Charlie's Angels (2019) Trailer #1

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  • Xuất bản 27 Th06, 2019
  • The Elizabeth Banks-helmed action adventure hits theaters on Nov. 15, 2019.
    Exclusives from #ETonline :
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  • PhiaGirl
    PhiaGirl 14 ngày trước

    Garbage. Couldn’t even watch the whole trailer 🤢

  • Emma
    Emma 16 ngày trước

    It would have been ok just kept the charlies angels shit out of it lol

  • Brian Aguilar
    Brian Aguilar 17 ngày trước

    The McG movies were better

  • Star Trek: TNG is so very dull!
    Star Trek: TNG is so very dull! 19 ngày trước +1

    This movie bombing proves my webpage.

  • Romeo Lopez
    Romeo Lopez 28 ngày trước

    This was a movie? Lol I thought it was a parody haha ouch

  • Demid Vasiliev
    Demid Vasiliev Tháng trước +1

    Why this movie failed compared to previous Angels? It’s simple!
    1. Angels in 2000 had females enemies too, not only males.
    2. Yes, Angels in 2000, were sexy and strong, but each of them was also trying to build her own life. They were dating, loving, having sex, and acted more like women.
    3. Angels in 2000 did not try to bring feminist “crap”; they tried to be attractive exactly how males prefer. Compare picture in the 2000’s poster(long hairs, legs, passion eyes) and now (with the short hair aggressive girl with the intimidate view). And why should I go to see a movie which is gonna brings me negative instead of entertainment?
    4. Angles in 2000 had a lot of self-irony among angles, more jokes and awkward situations. Here in new movies, we have to observe perfectionism wit no sense of humor or irony.
    5. (Spoiler included in the movie 2000!) Remember the moment when Diaz’s character spoke with the barmen, and then girls insisted on making her come back to him and flirt a little bit, despite that they have an important mission, because “he seems nice and you should take a chance.” That’s moment describes all about Charles’ Angels (2000).
    6. Remember: No matter how much you tried to play a feminist “gender card” here…the movie called “Charles’ Angles.” It is his angels. They belong to him. Angels are just obsessed with the dream of meeting him all the time. They are ready to die for his safety and his wishes. Good or bad this the main idea, well that's another question and relates to the whole story about Charles' Angels.

  • Lady Artoria
    Lady Artoria Tháng trước +1

    Thought the old Charlies Angels remake was the worst set of movies.
    I stand corrected, it's this one.

  • eliot
    eliot Tháng trước

    They would've been better off investing that 40 Million Dollars, in a "Water Bottle Company"!

  • Darth Woodrow Wes just dropped an F in the Chat

    They should’ve used the cast to make a totally spies movie because this movie flopped harder than the shitty ghostbusters.

    • Jeff Bridges
      Jeff Bridges Tháng trước

      The 2016 Ghostbusters was so bad, the 2020 Ghostbusters basically tells you to forget that the 2016 movie ever happened!

  • gunners20051
    gunners20051 Tháng trước

    I'm already boref

  • welshhibby
    welshhibby Tháng trước


  • Tyler Morgan
    Tyler Morgan Tháng trước

    I saw the full movie and I liked it a lot. Ten times better than the originals and The Spy Who Dumped Me. I have one solid question, how dare for John Bosley be the bad guy? I knew him since the '70s working with Sabrina Duncan, Jill Munroe, Kelly Garrett, Kris Munroe, Tiffany Welles and Julie Rogers. I knew him since I saw him in Charlie's Angels the movie training Natalie Cook, Dylan Sanders and Alex Munday. I wonder what the '70 angels, the original angels, his brother and his mother to find out he's evil. I gasped when I found out he's evil. Just like Kelly Garrett said on the bar in Mexico "every angel is unique" when I found out it was Madison Lee. How about if Elizabeth Banks films two more films to end it. Clearly, this movie is the third. The next movie can be the return of Sabina and Elena recluting a new angel to replace Jane. In the last movie for Elena and the new angel replacing Sabina with another angel to recruit.
    Charlie's Angels S1 (1976-77)
    Sabrina Duncan
    Jill Munroe
    Kelly Garrett
    Charlie's Angels S2-S3 (1977-79)
    Sabrina Duncan
    Kelly Garrett
    Kris Munroe
    Charlie's Angels S4 (1979-80)
    Kelly Garrett
    Kris Munroe
    Tiffany Welles
    Charlie's Angels S5 (1980-81)
    Kelly Garrett
    Kris Munroe
    Julie Rogers
    Charlie's Angels (2000)
    Natalie Cook
    Alex Munday
    Dylan Sanders
    Charlie's Angels 2 (2003)
    Natalie Cook
    Alex Munday
    Dylan Sanders
    Charlie's Angels 3 (2019)
    Sabina Wilson
    Jane Kano
    Elena Houghlin
    Charlie's Angels 4 (TBA)
    Sabina Wilson
    Elena Houghlin
    Katie Reynolds
    Charlie's Angels 5 (TBA)
    Elena Houghlin
    Katie Reynolds
    Camille Cooper
    TBA it stands for "To Be Continued". That I don't know what year they'll film two more to end Charlie's Angels. If you guys are reading this, please, don't just leave this comment a like. I give you all permission of what you guys think of the new names through the fourth and fifth of Charlie's Angels.
    Everytime I saw them, it remind me the first season of Charlie's Angels. Jane the new version of Jill Munroe, Sabina the new version of Sabrina Duncan and Elena the new version of Kelly Garrett. By the fourth, after replacing Jane with Katie, she should be the new version of Kris Munroe. By the last, after breaking a new angel from Sabina with Camille, she should be the new versions of Tiffany Welles and Julie Rogers. Got it?

  • Not So Kawaii
    Not So Kawaii Tháng trước +1


  • Jacob
    Jacob Tháng trước

    Not even women and gay's would watch this

  • Ebony Tobin
    Ebony Tobin Tháng trước

    Omg go see this movie❤️❤️

  • Jah89bless
    Jah89bless Tháng trước

    They should've added a 4th girl,not associate this to the franchise.
    And it would have been a success

  • Arjan Fran
    Arjan Fran Tháng trước

    if the title is unknown to me. i will not recognized them as Charlie's angel.

  • Nugget Potato
    Nugget Potato Tháng trước

    i saw this on cinema

  • Royal Charlez
    Royal Charlez Tháng trước

    Honestly they needed better Actresses

  • AlbertoKnox
    AlbertoKnox Tháng trước

    The trailer is better than the movie

  • big cat
    big cat Tháng trước

    And they felt they needed this garbage because...

  • JajwuAn Lynn
    JajwuAn Lynn Tháng trước

    I wouldn't even watch this movie in death it looks horrible

  • Tupolev 144
    Tupolev 144 Tháng trước

    I'm getting a Chippettes vibe from these three, the music only strengthens that notion

  • davidpar2
    davidpar2 Tháng trước

    No one asked for this remake, the movie was a flop, and there are nothing but negative comments here, all with hundreds of likes. I’m not buying the likes on this video for a minute

  • Ivan Shivolski
    Ivan Shivolski Tháng trước

    The worst charleys angles ever. They ruined it for men. Was that their intention? If it was, well done. Bombed at the box office and will be selling for $1 at Dollar General stores near you.

  • Terri Jaundrill
    Terri Jaundrill Tháng trước

    I watched the trailer expecting to see Kristen Stewart might have learned to act... sadly wrong which director did she do this time... if it was drew or Cameron I'd go see it...

  • bluewhale18
    bluewhale18 Tháng trước

    The movie was an abortion gone wrong

  • Hafiz Mudassir
    Hafiz Mudassir Tháng trước

    flop movie

  • Pops Studios
    Pops Studios Tháng trước

    Literally half the comments are saying shit about the movies, I loved the original series and the 2000 film and I can't wait for this

  • Stars of the Streets
    Stars of the Streets Tháng trước

    What a cringe! I couldn’t even get through the trailer.

  • Ardyssah Walker
    Ardyssah Walker Tháng trước

    I watched and enjoyed this movie!

  • Will Spencer
    Will Spencer Tháng trước

    They all butters AF
    Assuming they planted the likes and some how lost the dislikes
    Also 'nerd'is offensive you sluts

  • Maria Olivares 1265
    Maria Olivares 1265 Tháng trước

    I dont care if your black white hlue purple green transparent grey just as long as the angels have red, blond, and brunette hair Drew Barrymore did not have her hair dyed red so she would disrespected

  • John Munro
    John Munro Tháng trước

    I think it's funny when Feminists who go any see these terrible movies and state the double negative "I don't need no man"

  • Hermaphrodeity
    Hermaphrodeity Tháng trước

    1:17 Only a pretty woman could get away with stealing this blatantly 🤣

  • Ren Behesi
    Ren Behesi Tháng trước

    This movie is so boring save your money I called the bad guy right when the movie start

  • lol 4lol
    lol 4lol Tháng trước

    I'm a woman but yuck!!!! What's with the cast? Trying hard af to give a badass girl look. Nuff said.

  • Nick Britten
    Nick Britten Tháng trước +1

    I see why it flopped 🙈🙉💩

  • Angelic Distortions
    Angelic Distortions Tháng trước

    I don't care what anyone says, this movie was great :)

  • The Coconut Cabbie
    The Coconut Cabbie Tháng trước


  • Wendy
    Wendy Tháng trước

    They pick up all the best scenes to this trailer, then in the movie nothing better.
    I love all the actress, but the movie...

  • Brandon Krugel
    Brandon Krugel Tháng trước

    Why would you even attemt doing a remake with such a rubbish cast? The 2000's one is a really tough act to follow with the talent of the actors and director, not to mention demi moore played an excellent villian.

  • Noxluni
    Noxluni Tháng trước

    I started choking on oestrogen

  • Nomhle Ndlovu
    Nomhle Ndlovu Tháng trước

    My only question is why TF do they look alike. This Charlie's Angels

  • Dana Hoxie
    Dana Hoxie Tháng trước

    I love that movie

  • FHS24DC
    FHS24DC Tháng trước

    Only came to this because a video saying men were to blame for this bombing and i had no idea this was even a thing... So no wonder why it bombed hahaha but to blame us lmao

  • Dan
    Dan Tháng trước

    Complete sh1t movie.

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max Tháng trước

    4 seconds of Trailer later.... I don't want to see it at the movies. Another woke feminist dumpster fire that will bomb hard at the box office, men get ready to take the blame.

    DRE PEREZ Tháng trước

    As soon as I saw the short haired troll I knew it was going to be fail. More Feminist garbage...

  • Axel
    Axel Tháng trước

    The movie was amazing but Cameron Diaz, Lucy lu and drew Barrymore will forever be the phenomenal cast of angels to me

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez Tháng trước

    Charlie's s angels the parody

  • James Behrje
    James Behrje Tháng trước

    Patrick Stewart should stick to space!!!

  • Matthew De Vuono
    Matthew De Vuono Tháng trước +4

    Don't listen to the critics. It was an amazing monvie!

  • Ben Moak
    Ben Moak Tháng trước +9

    First line in the trailer: "I think women can do anything."
    Me: "aight imma head out"

  • Seth H.
    Seth H. Tháng trước

    Wowwww what happened to Kristen Stewart??!!?! Beginning to look like Eminem more and more....

  • Hector Lamar
    Hector Lamar Tháng trước

    Fail. Surprise, Surprise.

  • team negan /daddy Winchester

    No drew barrymore no deal

  • MrRugbyloosehead
    MrRugbyloosehead Tháng trước

    There are so many reasons why this movie failed but at the top is the ignorant and idiot Elizabeth Banks blaming men for her ineptitude at directing or even judging on that nobody wants this woke diversity crap!

  • David AdventTime21
    David AdventTime21 Tháng trước

    This movie really sucked.

  • Wa ge
    Wa ge Tháng trước

    As a man I felt empowered by this movie