We Finally Know Why Hawkeye Never Got His Own Movie

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  • Xuất bản 17 Th11, 2019
  • Arrows are set to fly when Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye spin-off series hits the Disney+ streaming platform in 2021, but it turns out there was originally a very different plan for Marvel's bow-loving Avenger.
    That plan was to give Clint Barton his moment in the cinematic sun with a feature film in the vein of the rest of his original Avengers brethren. Somewhere along the line, though, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige had second thoughts about continuing Hawkeye's story in a big-screen, standalone film.
    Rather than banking on the one-off Hawkeye flick that Renner had originally signed on for, Feige and the Marvel team instead reimagined the hero's narrative prospects for a small screen venture, deciding that the Hawkeye story the MCU needed would actually benefit from a serialized approach.
    The Disney+ series will see Renner's arrow-slinging archer officially passing the torch to the next Hawkeye in the form of the comics' fan favorite character Kate Bishop. Though no deal has officially been inked for the coveted role of Kate, Hailee Steinfeld has been circling the role for months, and it seems like just a matter of time before a deal is done.
    Although it's plain that a multi-episode serial will allow for more of a deep dive into Barton's post-Endgame story than a feature film would have, Feige was a bit apprehensive about flipping the plan.
    Luckily, it doesn't sound like Renner needed much convincing about transitioning Hawkeye from big screen to small. Renner's Hawkeye has been hanging around the MCU since that brief cameo in 2011's Thor, followed by a full appearance in 2012's The Avengers. The character has appeared in just three MCU films since: Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Endgame. While Barton has become a fan favorite of sorts over the course of those films, he's frequently been relegated to secondary status among the increasingly crowded Avengers landscape.
    This likely played a big part in Hawkeye's transition to the small screen. Of course, if the ultimate goal of Marvel's Hawkeye series is to see Barton pass the bow to the next generation, then the series should also offer an opportunity for MCU fans to get acquainted with young Kate Bishop.
    The inclusion of Bishop in future phases of the MCU also helps to bolster the rumor that Feige and company are planning for a Young Avengers flick at some point in the future. One other Young Avenger has already been introduced in the MCU: the now-teenage Cassie Lang, the daughter of Ant-Man, who in the comics goes on to be a member of the Young Avengers under the name Stature. It's just possible that the Hawkeye series could set up the formation of this team, although that is pure speculation at this point.
    In fact, it's still a bit too early to tell just what narrative tack Hawkeye will take, but it seems likely that we'll be seeing a modified version of Bishop's origin story. The character first appeared as a trauma survivor who beefs up on combat training in the wake of a brutal attack. She's thrust into heroic action by happenstance, coming to the aid of the titular team in Young Avengers #1.
    By the time Bishop took up the Hawkeye mantle in the comics, Barton had already been killed off. Strangely enough, it was Captain America, by way of Jessica Jones, who officially passed the Hawkeye code name off to Bishop, so Marvel's creative team will clearly have to make some changes when adapting Bishop's story for the small screen.
    That, however, should be a fairly easy task. Given the wringer that Barton was put through during the events of Avengers: Endgame, it's a safe bet that the aging hero will be eager to pass the bow on to a young apprentice.
    Whatever direction Marvel's creative team choose to go in with Hawkeye, it's clear that the narrative ground for the series remains more than fertile. It's just as clear that fans are beyond excited to spend a little extra time with Barton; here's hoping that the excitement extends to whomever steps into the fray as Bishop. Hawkeye is expected to debut on Disney+ in late 2021.
    Watch the video to see how we finally why Hawkeye never got his own movie!
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  • Looper
    Looper  24 ngày trước +51

    Do you think he should have gotten his own solo movie?

    • Wutang2099 Cinema
      Wutang2099 Cinema 15 ngày trước

      @DarthVader DaGreat That's impossible. Hawkeye already had his family by the time the Avengers came together in 2012. Skrull Nic Fury didnt show up until he almost died in Winter Soldier.

    • acehole
      acehole 22 ngày trước

      Looper Of course not he’s a minor bit character who could never carry a movie

    • DarthVader DaGreat
      DarthVader DaGreat 22 ngày trước

      @Wutang2099 Cinema hence Black widow is a skrull

    • DarthVader DaGreat
      DarthVader DaGreat 22 ngày trước

      @Wutang2099 Cinema because "Skrull Nick Fury" hooked up Hawkeye, with his secret life.

    • toocooljonny
      toocooljonny 22 ngày trước

      I think you should stop your annoying use of the word "Titular" in..... every.....single...... video 😵

  • Chi Lam
    Chi Lam 12 ngày trước +1

    We will see

  • ?????
    ????? 18 ngày trước

    Jeremy HAWKEYE RenneR

  • RedSkaal
    RedSkaal 19 ngày trước

    Boring. That's why.

  • mark t
    mark t 21 ngày trước

    the issue is that he and black widow both had no powers but she had flips and acrobatics and he just shot arrows

  • ed soloe
    ed soloe 21 ngày trước +2

    Hawkeye's family was missing for 5 years and still had phone service when returned.

    • Liam Alexander
      Liam Alexander 17 ngày trước +1

      @ed soloe exactly, plot holes

    • ed soloe
      ed soloe 17 ngày trước +1

      Liam Alexander More likely that the directors screwed up like they did the rest of the movie.

    • Liam Alexander
      Liam Alexander 17 ngày trước

      @ed soloe Ooh, I have another theory. What if her cell phone was on the charger because u know how moms are during family time (no phones). Perhaps she had either autopay or Wifi Calling.

    • ed soloe
      ed soloe 17 ngày trước

      Liam Alexander A call from a house phone can be set to display a name and pic on your cell phone, but it would more likely display as Home since it could be anyone. It was a good point about Autopay. Just unlikely.

    • Liam Alexander
      Liam Alexander 17 ngày trước

      @ed soloe Well, the cell phone could have blipped but she could have used the house phone but then again the house phone wouldn't have her name and face on it. Hmmmm....

  • meg grotte
    meg grotte 21 ngày trước +9

    I don't want to see a female Hawkeye and I'm a woman.

  • meg grotte
    meg grotte 21 ngày trước +1

    Because he is a straight white male=(

  • Buchanan Games
    Buchanan Games 22 ngày trước

    i never realised how few films he had been in

  • luv2bevl
    luv2bevl 22 ngày trước

    Still love the Character. Obviously not as well received as other Avengers in fans eyes.
    But was ready to sign on,
    had skills,
    didn't have all the gadgets,
    wasn't a super Human,
    wasn't a God,
    wasn't as trained as some,
    didn't have powers.
    Just putting in his all, next to heavy hitters.
    End of the day glad to see them carrying on his Character!

  • Justin Ashman
    Justin Ashman 22 ngày trước +1

    Because they started with really interesting, overpowered heroes like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America? So going with a Hawkeye movie after all that would be underwhelming.

  • Wutang2099 Cinema
    Wutang2099 Cinema 22 ngày trước

    Of course we know why he isnt getting a movie it's because hes getting a FUCKING TV series!!! Its not that hard to figure out. Hawkeyes story isnt over therefore he gets a series. Black Widow is dead that's why she gets a movie explaining what she went thru Civil War and Infinity War. After that no more movies for her.

  • Gary Mota
    Gary Mota 22 ngày trước

    Because he has small hands..

  • Andy Diaz
    Andy Diaz 22 ngày trước

    He's uninspiring as an actor. Dry. Not a surprise.

  • Austin Hill
    Austin Hill 22 ngày trước +1

    Fan fav?
    Ive never heard of a female hawkeye?
    I feel like i would have known of her if she was a fan fav.

  • Antonia Brown
    Antonia Brown 23 ngày trước +1

    They have to be making a Young Avengers, that has to be where this is all going

  • angelo outlaw
    angelo outlaw 23 ngày trước +1

    I think marvel should go solo or join lionsgate get rid of Disney

    • Lance Baize
      Lance Baize 20 ngày trước

      angelo outlaw something owned can’t go solo

  • Brian
    Brian 23 ngày trước +1

    It’s because Hawkeye sucks. He’s just a hero, not a superhero. He and Black Widow are completely outclassed and just look silly with actual super heroes around.

  • AussieGuyShano
    AussieGuyShano 23 ngày trước

    Because he is the worst avenger.

  • TC C
    TC C 23 ngày trước

    Hawkeye Rules

  • Afolashade Kokumo
    Afolashade Kokumo 23 ngày trước

    Are you kidding me with this😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    JDIII 23 ngày trước

    Because it don’t sound exciting whatsoever!

  • Hazenhard
    Hazenhard 23 ngày trước

    I dont understand why scott lang dont back in past and stay there for his daughter .

    • Steve Lock Franks
      Steve Lock Franks 17 ngày trước

      Hazenhard @ because that’s not how time works. His daughter from this timeline would lose him and it’s possible the only reason he didn’t succumb to the snap is because he was in another universe us effected by it. So it would not automatically be a better choice. The daughter from that timeline may have to watch her father turn to dust and be traumatised.
      I mean that’s just a possibility it could just all be daises and rainbows...😁😁😁

  • Raaap Shit
    Raaap Shit 23 ngày trước

    Hwakeye is such a looser of avenger

  • Jari Gustafsson
    Jari Gustafsson 23 ngày trước

    Silly question but has Renner's drug problem had something to say of his lack of Hawkeye action?

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C 23 ngày trước

    Because he Is white and male. And if you pretend it's anything other than that........you are excusing racism, which makes you racist yourself.

  • Enos Piaur
    Enos Piaur 23 ngày trước

    He deserves his own F# movie.

  • B C
    B C 23 ngày trước +1

    Because he's not a woman? 😇

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson 23 ngày trước

    imagine been such a shit channel with no ideas so they still keep banging on about shitty avengers worst channel of the year deffo goes to looper

  • LupusGelos
    LupusGelos 23 ngày trước

    Because he's a mediocre AF character that literally dissapeared for a couple of movies and barely anyone cares about him? Lol why does this even need a video.

  • agung andy
    agung andy 23 ngày trước

    Hawkeye is bass player, yet so important but less to notice

  • Young Simba
    Young Simba 23 ngày trước

    because he was too busy putting a gun in his wife mouth.

  • Generalfund 2018
    Generalfund 2018 23 ngày trước

    Because his chacter is boring and it would be a boring movie. Save ya'll some time...

  • Da Dogg1981
    Da Dogg1981 23 ngày trước

    He’s boring. That’s why he didn’t get his own movie. He bored me in every single movie. Everyone else is flying around or actually contributing and he’s over here with his never ending supply of arrows

    • mark t
      mark t 21 ngày trước

      lmao that's his secret power

  • Nendo Akuma
    Nendo Akuma 23 ngày trước

    I like Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye character in a supporting role, but Jeremy Renner's movies haven't been very successful when he played the lead. I do wish he could have had a little more screen time in other movies.

    • Nendo Akuma
      Nendo Akuma 21 ngày trước

      @Norm Marquis He was pretty good, but it wasn't really a big box office success so they went back to Matt Damon.

    • Norm Marquis
      Norm Marquis 22 ngày trước

      Nendo Akuma ^Renner: darn automatic spellchecker

    • Norm Marquis
      Norm Marquis 22 ngày trước

      Nendo Akuma rennet was awesome in the Jason Bourne flick.

  • Mghc7 - Drum covers
    Mghc7 - Drum covers 23 ngày trước

    Hawkeye is way better than captain marvel,boring and black panther couldn't give a shit..and WTF is with a ms marvel..that just sucks ass

  • Hulk Smash 24/7
    Hulk Smash 24/7 23 ngày trước

    He didn't get his own show because no one wants to see it.. Arrow already comes on once a week for free.

  • Nicholas Stevenson
    Nicholas Stevenson 23 ngày trước +8

    Barton had the most emotional weight in Endgame, having lost his whole family, his best friend sacrificing her life, I'm glad the writers have started to focus more on Barton in recent films

  • Red Planet Photography
    Red Planet Photography 23 ngày trước

    Oh yea what happens to War machine? And will we get a X-Force movie?

  • Texas Chainsaw
    Texas Chainsaw 23 ngày trước

    Because he sucks

  • Bob Griffey
    Bob Griffey 23 ngày trước

    Hawkeye wanted to play tag instead of having to shoulder a starring role

  • Hugo Freeman
    Hugo Freeman 23 ngày trước

    Tag wasn't a Hawkeye movie!?!

  • John Wick
    John Wick 23 ngày trước

    Gen X thinking Mash.

  • A day with Mil
    A day with Mil 23 ngày trước

    The reality is that Hawkeye doesn’t have enough fans or followers!

  • Ray Kehr
    Ray Kehr 23 ngày trước +1

    How about just not cool enough to get his own movie.

    • Mike and Lynn Callahan
      Mike and Lynn Callahan 23 ngày trước

      Ray Kehr if they had held more to his comic origins, that would not have been the case.

  • Conservative Canuck
    Conservative Canuck 24 ngày trước

    Because he sucks that's why

  • HiTzNcRiTz mobile gaming
    HiTzNcRiTz mobile gaming 24 ngày trước

    He was too busy being a knockoff Imagine Dragons lol.

  • mikehoncho
    mikehoncho 24 ngày trước

    Not even watching the full video I can guess... He's a lame, boring, dull, uninteresting character

  • Nate
    Nate 24 ngày trước +1

    Hawkeye was never that interesting of a character to me.

    • Super Goku
      Super Goku 23 ngày trước

      Nate yeah green arrow is cooler!

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown 24 ngày trước

    Because he sucks 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • CouragePope
    CouragePope 24 ngày trước

    Because he's a shirt hero and no one likes him

  • Curas1
    Curas1 24 ngày trước +1

    Oh god, they say 'hey did you hear that arrow is wrapping up '?
    Hey we can do that !
    Hawkeye season 1
    Ta Daa!

  • uzak yolcu
    uzak yolcu 24 ngày trước

    Didn't watch the video but from the title he is a guy with bow an arrow. Sooo

  • jjfromthebigland
    jjfromthebigland 24 ngày trước +7

    Because even as an avenger hes a minor character...

  • Josh M
    Josh M 24 ngày trước

    Let me save you the 3-4 minutes, he's wouldn't have done as well as iron man, cap, hulk and Thor and the others that did get solo films. so they decided to not bother

  • Doctor Octagon
    Doctor Octagon 24 ngày trước +1

    A woman archer.
    First off upper body strength is the most crucial attribute as an archer.
    Second... Hawkeye is a great hand to hand combatant.
    Do they not realize that woman face other woman in sports for a reason?
    I can believe in Thor or doctor strange before I can believe a girl like Haley whoever she is can beat up men hand to hand.
    My suspension of disbelief goes only so far.
    I can buy woman with powers like ms marvel and Jessica Jones beating men cause they have powers.
    But non powered woman facing men just completely takes me out of the movie when I start laughing.
    It’s like having a little kid or a midget beating up men or a poodle beating up a pitbull.

  • Alessandra Cardenas
    Alessandra Cardenas 24 ngày trước

    They should've done a black widow movie years ago with hawkeye as a main character and then the black widow one that's coming next year plus the disney show for hawkeye

    • Adam Orr
      Adam Orr 23 ngày trước

      Black Widow and Hawkeye both suck sweaty balls and Scarlett is a pudgy cow!

  • Eyreaus Marx
    Eyreaus Marx 24 ngày trước

    Feels like Hawkeye got a raw deal. He was an original Avenger. He could have built a stronger crowd base with the right solo origins film. Oh, and not giving him his purple costume really made him blend into the background like with Fox's X-Men.

  • Tech News for Tech Noobs
    Tech News for Tech Noobs 24 ngày trước +8

    "We Finally Know Why Hawkeye Never Got His Own Movie"....because his character in the MCU just isn't that interesting to begin with? Yeah....I'm going to go with that.

    • Tech News for Tech Noobs
      Tech News for Tech Noobs 20 ngày trước

      @Calter Bro's Yeah...I mean I get where they were going with him. The voice of the "normal guy" in a squad of super-powered, hi-tech empowered people. But they way they wrote him for the MCU as "just a family guy" who was essentially hanging out with his friends just totally ruined him.
      I wanted to see his backstory with Widow shown in some way. THAT would have made for a much more interesting character to try to get invested in. As it was...nope. Only way I found myself attached to him even a little was at the thought of losing my family like he did. Not enough to get attached to though.

    • Calter Bro's
      Calter Bro's 20 ngày trước


  • Manpreet lakhanpal
    Manpreet lakhanpal 24 ngày trước +3

    He held the soul stone for god's sake!
    Also why do all the heroes have only daughters taking over their mantle?
    Iron man has a daughter.
    Hawkeye has a daughter.
    Ant man has a daughter.
    I can guarantee black panther will have a son.
    I don't think there will be any white males left in avengers at this rate. 😂 Just sayin.