We Finally Understand The Entire It Story

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  • Xuất bản 31 Th08, 2019
  • Stephen King's It is a complex story in which a lot of things happen, and at times things get a bit confusing. But don't worry about getting lost in the story - we're here to explain everything you need to understand the full story of the movies made from the classic novel. Possible spoilers ahead.
    2017's It didn't get into the backstory of its ancient antagonist outside of implying that it's been around for a long time, but thankfully, King's original novel goes into much more detail. It, the shapeshifting being that often manifests itself as a creepy clown named Pennywise, has actually been around longer than mankind itself - It's an ancient cosmic being that's billions of years old that originated in another dimension outside of our universe known as the Macroverse.
    In prehistoric times, It came to Earth on an asteroid, landing in the place that would millions of years later become Derry, Maine. It hibernated until humans appeared, and then began a cycle of awakening roughly every 27 years to feed on them. It can take on any form, but its favorite eventually became that of Pennywise the clown. Its true form, known as the Deadlights, is apparently so trippy it'll drive you crazy. Beverly Marsh managed to glimpse them in the first film and make it out with her sanity, though doing so did render her comatose for a time.
    As strange as Pennywise is, its mortal enemy is even more bizarre: A giant turtle named Maturin who hails from the same place as Pennywise. Keep watching the video because we finally understand the entire It story!
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    In the beginning | 0:16
    You'll float, too | 1:51
    Meet the Losers | 2:59
    A love triangle | 4:03
    A bad place to grow up | 5:18
    Pennywise the Dancing Clown | 6:32
    Sewer rescue | 8:03
    A blood oath | 8:30
    27 years later | 9:26
    Henry is back | 10:08
    The final battle | 10:45
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  • Looper
    Looper  3 tháng trước +9715

    What other Stephen King stories would you want to see given the big screen treatment?

    • Brian Strachan
      Brian Strachan 13 giờ trước

      The dark half....

    • Marylou
      Marylou 11 ngày trước

      The mist

    • Dekubitus
      Dekubitus 16 ngày trước


    • Sof&Me games
      Sof&Me games 18 ngày trước

      Looper dr. Sleep, I only know that half of the story was inspired out of the haunting hotel so far,.

    • Christine Brett
      Christine Brett Tháng trước

      @Cee Smith loved that film

  • Aiden Johnston
    Aiden Johnston 9 giờ trước

    I just finished watching chapter 2 and its Amazing

  • Pumpkin King
    Pumpkin King 11 giờ trước

    When you casually forget about your hyper traumatic experiences lol relatable

  • vinnie vee
    vinnie vee 14 giờ trước

    No matter what I will still always envision Tim Curry as Pennywise. Even while reading the book. He scared the hell out of me and my brother as kids. So bad my brother was scared of the bathroom for months

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf 17 giờ trước

    Not trying to be rude when I say this i swear, but you giys just realized this. 😂😂. Seriously though not trying to be rude

  • wnz wz
    wnz wz 18 giờ trước

    okay but dont you realise how bad mouthing or dragging people down actually kills them

  • FriesBoy Kidman
    FriesBoy Kidman 18 giờ trước +1

    Pennywise is actually a girl-

  • tobias wood
    tobias wood 20 giờ trước

    that blood oath is an excellent way to get BBV's

  • Høñëÿ_vsco !
    Høñëÿ_vsco ! Ngày trước

    But Stan and Eddie will be in heven toghter anyway

  • nickolas miller
    nickolas miller Ngày trước

    It 2 was a got season 8 kinda finally lol

  • Awesome Knowledge
    Awesome Knowledge 2 ngày trước

    I understand now why my big brother make paper boat for me during rain he trying to let feed me to pennywise

  • Lilcanof Beans
    Lilcanof Beans 2 ngày trước

    Pennywise opening his mouth:
    Kids: what that mouth do tho ;)

  • Daaave
    Daaave 2 ngày trước

    2:09 i was deadass prepared for him to say *"stinkyy"*

  • Art Arthur
    Art Arthur 3 ngày trước

    This is just a stupid recap with 7 commercials in between. LAME

  • Ary
    Ary 3 ngày trước

    Just me or he is look like Avicii

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust 3 ngày trước

    Klowns from outer space vibes

  • Cassidy Mcdowell
    Cassidy Mcdowell 4 ngày trước +1

    Guy. I believe in santa claus. I believe in the easter bunny

  • Jay Hall
    Jay Hall 4 ngày trước

    Critics of Chapter 2 wanted to see a slasher version of pennywise. That would've been horrible. Stick to the script. 27 years later. The losers.

  • Cool_Dog 88
    Cool_Dog 88 4 ngày trước

    Dont you just hate Mondays 😂

  • Fun Talking
    Fun Talking 4 ngày trước

    Pennywise feast’s on kids fear

  • Bree_2._. ICY PERIODTT
    Bree_2._. ICY PERIODTT 4 ngày trước

    Little fake liar he ain't even real

  • Vexority
    Vexority 4 ngày trước

    imagine being pennywise the clown, a billion year old demon and then you lose to a group of kids and a turtle

  • Favier Wei
    Favier Wei 5 ngày trước

    So, Pennywise had already been scaring dinosaurs millions years ago

  • Sam E
    Sam E 5 ngày trước

    "we finally understand it". This is just a recap.......

  • Caleb Quiroz
    Caleb Quiroz 5 ngày trước

    is pennywise real
    is derry real

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh 6 ngày trước

    Conclusion you can defeat Pennywise with jibber jabbar.

  • fluffy pancakes
    fluffy pancakes 6 ngày trước

    @8:47 so unsanitary, SMH

  • Armando Carrillo
    Armando Carrillo 6 ngày trước

    *Lol, I really wanna watch this even though imma scared the hell out myself.*

    *Btw I’m ten so...*

  • national socialist
    national socialist 6 ngày trước

    Gordon ramsay is my biggest fear
    Aint no one gonna say bad stuff about my spicey home made spaghetti

  • T R U T H F U 1
    T R U T H F U 1 7 ngày trước +1

    5:27 The Librarian in the Backround is Pennywise Staring and Smiling when Ben discovers about the deaths every year.

  • caramelxashe Uwu
    caramelxashe Uwu 7 ngày trước

    *”an entire circus waiting for him”*
    so i was waiting for georgie

  • Heather Estes
    Heather Estes 7 ngày trước

    How come that every IT story on youtube says the exact same thing

  • Zig Banana
    Zig Banana 7 ngày trước

    4:43 WTF xD look at left that guy disapeared

  • Truth Ridgnal
    Truth Ridgnal 8 ngày trước +1

    Imagine pennywise turning into ur crush 😳

  • Mr. Dinklemen
    Mr. Dinklemen 9 ngày trước

    When kids see IT, they see Pennywise; when chefs see IT, they see Gordon Ramsay.

  • Jack Moltane
    Jack Moltane 9 ngày trước +7

    Who thinks they should continue to make another “IT” movie every 27 years

  • Isaiah Isaiah
    Isaiah Isaiah 10 ngày trước

    I beat up a big boy at my school today

  • Trete Kinder
    Trete Kinder 10 ngày trước

    Im looking at this at 22:30 👏😂

  • Allison Diaz
    Allison Diaz 10 ngày trước +3

    Pennywise: I am the eater of worlds

    Brightburn: anyway so I started lasering

  • Benn Ray Czar
    Benn Ray Czar 10 ngày trước

    Feeding my kid to pennywise this summer

  • delissiaa 456
    delissiaa 456 10 ngày trước

    Still didnt understand that

  • DarkFeyDany
    DarkFeyDany 10 ngày trước

    I heard Richie and Eddie are both gay couples.SHIP!

  • Shaan Thind
    Shaan Thind 11 ngày trước +1

    Pennywise is not real guys it’s just a movie

  • Kyle Marian
    Kyle Marian 11 ngày trước

    Did anyone indeed saw 'James McAvoy' Playing as adult Bill in IT chapter two? it gives em flashbacks of what movie professor x in X-Men (2016-2019)

  • Edwin Fabella
    Edwin Fabella 11 ngày trước

    I really HATE that Beverly and BEN got together in the end! I hardcore shipped Beverly and BILL!😭😭😭

  • Miski Nebil
    Miski Nebil 12 ngày trước

    I thought this vid would tell the meaning of the pics in it 2 trailer but it just says something else.

  • Robert Matlock Jr
    Robert Matlock Jr 12 ngày trước +1

    Disc World RIP off!!!
    Disc World RIP off!!!

  • CuReD_bacon
    CuReD_bacon 12 ngày trước

    WTF you mean you “finally” understand the story? IT has been around for a long time. What a bullshit video

  • Mohammad Khadem
    Mohammad Khadem 12 ngày trước

    The thing u say it was a lieeeeee

  • Yeetus The Feetus
    Yeetus The Feetus 12 ngày trước


  • Josy Ratu
    Josy Ratu 12 ngày trước +1

    Almost half the people here are either in bed or have no socks on😝

  • Tracy Tyler
    Tracy Tyler 13 ngày trước

    Wow! I want some of what Stephen King was on when he wrote this.

  • Mary Elizabeth
    Mary Elizabeth 13 ngày trước

    Pennywise can dish it but he can't take it

  • Darry Garry
    Darry Garry 13 ngày trước

    You can make religion out of this

  • VFX Gaming
    VFX Gaming 13 ngày trước

    Who would win
    A entity capable of stealthily capturing kids in sewers without anyone noticing and billions of yrs old
    Some Toxic COD players

  • Dwarvenism
    Dwarvenism 13 ngày trước +2

    Pennywise: *Scares children*

    Kids: ok boomer

  • o b m
    o b m 13 ngày trước


  • First last
    First last 13 ngày trước

    It hehehahahao
    Me: hehehooot damn what a forehead

  • Sam LSD
    Sam LSD 14 ngày trước

    We don't deserve the creativity of Stephen King's brain.
    He's an extraordinary human being.