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10 Turkish Expressions You MUST Know When Learning Turkish! 😲

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  • Xuất bản 06 Th06, 2023
  • These 10 daily Turkish expressions are being used all the time by Turks and definitely sound super weird to foreigners. Since the Turkish culture is very different in comparison to most European cultures, the Turkish language itself also shows a lot of differences and approaches. One might say Turkish is a warmer and more welcoming language. Looking at these phrases, you will definitely realize that most of them don’t make much sense in English. That’s why we have to distinguish the language culture from the very beginning if we want to try to learn Turkish.
    When posting videos about Turkish I will always put emphasis on how to learn it especially taking the language culture into account.
    If you want to learn Turkish and understand the Turkish language and its logic, you definitely need to watch this video till the end.
    A lot of people around the world have been wanting to learn Turkish because of Turkish TV series.
    On my channel I am explaining the key elements of the structure of Turkish, how it is used and what the main similarities and differences between Turkish and English (and other European languages) are. If you are a beginner and want to start learning English and don't know where to start, I'll show how to learn Turkish fast by firstly understanding the language culture and structure. Since Turkish is an agglutinative language, people struggle thinking in Turkish and therefore might learn the grammar because it is rather easy but the usage in everyday conversation can be quite different.
    You can watch this video with both English and Turkish subtitles!
    I hope you enjoy it. :)
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  • Umut Hakkı Elbaşı
    Umut Hakkı Elbaşı 2 năm trước +1810

    bu videoyu izleyenlerin %90 ının türk olduğuna yemin edebilirim ama kanıtlayamam

    • Doğan Coşkun
      Doğan Coşkun 2 năm trước +7

      Benn kanıtladın dsghjgdssr4gvv

    • MyWorld
      MyWorld 2 năm trước +5

      Ben değilim ahhahaga

    • Ela mera
      Ela mera 2 năm trước +2


    • Kamillen
      Kamillen 2 năm trước +3

      Kanıtlarsın kral, hepimiz burdayızz

    • Melike Baysal
      Melike Baysal 2 năm trước +3

      bence daha fazla

  • Upasana Dowerah
    Upasana Dowerah 2 năm trước +713

    Both, "Kolay Gelsin" and "Ellerin Saglik" are very kind gestures with really deep meanings. Other countries must also adapt such gestures to show gratitude in they respective ways.

    • Hüsamettin Batur
      Hüsamettin Batur Năm trước +41

      another one is 'Hayırlı işler'. (I wish you success in your business)

    • Abbos Gaibnazarov
      Abbos Gaibnazarov Năm trước +15

      I also hear 'iyi sanslar' a lot

    • ThePersianbookworm
      ThePersianbookworm Năm trước +23

      in Persian we have (dastet dard nakone) which literally means (may your hands not hurt) and (khaste nabashid) which literally means (may you not be tired) and theyre basically used in the same context.
      I think other middle eastern languages probably also have similar expressions as this is basically a cultural thing in our part of the world

    • Stephanie Avila
      Stephanie Avila Năm trước +9

      Here in Brazil we use “bom trabalho” which literally means “good job” but not in the way Americans use it, but to wish the other person a good day's work☺️

    • hvjbkv s
      hvjbkv s Năm trước


  • Despina Sym
    Despina Sym Năm trước +242

    I love the way you explain everything! I'm Greek and let me tell you that all these expressions you call "weird" make sense to me cause we Greek people use them every day. I really want to learn Turkish. Your culture is so close to ours. Keep up the good work

    • prensesha4141
      prensesha4141 Năm trước +18

      Yes bcs our countrys lived arround same place for hundreds of years, we (Turks) give Greeks our culture and you guys give yours culture to us, we share our cultures

    • I. Hülya
      I. Hülya Năm trước +17

      I almost never comment on youtube but as a mixed turkish and greek woman who is used to see and live racism disguised as jokes etc (in the best scenario) coming from greek people towards turkish people (even from my greek family and greek friends), this warms my heart very much. I love both of my parents cultures and languages and I wish to learn more and more about them.

    • Despina Sym
      Despina Sym Năm trước +13

      @I. Hülya racism will always be there to remind us how cruel and insensitive human beings are. However, don't let this get you down. Do you realize how lucky you are to have two places of origin? Stay healthy and avoid all negativity xx

    • L kriticos
      L kriticos Năm trước +4

      My family is from Cyprus and the way they were, the way they talked/acted, I guess they just taught me to expect that Greek people would be racist towards Turkish people. It's good to see counter examples, people who aren't like that.

    • Despina Sym
      Despina Sym Năm trước +11

      @L kriticos I grew up in a home being taught that it's very important to love my country. However, I soon realised that if you can't love other countries, you'll never be able to love your own place. I am an anti-racist and totally against labels. Who cares about origin. All that matters is being a kind human being and respectful to anyone around you.

  • Anastasios Giannoulis
    Anastasios Giannoulis Năm trước +38

    Hello, I am Greek and I live and work in Turkey. I saw your lesson and realized that we use 9/10 phrases in everyday Greek as well. Even when someone gets a haircut we say "health to you" or when someone does something with manual labor for you we say "health to your hands" or " your hands are holly" and when leaving a place where someone works we wish for him to be easy " good easyness to you". The sound of the expressions is not the same, but the mindset behind them is

    • Anastasios Giannoulis
      Anastasios Giannoulis 11 tháng trước +2

      @EVirEN i am very happy!! People are very friendly and everyday life is quite similar. The weather is super as well.

    • Anastasios Giannoulis
      Anastasios Giannoulis 11 tháng trước +2

      @EVirEN I already answered that by saying that everyone I have met sofar have been very friendly. I openly state my nationality and my kids go to school in Türkiye. Ordinary people (like myself) are open-minded.

    • Anastasios Giannoulis
      Anastasios Giannoulis 2 tháng trước

      @Da R it's very nice 👍👍👍 both countries have very big and diverse cultures, cuisine and history. There's something here (or there) for everyone's taste.

    • Anastasios Giannoulis
      Anastasios Giannoulis 2 tháng trước

      @Da R Nice destinations you should do it, good luck with your life's quest. I am happily married.

    • Hypergraph
      Hypergraph 2 tháng trước

      Same geography and many people used to speak same languages and overtime common phareses translated to every language, i guess.

  • Valérie Ayla
    Valérie Ayla 2 năm trước +167

    Love all the sentiments behind these phrases. As an American living in Turkey, I can say the people here are gold 🥇

    • Belgica Rivera
      Belgica Rivera Năm trước +4

      I envy you.:( I want to go to Turkey

    • Valérie Ayla
      Valérie Ayla Năm trước +12

      @Belgica Rivera you can come come! Just make a plan and continue to work toward it. It took me 3 yrs to get here, even longer, because I had many obligations and promises to fulfill to my family. But I never gave up. And eventually the time became right. Hopefully here, or even a better place for you will come into your life too 🦋🌹

    • Belgica Rivera
      Belgica Rivera Năm trước +1

      @Valérie Ayla aww thank you...I feel motivated.:). Let's see how this covid situation goes.

    • Beke D
      Beke D Năm trước +6

      I completely agree with you about how awesome Turkish people are! I am about to come to Turkey for several months. I am choosing to stay during the healing process in order to truly enjoy the beautiful country and people. I was previously married to a Turkish man and have spent plenty summers there. This upcoming journey is about really exploring whether or not I can live there and where might I want to live.

    • prensesha4141
      prensesha4141 Năm trước +4

      @Belgica Rivera Well, if you are in USA, UK or Germany, you can find Turks who want to take ur place xddd (bcs of economy)

  • Sonia GARCIA. Paula
    Sonia GARCIA. Paula Năm trước +50

    Before I went to Turkey I took some time to learn simple phrases like good morning, thank you very much, good night, etc . I did it through internet with Turkish audio so I could learn how to pronounce the words correctly. I memorized some 30 simple sentences and words. When I reached Turkey I realized how good it was that I did that. In our group of tourists I became the official “translator”. Besides, I was amazed to see how Turkish people were glad and friendlier when I addressed them in their language. I loved that country and hope to take time to really learn more, as I plan to go back there.

  • İremcik
    İremcik 2 năm trước +1476

    In turkish we don't say "oh yes I understand"
    we say "heeeee"

    • rabí
      rabí 2 năm trước +57


    • Hashibira Inosuke
      Hashibira Inosuke 2 năm trước +80

      Yes you are right (Türkler beğenin şunu lan)

    • sema
      sema Năm trước +15

      *Uneducated people use this

    • Sufi Kingdom
      Sufi Kingdom Năm trước +14

      Love it.

    • dreamerRP
      dreamerRP Năm trước +4

      Ahahaha evet

  • Noemi Valente
    Noemi Valente Năm trước +130

    I am Italian, but I have been following “türk dizi” for more than a year and I know all these expressions! But it was nice to learn how they are translated into English.
    Teşekkürler 🙏

    • Merve
      Merve Năm trước +1

      Which series?

    • [Name]
      [Name] Năm trước +2

      bizim dizilerimizi bizim dışımızdaki herkes övüyo hayırlı olsun

    • Ümit Savran
      Ümit Savran 11 tháng trước +2

      Yabancıların türkçe öğrenmesi bir benim mi garibime gidiyor

    • EMİNE G#blink#FKBbeynimimahvetmis
      EMİNE G#blink#FKBbeynimimahvetmis 10 tháng trước +1

      @Ümit Savran bu adamın bi tane daha Türkçe ile ilgili bi videosu vardı ve altına yabancı birisi ingilizce "bu videonun%99'unun türk dizilerini altyazisiz izleyebilmek için Türkçe öğrenmek isteyenlerin izlediğine eminim" gibi bişey yazmış yani yabancıların türk dizilerini severek izlemesi garibime gitti Türkçe öğrenmek istemeleride garibime gitti ama bence bu güzel bişey

  • Francisca Morales
    Francisca Morales Năm trước +22

    Kolay Gelsin is my favorite expression in Turkish... just the fact that it does not have a translation since it is something cultural that does not occur in almost any other place is wonderful. I love this language, i find thit so polite and thoughtful most of the time. I love it.

    • Patricia Sapienza
      Patricia Sapienza 3 tháng trước

      En Argentina decimos "Que te sea leve" pero no es algo ya habitual, me parece que lo usaban más nuestros padres venido de la migración por los abuelos. Pero el Kolay Gelsin es hermoso por el deseo expresado en sí mismo

  • Zayn Malik
    Zayn Malik 8 tháng trước +22

    ‘Kolay gelsin’ doesn’t sound weird to me at all as a native Arabic speaker, we have the phrase ‘يعطيك العافية' that literally translates to ‘May God give you strength (to do the job)’ and we use it in the same exact way as you mentioned. In fact, even ‘Eline sağlık’ exists in the Arabic culture too. It’s amazing that most of these expressions are common in both Arabic & Turkish. Teşekkürler 🙏🏻

    • Me Noor
      Me Noor 3 tháng trước

      I was going to say that. Same with eline sağlık, we say سلم دياتك or سلم اديك

  • Jana Reddan
    Jana Reddan Năm trước +43

    I’m German, living in Ireland, having learnt Russian in school as a child and now I’ve arrived at wanting to learn Turkish to understand all the soaps better than what the subtitles express.
    I beg you - please make more videos on how to learn the language, you have a fantastic way of explaining things that make it very easy to grasp the concept. Thanks for your efforts.

    • Ayça
      Ayça Năm trước

      Hello, I am Turk, there are 4 million Turks living in Germany. I can help you learn Turkish.

    • Dts
      Dts Năm trước +2

      frohes schaffen

  • glaucyone Vieira
    glaucyone Vieira Năm trước +15

    Já assisto séries turcas e fiquei fascinada com a língua. Quero aprender o turco para poder falar em uma viagem pós-pandemia à Istambul.

  • Ahsen Doğancı
    Ahsen Doğancı 2 năm trước +1668

    biraz da turkce ogrenelim

    • Yeşim G
      Yeşim G 2 năm trước +13

      Düzgün yazsan daha doğru olmaz mı?

    • nihan
      nihan 2 năm trước +4

      @Yeşim G olmaz

    • Burak
      Burak 2 năm trước +3

      @nihan olur

    • Ibrahim Çirci
      Ibrahim Çirci 2 năm trước +13

      @Yeşim G öğrenmeye gelmiş işte

  • Eduardo Candido da Silva
    Eduardo Candido da Silva 2 năm trước +44

    Thank you so much for this very instructive video! For me, this expression "Kolay gelsin" is not only very peculiar but it expresses how respectful the Turkish people are with each other. It is a very admirable aspect of the Turkish Culture among many other ones.

  • pretty conscious
    pretty conscious 2 năm trước +112

    Additionally, we Turkish people use "yoo" for saying "no". It actually comes from the word "yok" which means "doesn't exist". But we somehow use it to express rejection, refusal, any sort of negation.

    • pri de marchi
      pri de marchi 2 năm trước +7

      I have heard it.

    • Anna  Romanu
      Anna Romanu 2 năm trước +12

      I am Albanian , we use it too and also a lot of Turkish words

    • chim chim
      chim chim 2 năm trước +4


    • Belgica Rivera
      Belgica Rivera Năm trước +4

      Thanks for sharing that. I hear it a lot when I watch the Turkish series. :)

    • Arslan Bey
      Arslan Bey Năm trước +3

      Orta asya dillerinde yani diger Türk dillerinde yok sozcugu yine var ve hayir demek, bizde de ayni sekilde ama sadece her durumda kulağa doğal gelmeyebiliyor ve resmiyette kullanilmiyor

  • Miranda Fernandez Baker
    Miranda Fernandez Baker Năm trước +34

    Hi! I am from Argentina (we speak Spanish) and find the expression "kolay gelsin" very similar to an usual expression we use here that is "Que te sea leve", it has the same meaning and intentionality.
    Thank you for these videos! Iyi hafta!

  • Francine Mathias Brum
    Francine Mathias Brum 2 năm trước +22

    Amei, amei, amei!!! I will writte all those phrases down and use them as much as I can! Thank you so much! And just letting you know: this way of expressing is what amazes us about Turkish language! It's the charm of the language! ;)

  • Эллина Дейли / Ellina Daily

    Please make more videos about Turkish language. I really love the way you teach!

    • Reşat Ören
      Reşat Ören  Năm trước +45

      Thanks so much 🙏🏻

    • Ebtihal Elarousi
      Ebtihal Elarousi Năm trước +2

      That is amazing 👏🏻

    • enkh jin
      enkh jin Năm trước +1

      @Reşat Ören Hello Reşat, Hello everyone! I came here in Turkey a week ago with my son and wife. My son already have a school. Now I'm trying to learn Turkish language and those videos are very helpful to me. Some things of Turkish language, example structure of sentences are mostly like Mongolian language. Thanks for videos and I hope on we will talk to each other by Turkish.

  • yaren arpali
    yaren arpali 2 năm trước +649

    İyi ki Türk olarak doğmuşum , Türkçe aşırı zor geldi şu an . Her şeyi nasıl metaforik şekilde söylemeyi başarıyoruz slgjdlfjsşutls

    • Elif V
      Elif V 2 năm trước +36

      Knk Türk olarak doğmasaydın Türkçe öğrenmezdin ki zaten

    • Gülsüm Kuyucak
      Gülsüm Kuyucak 2 năm trước +20

      @Elif V ne alaka bir çok yabancı gayet de akıcı bir şekilde Türkçe yi bizden daha iyi bile konuşuyorlar. Çok zor gelirdi ama yapabilen de bir o kadar çok

    • Elif V
      Elif V 2 năm trước +11

      @Gülsüm Kuyucak Türkçe öğrenemezdin demiyorum Türkçe öğrenmezdin diyorum.

    • yaren arpali
      yaren arpali 2 năm trước +4

      @Elif V Büyük ihtimalle evet öğrenmezdim . Daha çok İspanyolca , Fransızca gibi diller öğrenmek isterdim.

    • y
      y 2 năm trước +65

      Türkçe aşırı güzel bir dil ya... Yani gerek dil bilgisi gerek kelime olarak. İnanın kendi dilim diye söylemiyorum. Gerçekten türkçeye aşığım ve sondan eklemeli bir dil bildiğim için gerçekten mutluyum... Sondan eklemeli dillerin daha zor olduğunu düşünüyorum. Belki alışkanlıktan kaynaklıdır ama... Özelikle kültürden gelen başka dillere çevirelemeyen cümle, kelime, zaman kalıpları ve bunun getirdiği ifade zenginliği o kadar hoşuma gidiyor ki kfoxmxoxmxp bir tek ben bu kadar seviyor olamam değil mi..?

  • Crystal
    Crystal Năm trước +30

    Turkish is such a lyrical sounding language. It's beautiful! Something I think I've figured out from watching a Turkish vet here on VNclip, is that you often use the word "yes" the way we use "ok" in English. I was confused at first because I learned that "yes" is "evet", and "ok" is "tamam", but this vet very frequently says "evet" in a place where we'd say something like "Okay.... let's do this." It's a really interesting language, but hard to learn!

    • Lizzy g
      Lizzy g Năm trước +1

      Which channel is that? :)

    • iamliterallybored
      iamliterallybored 9 tháng trước +2

      Yes we do use it, especially younger generations (mostly the people who know English more or the people who are more active in social media platforms) say "okay/yes/no" instead of "tamam/evet/hayır" more while they're talking to their own friend groups but we do not say it to someone we don't know much and the people we're not close to be.

    • The One
      The One 8 ngày trước

      Tamam: Oldu 😅😅😅

  • XA
    XA Năm trước +14

    It is amazing how different is Turkish to Spanish language and I can find a lot of similarities. Our way of speaking, even the way/noise of saying No with the mouth it is something we use in Spain. Jajajaj Great videos!

  • Shahrdad
    Shahrdad 5 tháng trước +4

    I'm really enjoying your videos. My family is from Azerbaijan, but escaped to Iran during Stalin's time. Though my parents' mother tongue was Azeri Turkish, we spoke farsi at home (like most immigrant kids) and Azeri Turkish with my grandparents. It's interesting that so many of these same expressions, including the mistakes, also happen in Farsi. We use the same expression, Elina sağlık in Farsi all the time: "Dastet dard nakone", or may your hand not ache, as an expression of thanks when someone cooks for you or does something nice for you. And all my life, I heard people say, "Sa'atte Hammam" when someone took a bath or shower, which literally means "Clock or time of bath." I didn't realize till this video that they were supposed to say Salamate Hammam (Salamat means health). So in two different languages, people make the exact same mistake with the exact same result!

  • massaya1
    massaya1 Năm trước +9

    I'm Persian and we also have something similar to 'kolay gelsin' (khaste nabashi= may you not be tired) or 'daste shoma dard nakoneh'=may your hands not hurt and when someone comes out of the shower we say "saate hammam"( bath time) and the tse or 'nootch' as we call it for 'no' is so familiar. Thanks for your videos

    • Theodor Adorno
      Theodor Adorno 5 tháng trước

      We have a lot of words and idioms from farsi language. You said" saate hammam", we use this idom but wrongly, we say "saatler olsun" and nobody knows what is "saatler" mean. Everybody thinks it is mean ""sıhhatler" and maybe it is right. This word absolutly comes from farsi. I am learning farsi and greek languages with their original alfabeths.

    • M.A. Lamett
      M.A. Lamett Tháng trước

      Persian language (called Acemce in common Turkish) had a great influence especially on Ottoman poetry. Many expressions were created or taken directly from Persian. Ottoman elites would speak using Persian expressions quite often. The common Turk on the other side would hardly understand the way Ottoman elites were speaking.

    • Adversiding
      Adversiding 28 ngày trước

      خیلی جالبه که این اشتباه لغتی رو که گفت ۹۰٪ ایرانیا نمیدونن و اشتباه میگنش … شمام اینجا اشتباه گفتین
      ما اشتباه میگیم ساعت خواب یا ساعت حمام
      درستش صاحت خواب یا صاحت آبگرم که دقیقا به معنی صحت داشتن و سلامت بودنه و این اشتباه برام خیلی جالب بود و جالبترش اینکه تو کامنتا کامنت شمام خوندم که جزو همون ۹۰٪ خطای فارسیه … خطا که نه مصطلح غلط

  • fatima hamza
    fatima hamza Năm trước +19

    I’m a Nigerian , I’ve been following Turkish series fo over 4 years. So am familiar to most of the expressions u stated. I can say that I am understanding Turkish like 50%. Because I can now watch a full episode of Turkish series without English subtitle, and I will understand like 80% of what happened in there. So thank u for your time. Çok teşekkür ederim. Görüşürüz

    • Aini Arif
      Aini Arif 3 tháng trước +1

      Wow your time investment paid off 😁. Cheers

    • Cyndalyn Moses
      Cyndalyn Moses 2 tháng trước

      Yaay! Nigerian too! I started watching Turkish series late last year and in in love with the language and culture. I understood most of the phrases abs expressions he used here and know many others that feature in the series I've watched so far.

    • Guzal Hamraeva
      Guzal Hamraeva 19 ngày trước

      Good job! 🎉

  • Kostadin Diev
    Kostadin Diev 2 năm trước +667

    You said that Turkish is very different in comparisson to European languages, but you probably forget the Balkan languages! All of them have experienced a lot of influence by the Turkish culture during the Ottoman rule, so as a Bulgarian, I can perfectly understand the meaning of many of these expressions and they don't sound weird to me when I translate them into Bulgarian :D

    • Onur
      Onur 2 năm trước +7


    • Sîme
      Sîme 2 năm trước +2


    • Anna  Romanu
      Anna Romanu 2 năm trước +31

      Correct , and we as Albanians too :)

    • Etelka Kelemen
      Etelka Kelemen Năm trước +16

      True....few hundred years left a huge impact in most of European countries

    • Ata Yüce
      Ata Yüce Năm trước +12

      I've noticed that already when I've been in Bulgaria all the numerous similarities from cuisine to the way people express themselves especially the non-verbal way expressions like how you say No like us


    Muchas gracias por este video! Excelente para los que queremos saber más del idioma Turco. A mi me encanta, he estado tratando de aprender de forma empírica, he usado la aplicación Duolingo y he aprendido muchísimo, además de mirar todo as la series turcas que pueden existir 😂.
    Escucho muchas canciones en turco también, para acostumbrar mi oído al idioma. Puedo decir que entiendo un 70% de una conversación en turco y puedo decir algunas oraciones cortas. Pero es cierto este idioma es completamente diferente al español o al inglés, se siente como si estuviéramos hablando al revés !🤭 Me encanta porque se relaciona tanto a su cultura que te obliga a aprender no solo el idioma sino su historia, cultura y religión ! 🥰
    Very interesting video, again thxs a lot!

    • Hüseyin Şişman
      Hüseyin Şişman 3 tháng trước +1

      haha we are the opossite,I am Turkish and I am learning Spanish :D

  • Mariela Guerra
    Mariela Guerra 2 năm trước +31

    Recientemente empecé a aprender turco en Duolingo y me resultan de mucha utilidad tus explicaciones.Mil gracias.🤗🇺🇾

  • shadwa shady
    shadwa shady 2 tháng trước +2

    We have sentences like this in the Arabic language Especially in my country, Egypt, it is very similar to Turkey in language and customs❤ 🇪🇬

  • F. Nikol
    F. Nikol 2 năm trước +50

    Great video dude! We use the "ts" sound a lot in Greek as well. A lot of "ts" sounds in a row may mean both in Turkish and Greek something like "What a pity", or "poor thing" .

  • KaterinaBorisovna
    KaterinaBorisovna Năm trước +4

    I like Turkish because it's very expressive and emotionally charged language. I would like to learn it.

  • Claudia Over the clouds
    Claudia Over the clouds 2 năm trước +190

    Amazing explanations, please more!
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    We say يعطيك العافية whitch is almost like kolay gelsin
    We say نعيما when someone has a shower or gets a hair cut
    And we also have the SAME 'no' sound
    I love Turkish and I love learning it 😍

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    Greetings and love from Los Ángeles 🇺🇸

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    • Belgica Rivera
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    • Maria M Rodríguez
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    • Ozan Nüştekin
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      yes exactly, it is not an ice cream cone, it is a kind of hat as you expressed, so this phrase is almost the same with "talk to the hand" .

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    Sucking your teeth for "no" is the same in Egypt. To an English speaker, it sounds kind of rude (especially if you're a teacher and a student does it. haha), but you get used to it.
    Again, these videos are awesome!

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    - Sending lots of ❤️❤️❤️ from Malaysia.😘😘😘 -

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    • Ahmet Baydar
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    For me as an Arab i found learning Turkish is a little more easier in comparison with someone who's mather language is English, especially that alot of Turkish words are so close to Arabic one's, and even the concept of when to use the word is similar .

  • Razan Abou El Ezz
    Razan Abou El Ezz Năm trước +2

    I could perfectly understand what you mean by ‘kolay gelsin’ because in Arabic we have our own version of that which is basically يعطيك العافية (pronounced yaatik el aafye). We say it all the time especially to someone working or when we buy something and leave.

    • Shams Kamar
      Shams Kamar Năm trước

      And also "hadi-hadi,pretty much sounds like "yalla-yalla in Arabic😂

    • Razan Abou El Ezz
      Razan Abou El Ezz Năm trước +1

      @Shams Kamar exactly 😂

  • mirella cavalcante
    mirella cavalcante Năm trước +1

    Hi! İ just got here, loving it! Going to Turkey in April. About the "eline sağlık" sentence, I'm Brazilian and İ remember watching a Turkish show and they used to translate it to "God bless your hands" (from Portuguese to English) when they get food. İ find it really sweat and considerate ❤️

  • Dana AH
    Dana AH 2 năm trước +15

    I love how most of these expressions /sentences are translated and used for the same reason in Arabic, as kolay gelsin, sıhhatler olsun, eline sağlık and (tsu) sound😂👌🏻
    Thank you!!

  • Livin La Vida Turka
    Livin La Vida Turka Năm trước +3

    The cultural equivalent of Kolay Gelsin in English can be "Take it easy." Not the same sentiment, but the purpose is the same.

  • Jadwiga Krawczyk
    Jadwiga Krawczyk Năm trước +1

    Reszet,twój głos brzmi interesująco, przyciąga uwagę. Super tembr , ma Twój Głos. Pozdrawiam serdecznie z Polski.

  • Vasilika Mihallari
    Vasilika Mihallari Năm trước +4

    I am albanian and i can relate to all of these frases. Albania and Turkey have so many things in common. Our culture is soooo alike. By the way, i love turkish language.

    • Edouard Hayat
      Edouard Hayat 3 tháng trước

      Because they conquered and converted your people for almost 400 years so you have adopted a lot of their culture.

    • Vasilika Mihallari
      Vasilika Mihallari 3 tháng trước

      @Edouard Hayat yes i know that

    • The One
      The One 8 ngày trước

      Karanfil 😅😅😅 i m from Turkey. I have heard it in an Albanian song by Sinan Hodxa

  • Author Anam Qureshi
    Author Anam Qureshi Năm trước

    Love his expressions, hes so right about how the expressions actually change the meaning of their conversations.

  • Brigitte Ceja
    Brigitte Ceja Năm trước +1

    En México sería como el "que te vaya bien". Lo empleamos para las personas que se despiden y las que se despiden también lo emplean para quienes se quedan.

  • melda
    melda 2 năm trước +523

    "kolay gelsin" her dilde aşırı gerekli fight me

    • Nazlı Çiftçi
      Nazlı Çiftçi 2 năm trước +2


    • Özlem Kürkçü
      Özlem Kürkçü 2 năm trước +4

      Ve “Başın sağ olsun”

    • Hasan Huseynli
      Hasan Huseynli 2 năm trước +3

      @Özlem Kürkçü my condolences ve ya “sorry for ur loss” ?

    • Emre'nin Dünyası
      Emre'nin Dünyası 2 năm trước

      @Özlem Kürkçü bu Yunanca'da var.
      Συλλυπητήρια (Syllipitíria), tam anlamı %100 taşımayabilir ama İngilizcedeki gibi "RIP" şekilde basitleştirilmiş de değil.

    • Sukru B.
      Sukru B. 2 năm trước +3

      kolay gelsin ingilizce karsiligi "take it easy" olmasi gerek

  • Arlene Yamagata
    Arlene Yamagata Năm trước +2

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  • yasemin demiray
    yasemin demiray Năm trước +1

    Hey Resat!..
    “Külah” used to be a hat in Ottoman time. I mean a type of hat called külah. “Sen onu benim külahima anlat” is obviously “You tell this to my hat”
    I’m sure you must have heard “Külahlari degisiriz” before which is used for warning someone who is naughty.
    I hope that helps. 😊

  • Labiba Nawar
    Labiba Nawar 2 năm trước +1

    I am currently learning Turkish and your videos are super helpful!

  • Alkyoni Pap.
    Alkyoni Pap. Năm trước +1

    I am sure there is another greek somewhere in the comments wondering how many common phrases we have xD We say health to your hands in Greece as well and use the tsk sound as a way to say no (which is totally confusing to anyone visiting Greece xD ) We will say "with health" when someone has freshly cut their hair or gotten something new - though not for the bath. thank you for the elaborate explanations, they helped to understand deeper the things I know of the everyday turkish language.

  • valevale72
    valevale72 2 năm trước +155

    1) in italian we have the same sound for "no"
    2) in italian we wish you "buon lavoro" litterally "have a good job" in the same term you wish ,like wishing them no troubles occur/let it go smooth"

    • Mari Paz de la Rosa
      Mari Paz de la Rosa 2 năm trước +7

      We also use the same sound to say “no” in Spain. Isn’t it curious?

    • pri de marchi
      pri de marchi 2 năm trước +6

      En Argentina tambien usamos ese sonido para decir "no"

    • Lena Feline
      Lena Feline Năm trước

      @pri de marchi Ha sido difícil intentar aprender español hasta ahora, pero al menos ese sonido podría ayudarme :D

    • mariavittoria zocche
      mariavittoria zocche Năm trước +1

      stavo pensando le stesse cose!!

    • Mehmet
      Mehmet Năm trước +2

      we also have our "have a good job" too. "hayırlı işler" meaning hayırlı=positive/good, işler=works/jobs used as to wish someone to have a nice business/trade.

  • Helen Golovin
    Helen Golovin Năm trước +1

    I am Estonian. We also have the phrase about wishing someone's work was easier. Joudu tööle, meaning "I wish you strength for work" The answer would be Joudu tarvis, meaning " I need the strength".
    Also the phrase about shower.
    I like the sound of the Turkish language.
    The logic of Turkish is on many ways similar to Estonian. We also change the word by adding prefixes and suffixes, and case endings. We have 14 cases. I can imagine that Turlish has quire a few cases as wellAlso the way you read every letter in the word, we do that too. Every letter has a sound, it foes not change from word to word like in English or French

  • Alexandra Vasileva
    Alexandra Vasileva Năm trước

    We also have that sound in Bulgaria for No, probably it comes from Turkish language like many Bulgarian words. Now I'm learning Turkish so thanks for this video. 😊

  • Elena Kaloyanova
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    I am from Bulgaria I grew up with turks and knew everything you said. Also big thanks to the series with Can Yaman for teachen me more turkish as well.Çok mutluyum 🙌😄