Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

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  • Xuất bản 18 Th09, 2018
  • Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.
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NHẬN XÉT • 151 905

  • skittle314
    skittle314 4 giờ trước

    does brie larson have a single emotion? it sounds like she phoned it in

    LOLIWINX AMV 4 giờ trước


  • Mahesh C Achuthanna
    Mahesh C Achuthanna 4 giờ trước

    So Marvel pays attention to continuity. Remember when Fury tells Rogers about Loki, that 'he's not from around here'. Now look at 0:52. Well done Marvel.

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 4 giờ trước

    0:54 Royale with cheese!

  • blackfulan sin
    blackfulan sin 5 giờ trước

    what the name of mission out of space that made carol danvers get the power of captain america?

  • RAMALAX 0700
    RAMALAX 0700 5 giờ trước

    1:28 I see what you did there Marvel

  • mohammed ali
    mohammed ali 5 giờ trước

    Did she just punch an old lady

  • Louii Tannous
    Louii Tannous 5 giờ trước

    Fake! Captain Marvel was a guy

    BHUKYA GANESH NAIK 6 giờ trước

    SARKAR the most liked teaser in world within 24 hours . Power of India 💪💪

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown 7 giờ trước


  • Maria Hossain
    Maria Hossain 7 giờ trước

    "Her" in "Her"o
    *cries fangirling*

  • Fungi and I Shine
    Fungi and I Shine 8 giờ trước

    Caucasian alien? I think not!

  • Rosa San Martin
    Rosa San Martin 8 giờ trước

    Now see, this is how you do a trailer.
    Instead of cheap online liners played over "epic music" and lengthy exposition of the plot, you set a tone and drop hints about the premise.
    Loved this one!

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 8 giờ trước

    I don't see anything wrong with her facial expressions, what do people expect? This is a serious trailer, no comedy shown yet, how would you expect someone to act in serious moments? News flash: being expressionless is very realistic in this situation

  • 37 Free Fire
    37 Free Fire 8 giờ trước

    Who watches this times by times and wait for advengers 4!!!

  • Preseted
    Preseted 9 giờ trước

    It's weird seeing Nick Fury with both eyes.

  • Jeb Atman
    Jeb Atman 9 giờ trước

    She looks like she's bored as hell and sounds like she's about to fall asleep any minute now!

    • shinso
      shinso 4 giờ trước

      Wait till the movie's released

  • Tech Tips
    Tech Tips 9 giờ trước

    why did she beat that old lady?

  • ธนกร ผิวดํา


  • Zack Ninjago Attack
    Zack Ninjago Attack 13 giờ trước

    Please do part 2 of infinity war

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star 13 giờ trước


  • C K
    C K 14 giờ trước

    i wanna love her 💞

  • Soundwave 84
    Soundwave 84 14 giờ trước +1

    After seeing The Room, it's safe to say Brie Larson is a good actress. However this trailer and the magazine photos kinda makes her look bad. So it's is very likely that the director is to blame. Either that or she wants to go full woke on us since she is after all a liberal.

    • Tyrone Ornopia
      Tyrone Ornopia 10 giờ trước

      Watch the the movie of the director im sure they will do great on this one. And no she will not go full woke.

    K.I.R.A THE UNKNOWN 15 giờ trước

    Now you guys might wondering why did captain marvel punch a fricking old lady,maybe it's because she might think that the old lady is a skrull since we all know that in the comics the skrull can shape shift into anyone,or maybe she was mind f***ed by the skrull and make her evil for a couple of minutes,but HEY THATS JUST A THEORY,a MARVEL know what,just watch the movie when it hits theater,I am not the director of the movie,just like I said that is just a theory,a MAR-ok now that's just getting old ON MY WAY TO BANG MY GF BYEEEEEEEEE

  • che Mokni
    che Mokni 15 giờ trước +3

    So serious , are u sure she is not from the DC universe ??

  • BVS- DC
    BVS- DC 16 giờ trước +1


  • Samuel Robredo
    Samuel Robredo 16 giờ trước +1

    Feeling a bit underwhelmed by this. It looks more like a TV series spinoff rather than a headline act in its own right.

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee 17 giờ trước +4

    HER-O? Talk about the subtlety of a brick.

  • Zaiah Reed
    Zaiah Reed 17 giờ trước

    Still waiting for avengers 4 title

  • Cider 'Sonic2.0'
    Cider 'Sonic2.0' 17 giờ trước

    Ah the ancient Blockbusters Video

  • Aleus Gaming
    Aleus Gaming 17 giờ trước


  • Megha Chauhan
    Megha Chauhan 19 giờ trước

    Ayee its phill....

  • Just Being Alia
    Just Being Alia 19 giờ trước

    Um anyone notice that this is kinda like Supergirl or is it just me

  • josephgames 12
    josephgames 12 19 giờ trước

    Um thanos you have a Supergirl coming

  • annoyingspam
    annoyingspam 19 giờ trước +2

    I hate when people say she has no emotion because she literally was mind controlled and all her memories were erased you think she’s gonna smile?

    • Tyrone Ornopia
      Tyrone Ornopia 10 giờ trước

      As much as we try to explain that to the others this comment section is full with trolls.

  • Rosa San Martin
    Rosa San Martin 19 giờ trước

    The haters always do a huge noise, but they are always the minority.
    In this case, they are the goofy 7,5%

    • Rosa San Martin
      Rosa San Martin 8 giờ trước

      +I'm Your HuckleberryHello there, ¿are you a hater?
      Is a huge difference between being hater and being skeptical. Haters are just snowflakes manbabies.
      In other side, to asseverate that people are "sheep" just because they like this trailer is an dictatorial statement.
      ¿you think that you are the owner of the truth?
      Your thoughts are just speculation, mine too. The truth of this movie only will be revealed in six months.
      Bye! ;)

    • I'm Your Huckleberry
      I'm Your Huckleberry 14 giờ trước +1

      That is because the majority are numb nut sheep.

  • Kha Leaf
    Kha Leaf 20 giờ trước


  • Ethan Edwards
    Ethan Edwards 20 giờ trước

    When Marvel meets America the first time....... Captain..... Captain......

  • prateek jain
    prateek jain 20 giờ trước +1

    why MCU need a female superhero...captain marvel will fight Thanos without so much sacrifices as THOR and IRONMAN....captain america had....

  • Đạt Nguyễn Tiến
    Đạt Nguyễn Tiến 20 giờ trước

    Thanos watch out

  • llvi78_
    llvi78_ 21 giờ trước +1

    So does this have anything to do with avengers infinity war or nah?

  • Jay and Pae
    Jay and Pae 21 giờ trước


  • Richard Coole
    Richard Coole 21 giờ trước +1

    Why Marvel? Why Brie Larson? “I’m not what you think I am!” Ha! I think your the wrong choice for this role! It should have been Lagertha from Vikings. I guess time will tell.

  • James C
    James C 21 giờ trước

    Captain Marvel: Hold my beer.

  • Michiko Arashi
    Michiko Arashi 22 giờ trước +1

    I watched this just because I hoped for something on Avengers 4. Almost 2 minutes of boredom, I cared just about that 1 second with Jude Law and maybe gradma. I was worried for Marvel after actors like RDJ leave. Now? I am downright terrified...

  • Başar Gümüş
    Başar Gümüş 23 giờ trước


    CLEVER GEEK 23 giờ trước

    looks cool but I'm just afraid she might be OP and overshadow the other heroes

  • ramesh seth
    ramesh seth Ngày trước +1

    Imagine its post-credit scene.

  • Im_41fr3d Estepa
    Im_41fr3d Estepa Ngày trước

    0:54 She actually smiled

    • Tyrone Ornopia
      Tyrone Ornopia 9 giờ trước

      Yes she smiles but the trolls by any means wont see that

  • Misbaah Ghaswala
    Misbaah Ghaswala Ngày trước +1

    Screw bermuda triangle i am finally going to know what is the reaso behind the lines Nick Fury said "last time i trusted someone i love st an eye"

  • ucapitanu
    ucapitanu Ngày trước +1

    movie for NPC

  • amaan khan
    amaan khan Ngày trước +2

    Any one in October 2018

  • mb8577
    mb8577 Ngày trước

    Old Lady’s jaw: I don’t feel so good👨🏾‍💻

  • Average Fan Girl
    Average Fan Girl Ngày trước +1

    *grandma ends up killing thanos*

  • Dominique Anderson
    Dominique Anderson Ngày trước +1

    Captain marvel cant wait see that movie and avengers infinity war part 2

  • Dajuan Gaming
    Dajuan Gaming Ngày trước

    1:30 that is so much painful if your a human

  • Chuckle Cash
    Chuckle Cash Ngày trước

    Am I the only one who likes this trailer?

  • Dynamie
    Dynamie Ngày trước +1

    1:27 I love how A and O appeared slowly

  • manish chauhan
    manish chauhan Ngày trước +1

    SHAZAAAAMMMM !!! Oops wrong movie.

  • Peng Sambath
    Peng Sambath Ngày trước +1

    I think this hero will be join with avengers to destroy Thanos

  • T A C O D U D E
    T A C O D U D E Ngày trước +1

    No thanos no ticket

  • Dinkesh Jain
    Dinkesh Jain Ngày trước

    Please release avengers 4 trailer as fast as you can

  • the MONSTER is BACK
    the MONSTER is BACK Ngày trước

    Marvel versus DC Marvel versus DC Marvel vs DC Marvel versus DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel versus DC Marvel vs dc dc Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC

  • the MONSTER is BACK
    the MONSTER is BACK Ngày trước

    Marvel vs DC

  • the MONSTER is BACK
    the MONSTER is BACK Ngày trước

    I want to see the Marvel vs DC

  • puneet Kumar
    puneet Kumar Ngày trước +1

    Why aliens r so power

  • Manish Lakra
    Manish Lakra Ngày trước

    marvel entertainment plz tell when will the avengers 4 trailer will be shown

  • Levi Allgood
    Levi Allgood Ngày trước +2

    looks so stupid that she's gonna save everyone in avengers sequel...gahhhhh

  • Lone Williams
    Lone Williams Ngày trước

    Not one Infinity War reference till end credits.

  • Advait Kannan
    Advait Kannan Ngày trước

    Another Netflix original?


  • Ian Xavier
    Ian Xavier Ngày trước +1

    wow looks like the same origin as green lantern smh

  • kart ik
    kart ik Ngày trước +3

    Overrated universe cheap budget movies made lot of sequal

    • Hafsa P
      Hafsa P Ngày trước


  • anthony Bell
    anthony Bell Ngày trước

    Lmao why Marvel come at blockbusters like that in the beginning

  • Woofer The Lone Wolf
    Woofer The Lone Wolf Ngày trước

    That's why nick fury call captain marvel

  • crozback
    crozback Ngày trước

    There is no cool on captain marvel

  • Imonous
    Imonous Ngày trước +1

    The real question is, will this finally be enough to shut the feminists up?

  • Eire Lyi
    Eire Lyi Ngày trước +2

    supergirl in marvel universe LMAO

  • CaliforniaGirl49
    CaliforniaGirl49 Ngày trước

    Blockbusters are gone ☹️

  • CaptainAwesome
    CaptainAwesome Ngày trước +1

    Shazam looks way better and funnier and serious than this!!

  • CaptainAwesome
    CaptainAwesome Ngày trước +2

    Gotta say this looks dreadfully horrible, would rather go see SHAZAM!!! Ever since they fired hame a fun and DC hired him, I switched from marvel to DC. Can’t wait for aqua-man and Shazam!! 2019 is DC’s year!!

  • be ur self
    be ur self Ngày trước +1

    Need avengers 4 trailer plzzz
    For health☺️😊😊

  • Vinay Kumar Dubey
    Vinay Kumar Dubey Ngày trước +2

    Brie vs Levi

  • Josue gonzalez
    Josue gonzalez Ngày trước

    I wonder what score carol got on her ASVAB

  • FBI
    FBI Ngày trước

    We saw the movie a week ago, it is not as hype as infinity war, but the post credit scene made us scream. We saw it by hacking the computers in marvel studios...

  • Cuarsma Cayel
    Cuarsma Cayel Ngày trước

    THE MOST powerful is awaken

  • Som Panwar
    Som Panwar Ngày trước

    One dislike for you are showing captain Marvel strongest in marvel

  • Jasmine Aira
    Jasmine Aira Ngày trước +2

    Deadpool..........i have no idea why i type this lol im bored

  • Sea of Arc.
    Sea of Arc. Ngày trước

    so Dr. Strange gets 1 movie, a cameo, and Infinity War= people satisfied
    Captain Marvel gets 1 movie and Avengers 4= people wanna hate and neither have dropped yet

  • Randy Duke
    Randy Duke Ngày trước +3

    This one needs to hit the scrap floor. What a waste of film and money

  • Johnny Blaze Gaming
    Johnny Blaze Gaming Ngày trước

    I bought Iron Man 1 on DVD at Blockbuster brings back memories

  • Sean McAdams
    Sean McAdams Ngày trước +2

    Just as bad as aquaman

    • Brandon Moore
      Brandon Moore 13 giờ trước +1

      Sean McAdams Everyone says bad things about Guardians of the Galaxy and look how it turned out great and so will Captain Marvel will do well in the movie box office!

    • CasualVictim 28
      CasualVictim 28 Ngày trước +3

      No, Aquaman looks dope but this trailer is boring as hell.

  • Mark
    Mark Ngày trước

    Rip thanos

  • Alberth Chipana
    Alberth Chipana Ngày trước

    200-3112192757 interbk haber si me dan un poco de la ganancia :v necesito dinerooooo 😢

  • Captain Thunder
    Captain Thunder Ngày trước +2


  • Tara Singh
    Tara Singh Ngày trước

    Aron suresh you just shut up because when you will see the movie then you will understand and go learn to speak English 😂😂😂😂

  • veljko zivkovic
    veljko zivkovic Ngày trước +1


  • ucapitanu
    ucapitanu Ngày trước +1

    For halloween ghosts say tales about feminists.

  • nagendrasinh bihola
    nagendrasinh bihola Ngày trước

    Exactly 1:32 its like ronan conquering on earth observe it carefully