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When (and how) to watch Season 3

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  • Xuất bản 03 Th12, 2022

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  • Raaven
    Raaven  +1

    I am not a Christian, but earlier this year I came across The Chosen series and was totally amazed by the portrayal of Jesus. Finally, a show that shows Jesus as a human. I’m so excited for season 3.

  • Anointed Worship

    My innocence was stolen at 8yrs old. I'm 63. God rescued me. I tried to take my life at 16. God chose me. This is is the 1st song that really gets me.

  • shootthegap

    Time for my wife and I to cry all over again with the scene between Jesus and Little James. Thank you Dallas and your crew for this incredible gift.

  • Uttam_k76
    Uttam_k76  +30

    I'm a Hindu from India 🇮🇳, I'm too much excited to see chosen season 3 on the app. I completed season 1 &2. It was fantastic.

  • Tim Rose
    Tim Rose  +215

    Congratulations Dallas! So glad for the success of the show, it’s by far the best I’ve ever seen on the life of Jesus. Every single episode makes me feel like I am actually there with Jesus and the disciples. It brings the true stories to life like nothing I’ve ever seen! Praise the Lord!

  • Missionary Adventures

    We are SO excited to see Season 3! We are overseas missionaries and The Chosen has been such an encouragement to us!! Thank you for serving our King Jesus! :)

  • VariC
    VariC  +56

    Dear Dallas, I cannot thank you enough for the most wonderful experience The Chosen is. I watched Season 1 & 2 and was moved to tears every episode. Today I attended a Catholic mass and when the Gospel according to John was read, I actually lived it. I have studied the Bible as history, as literature, as a spiritual text. I have watched so many movies and series covering Jesus Christ's life. I have studied the Torah and the Talmud. However, nothing has prepared me for what I experienced today. Having watched The Chosen, when the Gospel according to John was read today, I was transported and was actually there. Your depiction of John, Judeah, the baptism, was so accurate that I was reliving the Gospel. Thanks to The Chosen, the scriptures were no longer just words. Thanks a million!Much Love & Light! 🌬️💖🌠🙏

  • Fairly Vague

    Oh thank the Lord! I thought you were going to say it’s only on Netflix or some other subscription streaming service, which I can’t do as I have no credit or debit cards.

  • Animesh Das

    After watching the two seasons of The Chosen I have started learning Hebrew. I can't how profound an impact this series has created in me, helped me to re-establish my faith in Christ. I am truly thankful for that. I cried, laughed,cheered throughout the episodes. Looking forward to watch the new episodes.

  • Camille Gentry

    Good news for those who weren't able to see the movie in a theater. I pray they enjoy the first two episodes as much as I did.

  • Bonnie Brae

    WHEEEE SO EXCITED! Thank you, The Chosen cast and crew, for all your hard work!

  • Liz
    Liz  +22

    I would love to see an event where we can be introduced to the behind the scenes team! Everything about this production has been phenomenal. I'm so excited to see what y'all have put together for season 3 and I love love LOVE that it is being released during Christmas season 💕

  • Evie PJ
    Evie PJ  +19

    Congratulations and thank you for the release dates! So beautiful that we can watch new life-changing episodes of The Chosen during much of the Advent Season and as we gather with family and friends on Christmas day! Super excited about Season 3 and for the abundant harvest it will bring. ❤🌻

  • Abegail Manus

    God bless to everyone who is anticipating the season 3 of 'The Chosen' just like me!! God bless to the entire team that made 'The, Chosen' possible!!

  • AmandaKyle Myers

    So excited for season 3! My four year old and two year old ask to watch season 1 episode 3 over and over. Your show has captured the hearts of tiny believers. As a mom hearing them ask to watch “the Jesus show” rather than something else makes me so happy. Thank you. 💛

  • Beatriz Nobre

    So excited for it! May God keep blessing The Chosen family 💙

  • Urban Noize Music

    For anyone searching for the new Chosen app, after you've typed "The Chosen", scroll past the Angel Studios version until you see one that says "The Chosen Come and See'. And you should be good! Im so excited that its finally launching to the app even though i watched episodes 1 & 2 of season 3 in theaters. The joy, comfort, and healing this show brings is like no other! And now i gotta mark down these dates!

  • Sissi
    Sissi  +15

    Acabei de assistir a segunda temporada e estou em êxtase! A melhor série que já assisti, é de uma sensibilidade impressionante. Parabéns aos envolvidos!

  • Jonathan Radcliff

    So excited for the rest of Season 3!!! Dallas mentioned when Episodes 1 and 2 were in theatres that the theme of Season 3 was Matthew 11:28: “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest”.

  • Shaileena Deep

    Ahh! Can't wait but eagerly waiting for Season 3 episode 1 and all others in my Chosen app...God bless 😇... ❤️ from India 🇮🇳