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SEC Shorts - Alabama tries to sneak on board the Playoffs

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  • Xuất bản 04 Th12, 2022

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  • T Money
    T Money  +998

    This SEC short was right on time - Saban was campaigning harder than Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock! 😂

  • Beam Me Up

    Saban interupting the B1G Championship game begging to get in the playoffs......Priceless.

  • Black Beard's Ghost

    SEC Shorts nailed it at "cherry picked assessment"! We love you, SEC Shorts!

  • Sutherngirrl

    "Those losses are not part of my cherry picked assessment of my teams performance"

  • David M
    David M  +486

    It’s nice that the Sugar Bowl is played on the same day as the CFP semis so Bama won’t feel so left out of the playoffs.

  • aeromedical67

    I’m a Bammer and was anxiously awaiting SEC Shorts take on this. As usual, they did not disappoint. Absolutely top notch material!!!

  • Brandon Clark

    "People of the airport, they are trying to keep Alabama from the playoff!"

  • Mason Frierson

    When Coach Sabin went on ESPN to persuade the world that Alabama should get into the playoffs and the CFP Committee didn’t allow them in I just knew that SEC Shorts had to make a parody of it for us!🤣🤣 And Go Dawgs by the way!!

  • A Patriot
    A Patriot  +52

    As a lifelong Alabama fan ….. that was freaking hilarious. They are so good at these skits. It’s like SNL but ……… funny. ;-)

  • z33511
    z33511  +428

    I shed a little tear for Alabama... but it wasn't sadness.

  • VonBluesman

    I love you SEC SHORTS. You make us all feel better.

  • Michael McCarty

    “Getting boat raced by Georgia in the playoff has become tradition.” Love it. Go Dawgs!!

  • Concan Kid

    "How do your think Vegas would have favored in those games?" "I'm guessing the same team they favored in those Tennessee and LSU game!" Hahaha, brilliant!

  • Buzz Russell

    as a born and bred Crimson Tide fan, this is just funny! Painful, but funny. Love ya SEC Shorts!

  • Jackson Welch

    SEC shorts always making Mondays a little better.

  • Mason Pyle
    Mason Pyle  +122

    Alabama not being in the playoff is a early Christmas present.

  • Crest of Thunders

    As an Auburn fan, it brings me so much joy that Alabama saw everything they thought needed to happen for their playoff appearance come true and then watch as they get denied. Still would’ve preferred us to win the Iron Bowl, but I’ll take them still not going to the Playoffs.

  • Correy Retzloff

    I don't know what I'll miss more after the season, the games or SEC SHORTS. Thanks guys!

  • James Couch

    As an LSU and Tennessee fan, I’ve been quite bummed at the end of this season…But then I remembered my teams are the reason Bama is out and it all got better!

  • l0ck
    l0ck  +127

    Would've liked to seen Hope give 'Bama a "nudge of confidence" as they started down the jetway. Go Dawgs!