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    • rodney adams
      rodney adams 2 ngày trước

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    Kayla Chandler 2 ngày trước

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  • Jada Long
    Jada Long 2 ngày trước

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    The Dragon Warriors 2 ngày trước

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    Cool Girls 2 ngày trước

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    Haseeb Asif 2 ngày trước

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    Dominique De Sousa Jardim 2 ngày trước

    Imagine at the end and when she turns off the camera, her just licking the canvas👌

    Verity BILLINGHAM 2 ngày trước +1

    hey rosanna i am new to watching your videos and i am a huge fan! keep up the good work

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    Orionella Metoxen 2 ngày trước

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    JulepTheRuby 2 ngày trước

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