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Why Don't We - Don't Change [Official Music Video]

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  • Xuất bản 20 Th04, 2019
  • Don't Change out now:
    Directed by: Henry Lipatov & David Loeffler
    Label: Atlantic Records
    Daniel Seavey
    Jonah Marais
    Corbyn Besson
    Zach Herron
    Jack Avery
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  • Fuzzy Puddin
    Fuzzy Puddin Giờ trước +1

    I wish Daniel would dye his hair back to the OG color!! He looks soo cute with brown hair!!!

  • Addy Holder
    Addy Holder Giờ trước

    i want to see ugly dolls so bad and now its better

  • Kaylie eider
    Kaylie eider 2 giờ trước +1

    *This is how many limelights there are*


  • Booty- n - Brains
    Booty- n - Brains 2 giờ trước

    Jack’s man bun oh my gosh and by the way this is Billie’s daughters

  • Arian Hill
    Arian Hill 2 giờ trước

    Jeffy is better

  • Booty- n - Brains
    Booty- n - Brains 2 giờ trước

    A9 beats I am of course

  • Booty- n - Brains
    Booty- n - Brains 2 giờ trước

    I love you why don’t we y’all are awesome

  • Rachael Walker
    Rachael Walker 2 giờ trước

    Daniel looks really pale

  • Henry Berduo
    Henry Berduo 2 giờ trước

    You're my favorite why don't we I wished I saw you

  • Maricela Bello
    Maricela Bello 3 giờ trước

    Corbyn is so cute in 1:05

  • Tabbi Saylor
    Tabbi Saylor 3 giờ trước

    I love how zach doesn't even care about his hair anymore

  • Lauren Store
    Lauren Store 4 giờ trước

    This is the last music video that Daniel is gonna have brown hair omg guys I cri

  • Woven Chaos
    Woven Chaos 6 giờ trước

    Very cool enjoyed watching ✨✨🎭💞🎭✨✨

  • Crystal_Cat 101
    Crystal_Cat 101 7 giờ trước

    he just rolled his eyes

  • Nienke Schneider
    Nienke Schneider 9 giờ trước +1

    0:47 thank me later

  • Riadun Adnan
    Riadun Adnan 9 giờ trước +1

    Oh my my my...

  • Emily Hice
    Emily Hice 12 giờ trước +3

    Wow!!! Best yet!!! LOVE IT!!!💙💛💜💚💛💙💛💜💚💙💛💙💛💜💚💜❤💙💚💙💛💙💚💜💚💙💛💜💚💙❤🍋💡🍋💡🍋💡🍋💡🍋💡🍋💡🍋💡🍋💡🍋💡🍋💡🍋💡🍋💡🍋💡🍋💡💡🍋👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍🍋💡🍋💡🍋💡🍋💡💛💙💛💜💚💙💙💚💜💛💙💚💜💛💙💚💜💜💛💙💛💜💚💜💛💙💚💜💛💙💛💜💚

  • Sadie 567-
    Sadie 567- 14 giờ trước +1

    now its 2K

  • Berry Boy and Cherry Girl Vlogs
    Berry Boy and Cherry Girl Vlogs 15 giờ trước +1

    Congrats Jack for becoming a dad ! Lavender is so beautiful 💜

  • Angelica Karyme
    Angelica Karyme 17 giờ trước

    Antes queria verla ahora con mas razon :3 💖

  • unicornlovee60 unicorn
    unicornlovee60 unicorn 17 giờ trước

    0:48 why did jack roll his eyes (just asking)

  • Selly Luv
    Selly Luv 17 giờ trước +1

    Jesus Love you so much ❤

  • Cathryn North
    Cathryn North 17 giờ trước +2

    I don’t think that’s how mirrors work 🤔🤔🤔

  • Nikki _
    Nikki _ 18 giờ trước

    I still find it ICONIC that Corbyn is dressed as a traffic cone lol..and slaying!😂🤩✌🏻❤

  • PsychoAvery_PsychoSeavey
    PsychoAvery_PsychoSeavey 18 giờ trước +2

    why dont we: dont change
    jack: imma be a dad
    dani: imma dye my hair blond
    corbyn, jonah, zachary: um, i- ok?


  • Sareena N.C
    Sareena N.C 22 giờ trước +1

    Hey limelights.. vote for why dont we on MPS online awards. only one week left !
    At least we can do this for Lavender 💜💜💜

    • Sareena N.C
      Sareena N.C 22 giờ trước

      Multiple votes are allowed !

  • Tuan Anh
    Tuan Anh 22 giờ trước +1

    Well... I like the colour green

  • XxcookiedoughxX gacha studio
    XxcookiedoughxX gacha studio 23 giờ trước

    I joined the Wdw fan squad on messenger

  • ira .avery
    ira .avery Ngày trước

    Boyf : do you love me?
    You : yes!
    Boyf : more than why don't we?
    You : go fuck of 😂💜

  • Amy_ Limelight
    Amy_ Limelight Ngày trước +1

    WDW: “Don’t Change”

    Daniel: Dyes hair and pierces ears
    Zach: Pierces ears
    Jack: Has a kid
    Jonah: Confirms Jatum
    Corbyn: Ummm guys.....

  • sivasankari ponnusamy
    sivasankari ponnusamy Ngày trước +1

    Guys you broke my heart.. 💔💔💔

  • Madison Lauper
    Madison Lauper Ngày trước +3

    Where’s the music video

  • Alyssa Brady
    Alyssa Brady Ngày trước +1

    1:05 hahaha

  • Five KITTIES!
    Five KITTIES! Ngày trước +2

    What happened to unbelievable

  • Bianca 123
    Bianca 123 Ngày trước +1

    This video deserves more appreciation 💜👍

  • Jordans world
    Jordans world Ngày trước +2

    How does wdw have 2.7 mil subz????? That is unacceptable they deserve so much more! I LOVE YOU WDW!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Music Today
    Music Today Ngày trước +3

    *Who's here after the nude photo of them.*

  • Andrea Jevtović
    Andrea Jevtović Ngày trước +1

    2 days later Lavender was born! ❤

  • Jb Cruz
    Jb Cruz Ngày trước +1

    whatever it takes👊 dont change!

  • Riana
    Riana Ngày trước +1

    Did anyone notice how they changed their cover or however that thingy is called

  • Tam K
    Tam K Ngày trước +1

    They cute lol

  • headfonic
    headfonic Ngày trước +1

    Simply just had to state Now i am relieved I happened on your video!

  • Limelights 4 ever
    Limelights 4 ever Ngày trước +2

    Now jack is gonna sing this to his little Lavender May Avery

  • Sophia Rivera
    Sophia Rivera Ngày trước +1


    Corbyn rocking a traffic cone: EVERY PART OF YOU IS JUST RIGGGHHHHTTT

  • Katey Ash
    Katey Ash Ngày trước +1


  • Lunala Plays And Lovegood Vlogs

    Jack I love u 😍

  • Alex Demaria
    Alex Demaria Ngày trước +1

    I love how jack rolls his eye at 0:49 I don’t know why

  • •Mielsita• :v
    •Mielsita• :v Ngày trước +1

    I love this Band. I'm from Argentina sorry for my english ^^"

  • Scott Truesdell
    Scott Truesdell Ngày trước +1


  • Autumn Nelson
    Autumn Nelson Ngày trước


  • wadupiizgoofay
    wadupiizgoofay Ngày trước

    What if I hate who I am?

  • Tiger And Wolf Sisters
    Tiger And Wolf Sisters Ngày trước

    Ok so, the whole 6th grade is obsessed with this band

  • lucy ennis
    lucy ennis Ngày trước

    0:49-that eye roll tho😍

  • Jaylyne Zayas
    Jaylyne Zayas 2 ngày trước

    It is Unbelievable that I like u Daniel u 20 & Im 19 It is Unbelievable that Jack has a baby girl :)

  • CorBEAN _LoVeR
    CorBEAN _LoVeR 2 ngày trước +1

    Who's here after they found out Jack is *literally* a daddy? 😂😨

  • Nicole Lazette
    Nicole Lazette 2 ngày trước

    at 1 25 jake says omg

  • Tii Builds
    Tii Builds 2 ngày trước +1

    Like: support wdw
    Ignore: support James charles

  • Olivia Maddams
    Olivia Maddams 2 ngày trước

    What if you don’t like yourself......because I don’t.
    Great song though!!!

  • Catboykie
    Catboykie 2 ngày trước

    These guys are worse than BTS

  • Kailah Nixon
    Kailah Nixon 2 ngày trước

    Made me cry

  • Izzy Bella
    Izzy Bella 2 ngày trước

    Did you guys see his eye roll (idk any of the names of One direction 2.0 members so I am guessing you guys saw it)

  • Rosanna Allen
    Rosanna Allen 2 ngày trước

    0:49 the part were jack rolls his eyes

  • Bia TaeKooka
    Bia TaeKooka 2 ngày trước

    música perfeitaaaaaaa

  • Berlian Bruce
    Berlian Bruce 2 ngày trước

    Jonah voices sooo soofftt😍😍😍

  • Sarah Simmons
    Sarah Simmons 2 ngày trước

    I fell in love with Daniel at 0:50!!🤩😊💙💛

  • eunice yoon
    eunice yoon 2 ngày trước

    can we appreciate the edits real quick👏🏼

  • Carmen Correa
    Carmen Correa 2 ngày trước


  • Sophia Guinnevere
    Sophia Guinnevere 2 ngày trước

    who else thinks that the part "don't change" sounds like niall's "slow hands"?

  • Erin M
    Erin M 2 ngày trước

    Needed this♥️

  • Erin M
    Erin M 2 ngày trước

    What a nice inspirational song♥️

  • Erin M
    Erin M 2 ngày trước

    Wish Jacks colour was Lavender!

  • UrGurl Liz
    UrGurl Liz 2 ngày trước

    Today my school went on a field trip to see ugly dolls and me and my bff who also loves wdw we’re listening very closely to see which song was dont change but we could not find it and it almost made me cry I think it was at the end credits I mean those things go on forever to who knows?

  • Heather Fischer
    Heather Fischer 2 ngày trước

    I love u guys so much i want to come to one of your concert

  • ranon Rano
    ranon Rano 2 ngày trước

    I miss Zach's deep voice. Why change?

  • Goy Keopanya
    Goy Keopanya 2 ngày trước

    I live in Grand Island NE but I'm only nine years so I can't go to the concert at Lincoln but I really want to see you but Zach needs to go to school

  • Izzy Lane
    Izzy Lane 2 ngày trước

    I love y’all. But my mom says we can’t go to the tour 😭. sorry😭😭😭😭😭😢😢.

    I think I’m going to the movie tho

  • Hariz Muqri
    Hariz Muqri 2 ngày trước

    Dont change:
    Daniel change his hair
    Jack became a father.
    See you around new corby,jonah and zach ofc.

  • Illy Falconi
    Illy Falconi 2 ngày trước

    1:28 Jonah's cute face. You're welcome.

    PAJPLHF JCGMVLZ 2 ngày trước +1

    I remember a just a day before they announce they were releasing don't change I said "wow wdw changed a lot!" And then dani changed his hair too and I'm like WOW OKAY THEIR GOING FOR BIG CHANGES 😂

  • Sierra Meadows
    Sierra Meadows 2 ngày trước

    is anybody else wonderin what the fuck daniel is doin at 00:13 - 00:15 ??????

  • TT Edits
    TT Edits 2 ngày trước

    Mother: "You love me right?"
    Me: "yes"
    Mother: "more than the boys?"
    Me: "dont push your luck lady"

  • K :/
    K :/ 2 ngày trước

    I saw a ugly dolls billboard 🤧

  • Holly Smith
    Holly Smith 2 ngày trước


  • Jasneet Chera - Tony Pontes PS (1497)

    you rock
    you lit
    you got this

  • funtime frexy
    funtime frexy 2 ngày trước

    Love ya corbyn,joanah,jack,zach,and daniel

  • Madison Pridgen
    Madison Pridgen 3 ngày trước


  • Karolina Zakrzewska
    Karolina Zakrzewska 3 ngày trước

    0:47-0:50 omg love😍😍😍

  • tyche kim
    tyche kim 3 ngày trước

    These boys deserves an award

  • Roly Bob
    Roly Bob 3 ngày trước

    This is how I think picking out their clothes went……… “Let’s all where something that has the color of our room…and don’t tell jack”

  • yo mama
    yo mama 3 ngày trước

    You're in the mirror
    but you're not
    seeing yourself.
    But seeing ways
    You could be
    Someone else.

  • Brandon Sinari
    Brandon Sinari 3 ngày trước

    "All I'm trying to say is don't change
    Every part of you is just right"
    *Ehem even your hair color Ehem*

  • Ryan Faure
    Ryan Faure 3 ngày trước

    Lowkey the message of the song is kinda toxic but issa bop so we're gonna let that one slide 😂

  • poop Saile
    poop Saile 3 ngày trước

    I dont like this song but im still a limelight luv u guys i wish i could see u in person

  • Alexthe Rainbow
    Alexthe Rainbow 3 ngày trước +1

    AHHHH SUCH A GREAT SONG OMG IM A HUGE HUGE FAN EEKKK I wish I could meet you for real tho :(

  • pema seldon
    pema seldon 3 ngày trước

    Falling in love with this song over and over again

  • Madison Starbucks
    Madison Starbucks 3 ngày trước +1

    It’s crazy to think that Jack knew that Gabbie was pregnant at that point 💜 Lavender May Avery 💜💜💜

  • Archaic wdw
    Archaic wdw 3 ngày trước

    70% of the comments:
    Why don’t we: Don’t change
    Also WDW:
    30% of the comments:
    This is how many ____________.

  • Stacy Marie Chua
    Stacy Marie Chua 3 ngày trước

    ❤❤❤. Jonah

  • avianna Kokales
    avianna Kokales 3 ngày trước

    If you like why don't we go check out my is avianna2357

  • KawaiiKitty Gacha
    KawaiiKitty Gacha 3 ngày trước

    Who’s here waiting for Unbelievable?💕 This album is gonna AMAZING!