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This Is What Happens When a Psychopath Runs a Prison - Prison Simulator

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  • Xuất bản 12 Th11, 2021
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    More about Prison Simulator (from Steam):
    - Experience life in prison in the comfort of your own home. Without any real-life consequences!
    - As a prison guard, your job is to maintain order behind the prison walls. But on the other hand - you're in charge here. So who is gonna tell you what to do? Are you gonna be the role model CO? It's up to you, dude.
    - Simulate a prison guard's life. Look for contraband, gun maintenance, or shoot some hoops during your break. Not enough? My dude, there's so much more!
    - Check out our reeeeeally cool prisoner creator!
    - Experience the thrilling prison story (missing your fav prison TV shows? We've got you covered)
    - This game is really fun for streaming on Twitch/VNclip. Srsly - give it a go if you're into that kind of thing.
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  • Let's Game It Out
    Let's Game It Out  10 tháng trước +8066

    Who wins: the nightstick or the fire extinguisher?

    • eleithias
      eleithias 22 ngày trước

      The Fire Extinguisher reminds me of the "Cop casually pepper spraying" meme, so that wins

    • Sabbir Ahmed
      Sabbir Ahmed Tháng trước

      Fire extinguisher pulverised the gaurd

    • Sleepy Trina
      Sleepy Trina Tháng trước

      fire extinguisher

    • Robert Dotter
      Robert Dotter Tháng trước

      Fire extinguisher

    • Cole Andre Salvador
      Cole Andre Salvador Tháng trước +1

      Fire extinguisher.

  • Venatorio
    Venatorio 10 tháng trước +7859

    It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize Josh was playing as a guard, not an inmate.

    • RootAccess Gaming
      RootAccess Gaming 8 ngày trước +1


    • Toki Wartooth
      Toki Wartooth 20 ngày trước

      @Pupper Gump If you're not here for honest penance and rehabilitation in order to pay your debt to society then why are you even here? Get out, just leave.

    • Doozy518
      Doozy518 22 ngày trước +1

      Shame this was the highlighted comment, I hate youtube

    • kaby
      kaby 25 ngày trước

      Same! It took me about 11 minutes

    • Kat
      Kat 28 ngày trước

      Im so glad we all took forever to realize 😂

  • Medi
    Medi 10 tháng trước +1034

    1:12 is literally the most historically accurate thing Josh has ever put in one of his videos.

    • Logan Byrd
      Logan Byrd 25 ngày trước


    • Iron Wraith
      Iron Wraith 2 tháng trước +1

      I dunno. More accurate than his video on Crusader Kings?

    • jjeethan
      jjeethan 3 tháng trước

      @Michael Schumann stop lying to yourself

    • bob xiong
      bob xiong 4 tháng trước +1

      @ES63 yes

    • ES63
      ES63 8 tháng trước +3


  • Hudson Harrison
    Hudson Harrison 10 tháng trước +595

    At this point, giving this man access to your game is essentially asking him to break it so you can fix it.

    • cross! sans
      cross! sans 7 tháng trước +2

      @Joshua Gano just realized ur comment like rn.

    • cross! sans
      cross! sans 7 tháng trước +4

      @Joshua Gano wait ur username is joshua . close to josh. Rip any graces near u 💀

    • cross! sans
      cross! sans 7 tháng trước +2

      @Joshua Gano lol

    • Joshua Gano
      Joshua Gano 7 tháng trước +9

      Honestly, that has to be the whole point of this for the Game Devs... Mass Spotting Flare on glaring Bugs & Issues in exchange for taking a bit hit to the Pride... or getting to laugh at oneself a whole hell of a lot... :P

    • cross! sans
      cross! sans 7 tháng trước +12

      i mean it is good content too and would make alot of people play it when it's out and that would also be bug hunting which is good for fun before it's patched too

  • Justin
    Justin 10 tháng trước +192

    9:20 Can you imagine how scary it would be to chase after the guy who just punched you, only for him to suddenly become ethereal before turning around slowly with a pistol in his hand? 😂

  • Koleen Mackovsky
    Koleen Mackovsky 10 tháng trước +82

    The transition at 18:23 was simple yet so good.

  • cocoaberry
    cocoaberry 10 tháng trước +2713

    At 6:56 I can't believe he didn't do the obvious thing and make everybody go into the same cell

    • Gabriel V.
      Gabriel V. 19 ngày trước

      Yeah. Me mikght make A PARt 2!

    • Merry Knight
      Merry Knight 3 tháng trước

      He didn’t close all the doors!!!

    • SomeThingsNeverDie
      SomeThingsNeverDie 8 tháng trước +1

      Ik I wanted him to do it to. Qwq

    • Heinz Harald
      Heinz Harald 9 tháng trước +1

      ya, he missed out a oppertunity here :D

    • Young Kappa
      Young Kappa 10 tháng trước +4

      I was expecting him to experiment more with this like seeing what would happen if every cell was shut.

  • Paradise The LeafWing
    Paradise The LeafWing 10 tháng trước +74

    That was hilarious
    Grace, always being the best✨

    • Qazsedc
      Qazsedc 3 tháng trước +2

      Of course her name is Grace 😂

  • JSprague24
    JSprague24 10 tháng trước +84

    I like how once the first riot is over, the briefing room is in shambles and yet the supervisor can't be bothered.

  • That one guy
    That one guy Tháng trước +10

    "1,980 dart games later" This guy has more patience than I'll ever have

  • Zoe Mattler
    Zoe Mattler 3 tháng trước +3

    “I know you’re gonna have to deal with it later, but I didn’t wanna deal with it now.”
    Josh gets a 5-star rating for being 10/10 relatable af

  • Lem0n Crunch
    Lem0n Crunch 10 tháng trước +5965

    Imagine knowing there’s a riot and then finding all the prisoners unconscious with one guard standing over them

    • MetalPOG GK11
      MetalPOG GK11 29 ngày trước

      *prowler theme intensifies*

    • SonZilla MarioCraft
      SonZilla MarioCraft Tháng trước

      "Mr. Rogers in a bloodstained sweater."

    • kira64
      kira64 Tháng trước +2

      "...Where did you say he transferred from, Jim?"
      "I think it was some place called Arkham."

    • T-Yoonit
      T-Yoonit Tháng trước

      Without a weapon of any kind.

    • Sundeep Randhawa
      Sundeep Randhawa Tháng trước

      *rip and tear starts*

  • thelast joe
    thelast joe 10 tháng trước +24

    This guy's videos make me literally laugh out loud EVERYTIME

  • Crackhead404
    Crackhead404 9 tháng trước +13

    If Josh handle real life prison like this, Gulag seems like a childplay in the History book

  • Doğa Dikbayır
    Doğa Dikbayır 5 tháng trước +5

    I still can't believe how Josh missed the opportunity to try and see if all of them would pile in a single cell if he closes all the other cell doors after 6:53 .. sounds promising..

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 4 tháng trước +2

    i was crying from laughter at least 3 separate times in this one. amazing. the absurdity of attacking the guards and them following and attacking you had me rolling.

  • Private Name
    Private Name 10 tháng trước +4351

    You know, Josh might not have named that woman who went to solitary, but we all know who she was.

  • Joonas Linna
    Joonas Linna 7 tháng trước +4

    the amount of dedication josh has just suprises me everytime

  • literally a bean
    literally a bean 10 tháng trước +9

    I miss Anthony. When” it takes two” released all I thought about was josh and Anthony playing through it together.

    • Startrooper
      Startrooper 10 tháng trước +3

      He works for treyarch as a level designer now

  • Thusa
    Thusa 9 tháng trước +6

    Despite everything, it's still one of the most polished-looking games I've seen in the "bizarre indie Unity simulation" genre.

  • Riley Fanson
    Riley Fanson 10 tháng trước +5

    It's always a great day when Josh uploads.

  • Just a guy who's a hero for fun
    Just a guy who's a hero for fun 10 tháng trước +3440

    “And this one's just gonna be called Twitter” very accurate

  • Dude Harris
    Dude Harris 9 tháng trước +5

    I love how he just sits for hours doing one thing over and over and over just to see how long it goes

  • Nabil
    Nabil 10 tháng trước +4

    If Josh were to become a prison warden, I believe crime rates would drop to 0%

  • Arno Memes
    Arno Memes  9 tháng trước +7

    Josh- "Me running a prison, what could possibly go wrong"
    Me- " *Every possible thing could go wrong* "

  • Laxi
    Laxi 10 tháng trước +3

    I love your videos so much. You're one of the funniest gamers I've ever watched, I just wish you post more often so I could watch your content every week ❤️

  • not bort
    not bort 10 tháng trước +2463

    I've grown so used to Josh's phycopathic ways that the only thing that can now catch me off guard is Josh himself

    • FallingShells
      FallingShells 10 tháng trước +2

      Josh catches me off guard when he shows sanity. It's when he laughs at something so absurd that even he couldn't have expected it.

    • Magpie Nonconnah
      Magpie Nonconnah 10 tháng trước +4

      yeah, there's always a moment or two in these where i find myself thinking 'Is Josh okay? Do we need to call a caseworker or something?'

    • Annna Kathryn
      Annna Kathryn 10 tháng trước +2

      The only thing to psycho is path itself

    • TurboCorbo13
      TurboCorbo13 10 tháng trước +1

      Ha! True

    • Derek Holden
      Derek Holden 10 tháng trước +12

      I check under the bed for Josh these days, I'm legitimately concerned about the monster's health and safety..

  • UncleBuddy
    UncleBuddy 8 tháng trước

    Long time watcher of you, Josh. Keep makin that amazing content that you’ve been serving up on hilarious platters. Without even watching this first, I know it’s gonna be a BANGER of a video ☝️☝️☝️😂😂😂😂

  • Khamûliane
    Khamûliane 10 tháng trước +3

    I would love it so much, if this show would be weekly 😭😭😭😭
    I'm in awe with this!

  • Chronicles of the Fat Hiney Dog

    I have never laughed so hard in my life!! The commentary is absolutely hilarious!!!
    My favorite parts are too many to quote!

  • Sheona Beach
    Sheona Beach 9 tháng trước +4

    14:38 got me in pure hysterics.

  • AdikTheOne
    AdikTheOne 10 tháng trước +1671

    4:38 There's a command to "put down" on shelf
    "pfffft, i don't need this. Hey shelves, your parents never loved you"

  • XenonBrad
    XenonBrad 5 tháng trước

    I love how well this man is able to break games. It's majestic

  • Rooke
    Rooke Tháng trước

    I like how Josh is the best demo tester. He can literally discover every bug for the devs so they can fix it.

  • Jakob Inboden
    Jakob Inboden 10 tháng trước +2

    I dont know how you manage the things you do, but I love the content and cannot get enough. Thank you for being you and keep up the great work

  • EggaBacon
    EggaBacon 7 tháng trước

    This is one of my new favorite channels. The pure chaos of each video is perfect 👌

  • Cap'n Slipp
    Cap'n Slipp 10 tháng trước +1709

    _“Why does it take Josh so long to make new videos?”_
    Me: You realize he just spent a week straight playing darts in Prison Simulator, right?

    • TheYankee
      TheYankee 10 tháng trước +4

      That's why dev send him key instead of hiring QA testers

    • Azure87
      Azure87 10 tháng trước +1

      i like how the "1980 games of darts later" is actually accurate.

    • Mauer01
      Mauer01 10 tháng trước

      @Burak Demir
      at minimum

    • Max C
      Max C 10 tháng trước +15

      @Nora Hannigan even though he might be dedicated it indeed is very easy to make a macro to do the whole thing assuming you're familiar with the basics. A real robot on the other hand? well good luck spending days just on the hardware and weeks for the whole thing. A software bot would be magnitudes easier

    • Burak Demir
      Burak Demir 10 tháng trước +19

      when Josh says "is there a limit to this?" one week passes

  • jacktme
    jacktme 10 tháng trước +1

    You couldnt find a man that can break a game as well as Let's Game It Out

  • Enrique Puerto
    Enrique Puerto 8 tháng trước

    I sometimes wonder whether Josh approaches day to day life the same way he does video games. Would certainly be interesting to be a spectator in a day in his life if so.

  • Keyboard Musician
    Keyboard Musician 9 tháng trước +1

    I haven’t laughed so hard after watching your channel , ever in my life. This is definitely a great subscribe. 😀

  • chris patton
    chris patton 6 tháng trước

    I've just discovered this channel this week, and every single video i specifically watch for how you decide to spend inordinate amount of time doing something with basically no use.

  • DarkDragon
    DarkDragon 10 tháng trước +2650

    I swear, Josh has the most patience I've ever seen

    • SG_Fenrir
      SG_Fenrir 24 ngày trước +1

      You’ve never heard of dangerouslyfunny

    • Silverboa
      Silverboa 3 tháng trước +5

      @XxTaiMTxX I know a Josh, he waved a rock with worms dangling off its side in my face, and made an effort to eat as messy as possible, not to mention he was extremely loud. He could be identified as the polar opposite of *this* Josh.

    • XxTaiMTxX
      XxTaiMTxX 4 tháng trước +28

      I have a friend named Josh. He has the same patience. He spent 6 hours to get a semi truck onto the monorail tracks in Driver 3... Why? Because being hit by the train breaks the physics... and he wanted to know what would happen if the train hit such a heavy object.
      Maybe it's just a symptom of people named "Josh".

    • Orangutan Werenberg
      Orangutan Werenberg 7 tháng trước +8

      For some reason I believe you

    • hen ko
      hen ko 10 tháng trước +88

      The way Josh was acting throughout, I couldn’t tell if he was a guard or a prisoner

  • Racer Pepe
    Racer Pepe 10 tháng trước +1

    I can only imagine what it feels like to have someone play your game like this in front of an audience of millions. Lmfaoooo

  • Phil
    Phil 8 tháng trước

    11:30 is the funniest thing I've ever seen on this channel. absolutely hilarious!!

  • brandon53323
    brandon53323 6 tháng trước +4

    6:40 I need to know what happens when you call all the prisoners out, close all the cell doors and send them back 😭😭

  • Zane Digriz
    Zane Digriz 28 ngày trước

    You're becoming my favorite game channel to visit. Who wants guides and raid boss tips when you serve up "let's break this game" with such good commentary!?

  • leperabr.
    leperabr. 10 tháng trước +2772

    no words can express the joy that overcame me when Josh mentioned Johnny Hotbody

  • Skratta Oppar
    Skratta Oppar 10 tháng trước +1

    I like how he has the time for extreme gameplay but not character creation 😂

  • ShadowWolves
    ShadowWolves 10 tháng trước +2

    Love the outro XD
    It was a nice, calm, no-riot game :)

  • blue_jm
    blue_jm 7 tháng trước

    I never even imagined the things you can do in this game, I've definitely been playing it wrong.

  • SpicyStapler
    SpicyStapler Tháng trước

    Just discovered this channel. My sides have never hurt so much from laughing. 8.9/8.9. Bravo!

  • Arno Memes
    Arno Memes  10 tháng trước +2730

    Any game this guy play, he does the most stupid and ineffective things, but for some reason it ALWAYS WORKS.

      FAZBOIS PRODUCTIONS 3 tháng trước

      It's funny
      Damn bro if you hate someone leave em be

    • Houston Baxter
      Houston Baxter 4 tháng trước +4

      I believe that's his thing. He's supposed to break the game basically. He's so good at breaking games and finding glitches that companies give him the beta key to play before others so they can iron out the kinks in the game.

    • Ángel Medina Nieves
      Ángel Medina Nieves 4 tháng trước

      I saw this comment in the same channel more than 1 time....mmm

    • samsam ali
      samsam ali 6 tháng trước +1


    • DracoD74
      DracoD74 7 tháng trước +3

      "Shelves, your parents never loved you"

  • GreatGray
    GreatGray 10 tháng trước +2

    5:30 "I know you're gonna have to deal with it later, but I didn't wanna have to deal with it now"
    As someone who procrastinates for a living, that's my kind of philosophy

  • Veli Boran BAKIRTEPE
    Veli Boran BAKIRTEPE 9 tháng trước

    your videos never disappoint me, thank you josh

  • MaliciousParasite
    MaliciousParasite 3 tháng trước +2

    At least Josh is self-aware that he is our favourite Psychopath.

  • Arco
    Arco 8 tháng trước +1

    I feel like gray and josh would get along really well and would be best friends

  • v21
    v21 10 tháng trước +3585

    "And this one just gonna be called Twitter" Perfect description.

    • Hana Muñoz
      Hana Muñoz 9 tháng trước +1

      @Michael Rahbar culo

    • derHaase
      derHaase 10 tháng trước +2

      The Twitter thing is an insider from the first or second month of Josh streaming. Someone in the chat was toxic about his Twitter and therefore Josh told him his opinion. It was hilarious xD

    • Mihajlo Milenkovic
      Mihajlo Milenkovic 10 tháng trước +2

      Twitter = toxic

    • Michael Rahbar
      Michael Rahbar 10 tháng trước +12

      That joke was the best. Twitter honestly makes me feel physically ill when I log on. The lack of nuance and human decency, the antisemitism, the slandering and demonizing of people that users have disagreements with. It's a place that teaches people to be unkind and inhumane to one another in the name of 'X important cause.'

    • Blue the raptor 🦋
      Blue the raptor 🦋 10 tháng trước +1

      Like my blue budgie!

  • Astral
    Astral 9 tháng trước +1

    Who else would love to see Josh play paint the town red. Fighting + a lot of blood sounds like a match made in heaven for him lol

  • Astalthæon
    Astalthæon 8 tháng trước

    Josh perfectly demonstrates one of the very few rules you don't hear about/won't be told in prison, but it's important. If, during a riot, a guard attacks you but then backs away only to end up in a room with a bunch of prisoners already beaten unconscious on the floor, you should definitely just surrender.

  • Kingluke 9909
    Kingluke 9909 9 tháng trước

    I love these videos recently because your just so blunt about everything on the game while playing 😂😂 and you just say everything amazing and funny lmao

  • bombchomsky
    bombchomsky 8 tháng trước +1

    “This is way too much work”
    Congratulations, you are correctional officer material

  • Cobrii
    Cobrii 10 tháng trước +563

    I am 100% convinced developers give Josh keys to their games so he can find out all the wild glitches and exploits for them

    • Justin Schmidt
      Justin Schmidt 6 tháng trước

      @Luke Gavin Agreed, we sorely need developer reaction vids!

    • Luke Gavin
      Luke Gavin 10 tháng trước +21

      Honestly I'd love to see him collaborate with the developers so we can see their reactions when their game dies

    • von Ozbourne
      von Ozbourne 10 tháng trước +50

      "The budget is tight so we won't be able to hire testers anymore."
      "We could just send Josh a free key?"
      "That's perfect!"

    • RonJomero
      RonJomero 10 tháng trước +36

      Free QA and free publicity. Win/Win

    • GigaSaul
      GigaSaul 10 tháng trước +2

      Who doesn’t?

  • Tai Fox
    Tai Fox 9 tháng trước

    OMG that was great. couldn't stop laughing. This guy deserves a show on TV.

  • Gats Berserker
    Gats Berserker 6 ngày trước

    The transition from locking the solitary to turning around and beating a rioting crowd of prisoners at the end of the video is so smooth it's just awesome!

  • Redski Zedski
    Redski Zedski 10 tháng trước

    Looooove your clips, always end up 🆙 laughing my faces off!

  • Chesty VonF
    Chesty VonF 9 tháng trước +2

    I can NOT remember the last time I laughed so hard at a youtube vid. Just TEARS streaming down my face.

  • Eric Jacobus
    Eric Jacobus 10 tháng trước +5996

    They must've used the medieval combat animation pack for those guards.

    • Peter Jackson
      Peter Jackson 9 tháng trước

      so true

    • Florian Koch
      Florian Koch 10 tháng trước

      @MC Dexpo It is actually not uncommon (and not bad) to use these

    • L33T_Taco
      L33T_Taco 10 tháng trước +1

      @MC Dexpo Yes you can buy/download assets like animation packs, models, sfx, scripts/premade movement scripts, and even texture packs and props. There really great for getting the basic foundations of a game setup especially if your not that good yet with 3d modeling or coding yet let alone the rabbit hole of animation.

    • Zelda Anne Link
      Zelda Anne Link 10 tháng trước

      toom me until he started buying weapons

    • Kevin Duliesco
      Kevin Duliesco 10 tháng trước


  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 9 tháng trước

    Lmao I watch all your videos like they're episodes of my favorite show. So entertaining😂😂💓 watch em at dinner, at bedtime, they're just gold

  • Pales Taamu
    Pales Taamu 5 tháng trước

    “It seems no one likes me, excellent!”
    Pretty much how I live my life Josh lol

  • MyCatInABox
    MyCatInABox 2 tháng trước

    "...and never do THAT with your head again."
    You got me laughing so hard I woke up my roommates 🤣🤣

  • bling_ _brute
    bling_ _brute 7 tháng trước +1

    This is pure funni. Beating up inmates, torturing guards, bright pink toilets, guards with skyrim animations, and beating people to death with a nightsaber. Josh, you are the god of making funni.

  • Ben Rider
    Ben Rider 9 tháng trước +1

    devlopers: let's give Josh a key.
    after watching the video: okay whoever suggested giving him a key is fired.

  • Satan's Favorite Sitcom
    Satan's Favorite Sitcom 29 ngày trước

    Watching the video cut to new scenes where Josh has varying amounts of blood seeping into his vision is interesting.
    Who has Josh assaulted within the last minute to make him bleed more?

  • FoxLordGames
    FoxLordGames 2 tháng trước

    1:12-1:14 is easily one of the funniest parts of the whole video

  • Alan Michael
    Alan Michael 8 tháng trước +1

    oh my goodness I cracked up so hard when the warden was all like "you look tense"

  • Young Thomas
    Young Thomas 10 tháng trước +881

    I honestly think Josh would be a brilliant bug tester.

  • Ben Martell
    Ben Martell 10 tháng trước

    Since Josh finds a way to break and exploit every game. I'm surprised He hasn't collabed with The Spiffing Brit.

  • LmaoImTerrible
    LmaoImTerrible 9 tháng trước

    I just realized let’s game it out never asks for likes or “hit that bell” yet he still gets all of these likes and subscribers! This is exactly what a good VNclipr looks like. No threatening with spiders bs. This is the greatest youtuber

  • Elz Mood
    Elz Mood 7 tháng trước

    The Content is Solid, the totality of Josh makes me wait for what he will do and say. Lol Great.

  • Riyon Hazarika
    Riyon Hazarika 8 tháng trước +1

    15:55 The moment where he proved that Let's Game It Out is a tank.

  • Leonard Church
    Leonard Church 10 tháng trước +234

    It took me a solid 14 minutes to realise he was playing as a guard and not a prisoner

  • PandaReign
    PandaReign Tháng trước

    The look of smug triumph the prisoner gave you @ 6:50 was hilarious

  • Rabik R
    Rabik R 9 tháng trước

    I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!!

  • Jendo McFluffandStuff
    Jendo McFluffandStuff 9 tháng trước

    More please! Life is like a fart and your videos are the only thing that brings me joy right now thank you :)

  • Ben Flashman
    Ben Flashman 8 tháng trước

    It's not easy to make me laugh out loudly but this video is HILARIOUS! XD

  • PaxtheDreamer
    PaxtheDreamer 10 tháng trước +523

    Potential exploit that looks fun to mess with: Every time a riot is resolved, it looks like your Guard respect increases. Is it possible to max out the guard's respect by constantly inciting prison riots?

    • kitkat Oscy
      kitkat Oscy 10 tháng trước +5

      Or rallying every prisoner out, closing all cells except one, and then disbanding them all.

    • PaxtheDreamer
      PaxtheDreamer 10 tháng trước +64

      @astrosteve I'm *pretty sure* it's only if you have low Prisoner respect, and Prisoner and Guard respect are two different factors.

    • astrosteve
      astrosteve 10 tháng trước +30

      I'd guess not because I don't think prison riots will start unless you have a low respect. But if anyone can find a way to get around that, it's Josh.

    • Ad finder
      Ad finder 10 tháng trước +18

      he's probably already done that by now

  • Beest
    Beest 2 tháng trước

    That has to be my new go-to line for any responsibility.
    "I know you're gonna have to deal with it later, but I didn't want to deal with it NOW."

  • DaellusKnights
    DaellusKnights 7 tháng trước

    That was a great jump scare with the lady in solitary when he opened the door back up... 🤣

  • LucasE269
    LucasE269 5 tháng trước

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  • Sosna and the Family
    Sosna and the Family 8 tháng trước

    You're the best game tester I've ever met!

  • Critical Nobody
    Critical Nobody 10 tháng trước +1781

    With one fire extinguisher and a few hundred bullets, you can recreate the town from WandaVision

    • Matt4905 :0
      Matt4905 :0 10 tháng trước +2

      @Neutral Tired Damn sounds like a carbon copy of life.

    • Neutral Tired
      Neutral Tired 10 tháng trước +1

      @Matt4905 :0 it's alright at first, ending leaves a lot to be desired, and if you expect people to face consequences for their actions you'll be horribly disappointed

    • futuristic bot
      futuristic bot 10 tháng trước

      No don't

    • Matt4905 :0
      Matt4905 :0 10 tháng trước +12

      @Lazzil gotcha, was a genuine question so I appreciate the genuine response.

    • Lazzil
      Lazzil 10 tháng trước +14

      @Matt4905 :0 It's awesome. First couple episodes tend to throw people off a little, but it's good.

  • ScorpioHR
    ScorpioHR 7 tháng trước +3

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  • Maria Hermenegilda Bernaldez
    Maria Hermenegilda Bernaldez 7 tháng trước

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    Nicholas Hazel 7 tháng trước

    The way you played this is basically the lifecycle of every single software development company out there.

  • Wee dle
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    When prison guards and prisoners team up to take down Josh, you know he's just that dangerous

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    Hye 9 tháng trước

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  • MisterReez17
    MisterReez17 6 tháng trước

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