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Warhammer 40,000: The New Edition Cinematic Trailer

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  • Xuất bản 21 Th03, 2023
  • Can Roboute Guilliman outthink the relentless Hive Mind, or is humanity doomed to become biomass for the Tyranids? bit.ly/3naUSxi
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  • Dark Tesla
    Dark Tesla 2 tháng trước +5167

    I feel so sorry for Guilliman…This entire monologue is the most Shakespearean “I’m surrounded by idiots.” In 40K

    • Dani
      Dani 2 tháng trước +282

      In a way, but he's getting his Bro back!

    • iloveplayingpr
      iloveplayingpr 2 tháng trước +180

      It's more of we have too many enemies than anything else.

    • Grimnar Tusk
      Grimnar Tusk 2 tháng trước +244

      more like surrounded by literally insurmountable odds on a galactic scale.
      nobody is an idiot they just don't stand a chance lol

    • Hohmann Transfer Window Washer
      Hohmann Transfer Window Washer 2 tháng trước +178

      And remember: those are his sons getting slaughtered.

  • Composer Viktor
    Composer Viktor 2 tháng trước +1732

    “Victory as humanity rages against the dying of the light” is the most 40k quote ever spoken

    • Test Subject4
      Test Subject4 2 tháng trước +83

      Yeah it's perfect. I think it might be a callback to "Do not go gentle into that good night". Which fits pretty decently.

    • arun
      arun 2 tháng trước +25

      ​@Test Subject4 it is a lift from that poem for sure

    • Fatman311
      Fatman311 2 tháng trước +97

      @Test Subject4 The poem also gets a mention in the Horus Heresy novel 'The Master of Mankind'
      The Emperor turned to him, His eyes focusing on the Custodian for the first time. ‘The war is over, Diocletian. Win or lose, Horus has damned us all. Mankind will share in his ignorance until the last man or woman draws the species’ last breath. The warp will forever be a cancer in the heart of all humans. The Imperium may last a hundred years, or a thousand, or ten thousand. But it will fall, Diocletian. It will fall. The shining path is lost to us. Now we rage against the dying of the light.’

  • The Rogue Prince
    The Rogue Prince 2 tháng trước +1327

    I thought the Horus’ trailer was amazing, but Guilliman’s speech alone may have surpassed that for me.

    • Warhammer
      Warhammer  2 tháng trước +248

      We are glad you liike it!

  • Z0rgmeister
    Z0rgmeister 2 tháng trước +1013

    I've never played a game of 40k, I've never even held a miniature in my hand. But the grit behind lines like "Our people sing of Victory as the galaxy burns. Victory as the Imperium rots around us! Victory as Humanity rages against the dying of the light...Victory..." are what makes me eat every bit of lore I can get my grubby paws on...

  • Derploop
    Derploop 2 tháng trước +397

    With the K/D shown in this cinematic, there aren't enough space marines in the universe to defend even one world.

  • Stefan Sättele
    Stefan Sättele 2 tháng trước +844

    You can very much feel the colossal burden on Guilliman's shoulders by his voice. Trillions of lives at stake and it all depends on him. One false step and all will be lost - and he is aware of that every single second of his life. What a weight his father put on him to carry.

  • DarthBigBen
    DarthBigBen 2 tháng trước +3181

    Wow, this made the Tyranids feel like an enemy that’s truly impossible to defeat.

    • Warhammer
      Warhammer  2 tháng trước +1196

      Yep, those bugs are hard to get rid of.

    • ZeroPhoenix
      ZeroPhoenix 2 tháng trước +118

      They really are

    • UnseamlyTangent
      UnseamlyTangent 2 tháng trước +114

      As they should!

    • Vegeta8300
      Vegeta8300 2 tháng trước +141

      The Great Devourer is the greatest threat to not only the galaxy, but possibly the entire universe!

    • Jose
      Jose 2 tháng trước +47

      Meanwhile Orks, just Zoggin off.

  • Kazad22
    Kazad22 2 tháng trước +556

    This last stand is a beautiful artistic reference to all those starter box covers from the old days. A big bow to the creators of the film, for this shot.

    • Kieran Holmes
      Kieran Holmes 2 tháng trước +30

      You always see this last stand troupe in 40k artwork and it looks cool, a little silly sometimes.
      But seeing it here and animated is badass.

  • BLAZEGRAZE #roadto100subs
    BLAZEGRAZE #roadto100subs 2 tháng trước +188

    A space marine is an artificially augmented human who represents one of the strongest warriors humanity has to offer. Put that same augmented human in Terminator armor, one of the strongest and most durable armors available to the imperium and you've got a truly formidable supersoldier. That flying Tyranid tore said supersoldier in half like he was wet paper, just let that fact sink in! 😮

  • Kedo
    Kedo 2 tháng trước +156

    The Apothecary going down fighting even after being pulled into the shadows horror movie style? Incredible.

  • bleh
    bleh 2 tháng trước +204

    "Victory as Humanity rages against the dying of the light!" This single line is so damn cool I can't even begin to describe it

    • arun
      arun 2 tháng trước +16

      It's from a poem.. "don't go gently into the night, rage rage against the dying of the light"

  • Eldên
    Eldên  2 tháng trước +352

    One of the coolest Warhammer 40,000 trailers I've ever seen. Seeing Guilliman like this, realist about the true condition of the Imperium, is just amazing. I can't wait for this new edition to arrive!

    • Entombed Machine
      Entombed Machine 2 tháng trước

      Agreed wholeheartedly!

    • NWN
      NWN 2 tháng trước +11

      The poor chap. Knowing what papa Emps wanted vs what the Imperium is now.
      Someday I hope we get to see papa Emps wake up too and be all like:
      “What the HECK did y’all do to my Imperium?!? Ya’ll threw away everything I stood for and believed in, but decided to worship me as a deity even though your society is doing NOTHING that I wanted?!?”
      etc. poor papa Emps

  • Misch13f
    Misch13f 2 tháng trước +5656

    Seeing Guilliman being a realist even as his Indomitus Crusade was hopeful is just so cool. I'm excited for 10th edition

    • Evil bred
      Evil bred 2 tháng trước +305

      He remembers the Imperium at its zenith, he knows the potential of humanity, and how far they've fallen.

    • King
      King 2 tháng trước +48

      Using A.I. make the cost very low, it's a good news to fans, which means we can see more videos and pictures etc...

    • Pisarz_Milosci
      Pisarz_Milosci 2 tháng trước +34

      I know about Guilliman's comeback but where can I find some lore on what happened actually and the crusade itself?

    • TheAceOfSkulls
      TheAceOfSkulls 2 tháng trước +135

      @Pisarz_Milosci It's scattered. The Gathering Storm books have the actual return. Then Watchers of the Throne series has the war on terra that he comes back to. Dawn of Fire series is the big marshaling of the Crusade and some of its earlier moments. The Rogue Trader book Void King has the early onset of the crusade. And finally you have the Dark Imperium series which is the furthest in the timeline if you're following the crusade. There's also a short story somewhere in there where Guilliman declares his greatest enemy to be a normal sized pen and the Ultramarines are shocked to find out that he actually has a sense of humor.

  • Khazn Gray
    Khazn Gray 2 tháng trước +205

    I had to rewind this at so many points for the little details lol. And this trailer def did the Ultramarines some justice. A perfect blend of winning and losing that shows how cool they are vs how dark the galaxy is.

    • Finn Skelton
      Finn Skelton 2 tháng trước +9

      Ultramarines SUCK

  • SirBaconBuster
    SirBaconBuster 2 tháng trước +108

    I think we can all agree that GW's trailers are always top tier.
    This is awesome.

  • Nostroman Praetor
    Nostroman Praetor 2 tháng trước +578

    You guys managed to make me root for The Ultramarines for once. This was epic!
    Edit,:My favorite thing to see in these animations is seeing cause for panic within marines. Physical and mental overload that causes them to put in their 100% and get creative.
    Its one thing to watch them march forward and shoot, but its more fun to imagine how they get down when just shooting and cutting stuff down isn't enough.

    • Monster
      Monster 2 tháng trước +7

      ultramarines is such a goody two shoes, they are probably my least favorite chapter. But i hold spacemarine in general as pretty high regard so its not THAT bad :)

    • Olcay Alp Bayram
      Olcay Alp Bayram 2 tháng trước +42

      Seeing Astartes fight AGAINST the odds is what makes them interesting in the first place in my opinion. The fact that the Librarian was overwhelmed, the terminator ripped apart, several battle-brothers torn asunder by the carnifex etc... These are the heroes that regularly save the day across countless campaigns. *and they are getting slaughtered*
      Without these events we wouldn't get the sense of "these guys are never making it out of this alive" and that's when it all clicks. Superpowered demigods of war finding their match, facing utter annihilation with grim determination.
      Only in death.

    • RM
      RM 2 tháng trước +12

      for once?

    • Nostroman Praetor
      Nostroman Praetor 2 tháng trước +5

      ​​@RM You can't stop me from looting that Lieutenant's custom pauldron loyalist!
      Side note, I really want to kitbash Tyranid carapace onto the armor of my Night Lords now.

  • Winters
    Winters 2 tháng trước +134

    Guiliman being presented as such a stoic and indomitable tactician really realises the Warhammer universe for me. Giving us something to relate to and not an abstract construct.

  • Alex K
    Alex K 2 tháng trước +51

    I know its 40k and its always been grimdark, but this is genuinely like...desperate.
    Like humanity has already lost and this is the end act where everything comes tumbling down. Seeing that psyker just fail like that hurt my heart a bit

    • Jetpilled Marion
      Jetpilled Marion 2 tháng trước +13

      Well, considering Tyranids are all part of an hivemind, is like having to mentally fight billions of minds at once.

  • Edward _93
    Edward _93 2 tháng trước +965

    First Horus and now Guilliman. PLEASE keep bringing the Primarchs to life in these animations!

    • manticoremeasuring ass jiggle watts
      manticoremeasuring ass jiggle watts 2 tháng trước +81

      Next is the first, the big cat himself the Lion uuuuuu.

    • Nothing-wrong
      Nothing-wrong 2 tháng trước +6

      Wait? Horus is back?!

    • Wind Knight
      Wind Knight 2 tháng trước +41

      @Nothing-wrong no they’re talking about the cinematic Horus heresy trailer.

    • Nothing-wrong
      Nothing-wrong 2 tháng trước +5

      @Wind Knight ahhh makes more sense

    • Hoop Christine
      Hoop Christine 2 tháng trước +9

      And in both their trailers they talked about the galaxy burning

  • Denbu, I guess
    Denbu, I guess 2 tháng trước +72

    Guilliman definitely put new hope into the Imperium, whether he wants to believe that it will make a difference or not. But now with the Lion awaking, perhaps Guilliman can start to take a breath and give himself some credit.

    • Thomas
      Thomas 2 tháng trước +1

      I think it depends. They did not see eye-to-eye on matters to put it mildly...

  • Chip Stealers
    Chip Stealers 2 tháng trước +94

    I love that GW have made tyranids seem like the threat they really are with this trailer, and also, turning on the comments for such a momentous occasion!

  • VilSlav
    VilSlav 2 tháng trước +44

    Warhammer, how do you make such amazing animations like these? This is the best I’ve ever seen!

  • Lucas Dupre
    Lucas Dupre 2 tháng trước +83

    I love seeing Ultramarines and Tyranids fight each other every since Maccrage. The animation is wonderful and to have Guiliman narrate it is great. Can't wait to play more with the Great Devourer!

  • Anjaney Asreet Rout
    Anjaney Asreet Rout 2 tháng trước +40

    I absolutely love Guilliman's voice in this trailer.

  • Bryan Wegner
    Bryan Wegner 2 tháng trước +2052

    Man I REALLY like this trailer. It feels like it shows respect to both sides, while still letting the Nids win.

    • Glass empty
      Glass empty 2 tháng trước +170

      Finally a tyranid victory.

    • Ratana ball
      Ratana ball 2 tháng trước +79


    • Nothing-wrong
      Nothing-wrong 2 tháng trước +110

      @Glass empty I feel like they win all the time (off camera)

  • Thyrwyn
    Thyrwyn 2 tháng trước +46

    That is how you make a launch trailer. Bravo! Laurels to the voice actor - he nailed it. And the animation was spectacular.

  • Gazza_NZL
    Gazza_NZL 2 tháng trước +29

    Guys this trailer is amazing, I'm loving what you're putting down. If you could make full length mini series animated like this, it's be so amazing

    • råkel o dåkel
      råkel o dåkel 2 tháng trước

      The studio that made it ARE making a 40k series.

  • Zac
    Zac 2 tháng trước +70

    Really love Guilliman’s VA. Always love to hear John Banks or Johnathan Keeble but this one is especially great.

  • 윤태호
    윤태호 2 tháng trước +42

    I played Tyranids nearly 15 years since I was middle-school student, but this trailer makes my heart race ever before. Thank you for both valuable memories in my lifetime and awesome quality trailer GW. From Korea :D

  • Liberty or Ded
    Liberty or Ded 2 tháng trước +10

    Even the most competent and hopeful Imperial Guard commanders are looking at the situation and going "We don't have enough Deathstrikes for this..."

    • Warhammer
      Warhammer  2 tháng trước +7

      Are there ever enough Deathstrikes?

    • Liberty or Ded
      Liberty or Ded 2 tháng trước +1

      @Warhammer Depends on who you ask. For me? No. For the guys playing at one of the other tables when I announce I'm nuking their game from mine? More than enough*.
      *the fact nobody has ever said "we're not allowing that" makes me love this hobby so much

  • Tim
    Tim 2 tháng trước +1676

    Love the sense of scale with Guilliman watching over all the battles at the end, makes this universe captivating in a way that other sc-fi stuff is not

    • Sebastian Vargas
      Sebastian Vargas 2 tháng trước +39

      Su discurso en parte es propaganda (ganamos batallas cada dia) y luego nos muestra como son masacrados por toda la galaxia, sin duda el hijo mas digno del Dios Emperador

    • EG
      EG 2 tháng trước +14

      @Sebastian Vargas en realidad se puede ver qué aunque pierda mundos otros los gana

    • Vargas Banda Rodrigo Sebastián
      Vargas Banda Rodrigo Sebastián 2 tháng trước +2

      @Sebastian Vargas roba nombres

    • ARSCE
      ARSCE 2 tháng trước +19

      I love how people write in their language not knowing if the translation will be good enough lol. But yeah, Guilliman it's just trying to be the most optimistic man for the sake of the imperium in the most dark moments

    • Doomtrooper
      Doomtrooper 2 tháng trước +2

      ​@Vargas Banda Rodrigo Sebastián ¿Me vas a decir que la gente no puede tener nombres iguales?

  • Brian Baker
    Brian Baker 2 tháng trước +27

    I definitely dig that last stand scene, classic 40k imagery still hitting strong

  • happybluedog
    happybluedog 2 tháng trước +55

    The tattered Blood Angels banner brings such feels. What a nice atmospheric touch.

  • V10L3T
    V10L3T 2 tháng trước +29

    This is doing every bit of justice to Guilliman and the Ultramarines, and even the tyranids, they're a horrifying threat and the galaxy is in danger

  • Michael Baumler
    Michael Baumler 2 tháng trước +11

    At first, I thought Guilliman was kneeling in front of Eternity Gate. But after seeing the Blood Angels banner and hearing how he mentioned Baal, I thinks that is the tomb of Sanguinius, Primarch of the Blood Angels.

  • kharne thebetrayer
    kharne thebetrayer 2 tháng trước +21

    This trailor reminds me of a story that was in White Dwarf back when they first released the tyranids in plastic at the begining of the 00s. A world quickly being enveloped by the swarming monsters, space marines being brutally slain. It still sticks in my mind 20 years later. Roll on the tyranids❤

  • estuaire44
    estuaire44 2 tháng trước +1191

    Guilliman as in himself, charismatic and realistic. What a terrific character.

    • Ephemis Priest
      Ephemis Priest 2 tháng trước +6


    • Vincent Akdag
      Vincent Akdag 2 tháng trước +111

      @Ephemis Priest Don't describe yourself

    • Ivan
      Ivan 2 tháng trước +18

      Personally, I see him as a spiritual guide sort of character, my "liege" if you will.

    • Konrad Curze
      Konrad Curze 2 tháng trước +3

      @Vincent Akdag Boring.

  • Depressive Tangela
    Depressive Tangela 2 tháng trước +13

    "It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead."
    This famed quote from The Terminator fittingly describes the superhuman Ultramarines, the diabolical Tyranid hordes, or both.

  • Entombed Machine
    Entombed Machine 2 tháng trước +11

    Damn that was an amazingly impressive cinematic. I swear, if they made a full-length movie utilizing the technology that created this one... They'd make so much money. I pray that one day we will get to see something along those lines. I could watch Marines shred Tyranids with bolter and gatling fire all day long.

  • Kristopher Scholefield
    Kristopher Scholefield 2 tháng trước +9

    This is the first time sense I've become a warhammer fan (2 years) I've seen comments enabled, along with a spot on, smash hit of a trailer. Really like this direction.

  • Skitarii66
    Skitarii66 2 tháng trước +12

    Warhammer trailers are so beautiful. Whoever / whatever team animates them is up with the best in the animated industry

    • S P
      S P 2 tháng trước +4

      They should really consider making mini-series.

    • Seargent Hawk
      Seargent Hawk 2 tháng trước +1

      I agree they always have this amazing vibe to them! Imagine a show with this kind of graphics.

  • Frank Teryngel
    Frank Teryngel 2 tháng trước +19

    Since comments are finally enabled, I feel like I need to say this: I do not play the game, however I'm interested in lore and audiovisual content like these trailers and more recently shows like Hammer and Bolter ever since I became a fan some 4 or 5 years ago. Especially nowadays it feels like WH40k is one of the few franchises that has history and doesn't change much with times (and that's a good thing) in all regards except for one: you're producing more content and expanding to other areas, giving us such sights to watch like this trailer. And I absolutely love it. I hope that you'll produce more, and succeed with tv shows and such.

  • Dallan
    Dallan 2 tháng trước +979

    As an Ultramarine and Hive Fleet Leviathan player, that was incredibly awesome amazingness.

    • Warhammer
      Warhammer  2 tháng trước +273

      It's your lucky day

    • Lady Ruliya
      Lady Ruliya 2 tháng trước +58

      @Warhammer As a Blood Angel Gal, we bled at Baal! We fought them back! Where's Dante? Our Grand Chapter Master!

    • BigMek
      BigMek 2 tháng trước +9

      Mb you meant “as a Smurf marine player”?

    • music slug
      music slug 2 tháng trước +6

      @Warhammer I’m a 3rd company ultramarine player and I’m so giddy with joy

    • Nam Hoang
      Nam Hoang 2 tháng trước +2

      @Warhammer YES IT IS GW GOD!!

  • Roden_ ES_1
    Roden_ ES_1 2 tháng trước +22

    Feels good to be a Tyranid fan right now.

  • Luca
    Luca 2 tháng trước +7

    This trailer is hands down a narrative and visual masterpiece. Bravo GW, you did the Horror of the Tyranid Swarm justice with this one.

    • Thomas
      Thomas 2 tháng trước

      I think they both did and did not. This does show them in their element in the jungle, but it still shows it with large powerful units being on par with the Space Marines. It doesn't even show the Tyranids' true strength on a global level, which are their massive numbers.

  • Taylor Campbell
    Taylor Campbell 2 tháng trước +5

    As a long haul Nids player, it's incredible to finally see an animation do justice to more than like the 3 most basic Tyranid types. This really conveys how insanely terrifying an invasion from a hive fleet would be. Loved the Lictor scene especially.

  • Xandors Corner
    Xandors Corner 2 tháng trước +12

    This is the 10th time I've watched this trailer and I just love it more and more, the way Guilliman says "victory" in the end all defeated, it makes me shiver, the marines holding their final stand, the new nids it's just so damn good!

  • Danguinius
    Danguinius 2 tháng trước +743

    Having Guilliman have a canonized voice is incredible.

    • Oldtaku_DD
      Oldtaku_DD 2 tháng trước +19

      get this guy to do the audio books

    • sicksock
      sicksock 2 tháng trước +24

      His voice was kinda mid tbh. He sounds pretty generic with what sounds like some obvious audio manipulation to give a little reverb and deepness. I'd imagined rowboat girlman with more natrual gravitas and authority, slightly aristocratic perhaps.

    • Lorenzo Cassaro
      Lorenzo Cassaro 2 tháng trước +7

      ​@sicksock Honestly, the character itself is kinda generic

    • samiamtheman 73
      samiamtheman 73 2 tháng trước +8

      @sicksock To be fair, a lot of people, especially irl, don't have voices we think they should have.

  • 66Tyran
    66Tyran 2 tháng trước +10

    The Tyranid version of this video just says "Nomnomnomnom" for 4min 30 seconds. Not nearly as poetic, but on point for the lore.

  • P H
    P H 2 tháng trước +4

    Absolutely fantastic made and wow that voice actor is amazing ! 🤘🏻 🏆
    Can’t wait to get my hands on the new edition - and some big , mean and new Terminators yay ! 🤩
    Cheers from Denmark 🇩🇰

  • wolfknight
    wolfknight 2 tháng trước +6

    Yooooooo you guys killed it!! 10/10 banger show banger trailers I'm stunned and speechless. After near 20 years of being a 40k fan I've never been more proud and impressed. Thank you for this community and universe.

  • Mr.Zumo119
    Mr.Zumo119 2 tháng trước +3

    Really love this trailer, i love the strength showed from both sides, i would love that someday a trailer like this happens but with orks.

    ROGUE WARRIOR 2 tháng trước +701

    I loved the close ups on Guilliman’s face, it gives off the feeling that he wants to show emotion for his dying sons, but cannot afford it.

    • Cnut
      Cnut 2 tháng trước +67

      Also the way he says victory at the end so exasperated. He's so frustrated and sick of it, but he's not giving up.

    • Paradoo12
      Paradoo12 2 tháng trước +15

      Well considering the news from few months ago ... his jawline resembles that of one A lister thats a total 40k nerd

    • 0riginalFIR3
      0riginalFIR3 2 tháng trước +8

      @Paradoo12 the way he says victory at the end actually sounds a lot like him too aha

    • Atom-Phyr
      Atom-Phyr 2 tháng trước +6

      There's no time for such luxuries.

    • Alexandr Kelvikh
      Alexandr Kelvikh 2 tháng trước

      U are damn right

  • Anthony Bush
    Anthony Bush 2 tháng trước +8

    One of the best videos GW has ever made. Looking forward to seeing Mr. Cavill in UltraMarines blue or Blood Angels red… epic times for 40k fans.

  • Kedo
    Kedo 2 tháng trước

    Been a warhammer fan for 28 years. Reading my first codex (Tyranids) gave me goosebumps at 11 - getting goosebumps again watching this at 39. Thanks for all the fun and memories Games Workshop - looking forward to leading my craftworld into 10th!

  • Ishpulc
    Ishpulc 2 tháng trước +4

    Absolutely fantastic trailer! Certainly excited to see how the new edition plays and for the new units hinted.

  • Haraldr
    Haraldr 2 tháng trước +5

    How GW manages to continue to evolve and yet still capture that grim dark hopeless badassery feeling that I felt in 1998 getting my first ever marine, seeing 'eavy metal dioramas in my local store, pursuing metal models and imaging how they look, seeing box art for the tau for the first time, getting my battle of macragge starter set, building my first leman Russ, finding new love in the primaris and buying indomitus with my necron mate, discovering the Guants Ghosts and Ravenor novels, and now this. I don't ever see me getting off this train. In the bright prospects of the near future, there is only war.

  • Dohyden2
    Dohyden2 2 tháng trước +3

    After reading the rules of the new edition, this makes me want to buy more warhammer. Now I don't need to worry about codex's, I can build the army I want, when I want to and all I need are the models. This will be a huge bump to the community as new players will find it much easier to get into the game. And I as an experienced player are definitely looking forward to a simpler, easier game play experience.
    Thank you GW, mad props

  • Aidan Kafoa
    Aidan Kafoa 2 tháng trước +720

    This is one of the best trailers I've seen. Kudos GW, kudos. I am officially hyped

    • Warhammer
      Warhammer  2 tháng trước +182

      SO. MUCH. HYPE!

    • Aidan Kafoa
      Aidan Kafoa 2 tháng trước +55

      @Warhammer oh my god, you replied! Lads, let me just say, thank you for the stream. It's the greatest reveal stream you've done and 10th edition sounds so good. Thank you

    • The Nerf Kid
      The Nerf Kid 2 tháng trước +8

      ​@Warhammerflamer troops flamer troops flamer troops flamer troops let's go salamanders have a new spam stick

    • Monke Boy
      Monke Boy 2 tháng trước +9

      @Warhammer alright since comments are enabled I'll take the opportunity and say, WHY THE HELL ARE YOUR PRICES SO WACK!?

  • L Fork
    L Fork 2 tháng trước

    Concept looks interesting and exciting. I just hope the indexes don’t reduce the possibilities too much. Notably thinking of relic weapons. They’re so fun to model and paint, so I’m hoping the indexes at least provide a bunch of relic weapon options (like Admonimortis, which I recently kitbashed before this announcement)

  • Pax Vesania
    Pax Vesania 2 tháng trước +4

    Seeing a green (presumable safe) world turns red indicating a lost world against the xenos is indeed dark and as Big G zooms out to see multiple worlds in red is such a WH40K vibe.
    The Imperium always singing praise and triumph while in reality, that is not the case. SM are getting rip apart, slaughtered and some more. Imagine the fate of the guardsman.

  • Wuff Hund
    Wuff Hund 2 tháng trước

    What a great trailer! Very nice to see more firstborn models becom Primaris (probably) without changing aesthetic. This makes me really hope for a Primaris Tactical Squad... Overall, really looking forward to the new edition!

  • MEGA N00b
    MEGA N00b 2 tháng trước +3

    Whatever I think of GW and all sorts of stuff you do, credit be given where it's due, these trailers are always absolutely banging, like damn, what a masterpiece.

  • Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen 2 tháng trước +2

    I am happy to see the PR team taking a different approach to interacting with its consumers. I sincerely hope to see a return to the Dark Mechanicus especially with the Leagues of Votunn in universe now.

  • Majorkill
    Majorkill 2 tháng trước +431

    Epic trailer, tons of new models, THE RETURN OF THE LION
    It's a good time to be a Warhammer 40k fan.
    p.s Cheers GW for enabling comments - hopefully a sign of things to come!

    • Malith Loki Melkor
      Malith Loki Melkor 2 tháng trước +33

      "bUt acTually Majir KiLL.."
      - Timmy.
      jokes aside. Yep, incredible.

    • Jack Daws
      Jack Daws 2 tháng trước +33

      Do not forget the fan animation community they squashed. Do not let them forget.

    • Voth Betilia
      Voth Betilia 2 tháng trước +11

      ​@Jack Daws meh.

    • Malith Loki Melkor
      Malith Loki Melkor 2 tháng trước +9

      @Jack Daws hear hear. Most likely they did because next decade they are fully going to focus on digital content as well. Therefore wants the authority over it.
      But they cannot do it forever. Because DC tried to do that when it comes to reviews - copyright striking bad reviews. Which did not work out.

  • Honest Abe Reviews
    Honest Abe Reviews 2 tháng trước +5

    Absolutely stunning! Just wish we could have seen a blood angel or two.

  • Frad
    Frad 2 tháng trước +2

    For anyone interested, Guilliman's "rage against the dying of the light" line is from the famous 1951 poem "Do not go gentle into that good night" by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Here it is:
    Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
    Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
    Because their words had forked no lightning they
    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
    Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
    Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
    And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
    Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
    And you, my father, there on the sad height,
    Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

  • Red Level Movies 🅥︎
    Red Level Movies 🅥︎ 2 tháng trước +7

    Oh man, I haven't played since 1.6. This was shocking in regards to the amount of memories that flooded my brain. I'm 40. This is a game I played obsessively at 20.

  • Jesus Rosario
    Jesus Rosario 2 tháng trước +4

    What a wonderful summary of everything that's happening in 40k. He can't do it alone, it is too much even for a super human.

  • Viktor Bodnár
    Viktor Bodnár 2 tháng trước +3

    I am cautiosuly optimistic for the next edition. Also keep these videos coming, so awesome!

  • The Dislike Button
    The Dislike Button 2 tháng trước +1

    You’re going great GW! This looks amazing!

  • Adam N
    Adam N 2 tháng trước +6

    The Lion is BACK! I wish we could have seen him in this trailer. So excited to see him and the Dark Angels take on the myriad of threats that have cropped up...

  • Konrad Curze the Night Haunter
    Konrad Curze the Night Haunter 2 tháng trước

    I'm very excited for the new edition i'm just afraid after reading the changes that my Night Lords won't still have their special abilities but it's always exciting when a new edition comes out at least

  • The_Mobilizor
    The_Mobilizor 2 tháng trước +2

    I’ve been a die hard Blood raven since around 7th edition… I think I might shake things up and go Ultramarines this next edition and see how I like them. Also since the tyranids are clearly going to be the main baddies this time around i think I get some of them as well.

  • Cookie Craze
    Cookie Craze 2 tháng trước

    It's nice to see someone in the cannon acknowledge the Tyranids as a proper threat. Usually a Tyranid hive fleet is a backdrop for a chaos cult or a chaos fleet invading or for the Space Marines doing something cool (cough cough Ciaphas Cain books and Space Wolves) but in reality hive fleet Leviathan has only just began to rear it's head, only some speartips have been launched, taking hundreds of planets altleast, but the main bulk haven't arrived.

  • Taylor Stout
    Taylor Stout 2 tháng trước +1263

    Hearing Guilliman being brutally honest breaks my heart as a guardsman...but also fuels a fire in me to prove his doubt in us wrong.

    • I Like a few things
      I Like a few things 2 tháng trước +99

      Seeing Tyranids being so powerful in animated format is giving me vibes of a war in heaven 2.0

    • spank me
      spank me 2 tháng trước +60

      With the lion joining gilliman in battle though Maybe that hopelessness can be turned into hope once again

    • spank me
      spank me 2 tháng trước +34

      I mean look at what the lord,nder of the imperium could accomplish by himself Now imagine What he could do with one of his strongest brothers

    • Grimnar Tusk
      Grimnar Tusk 2 tháng trước +42

      there's no DOUBT in his mind.
      it's just realistic, people are going to die. but there's no doubt, his faith is as strong as the emperor.

    • Eric MacRae
      Eric MacRae 2 tháng trước +22

      ​@spank me you are totally correct and in this video i feel he made this speech before he knew his brother return. I am one of those who strongly believes that he will put the Lion as the Warmaster and he will focus on logistic.
      For me letting him focus on the logistics and the politics while he let his brother the Lion fucking Johnson do what he does best by leading the armies of the Imperium of Men and keep in mind that he was the prime candidate for the warmaster title. The Emperor did not choose him because he knew who ever he choose will fall to Chaos. Now there is no worry for that.
      Just imagine how much the Imperium of Men can improve by simply dealing with it logistic problem. There are countless world that are a backward feudal society. Turning them into warhamer modern day society will dramatically improve their quality of life. Dealing the hive world supply chain etc. There are so many works that he needs to get down. But he can't focus on that because he needs to focus on offense and defense at the same time. Having the Lion there will DRAMATICALLY reduce his workload

  • Chris R
    Chris R 2 tháng trước +1

    Amazing!! So excited. Keep up the good work GW!

  • Jared Daniel
    Jared Daniel 2 tháng trước +5

    Great work GW! Loving this content

  • Wayfer
    Wayfer 2 tháng trước +1

    Great work by GW, giving everyone the hype with the great trailer for 10th edition.

  • Zam Nodorszk
    Zam Nodorszk 2 tháng trước +1

    Watched it like ten times now and still can't get enough. Can't wait for the new edition, and might even revive my Ultramarines army from 2005!

  • MikeNmurdoc
    MikeNmurdoc 2 tháng trước +1

    This is literally one of the coolest cinematics I've seen. Hats off to the CG team 🔥

  • James Le
    James Le 2 tháng trước +415

    It was a nice touch that GW added the tyranids' ability to cut off the warp from a space marine psyker. I always found that ability to be cool and terrifying

    • Terkiaz
      Terkiaz 2 tháng trước +41

      Is that what it is? I thought it's the psyker Tyranids overpowering him. I thought the warp cut off was more of a general location thing, and not something that can be used on individual units

    • Gorbz
      Gorbz 2 tháng trước +27

      The Shadow In The Warp. Less cut off, and more overload with billions of voices

    • Zandyr .S
      Zandyr .S 2 tháng trước +40

      I absolutely love that the librarian didn't explode or something, just sadly and slowly crumple over. So much scarier

    • Warhammer
      Warhammer  2 tháng trước +110

      We fear he might be cut off for good now.

    • Мамкин пирожочек
      Мамкин пирожочек 2 tháng trước +3

      ​@Terkiaz 😢

  • Marc Valls
    Marc Valls 2 tháng trước

    This cinematic is beautiful in all senses.

  • Peter Sinton
    Peter Sinton 2 tháng trước +4

    Good to see the Nids actually kicking ass for a change,loving the new bio-forms...did I see a new licktor too?

  • Hercules
    Hercules 2 tháng trước +1

    I cant wait for the box set to drop! First box set i got was the 4th edition Battle for Macragge starter set. So funny to think 20 years later and I would be seeing another space marines vs tyranids starter set. Look forward to seeing were the lore goes for every race.

  • TopHat
    TopHat 2 tháng trước

    It's ace to see that something of the old Warhammer bleakness is coming back into the game and the IP as a whole.
    The feeling that there is, truly, only war, and that the story of Warhammer is not just one of glory and glamour, but is one of hope in the face of an inevitable end.
    Fantastic animation that makes the current state of the galaxy actually feel desperate.

  • Davy
    Davy 2 tháng trước

    Really awesome trailer I hope there'll be more of this quality (and better). And honestly... I hope Cavill makes the tv show during this setting. Hopefully with the Lion and Guilliman on screen. Charles Dance to play Lion and Cavill for RG. But that's just what I think would be cool lol. Plenty of scenarios to choose from obviously.

  • ZevriunGames
    ZevriunGames 2 tháng trước +286

    The most amazing part of this cinematic is that they all look like models brought to life. It really feels like this is a table too campaign brought to life from my imagination

    • FaTaL BuLL
      FaTaL BuLL 2 tháng trước +1

      Exactly my thoughts as watching it - This is how to gel models & cinematic to perfection!

    • Tyrannical Toad
      Tyrannical Toad 2 tháng trước +2

      Ikr I can just imagine the dice rolling as that guy gets ripped in half

  • BrearleyArn
    BrearleyArn 2 tháng trước

    I just got into the hobby, so this is my first big content drop I've got to experience. Really cool so far, can't wait to see what kind of stuff drops in 10th 😁

  • Pablo Saavedra
    Pablo Saavedra 2 tháng trước +1

    I’ve been in the hobby since im 11 ( now im 23 ) and i still have the same chills when i see something new like this trailer or any new model, i love this hobby with all my heart.

  • StoicNatsoc
    StoicNatsoc 2 tháng trước

    It is so pleasing to see a high quality warhammer 40k video, nothing is more satisfying than seeing humanity driving back the terrors of the new night. We will yet stand triumphant!

  • Julius Hennemann
    Julius Hennemann 2 tháng trước

    I'm so hyped for new lore to see how the Impirium will deal with this massive new horde of Tyranids.
    And honestly I hope that Gulliman and The Lion will embrace each other instead of being dicks as even in the grim darkness of the far future there always has to be some light, as darkness cannot exist without its counterpart.

  • Timo Kirchhoff
    Timo Kirchhoff 2 tháng trước +1

    I'm a newbie to the Warhammer franchise and I'm almost done reading the first book of the horus heresy.
    The first three minutes of the trailer do exactly show my imagination when the astartes fight against the megarachnids on Urisarach. Especially with the impaled bodys and the arriving support :o

  • Gideon Hurwitz
    Gideon Hurwitz 2 tháng trước

    Please make more - these are unreal !! So good!!

  • Spookstar
    Spookstar 2 tháng trước

    Really tempted to get into Nids when 10th edition drops…feel like they’d be neat to have alongside my death guard

  • Ryan Bowald
    Ryan Bowald 2 tháng trước

    This is my 3rd time watching this trailer and omg they make nids look like the most powerful xenos faction! They went through these marines like they were nothing! I was actually cheering for the ultramarines!

  • Ara Rak
    Ara Rak 2 tháng trước

    This is so cool. Damn, I know the 41k is grim but at least a glimmer of hope would not hurt either. Really hoping Lion would really take the fight to the enemies.

  • Matthew
    Matthew 2 tháng trước

    Absolutely amazing in every single way! Can’t wait!

  • JD Tatum
    JD Tatum 2 tháng trước +402

    Super hyped.
    Whoever's been community manager at GW has done a phenomenal job this year.

    • Warhammer
      Warhammer  2 tháng trước +176

      Thank you for the praise! We shall pass it on for you!

    • håte yøu
      håte yøu 2 tháng trước +34

      @Warhammer i believe in you and in 10th edition.

    • deadlyydude
      deadlyydude 2 tháng trước +18

      @Warhammer comments enabled and replying to comments as well?! Who are you and what have you done with GW!?

    • Brightest Light
      Brightest Light 2 tháng trước

      @Warhammer any chance they can make sure to change policies around fan animations and bring back TTS?

  • John Freeman
    John Freeman 2 tháng trước +2

    Despite myself I find I'm slightly warming to the character of Guilliman. There's still a person in there, despite of everything. I can imagine, as he's being represent in the lore, he genuinely wants a better future than what the Imperium has become.
    What do the Tyranids want? Lunch.