Home Alone literally makes no sense...

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  • Xuất bản 18 Th12, 2018
  • Home Alone animation #homealone #christmasmovie #animation
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    Side Note: I cut out all the parts about the mom in Home Alone because it was really just the same thing over and over again. "she tries to go home but she can't, and then she tries to get home but she can't...". So, I decided to focus the video on Kevin.
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    The Princess Switch is kinda dumb...
    Goosebumps was the weirdest kids show...
    Halloweentown doesn't make any sense...
    High School Musical doesn't make any sense
    High School Musical 2 doesn't make any sense...
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  • Maya Kreiner
    Maya Kreiner 29 phút trước

    But the second one is much better

  • Queen Lixxie
    Queen Lixxie 2 giờ trước

    *Family leaves me alone at Christmas* : PLAYS LOUD MUSIC AND DOES F*CK ALL
    *Family returns*: TELLS THEM TO F*CK OFF OUTTA MY LIFE
    Kevin, really?

  • T1NCH3
    T1NCH3 3 giờ trước

    my little nephew loves this movie and he is 3. I think kids still like this movie

  • HamsterK1977
    HamsterK1977 3 giờ trước

    As I got older, I started liking Buzz more than Kevin. I can see why they left him.

  • namekman01
    namekman01 17 giờ trước

    whoa whoa whoa... "those people"? whats that supposed to mean? die hard is a classic christmas movie

  • Tony Fanatic
    Tony Fanatic Ngày trước

    Kevin was able to order the pizza because there was a worker earlier in the movie who mentioned they were working on fixing the phone lines. Kevin's father couldn't reach anybody because almost all of the people on Kevin's block were away for the holidays.

  • Matthew Laker
    Matthew Laker Ngày trước

    That was a good video. Just so you know tho, kids do still pick up on home alone and love it. I've seen it happen

  • Taylor33TV
    Taylor33TV Ngày trước

    At 8:26, how did he have time to color the plan?! XD

  • Musescore is lit
    Musescore is lit Ngày trước

    Home alone happened because buzz ate Kevin's pizza

  • Natasha Jayar
    Natasha Jayar 2 ngày trước +1

    his friends didnt come over because they all went on holiday, remember the kid that came by in the beginning and was counted as Kevin. Lol

  • Mai Alessaly
    Mai Alessaly 2 ngày trước +2

    Do more please!!!!

  • Alicia Graham
    Alicia Graham 2 ngày trước

    “If Uncle Frank says no... it must really be bad.” 🤣

  • Leon Scott Kennedy0
    Leon Scott Kennedy0 3 ngày trước

    Maybe phone company fix phone line ok alex

  • Leon Scott Kennedy0
    Leon Scott Kennedy0 3 ngày trước

    I love home alone and home alone 2 lost in New York

  • Leon Scott Kennedy0
    Leon Scott Kennedy0 3 ngày trước

    What u mean doesn’t make sense it sense come on

  • Matthias Prime
    Matthias Prime 3 ngày trước


  • Kaylee Grace
    Kaylee Grace 3 ngày trước

    Im a 2000s kid and grew up watching 90s movies so personally I dont really care if it makes sense

  • Crazy Kiee World
    Crazy Kiee World 3 ngày trước

    Alex, you should do grandma got run over by a reindeer

  • Angela Wilson
    Angela Wilson 4 ngày trước +1

    Fun fact: Monica and Chandler from friends bought the home alone house in S10

  • Warren G
    Warren G 4 ngày trước

    Its old man Withers. I would of got away with it if it had'nt of been for you pesky kids

  • Warren G
    Warren G 4 ngày trước

    Shut up Pete, call me a disease

  • Warren G
    Warren G 4 ngày trước

    Fresh Prince house

  • Kailia Gaming
    Kailia Gaming 4 ngày trước +1

    Alex: wth is this old garbage
    My teacher: So doctor strange or home alone?
    My entire class: duh home alone
    Alex: wth

  • theOnlydillweed1
    theOnlydillweed1 4 ngày trước +2

    How did Kevin never wake up while everyone was running around the house and rushing outside to the shuttle vans

  • Fukai Kokoro
    Fukai Kokoro 4 ngày trước

    Wait, that tootsie pop thing wasn’t real? In my town the minuet market and super market would give us kids a free one if we had that Native American with the star arrow. Wtf.

  • ElliotRules
    ElliotRules 4 ngày trước

    So funny! LOL

  • Craftyeet
    Craftyeet 4 ngày trước

    Your teeth offends me.

  • reagan smith
    reagan smith 4 ngày trước +1

    kevin is hunting them.

  • Chloe xoxo
    Chloe xoxo 4 ngày trước

    Maybe some of the lines where fixed and he was able to call some places but not all

  • Chloe xoxo
    Chloe xoxo 4 ngày trước

    You just ruined home alone...

  • Claire Nussbaum
    Claire Nussbaum 4 ngày trước

    They didn’t design for it to make sense they made it to be funny also don’t pretend you didn’t each this movie at least 10 times

  • Diamond pug tato
    Diamond pug tato 5 ngày trước

    This was actually filmed in a school's gymnasium 😂

  • tree archibald
    tree archibald 5 ngày trước

    batman returns is the greatest christmas movie of all time.
    **homeAlone is still a top 10 movie of my childhood though

  • Scuba’s Fishtank
    Scuba’s Fishtank 5 ngày trước

    Hey man i’ve watch u for a while now and just thought i’d thank u for making long night where i cant sleep better.

  • Hani
    Hani 5 ngày trước



  • Hani
    Hani 5 ngày trước

    Even tho I don’t celebrate Christmas I love the movie a lot lol I always end up watching it in December

  • Michael Peterson
    Michael Peterson 5 ngày trước

    Every movie makes no sense

    SMOKEHOUSE TV 6 ngày trước

    People that say home alone makes no sense have no real childhood

    QJDWG 6 ngày trước +2

    "...no stupid older brother..."
    HEY! *I'm* that stupid older brother.

  • Martin Golden
    Martin Golden 6 ngày trước

    Alex Myers that 40 year old man was Kevin McCallister's stunt double I watch the behind the scenes

  • Jackson Fleming
    Jackson Fleming 6 ngày trước +1

    Represent WINNETKA baby! I used to live right by that house, it’s not that big.

  • Lovely Studios
    Lovely Studios 7 ngày trước

    “Everyone in my family hates me...”
    “Maybe you should ask Santa for a new family.”
    Wow, what a great mother.

  • Salty Protein Shake
    Salty Protein Shake 7 ngày trước

    You're better than cinema sins because you don't insult my favorite movies, you just narrate them in a comedic way

  • Random Vids
    Random Vids 7 ngày trước

    My name is meyer and my brothers name is Alex and your channel name is Alex Meyers.......huh

  • Melissa Higginbottom
    Melissa Higginbottom 8 ngày trước +1

    “look whatcha did ya little jerk”
    Your in the crowd.
    “MMMKMMM >:C”

  • Actionfan19
    Actionfan19 8 ngày trước

    You really do end up realizing that you need a crane to suspend the amount of disbelieve this movie has.

  • Madison Robarts
    Madison Robarts 8 ngày trước

    i watched this last night

  • J Karma
    J Karma 8 ngày trước

    i'm 13 and i love!!!!!!! home alone

  • Bagpuss Ozzy
    Bagpuss Ozzy 8 ngày trước +1

    You got to give it to the burglars, after the first few house traps they still tried to rob the place. I think most people would have given up after a blow torch to the head.

  • Kayleigh Dixon
    Kayleigh Dixon 9 ngày trước +1

    I'm the buzz in the family my sister is the Kevin

  • walter bryden
    walter bryden 9 ngày trước

    don't all movies have stuff that don't make sense? home alone was a fun movie that made a lot of people smile.

  • king kenzie544
    king kenzie544 9 ngày trước

    Don’t diss home alone

  • Book worm Hayes
    Book worm Hayes 9 ngày trước

    Well I love this movie so much

  • Cassandra Gonzales
    Cassandra Gonzales 9 ngày trước

    U suck

  • French Muffin
    French Muffin 9 ngày trước +1

    Am I the ONLY one who noticed that at 9:54, he used the “enemy approaching” theme from Undertale?

    BEEF_CAKE 9 ngày trước


  • Gaming with a Penguin
    Gaming with a Penguin 9 ngày trước

    Right when you said
    Just one thing a commercial popped up for butter

  • French Muffin
    French Muffin 9 ngày trước

    No one:
    Alex *cRiMbuS MiRiCle*

  • Scarlet Ninjas
    Scarlet Ninjas 10 ngày trước

    I'm surprised he didn't mention how Kevin's mum went through so much trouble to get to Kevin as soon as possible only to arrive literally a few minutes before the rest of the family

  • 123 seth2648
    123 seth2648 10 ngày trước

    How are all the kids related