Simon Cowell Can't Eat Cake on His 60th Birthday

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  • Xuất bản 17 Th09, 2019
  • Simon Cowell is just weeks away from turning 60, and while he feels great about hitting the milestone, he told Ellen he can't celebrate with cake. Plus, the "America's Got Talent" judge explained the reason behind his major diet change and losing a significant amount of weight.
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  • Mr. M
    Mr. M 13 giờ trước

    They do not look 60

  • Ava Yu
    Ava Yu Ngày trước

    Simon is an arrogant twit! NOT A FAN!

  • Morad Rad
    Morad Rad Ngày trước

    He likes big macs but nobody knows him properly

  • Abubakar Shaib
    Abubakar Shaib 2 ngày trước

    Is it me or is Simon super red.

  • 33479Leigh
    33479Leigh 3 ngày trước

    Enough with the helmet policing. 🤦‍♀️

  • Egg with 10.000 subscribers without videos

    I swear to god he still looks mid 40’s

  • Theodora Bundy
    Theodora Bundy 4 ngày trước

    Ok I didn’t realise he’s 60 now !!

  • tangled55
    tangled55 4 ngày trước

    2:12 was his voice re-dubbed?

  • Krishna Kumar Sarda
    Krishna Kumar Sarda 4 ngày trước +12

    Simon Cowell: Am turning 60
    Me: Surprised
    Ellen: I am 61
    Me: Fell off my chair

    • Jonathan Wass
      Jonathan Wass 18 giờ trước

      Krishna Kumar Sarda ”Elen” lol

  • Patricia Thomas
    Patricia Thomas 5 ngày trước

    He lives off the back off others when they does an album he gets a money from how much they earn never done a days work in his life

  • C Coo
    C Coo 6 ngày trước +1

    The diet he says is used for Hashimoto disease. What was his problem ? Does he have Hashimoto?!!!

    • NojoNinja
      NojoNinja Ngày trước

      C Coo he went vegan.

  • JOE
    JOE 6 ngày trước

    Hes 60??

  • Khaleel 14
    Khaleel 14 6 ngày trước

    -And you're gonna be?

  • Ilnia Ilnia
    Ilnia Ilnia 6 ngày trước +5

    he looks like a caricature of attractiveness

  • Land Rover Videos
    Land Rover Videos 6 ngày trước

    Modern day fagan

  • SamSm_th
    SamSm_th 6 ngày trước

    Wait what?.... Ellen is 61!?!?

  • Tilly Sanders
    Tilly Sanders 7 ngày trước

    He's so vain , he probably thinks the song is about him. He's actually personally very insecure.

    • BNO97 !
      BNO97 ! 6 ngày trước

      Tilly Sanders you’re not a psychologist just a woman who herself is insecure

  • Alicia Rekevik
    Alicia Rekevik 7 ngày trước


  • What Am I Doing Here
    What Am I Doing Here 7 ngày trước +1

    ELLEN’S 61???

  • Lana Love kukie
    Lana Love kukie 7 ngày trước

    60th 😯😯😯😯😯

  • jesus aponte
    jesus aponte 8 ngày trước

    Two wicked ones workers of inequities dumb dogs I Rebuke you both in CHRISTJESUS name shall come to pass thanks justice Jehovah JESUSCHRIST Holy Glory King God Almighty amen amen amen hallelujah

  • Nardeen Nabil
    Nardeen Nabil 8 ngày trước +2

    "So when you two fall off and going unconscious, he will be wandering around all by himself......" 😂😂😂 Oh my God Ellen 😁

  • Rees Jones
    Rees Jones 8 ngày trước

    You ever seen a top lip move so little haha

  • Govert Schonewille
    Govert Schonewille 8 ngày trước

    is Simon 60? I thought Simon was like 40

  • Frederick Hewlett
    Frederick Hewlett 8 ngày trước

    This creature has very much the same look as Cliff Richard ,,,,,,,,that completely slimey sewer piece of filth !!!!!

  • YvngGoat
    YvngGoat 9 ngày trước +3

    Simon Cowell’s voice sounds like an evil character from a movie... 😂😂😂

  • Rogerina
    Rogerina 9 ngày trước +2

    simon smokes but yet he still looks mid/late 40’s

    • Connor Pooley
      Connor Pooley 7 ngày trước +1

      Rogerina I guess that shows what money can do

  • Nandia Constantinou
    Nandia Constantinou 9 ngày trước

    What? Simon is 60 and Ellen 61?

  • Bexs B
    Bexs B 9 ngày trước

    Think he looks awlful

  • jordyce lenna
    jordyce lenna 9 ngày trước

    he looks good for 60

  • Annabel Barton
    Annabel Barton 9 ngày trước

    I enjoyed this video

  • A-IN A-IN
    A-IN A-IN 9 ngày trước +3

    Simon Cowell doesn't wear helmet because he worries a lot about his hair.😂😂

  • Ice. Man
    Ice. Man 9 ngày trước

    Mr. Me Me

  • Kamaldeen Tantolohun
    Kamaldeen Tantolohun 9 ngày trước

    60 or 40?

  • Nguyen Tran
    Nguyen Tran 10 ngày trước +1

    I stopped watching Allen after Bill Gates

  • Dylan G
    Dylan G 10 ngày trước

    botox on fleek

  • Annet Rose
    Annet Rose 10 ngày trước +1

    Me when someone gives somthing i do not like i do not tell them i keep it to my self,Simon that wasnt ok

  • IELTS Essence
    IELTS Essence 10 ngày trước

    His outfit is as modest as always. I love Simon and my dad, my mum love you too, Simon.

  • debbie corsino
    debbie corsino 11 ngày trước

    my favorite in famous man around the world ,,
    God blessed u sir in family.
    hello mam ellen ,, love u so much in your show everyday
    God blessed u too in family.

  • Nirupama Kanda
    Nirupama Kanda 11 ngày trước

    My brother was born on the same day and year as Eric. I swear to god I’m not lying.

  • Ben Tomlins
    Ben Tomlins 11 ngày trước +14

    He looks like he has been cryogenically frozen since about 43

  • PandasHaveGuns
    PandasHaveGuns 11 ngày trước +13

    Two people in their 60s, looking like their mid 40s

  • Dog's Opinion
    Dog's Opinion 11 ngày trước +2

    He's a walking chemical these days.

  • Najeela Jan
    Najeela Jan 12 ngày trước

    Then what you eat

  • A.Vincent CHANNEL
    A.Vincent CHANNEL 12 ngày trước

    Wow elen your so beautiful.

  • Ross
    Ross 12 ngày trước

    I'm 26 and I look older than Simon Cowell 😂

  • Stefania Pedrosi
    Stefania Pedrosi 12 ngày trước

    Neither of them looks 60

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee 12 ngày trước

    Ellen is 61? She doesn’t look a day past 30!

  • khoo chee peng
    khoo chee peng 12 ngày trước

    no dairy, no sugar, no red meat, no smoking, no gluten, no ........ so what is the point ........of getting rich ?

  • Dan Trix
    Dan Trix 12 ngày trước

    Shut up Ellen’s 61

    • Dan Trix
      Dan Trix 12 ngày trước

      That’s a joke right !

  • Yaser Masood
    Yaser Masood 13 ngày trước

    Watched this Interview thinking of this man’s immense wealth, then realized that what Simon Cowell has earned in his entire successful life, is what the likes of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates gain or lose in the space of a few hours as a function of the stock prices.
    Basically be happy with you have, because there are always bigger fish in the sea.

  • Susan Mcloughlin
    Susan Mcloughlin 13 ngày trước

    Omg both look so well 4 60

  • Serbes Floket
    Serbes Floket 13 ngày trước


  • Daithi McDaid
    Daithi McDaid 13 ngày trước +6

    GET This man on I'm a celebrity get me out of here.

  • chel Blr
    chel Blr 13 ngày trước +6

    I wish she had scared him😂

  • Stephen Vos
    Stephen Vos 13 ngày trước +1

    Great guy he has done so much for so many.

  • nidapyntngeniai suchiang
    nidapyntngeniai suchiang 13 ngày trước

    Belated Happy 60th birthday Dear Simon....
    May u live long

  • NTAGOMWA valeur
    NTAGOMWA valeur 14 ngày trước +3

    My Dad is 50 but he looks older than Simon

  • therofthew
    therofthew 14 ngày trước +1

    Man she looks way older then him, not just one year wow!

  • kaitlyn m
    kaitlyn m 14 ngày trước

    Simon and I have the same birthday aye