iPhone 11 - One Month later Review!

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  • Xuất bản 20 Th10, 2019
  • The iPhone 11 has been out for one month with a very similar design to the iPhone XR, but adds an a13 processor, a more durable design, 1 hour more battery life, and upgraded cameras with the addition of an ultra wide angle lens. But is it worth it, or should you look at spending extra money for the iPhone 11 Pro.
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NHẬN XÉT • 181

  • Trend Setter
    Trend Setter 2 ngày trước

    I still can't afford IPhone xs.

  • Haroko san
    Haroko san 3 ngày trước

    If iphone 12 will have the same price as this, i might consider switching from s10+

  • AarynYo
    AarynYo 3 ngày trước

    The only difference I’ve seen with the Oled screens and the LCD screens Is when you play VNclip and you can see that the notch is not shown as much on an oled screen compare to an LCD. LCD screen is just fine and if you think it isn’t then there’s something wrong because there’s really barely any differences

  • PinkPancakes 420
    PinkPancakes 420 3 ngày trước

    0:47 just to clarify it’s iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Наталья Попова
    Наталья Попова 3 ngày trước

    Noember 18th I am getting a iphone 11yes

  • nishant saloki
    nishant saloki 4 ngày trước

    Good video dude

  • goku 199630
    goku 199630 5 ngày trước

    The Xr was great I used it for almost a year I honestly miss it. I was gonna go with the 11 then last minute I decided too go with the pro because of the oled looking amazing, the telephoto, and the green mat finish. What is ur favorite Greg and thanks for the great videos!

  • Lil Feast
    Lil Feast 6 ngày trước +1

    Is it me or I just cannot decide between: Red, White, or the shade of green?

    • Lil Feast
      Lil Feast 3 ngày trước

      andrew lee well I’m heading toward the red. My mom got the red and I love it

    • andrew lee
      andrew lee 4 ngày trước +1

      Literally me too, those are the exact 3 colors I'm deciding between since I'm going to get one soon lol, I'm leaning more towards the green, then red, then white

  • IsaiahTheGaming King
    IsaiahTheGaming King 8 ngày trước

    i came from having the iphone 7 for 4 years and now i have the 11... not a single fucking regret i love every tiny detail

  • Druhin Rathore
    Druhin Rathore 12 ngày trước +2

    I see dragon ball super ... I like
    Anyways bought the iPhone 11 and damn it’s awesome

  • kenchuvich Morcozo
    kenchuvich Morcozo 14 ngày trước +1

    You can see Google are not prepared for this.

  • Michael Keltner
    Michael Keltner 17 ngày trước +2

    Dragonball Super Broly classy

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  17 ngày trước

      Only the classiest and most sophisticated content on my channel.

  • Fellipe Rodrigues
    Fellipe Rodrigues 17 ngày trước +26

    This is the phone that got me to switch from android after many years and no regrets

    • Dr4xter Doom
      Dr4xter Doom 5 ngày trước +3

      Tell me about it , 12 year old android user, i legit never found myself going for an iphone
      Less features for too much cost
      But goddam , apple giving literally the same phone as the 11 pro and 11 pro max minus the telephoto camera for 300$ cheaper?
      I think apple finally wins this year against android and m planning to start using an iphone finally in about a week

  • Sean Lu
    Sean Lu 17 ngày trước

    love the shirt bro! where can i get one?

  • H 12899
    H 12899 18 ngày trước

    For my iPhone 11 sound only goes out of my right speaker. Is it meant to be like this or is my phone faulty

    • Smoking Henry
      Smoking Henry 12 ngày trước

      H 12899 The sound comes from the ear piece and the speaker at the bottom. It doesn’t come from the microphone on the bottom.

  • Jefry Yt
    Jefry Yt 18 ngày trước

    What is the left speaker on the iPhone 11 for cause you can’t here videos with it or am I the only one that noticed but the phone is still loud I’m not complaining but I want to know what the left speaker is for

    • Gomary Sita
      Gomary Sita 5 ngày trước

      Jefry Yt thé speaker grilles on the left side of lightning is where the microphone is located. No speakers, it’s just for uniformity

  • Tim Possible
    Tim Possible 18 ngày trước

    They could've called the iPhone XR the iPhone 9 but that would've have everyone the impression of them moving backwards, since they had already had an iPhone X. Furthermore, it would be more confusing to go from iPhone 9 to iPhone 11 with an iterive update.
    Naming it (X)R shows that it is just before (X)S. But most people (mainly tech vloggers & bloggers) viewed the iPhone XR as a "budget" iPhone when in fact it was the successor to the iPhone 8, the standard flagship. The iPhone X was supposed to be the iPhone of the future and not the base model.
    The iPhone XS was not the base model iPhone, it was the XR. No one seemed to grasp this and Apple wouldn't just come out and say it. They assumed the prices would speak for themselves. The base iPhone was priced between $600-$800. The new iPhone X would open up a premium iPhone category at $1000. It was this way in 2018 with the $750 XR and $1000 XS and again in 2019 with the $700 iPhone 11 and $1000 11 Pro.

  • Iassp Hsu
    Iassp Hsu 18 ngày trước

    Light up, dude.

  • Chris Espinosa
    Chris Espinosa 18 ngày trước +2

    Omg no wonder why I’ve been getting headaches. I switched from an XR to the 11 pro max smh

    • Andrewshadowy
      Andrewshadowy 12 ngày trước

      Chris Espinosa oled screens in the Pro can hurt your eyes. Some people are sensitive to our eyes

  • Itshim.antonio
    Itshim.antonio 19 ngày trước

    Gonna get the 11

  • Farhan Sadik
    Farhan Sadik 20 ngày trước

    Jonathan Morrisons's mech at 10:05

  • Marc Guima
    Marc Guima 21 ngày trước +1

    I’ve yet to see someone on the streets with these new iPhones.
    I don’t think they are popular nor desirable. 😳

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  21 ngày trước +2

      I’ve actually seen quite a few in the wild.

  • Amh bit
    Amh bit 22 ngày trước

    I saw that Apple launch the watch os 6.1 beta 4 can you tell me if the battery improved from the watch os 6 because I saw from some people that it improved signifcly if you can improved it will help also when it will be launch to the public
    Your reviewes is great and you explain the details very clear it is very easy to understand you even to those that their English is their second or third language

  • Fahad Al-Ibraheem
    Fahad Al-Ibraheem 22 ngày trước

    that thingy on the upper left corner on the wall trolled me so hard thought something was on my screen 🤣

    • Solia Jay
      Solia Jay 15 ngày trước +1

      I didn't notice it at first. Now I can't not see it thank you for that lol

  • Park Soo-Kim
    Park Soo-Kim 22 ngày trước +1

    That seafoam green color is gorgeous.

  • Kakashi
    Kakashi 22 ngày trước +3

    I upgraded from the 6s plus best upgrade I could ever have a big improvement just trying to learn how to use it with no home button

  • Yusuf Sabir
    Yusuf Sabir 22 ngày trước +2

    Pretty cool, luv your channel for the best reviews. 👌 New sub!

  • Lali
    Lali 22 ngày trước +2

    Should I upgrade from Iphone 8 to 11 or XR? 🥺

    • Rusty Chain
      Rusty Chain 18 ngày trước +1

      I moved from an 8 to an 11, the camera on the 11 is definitely better than the XR but that’s about it other than the 11 has a little better Bluetooth and WiFi. If you have the extra $100 I recommend the 11, if you really don’t care about the camera and need/want to save some money then the XR is a fine iPhone.

    • GregsGadgets
      GregsGadgets  22 ngày trước +3

      If you care about the camera go for the 11.

  • any time fuun
    any time fuun 23 ngày trước


  • Cornelio Bustillo
    Cornelio Bustillo 23 ngày trước +2

    Nice Shirt! Monster Hunter

  • rambot670
    rambot670 23 ngày trước

    I wish I could buy iPhone 11, but I am just a student.

  • Tamas Illes
    Tamas Illes 23 ngày trước +1

    Great video, thanx man! I was thinking about between S10+ and iP11 but I'll go with the iP11.

    • angelo tarantino
      angelo tarantino 20 ngày trước

      S10+ is better lol,you get way more for what u pay,unlike apple

  • ankush samant
    ankush samant 24 ngày trước

    I heard that The iPhone 11 can get very hot compare tO IPhone XR, is that true?

  • Jencipapa
    Jencipapa 24 ngày trước

    My trusty 6+ 16gb served well over the years, will still serve as the home music player. But I simply love the 11. Worth the wait imo. :)

  • King Ceetee
    King Ceetee 24 ngày trước +76

    Got the iPhone 11 and I love it! Love the battery, love the size, love how it functions, love the pricing, love the display, love the speed, love the premium feel.
    I came from an iPhone 6 and damn was I due for an upgrade. It was just too slow, buggy and irritating.
    I love the iPhone 11 it’s really great

    • West Tom
      West Tom 8 ngày trước

      Next year has another design , this Is why I'm waiting

    • Please Suscribe Me
      Please Suscribe Me 12 ngày trước

      which color bro??

    • Jefry Yt
      Jefry Yt 18 ngày trước

      Me to

    • ngcsu
      ngcsu 21 ngày trước +1

      TuEresTrash might be the new OS. I’ve heard rumors of iOS 13 causing battery drain.

    • TuEresTrash
      TuEresTrash 22 ngày trước

      King Ceetee yea same im loving it as well but I feel like the battery is going down pretty fast I was expecting to last long but it’s really not, not sure why it might be my phone but idk what

  • Baconface McGee
    Baconface McGee 24 ngày trước +4

    I still use the iPhone 7...

    • Baconface McGee
      Baconface McGee 9 ngày trước +1

      angel * That’s an okay idea. I’ll stick to mine for a year or more longer.

    • angel *
      angel * 9 ngày trước +1

      Baconface McGee yea me too , but I’m gonna upgrade to iPhone 11

  • Baconface McGee
    Baconface McGee 24 ngày trước +9

    My brother just upgraded to this from the iPhone 6.

  • Devin H
    Devin H 24 ngày trước +1

    I have the iPhone 11 and love it no way am I paying 1k for a phone don’t care what the screen looks like !! No excuse for $1000 phone when u have other bills in life I’m sorry u 11 pro and pro max users have at it !!

    • Chuy Hdz
      Chuy Hdz 8 ngày trước

      R W must be nice to have money ;-;

    • R W
      R W 19 ngày trước

      Devin H it’s really not a lot of money if you’re going to spend 700 dollars then what’s an extra 300?

  • Franklin Hatch
    Franklin Hatch 24 ngày trước

    why is your teeth yellow?

  • cjd lv
    cjd lv 24 ngày trước +21

    Why are you comparing the 11 to the R? Your review's title is one month later using the 11. Very misleading.

    • Lester Loh
      Lester Loh Giờ trước

      cjd lv same thoughts here

  • Jacob Hummel
    Jacob Hummel 24 ngày trước +6

    Upgraded from an 8+ to the 11. I love it. Face ID is so clutch. The battery life is amazing, and the speakers are so much louder and crisp.

  • Sein
    Sein 24 ngày trước +1

    I really like green colour

  • Rohwit
    Rohwit 24 ngày trước +3

    Maniacally good phone. Upgraded from 6 and going mad.

  • maurice hector
    maurice hector 24 ngày trước +4

    I cant find anyone talking about how the LTE is on this year's intel modem on the 11's the x's had shity LTE signal are the 11's any better

    • maurice hector
      maurice hector 13 ngày trước

      @Madman1 Rug well for a 1k plus phone i shouldn't have to search for window seats and unless on wifi every minute of the day wifi is irrelevant. Your right all unlocked iphone from apple worked on any carrier however iphones x and before had model a1901 for tmobile and at&t and sprint and Verizon had model number a1865 which was the same model that apple unlocked. The sprint and Verizon iphones had Qualcomm while tmobile and at&t had Intel

    • Madman1 Rug
      Madman1 Rug 13 ngày trước

      @maurice hector
      Except for the indoor problem with the iPhone 11 LTE signal. It has worked great outside and as long as you are near a windows indoor, it's fine and also all Apple unlocked iPhone worked with any carriers, whether CDMA and GSM. By the way Wi-Fi signal strength are fantastic .

    • maurice hector
      maurice hector 13 ngày trước

      @Madman1 Rug for the record I am on a note 9 desperately wanting my iphone back. Was really hoping to see that people was getting better LTE with the 11's

    • maurice hector
      maurice hector 13 ngày trước

      Is the LTE any good coming unlocked from apple? It is said that the 11 models are a one model for all vs the different GSM and cdma models like before, is that the case now I wonder

    • Madman1 Rug
      Madman1 Rug 13 ngày trước

      @maurice hector
      My iPhone 11 is unlocked and I purchased from Apple and yeah it does use the Intel modem. :(

  • Dayle
    Dayle 24 ngày trước +2

    What do you mean when you say LCD has better white point?

    • JR_UK
      JR_UK 21 ngày trước +2

      Dayle OLED is much warmer than LCD and can look yellower with whites when compared.

  • Denis Kolaric
    Denis Kolaric 25 ngày trước +4

    I don’t understand! Where is one month later review???

  • Mamady Traore
    Mamady Traore 25 ngày trước +1

    iPhone 11 seems to be a great phone and best camera out there

    • R W
      R W 19 ngày trước

      Mamady Traore the pro has a better camera

  • Ewerdass
    Ewerdass 25 ngày trước

    I would buy iPhone 11 pro. Let me explain:
    First of all IF you buy a New iPhone for a couple years, you should choose one of the middle memory models. So we have 2 models. First 128 GB 749$ iphone 11, Second 256 GB 1099$ iPhone 11 pro model.
    In the box we dont have a fast charge. So we will spend extra 50$ with cable. And this our iPhone 11 price is 800$ now.
    OLED is better that is sure. Also we have the design, durability, thin basels and lovely one handed usage experince.
    About camera, yes they have 2 same lences. But when you took photo with iPhone 11 and 11 pro you can also edit photo ultra wide or wide etc. So this means iPhone uses its lenses together at the same time. This gives us a advantage at iPhone 11 pro. Beside your thoughts i think TELEFOTO lence ability is important at working together moments. It means that the DEEP FUSION efect can work better at the iPhone 11 pro. So we can take more Clear and Sharp photos with telefoto lense's help.
    About battery, ip11 pro has longer capacity than ip11.
    After all this differences i can give 300$ extra. Also i have 128 GB more.
    Thanks for your videos 🤩

    • Георги Янчев
      Георги Янчев 14 ngày trước

      I agree with you but in my country without carrier iphone 11 starts from 940$ for 64GB , iphone 11 pro 1 317$ 64GB and iphone pro max 1444$ 64GB It's hard to afford so much money for smartphone. In many countries situation is the same (talk moustly for countries from Europe). Depends of this most of people choice iphone 11. Me personaly save money for Christmas and hope to get some X-mas discount
      to get iphone 11 for reasonal price.

    • Ewerdass
      Ewerdass 24 ngày trước

      Have to. Thinking of best camera photo size, app size, 4k video size, 256 is good. But if there is 128 GB option on ip11 pro, I would recommend 128gb.

    • Dayle
      Dayle 24 ngày trước

      Ewerdass so you recommend the 256?

  • exploring life
    exploring life 25 ngày trước

    I will stick with my one plus 3t for 300 usd it has more ram bigger battery super amoled display 16 mp front and back camera and also most importantly super fast charging

  • Nick Brito
    Nick Brito 25 ngày trước

    these are all the videos of the new iPhones...
    iPhone 11 First Impressions
    iPhone 11 First Day Review
    iPhone 11 One Week Later Review
    iPhone 11 One Month Later Review
    Next: iPhone 11 One Year Later Review
    XD good vid and sorry I'm late to this vid Greg :(

  • robertobeast 47
    robertobeast 47 25 ngày trước +1

    How much is the 64 gb with tax

    • Chill Bill
      Chill Bill 4 ngày trước

      I’m in Chicago. 64gb iPhone 11 was $748.00 after tax.

    • Георги Янчев
      Георги Янчев 15 ngày trước

      In my country iphone 11 is 940 $ I am so frustrated and sad ;(

  • Bubblegum Channel
    Bubblegum Channel 25 ngày trước +2

    Bruh just go straight to the point, it's already a month, no need to tell the specs. Jeez!

  • maxroman2010
    maxroman2010 25 ngày trước +3

    Not “iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro”.. 🤣 confuses with the names I see)

  • Abdulqudus Dere
    Abdulqudus Dere 25 ngày trước +4

    Your review is 🔥🔥

    SSBMFAITE 25 ngày trước +4

    Monster hunter shirt and a new Greg vid? Today is a good day.

  • adriano raffaele
    adriano raffaele 25 ngày trước +40

    I think Apple 🍏 have a smash hit again with the iPhone 11. Here’s my reasoning... They have massively improved on the iPhone XR of last year while reducing the price with this years iPhone 11 yet improving cameras with the inclusion of wide angle and night mode. The phone is also the best smartphone on the market where video recording is concerned. Long battery life fastest processor etc etc it’s a home run.
    From the early reviews regarding its competition ie the pixel 4 it’s not gaining much support as it’s a poor imitation of the iPhone in many regards and yet still asks the high flagship price for nothing really new or groundbreaking. Sure it has great cameras but many phones also have similarly great cameras however it’s also sorely lacking in many areas as we are slowly finding out.
    This puts the iPhone 11 and the pro models in pole position for a race that they will continue to dominate and is a phone we will see more and more of as people upgrade to a new model.

    • Наталья Попова
      Наталья Попова 3 ngày trước +1


    • Наталья Попова
      Наталья Попова 3 ngày trước +1

      You roat so much

    • fendermon
      fendermon 25 ngày trước +3

      Yup, ...trolls screamed non-stop about what a flop the XR was when it came out of the gate. Turned out to be a huge seller. Now I mostly hear crickets from the peanut gallery. Apple has extended its lead.

  • Claudio Villavicencio
    Claudio Villavicencio 25 ngày trước +21

    Excellent analysis,yes I remember paying 800 dollars for my iPhone 7 in 128gb,in early 2017,and not the plus mind you,for 699 the 11 is leap years ahead.

  • Sofia
    Sofia 25 ngày trước +11

    Am I the only one that I’ve been watching lots of iPhone 11 video reviews but knowing that I won’t get one..

    I guess I am the only one..

  • CheyChey_T
    CheyChey_T 25 ngày trước

    i just got the 11 for my birthday and before i had a 6s so it was a huge switch. i absolutely love it!!! i wanted the fr but it was cheaper to get the 11 so that’s what i got and i’m not complaining. camera and speaker quality is much better than my old phone and i’m super happy with it.

  • Julian Castillo
    Julian Castillo 25 ngày trước +1

    Great review! I have a cracked iPhone 6s with 32g storage... I have two questions, I like the green color, so how have you like it so far? And would you think 64g storage is enough?