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Fetty Wap's Unexpected Demise (Billboard #1 to 40 Years in Prison)

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  • Xuất bản 04 Th12, 2022

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  • @PatrickCc

    i just realized I missed the opportunity to make the video

  • @user-tb3ns3cr4x

    Hearing this story makes me sad. I thought dude was stupid and ignorant. It actually sounds like he has a huge heart, and was taken advantage of. I personally am not the biggest fan of his, but I hope he can make it out and get his life straightened out.

  • @jonvu279

    Nobody will ever forget Fetty Wap's Legendary 2015 to 2016 run

  • @itsstorm_szn164

    For those who didn't know his last album The Butterfly Effect wasn't supposed to be his come back but had plans to make a more hit album afterwards the album was actually a tribute to his late daughter who passed away in June, 2021 and a thank you to his still loyal fans. And the incident where he was on bond and told the man he was going to kill him was for talking on his daughter disrespectfully which I feel was also left out.

  • @jmillz8783

    One of his issues was that his circle was too big, sometimes you can’t bring everyone with you despite how much you love your people.

  • @nmrihisagreatsourcemod

    imagine being so rich you could retire comfortably for entire life and then you get 40 years in prison from shenanigans

  • @kedo
    @kedo  +258

    He was a genuinely good person caught in bad situations and friends. It's so sad watching a person who genuinely just wanna help get turned on like that

  • @GeekExtremist

    Damn man, imagine finding out that Beyonce personally wanted to take you on tour with her and your manager declined. That dude was stupid; with how loyal Fetty was, and with how he constantly wanted to bring his boys up with him, have Fetty do the tour and grow even more with Beyonce.

  • @bellania3602

    It was actually kinda scary to me how he went from being everywhere, like you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing his name or one of his songs, to just dropping off the face of the earth. I definitely thought he had died and I had just somehow missed the news about it

  • @ladybutters892

    This legitimately makes me sad… when Fetty first got big, I was obsessed with his music. A ton of his songs remind me of some of the best and the worst times in my life. Learning lessons for sure. “No dayz off” was my work jam. I literally listened to it every single day. It breaks my heart he went in this direction… the man has some talent. I’d love to see him come out back on top after he serves his time. Smarter and better than ever. I never knew any of this… but it sucks! He needs to stop looking for validation from everyone else and be secure in himself and his talent. It seems like all these people leeched off of him and left him in the dirt.

  • @rxonmymind8362

    Hey man that can admit to his own failures is an attribute to be respected. He seems to be a genuinely good guy just around the wrong people.

  • @jdorecouture16

    I really enjoyed his brief reign on the charts and wish for him to have a major comeback again. His sound was a breath of fresh air in 2015!

  • @aishaknowsjah1558

    This happened to me and taught me a big lesson. Everyone can't go where you're going. "friends" can be your downfall. They milked him dry while conspiring. It's sad

  • @anns9688
    @anns9688  +624

    He tried to help too many people who were just taker. Take care of yourself first.

  • @ana33655
    @ana33655  +169

    Wow I never knew this about fetty. He’s a loyal, genuine person 😢

  • @joeddiejoe77

    He's one of them good sounding rapper. Such a shame he plummeted down. The people who he calls "real friends" abuse his kindness and justuse him as ATM.

  • @user-ky7jx1cr5k

    Everybody watching this video we can all go help fetty out and stream his last album, considering what a genuinely kind human being he is. Look how many people he took care of and they all took advantage of him. I know he learned his lesson from that he still has a lot of learning to do as we all do.

  • @lindseysloan8735

    I've been making fun of this dude for years and now I feel like a total a*

  • @CalebHimself

    Fetty’s first album to me is a masterpiece. Each song is a hit, 10/10. Loved his voice and his sound. My friends and I would always joke and call ourselves the Remy Boyz. I loved his music and it seemed like he was a very down to earth man who wanted the best for his friends. It’s just unfortunate how everything turned out and the choices that were made which were mistakes. My friends and I patiently await for his return and still think he has the potential to make it big.

  • @draco7841
    @draco7841  +639

    fetty was too real for the rap game