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Fortnite *LIVE* EVENT - END OF CHAPTER 3! (Fracture)

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  • Xuất bản 02 Th12, 2022

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  • Ali-A
    Ali-A   +447

    Event start time

  • Boah
    Boah   +216

    The galactus event is the perfect example of interactive. It was fun,enjoyable and short. The rest was amazing visuals,music and hype

  • mxy
    mxy  +392

    These new season events don't hit the same anymore, we need similar ones from the old seasons. A huge build up no interacting stuff just watching things happen would be alot better

  • aola wili

    The event was great now we gotta wait a few hours for chapter 4 can't wait I'm hyped

  • Aclyps_SteakYT

    I wish I were as excited as Ali A whilst playing the minigames😭

  • Fox X Gamer Plays

    I actually think the zero point had enough of the herald and blew her up to save everyone who was still "Alive" and return the fragments from the chrome that took over .. basically the Zero Point had to reforge and return a new island to simply give us a home. Theory but I think it makes sense why it blew up.

  • Imafrog202

    My best memory from chapter 3 was when my friends helped me get my first victory crown win in trios

  • Waluigi
    Waluigi  +3

    Loved it @Alia

  • snapshot 20

    It looked so cool and fun 🤩

  • The CJ’s Alcantara

    I just realized. It looked like the Herald was trying to escape the reality tree, and merged with it against her will

  • bilinas mini


  • Antman_thegreat3

    I would’ve loved to actually fight the chrome not just a cool cutscene

  • Franco Cortes

    It’s finally time for the live event let’s go

  • switch_445


  • Commenter Raymeme main channel Raymeme

    The best part of the event is that it got us to build the island ourselves

  • Luis Maximum

    Its called the Reality Tree cause that's what makes the chapter 3 map alive but with it connected to the ground (by the chrome) to be part of everything its gonna break everything so there's gonna be NOTHING left.

  • Aidan Hawkins

    Amazing event who else can't wait for today there is 4 more hours apparently

  • KGM Fighter

    midas STILL not being shown in the storyline, even after all those leaks that he was gonna battle the chrome 😑

    SSJ GOD  +4

    Man chapter 3 came out a year ago is it just me or I didn't notice that it came out a year ago it's crazy how much time can fly

  • Keri Seeley

    The event starts at the heralds sanctam😊