Is BTS suing BigHit?

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  • Xuất bản 10 Th12, 2019
  • According to JTBC's news program,
    BTS is considering taking legal action against BigHit.
    The group reportedly reached out to a large law firm based in Seoul regarding a profit sharing issue with BigHit Entertainment.
    An attorney from the law firm told 'News Room':
    "We are examining whether there were any previous payment incidences or conflicts of interest"
    The attorney also added that they are unable to share any details.
    BTS renewed their contract with BigHit in October 2018, a year before their previous contract expired.
    However, BigHit released a statement denying the reports.
    They responded:
    "We have nothing to say except that the reports are not true"


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  • MisuPlus
    MisuPlus  Tháng trước +149

    JTBC’s news report turned out to be false and they deleted the video.
    I will make a follow up video about BigHit’s response.

    • Annie Hoang
      Annie Hoang Tháng trước

      Bts were encouraged to seek advice from their lawyers to make sure the terms of renewal on their 7-year contract lined up with their personal interests. The boys were just trying to be smart about it. (I think) one of the law firms leaked info to jtbc, and jtbc twisted the scenario. Profit-sharing may have been discussed but in the context of negotiation. The matter was so ridiculously escalated that their families got involved lol. (You can find more reliable info on subreddit /r/bangtan)

    • Donna L. Padilla
      Donna L. Padilla Tháng trước

      I just listened to this & was shocked you published such blatant lie. Suggest you research before publishing liable slander of BTS/BigHit in future.
      Then you state here in comments that you learned this was false reporting but you left this slanderous video still up.
      With what's transpiring you might think on deleting it.
      You gave the news channels side but did a one little bleep at end simply saying BigHit denied allegations then cut video off.
      Sad reporting on your part. Thought better of you.

    • Shriya Rao
      Shriya Rao Tháng trước


    • Shriya Rao
      Shriya Rao Tháng trước


    • Catherine Ortiz
      Catherine Ortiz Tháng trước +1

      Thank goodness
      I was so worried 😦

  • Jinnie Huerta
    Jinnie Huerta Tháng trước


  • Princilia Joonie
    Princilia Joonie Tháng trước +1

    I imagine Bang PD calling BTS at 2am and asking them if they're suing them 😂😂😂

  • BecauseBibs
    BecauseBibs Tháng trước

    Dude just stop. They don't need this drama it's disrespectful. Make a video about how pretty they were at hitmakers where they thanked hitman bang.

  • Anisha Tayade
    Anisha Tayade Tháng trước

    It's fake...

  • Cikin 1008
    Cikin 1008 Tháng trước

    BTS and Big Hit is a Family how can BTS sue Big Hit what a kidding JTBC.JTBC really attention seeker HAHAHA

  • Decalcomania Army
    Decalcomania Army Tháng trước

    In fact that why would BTS suing BigHit, their family from zero to hero 😂 like wth I can't-

  • Tae's Chagi
    Tae's Chagi Tháng trước

    why do they want to sue bighit!? it just false... well bts will never sue bighit because bighit help them to be artist

  • Ada.
    Ada. Tháng trước +3

    bighit is smart, but smart in a manipulative way (kind of).
    they responded to this immediately and they used the fact that jtbc made false reports about bts' military exemption before (causing controversy) and the fact that they basically invaded the building to get information to use against the company or even bts themselves to *deflect* , but if you read it carefully, they NEVER denied that bts were unsatisfied with the income distribution, they actually confirmed it trying to sugarcoat the situation using their family and trying to make it look like they asked the boys to search for legal advice/help.
    jtbc was definitely exaggerating but there's no smoke without fire... bighit is too angry and I've never seen them defending their own artists like this in situations where their image was at risk, they're trying to save their own ass because they know they would lose anything against bts if this situation was open to the public, the company is what it is because of them.
    I'm not choosing sides in this case because it looks like a battle between bh and jtbc and, unfortunately, bts are in the middle, I just want the boys to get what they deserve.
    the media is garbage and companies/ceos aren't saints, they aren't loyal to their artists, they're loyal to their *profit* and many fans can't see it.
    with that being said... I hope everything ends well, i don't think it's gonna escalate to a lawsuit or something like that, AND i can't wait for their comeback, I'm sure it's gonna be amazing.

    • Kim Taehyung
      Kim Taehyung Tháng trước

      Thanks for saying this. Although Bighit seems to be treating BTS pretty fairly it is stupid to trust them so blindly. We never know what is going on behind the scenes. I think Bighit is a decent company, but I am a BTS fan not a Bighit fan.

  • Kayla R
    Kayla R Tháng trước

    Why would bts sue their OWN company? You would know if it was actually serious don't believe it if its not coming from BTS

  • BTS Is my life
    BTS Is my life Tháng trước

    Me: sees title.
    The other half of me: NOOOOOOOOOO
    The other side of me:

  • Jackie De
    Jackie De Tháng trước

    I dont want to be rude here but i feel disappointed that you posted also fake news here without having a research first and now that JTBC deleted it because it is not true.Your making a good actions now because your resources deleted it already. I hope you change this act because i love your channel.

  • Bye쓸모없는 년
    Bye쓸모없는 년 Tháng trước

    Its fake...they just want people to hate bts

  • Nesha myshell
    Nesha myshell Tháng trước

    People always chasing clout BTS is not going to sue bighit it’s fake news lol 😂

  • Aarmau43
    Aarmau43 Tháng trước

    It's just companies finding a way to bring down BTS. We all know just from the title, that it is fake and JTBS is just doing false things to cause attention.

  • Gumiho 17
    Gumiho 17 Tháng trước

    BTS doesn't care that much about money to consider a lawsuit against Bighit. They just want to spread their messages through their music to reduce people's pain , stress etc. The fact that they get money while doing so is just us trying to show our support for them. 💜

  • Ssbia Devo
    Ssbia Devo Tháng trước

    Your voice tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Maha Iqbal
    Maha Iqbal Tháng trước +1

    I am with bts no matter what happens love cutee handsomes bts always shine and always smiles fighting bts 💜🍉🐰🍪💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • MewDenise
    MewDenise Tháng trước

    BTS right now earns 70% and are buying houses left and right

  • wolfy sarah
    wolfy sarah Tháng trước

    Hi I'm srry I came late

  • 배핸아
    배핸아 Tháng trước

    I don’t see a lawsuit ever happening, however I wouldn’t be surprised if there were discussions going on about profit shares. It’s just how business works. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, so most likely they’ve been in discussion about it and some gossip got out, and the game of telephone began. By the time JTBC got the gossip, it had gotten to them filing a lawsuit. That’s what I think happened. Not a big deal at all, but they will take any bts news they can get and went with it.

  • Ayana Ivory
    Ayana Ivory Tháng trước

    Lmao this reminds me of the time Yoongi said he would sue Bighit if he went bald 😂

  • AtinyAteez HyutCK
    AtinyAteez HyutCK Tháng trước +2

    ARMYS: "I'm so sick of this fake news"
    BIGHIT: "I'm so sorry but it's fake news"

  • Indira Srivastava
    Indira Srivastava Tháng trước

    Fake NEWSSSS

  • kim Anpangirl
    kim Anpangirl Tháng trước

    BTS isn't suing BIGHIT
    BTS has a deep relationship with Bighit
    They respects bighit

  • Jimin's Uncontrollable BoOtY in a Cup of TaE

    Heyyy!!! What happened to my notification!! I think it got drunk! I came too late! This news is not at all true....I mean why would BTS sue Bighit? They are a family. They can't do this, at least I believe .

  • Wulan Kim
    Wulan Kim Tháng trước


  • A Wild Brony
    A Wild Brony Tháng trước

    Its fake... bighit has illuminati confirmed it

  • Airtsua Jv
    Airtsua Jv Tháng trước

    this is trash

  • Billies De best
    Billies De best Tháng trước

    Its fake

  • Taetae and kookie
    Taetae and kookie Tháng trước

    Frankly speaking, jtbc could be doing this for attention. Anyways ARMYS don't care, we know that BTS and Bighit are a family so this is pretty impossible.

  • Stormii THEARMYY
    Stormii THEARMYY Tháng trước


  • aBrTmSy
    aBrTmSy Tháng trước

    I thought they're suing bighhit!

  • Cecille Alejandro
    Cecille Alejandro Tháng trước

    Fakeeeeee newssss👎👎👎

  • Tuakana .Rawiri
    Tuakana .Rawiri Tháng trước

    Blackpink should sue YG 😒

  • Sugali
    Sugali Tháng trước

    JTBC need to stop spreading fake rumours why it's so hard to stop? problem much? OMG 🤦 just stop JTBC no one like the fake rumours!

  • Laya S.D.
    Laya S.D. Tháng trước

    It just doesn't seem true... The reports I mean... Since it's all so suddenly...

  • Risha Jungkook
    Risha Jungkook Tháng trước

    They really don't have other work to do......

  • MrWorldwide Handsome
    MrWorldwide Handsome Tháng trước

    This is an absolutely none sense news.. how BTS, sue bighit,?... look how close like family they are🤨🤨🤨

  • Shanchan
    Shanchan Tháng trước

    I hope Bighit take JTBC to court for slander! I will not be watching any JTBC shows as of now.

  • Evangelin Emmanuel
    Evangelin Emmanuel Tháng trước

    Bts would never do that...stop spreading fake news.

  • ezan danial
    ezan danial Tháng trước


  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung Tháng trước +1

    This is absolutely fake Bighit already confirmed it that JTBC have broken into their building and filmed without their permission so I don't think that there is any Bighit's fault in here

  • Jameel Khan
    Jameel Khan Tháng trước +1

    The news is surely fake
    But the reason is meaningful
    If we see ,
    BTS economy impact vs BTS net worth
    They deserve more as per their hard work
    Well bighit is a good company let's expect them to be loyal.

  • Middel Earther
    Middel Earther Tháng trước

    At first i was like how could bts do this to big hit....the agency who is behind their everything!

  • blue sky only BTS 7
    blue sky only BTS 7 Tháng trước

    Fake news. bad news. cheap news. bad news in the world

  • Jae Mee
    Jae Mee Tháng trước +1

    so if i’m right...jtbc reporters entered the bighit building illegally to find dirt on bts, found nothing and are getting sued...deserved, periodt.

  • Chandra Shekhar Singh
    Chandra Shekhar Singh Tháng trước

    Fake love
    Fake newsss

  • Jungkook BTS
    Jungkook BTS Tháng trước

    BTS isnt sueing bigbang...Its fake
    Big bang n bts is fam n jin always says 'hitman' bang at award ceremonies 😂😂😂 the only person that keeps saying that he will sue bigbang is suga as he dosent wanna go bald 😂😂😂

    ELIZA HERTZ Tháng trước

    You never know it can be a random person or it can be v's threat
    maro5001 and maro5001 said he's never going to show his identity there are many people out there or it might have been someone that was just jealous 🤔🤔😕❓

  • Megan BTS fan
    Megan BTS fan Tháng trước

    Nooo don't let it happen

  • dOnTtOuChmYfAcEu
    dOnTtOuChmYfAcEu Tháng trước

    Omg clout

  • Cathy Nolan
    Cathy Nolan Tháng trước

    Sue them all sue everyone who spreads false rumours 😖

  • Gucci_ bangtan
    Gucci_ bangtan Tháng trước +1

    Its completely fake

  • ccm
    ccm Tháng trước

    it's only fake news!

  • bangtan army
    bangtan army Tháng trước

    And a new Jinhit would be replacing bighit....

    Lol just joking I know it's fake 😂💜

  • Sharmaine Espiritu
    Sharmaine Espiritu Tháng trước

    They really couldn't find anything against bts so they'll create a fake one ..

  • Pinky Mishra
    Pinky Mishra Tháng trước

    Last time I got shocked this much seeing any news when Donald Trump became president.

    • Multifansurfer x
      Multifansurfer x Tháng trước

      Dw it's completely fake news - Bighit had to release a statement to confirm it

  • Ambicka Mahadeo
    Ambicka Mahadeo Tháng trước +1

    Why the hell would BTS want to file a lawsuit against bighit.......I don't think they would do that they have been together so long with the company , bighit did alot to help them to B were they are TD so I don't think they would do some shit like that................................................................

    Ppl just like to talk.....leave the boys and their company alone they are ruling the WORLD RN

  • BTS Forever
    BTS Forever Tháng trước