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This Plants vs Zombies speedrun is almost impossible...

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  • Xuất bản 25 Th10, 2021
  • Plants vs Zombies speedruns are difficult on there own, and when you aren't allowed to use any sun plants, that difficulty increases even more. The speedrun is full of RNG, unique strategies, and a lot of close calls
    Watch live at: twitch.tv/EazySpeezy
    ▶ Twitter: EazySpeezy
    ▶ Instagram: EazySpeezy
    ▶ Merch: eazyspeezy.com
    Video/thumbnail inspiration from : @Shyguymask
    Edited by: me
    Watch the world record run here: • Plants vs. Zombie...
    My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!
    #EazySpeezy #PlantsVsZombies #Speedrun
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  • KilleRedX
    KilleRedX Năm trước +13873

    I have huge respect for speedrunners, because of their extremely high patience.

    • Stickmation
      Stickmation Năm trước +169

      Me a PVZ Veteran: You are underestimating my power

    • Umbragon
      Umbragon Năm trước +481

      They spend so much time just to spend as little time as possible

    • presto achiu
      presto achiu Năm trước +20

      yes they're awsome

    • Tomokia
      Tomokia Năm trước +41

      @Umbragon Well said

    • axferumble
      axferumble Năm trước +9

      Which isxwhy i shall never speedrun

  • Lucas N00b
    Lucas N00b Năm trước +6971

    video hasn't even started and i already feel unbelievable amounts of pain just from thinking about how hard this was

    • Small YouTuber
      Small YouTuber Năm trước +46

      Rip this comment.The bots has take down

    • Yusuf the cat with a gun
      Yusuf the cat with a gun Năm trước +4

      @Small VNclipr suggested you dont even care about it

    • kirbee🐝
      kirbee🐝 Năm trước +7

      VNclip plz the comment sections are 80% bots do something please

    • Small YouTuber
      Small YouTuber Năm trước +3

      @Yusuf the cat with a gun I care about cat with gun :)

    • Rin Yeongi
      Rin Yeongi Năm trước +2

      @UCAVR6VeEm_5bLIE4O6pTkvQ biach stop

  • RedDemoman66
    RedDemoman66 Năm trước +10770

    This takes the no sun plants achievement to a whole new level

    • KingShark422
      KingShark422 Năm trước +224

      I loved doing that crazy achievement.

    • Matthew Rayner
      Matthew Rayner Năm trước +134

      @KingShark422 wait, is there a steam achievement for doing this?

    • Jfjto jfjmfidkskendjk
      Jfjto jfjmfidkskendjk Năm trước +91

      This is hard in the night levels

    • یساعد
      یساعد Năm trước +117

      OPEN PAGE,,,,, 👇🤗 ah yes. a classic comment bot roaming around youtube

  • hey
    hey  Năm trước +2280

    i didn’t even know this game could be beaten, like that’s how bad i was at it😭

    • Racist Dwarf
      Racist Dwarf Năm trước +51

      What level did you struggle

    • teehee
      teehee Năm trước +186

      @Racist Dwarf all of them

    • a random being
      a random being  Năm trước +34

      Lol i beat this game 3 times and then got bored of it so now i don't even know where it is on my PC 😂😂

    • Homeostasis
      Homeostasis Năm trước +115

      @a random being honestly, the game's too easy. i'd play pvz2 but the game is a cash grab, and you have to pay for like half the plants

    • a random being
      a random being  Năm trước +9

      @Homeostasis yeah i agree. The game is actually quite easy. Including the mini games and all other things.

  • GabeTheGuppie03 Cactus Bro 1
    GabeTheGuppie03 Cactus Bro 1 Năm trước +7975

    I love how he just throws the boss battle over as a minigame. Lol

    • Sunbleached Angel
      Sunbleached Angel Năm trước +93

      It's pretty easy tho

    • Archer Elms
      Archer Elms Năm trước +134

      @Chí Anh I've been noticing A LOT of these lately

    • Miraclemaker
      Miraclemaker Năm trước +53

      @Archer Elms report on sight

    • Archer Elms
      Archer Elms Năm trước +20

      @Miraclemaker oh don't worry, I have been

  • Milo C
    Milo C 3 tháng trước +106

    The fact that the record holder was cheering you on is just so epic and sweet what a king

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow Năm trước +2084

    This game is surprisingly fun to see someone speedrun.

    • Gene Svifson
      Gene Svifson Năm trước +19

      Yep, I sat through the whole 6 hour stream and somehow didn't get bored.

    • SamDalorian1875
      SamDalorian1875 Năm trước +1


    • special_lad
      special_lad Năm trước

      its surprisingly fun to speedrun

    • Ponkypink!
      Ponkypink! Năm trước

      Well will you have a fun time watching Mario 64 speedruns

    • ElectroNoob
      ElectroNoob Năm trước

      That game was my whole childhood bro I'm getting kinda emotional over this speedrun

  • Cursor
    Cursor Năm trước +2946

    Imagine the amount of patience he has to do these runs

    • Noisyhamster 101
      Noisyhamster 101 Năm trước +7

      Yeah, night levels with only puff shrooms are really boring to play.

    • Crayonicles
      Crayonicles Năm trước +2

      @Cursor I guess you have yet to know Shyguymask

    • Fatterlink
      Fatterlink Năm trước +1

      *cough cough* shyguymask *cough*

    • Jay Louis
      Jay Louis Năm trước +3

      @Fatterlink Ah yes that guy who beat pvz with 2 seed slot

    • Greggorto
      Greggorto Năm trước

      @Jay Louis and the guy who tried to do fancy pants games without coins lol

  • Kirbomatic
    Kirbomatic Năm trước +2511

    in 5-5, Crazy Dave says that you'll hate the level (notice how he specifically points out that it's a level) because of all the bungee zombies. Crazy Dave knows that he's in a video game

    • Optimistic Watermelon
      Optimistic Watermelon Năm trước +282

      Well that's because he's Crazy Dave.

    • LeBozo James Simp
      LeBozo James Simp Năm trước +17

      @Z.∃.U.S Its funny, dont click its a bot too like u think it'll comment again

    • nevermind
      nevermind Năm trước +18

      Sane Dave

    • TANK ON
      TANK ON Năm trước +8

      @Z.∃.U.S its a joke chill tf out

  • Timothy John Laguardia
    Timothy John Laguardia Năm trước +243

    I love how he works hard enough and got 5 hours + at the speedrun and took long at editing he needs a sub and like

  • Toanaboogege Francis
    Toanaboogege Francis Năm trước +2095

    I felt physical pain when anticipating how hard this would be.

    • OctoBoi
      OctoBoi Năm trước +3

      It's actually not that hard, I've done it myself

    • Zachary Apotheker
      Zachary Apotheker Năm trước +18

      I swear why are there so many bots on this video

    • Jay Louis
      Jay Louis Năm trước +5

      @Zachary Apotheker Because bots always in popular videos

    • Taterds
      Taterds Năm trước +5

      Theres a guy called shyguymask who beat the game using only two plant slots, if this is hard then that one is extreme pain

    • Jay Louis
      Jay Louis Năm trước

      @Taterds Yea

  • Luke
    Luke 6 tháng trước +18

    this man makes speedrunning both look fun and insanity inducing

  • BrainyBoltGannon
    BrainyBoltGannon Năm trước +890

    It's great to see that people still make content based around this game to this day, as much as I love the Plants vs. Zombies franchise with all of my heart, the original will forever be the GOAT in the PvZ series

    • Canman18
      Canman18 Năm trước +8

      tbh my fave on was PVZ2 bc it was the first one i played

    • Sneaky Bastard
      Sneaky Bastard Năm trước +10

      It's a little behind Garden Warfare 1 for me, but the OG is the OG

    • Lotie The Bunny
      Lotie The Bunny Năm trước


    • TheGoldengamer
      TheGoldengamer Năm trước +5

      @Sneaky Bastard garden warfare was the shit man it was amazing becoming a tryhard with toxic pea and sniping with plasma pea

    • Gold86star
      Gold86star Năm trước +1

      yea except for the night pool levels i still cant beat those yet

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama Năm trước +610

    Imagine if this was an in-game achievement

    • ReyTheLegendary
      ReyTheLegendary Năm trước +61

      Beating 1 level with it is

    • Ynog09
      Ynog09 Năm trước +14

      The kind of achievement that only 2 people in the world achieved it

    • Mr. I asked
      Mr. I asked Năm trước +6

      @Ynog09 some people have probably done it too

    • I'm A Shadow
      I'm A Shadow Năm trước +8

      @Ynog09 It's Not That Hard, Really
      (Yes It's Extremely Hard... But Even If You're A Newbie, It Won't Take You More Than 4 Days / 96 Hours To Complete 😅)

    • Lina Masrie
      Lina Masrie Năm trước +1

      @ReyTheLegendary true

  • ElChompero
    ElChompero Năm trước +234

    The fact that this giga chad just speedrunned PvZ 1 without using any sunflowers is the fact that he deserves a lot of respect

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix Năm trước +637

    Damn the nostalgia !!

    • totally not572
      totally not572 Năm trước


    • gamermike111
      gamermike111 Năm trước

      Are you a bot?

    • B58
      B58 Năm trước +4

      @gamermike111 to determine if he bought a channel or not, just check his channel. A lot of videos and from long ago means it's legit.

    • Sam
      Sam Năm trước

      I'm gonna play it again

    • Triplus
      Triplus Năm trước

      @B58 Wayback Machine

  • Superking 100
    Superking 100 Năm trước +347

    PVZ: Dr. Zomboss is the final challenge! EazySpeezy: Finally, a minigame break!

    • Mint
      Mint Năm trước

      bssni touir true

  • silverwolfzs
    silverwolfzs 3 tháng trước +5

    It’s almost exactly an hour longer than the world record, that just shows you how crazy it can get

  • Euanimations
    Euanimations Năm trước +218

    Puff shroom is low-key very OP in any game mode

    • Shroove
      Shroove Năm trước +5

      no shrooms gamemode?

    • Marisa Kirisameme
      Marisa Kirisameme Năm trước +50

      There is no low-key about it since they are the best plant in the game

    • DecayedPheonix
      DecayedPheonix Năm trước

      @Marisa Kirisameme No they aren't

    • Mr. Phrog
      Mr. Phrog Năm trước

      @Shroove day levels would be easy, night tho

    • Talo
      Talo Năm trước +4

      I mean they are strong only if you are doing this challenge, otherwise they are useless aside from night levels

  • HopeForSanity
    HopeForSanity Năm trước +13

    Man, As a kid I had trouble completing this game...To see someone not only speedrun the game, but with no Sunflowers?? That's insane.

  • Mal
    Mal Năm trước +677

    I actually attempted to play the game this way after watching shyguymask’s video on it which to my knowledge was the first time anyone had ever attempted it. 10/10 would recommend! It was actually very fun and surprisingly easy! Would not recommend speed running it tho lol

    • Flor Delphin Ta
      Flor Delphin Ta Năm trước +2

      Oh yeah that's his name. I kinda forgot lol.

    • Swordam106
      Swordam106 Năm trước +5

      Yea those fog levels were cancer

    • Emperor TGP
      Emperor TGP Năm trước +11

      he's not even close to being the first guy to attempt it

    • Violet Crown
      Violet Crown Năm trước

      Shyguymask the guy who started the no-sun PvZ runs.

    • Elite Crow
      Elite Crow Năm trước +1

      i did attempt it when i was a kid i just didn't get past the night levels

  • Skywatcher Paintball
    Skywatcher Paintball Năm trước +11

    I just realised how good the the night plants are. I have no idea how they seem better OUTSIDE of the night levels.

  • Colegladiator Doesgames
    Colegladiator Doesgames Năm trước +123

    I like how after 6 hours of his life he won’t get back while getting 2nd and just casually says “A comfortable 2nd place”

    • Brando Reid
      Brando Reid Năm trước +10

      The pain of realizing if he never reset for no reason on the pot smash level, he'd be first :(

    • lt
      lt 11 tháng trước +5

      ​​@Brando Reid 1st place is 4h 59m and his was 5h 59m lol

    • Duval In The Wall
      Duval In The Wall 11 tháng trước +7

      @Brando Reid
      He didn’t lose a full hour from that lmao

  • William Robinson
    William Robinson 13 ngày trước +1

    I love watching EazySpeezy because it helps me relax and i sometime try to speedrun the same games he does

  • Johnny Summs
    Johnny Summs Năm trước +367

    Before this starts, I’m thinking of the fog levels, where he can only use a few lily pads and the rest have to be sea shrooms with their slow recharge times and the normal plants are puff shrooms…

    • ICantthinkofAGoodUsername
      ICantthinkofAGoodUsername Năm trước +9

      I was thinking of fog being the hardest level on the speedrun

    • Johnny Summs
      Johnny Summs Năm trước +6

      K I Y O S I 張__💋 reported

    • Dylan B
      Dylan B Năm trước +1

      @Johnny Summs you know they’re a bot right? There’s no point in replying.

    • Johnny Summs
      Johnny Summs Năm trước +13

      @Dylan B I wasn’t replying to them, just saying that one of the members of the stupid bot plague was reported
      And it seems it didn’t work

    • Yusuf the cat with a gun
      Yusuf the cat with a gun Năm trước

      Puffshroom spam is op and the lilypads probably wont really be used

  • DerpOmAn
    DerpOmAn Năm trước +80

    This man is a madman... I still remember when it took me a full year just to finish the damn game

    • Albab Hamdani
      Albab Hamdani Năm trước +3

      GD Amberlamps actually it's pretty believable because back then no kids know how to strategize a good composition for each level.

    • Zadar
      Zadar Năm trước


    • indiaball🇮🇳
      indiaball🇮🇳 Năm trước

      @Albab Hamdani no kids? I'm a kid and came to fog in 1 week!
      Ibcame to neon mixtape tour in pvz2 in 2 months!

    • Albab Hamdani
      Albab Hamdani Năm trước

      ​@indiaball🇮🇳 then lemme changed it to most of the kids

    • DerpOmAn
      DerpOmAn 9 tháng trước

      Dude I was like 6-7 years old when I played it.

  • AirLight
    AirLight Năm trước +7

    I would have never thought that those night levels were even possible. Who would have guessed that those 50 sun you start with would be so useful? Also that ending is hilarious lol

  • Fatima
    Fatima Năm trước +10

    Me and my cousin used to play this game all the time when we were kids (the adrenaline during the final boss is something i have not felt again since then) so this game brought back a lot of fun memories

  • StarfruitGamer123
    StarfruitGamer123 Năm trước +96

    Oh, I was in this stream! I love watching people speedrun games, GG on all the determination!

  • InGameSniperr
    InGameSniperr 5 tháng trước +2

    I love games like this. Very well designed as they dont force you to use anything. It gives you more options.

  • Jonathan Woods
    Jonathan Woods Năm trước +9

    It was fun to watch this live! What a learning process!

  • FluffyWolfie
    FluffyWolfie Năm trước +8

    I watched the live steam on Twitch for the first time in a while. It's really fun to watch him suffer on the night worlds(Level 2 and Level 4). The stream was too long so I left halfway but came back to rewatch until the end.

  • Dead
    Dead Năm trước +15

    The zombies in this game really know how to express themselves.

  • Racist Dwarf
    Racist Dwarf Năm trước +72

    Fun fact: the strat he use at the roof is called the gloom walk

  • Astruh
    Astruh Năm trước +6

    I don't know if you've found this type of run or created it yourself, but very impressive skill nonetheless. Much respect.

  • Tommy Ravenscroft
    Tommy Ravenscroft 3 tháng trước

    man i remember spending ages on the levels with dancer zombies so i was very impressed when he killed them with no sun production

  • ronaldo 7
    ronaldo 7 Năm trước +6

    6hours of pain packed in 12minutes of good entertainment, that's the most impressive thing :D congrats on 2nd place!

  • Nintendawg
    Nintendawg Năm trước +2

    Much respect, for what you do sir! Keep it up!

  • Robino Perkino
    Robino Perkino Năm trước +1

    You didn't point it out, but if you put the gloom-shroom where you did, it can also attack catapult zombies at their base position. I guess it is troublesome that they can crush the garlic plants you use if they show up in the wrong lanes.


    As an og player of pvz, seeing him not use the powerful plants, seeing him not using a sunflower, using only peashooters and nothing else really makes me go nuts me since they're so important. Way to go, EazySpeezy! Great run!

    • Sneaky Bastard
      Sneaky Bastard Năm trước +1

      This is a challenge run, I think he has a "normal" speedrun in which he uses all that he can

  • Lucky74
    Lucky74 Năm trước +42

    I really loved the other plants versus zombies video. Can’t wait to see this one.

    • Jacob rodrigues
      Jacob rodrigues Năm trước

      K I Y O S I 張__💋 Shit There Are All on Big Channel

  • Louis Ching
    Louis Ching Năm trước +5

    I am stuck on roof level 6 but this guy literally crushed it

  • Alexander Rutter
    Alexander Rutter Năm trước +6

    Love your videos! Can’t wait to start my own speedruns!

  • Agent W
    Agent W Năm trước +12

    This brings back memories… God where did the time go?

  • Robi336
    Robi336 Năm trước +26

    I liked how you explained every thing in this video and your voice sounded really nice too. This was a very good video, would like to see this style again.

  • Red Scorpion
    Red Scorpion 16 ngày trước

    Sub-6 speedrun with no sun-production plants is really impressive! You BARELY did it in under 6 hours!!!

  • Lydia S
    Lydia S Năm trước +2

    this is such a great speedrun and video! love it!

  • Pratyugna
    Pratyugna 9 tháng trước +1

    Used to play this game 5 yrs back... After seeing your video i downloaded this again... Thanks 💜

  • Callum York
    Callum York Năm trước +20

    At this point this man is just speed running my child hood

  • Rinn
    Rinn Năm trước +1

    I'm pretty familiar with PVZ speedruns and I just wanted to say that you can place the peashooters like puff shrooms for the earlier zombies, and using lawn mowers is a very valid time saving strat

    • I'm A Shadow
      I'm A Shadow Năm trước

      If You Use Peashooter, You Won't Have Enough Sun To Buy Gloom-Shrooms
      (Remember *How SLOW* We Can Get Sun Without Sunflower 😅)

  • Yusi351
    Yusi351 Năm trước +1

    I love your vids because so much effort is put into them and I think your PvZ vids are very entertaining
    Edit: and would love to see more

  • Deniz Carbajal
    Deniz Carbajal Năm trước +2

    I played this game through in 2 days but I only played a couple hours a day! My strategy was always using the Sun plants to start! They helped a lot to be able to buy a lot of plants and then set a row of pea shooters and then set a row of walnuts. Worked perfect every time, only had to restart a couple times.

  • OctoNocturne
    OctoNocturne Năm trước +12

    The practice for 4-9 was brutal, glad it went better for the real run.

  • internet addict
    internet addict Năm trước

    you could place the peashooters closer to where the zombies spawn due to the projectile speed being so slow to get a better time, but it can be risky sometimes

  • tomlaf188
    tomlaf188 Năm trước +14

    I use to play PVZ everyday and still sometimes play it, I love this game

  • Nhật Minh
    Nhật Minh Năm trước +3

    There are many people give up on this challenge because of balloon zombies, you did a great job (and got a real good luck too lmao).

  • FearsomeLAG
    FearsomeLAG 5 tháng trước +4

    Congrats for second place, that's super impressive.

  • Kojo Bailey
    Kojo Bailey 7 tháng trước

    Random stuff i noticed
    - You probably would've saved time by planting closer towards zombies in some situations so that projectiles reach them faster.
    - In situations like 4:50, just planting Wall-nuts would be a better investment for saving sun
    - 10:00 Gloom-shroom OP! Honestly my favourite plant in the entire franchise
    - Probably wouldn't save you time, but letting lawnmowers be used in 5-10 stop zombies spawning there for the entire level

  • IeatNoodles
    IeatNoodles Năm trước +1

    Man I forgot how fun this game was

  • Lil LAZRshot746
    Lil LAZRshot746  Năm trước +2

    If you told me 6 years ago that people would be speedrunning my favorite game at the time (still one of my all time favs) without using sunflowers I would say without a doubt "That's not possible. You're crazy."

  • RonaId
    RonaId Năm trước +18

    Damn, speedrunning an already difficult challenge
    Daring today aren't we

    • vexroGAMING
      vexroGAMING Năm trước +1

      K I Y O S I 張__💋 wtf?

  • 彭旭輝
    彭旭輝 Năm trước

    This's crazy! I haven't even thought of completing the game without sunflower!

  • BumbleBoi
    BumbleBoi Năm trước

    This speedrun may be impossible but I’m wondering why a rake is more powerful than a watermelon crashing down at max speed.

  • Flippy
    Flippy 7 tháng trước +2

    I remember playing this game years ago with my siblings. It's so good

  • Lobii No Lobo
    Lobii No Lobo Năm trước

    Tip for the final boss fight!
    The Boss will ONLY put zombies on the lanes that have plants/roof cleaners
    And will only attack on any other lane that is NOT the middle one.
    So if you just plant in the middle lane, it will be extremely easy, as you only have to replace plants in One lane

  • selvie 🌸
    selvie 🌸 Năm trước +2

    I felt pain when I thought how hard this would be

  • Kingconrad45
    Kingconrad45 Năm trước +4

    I respect him for spending hours upon hours on playing this game

  • Kaptain Kernel
    Kaptain Kernel Năm trước

    Gotta love PvZ Speedruns!

  • Eggs n' Ham
    Eggs n' Ham Năm trước +4

    I love how the three highest spots are separated by about 1 hour each

    • I'm A Shadow
      I'm A Shadow Năm trước +1

      *Based On Luck At The Pool Level

  • The Refined Goose
    The Refined Goose Năm trước

    Speedrunner: Uses no sunflowers and only gets raw sun energy or mushrooms to fuel his zombie killing army
    Sunflowers at the end of the game:"We freaking carried this team."

  • Trafalgar Law
    Trafalgar Law Năm trước

    The thought that the number 1 guy did this more than an hour faster is insane to me

  • Amanda Olivier
    Amanda Olivier Năm trước +1

    i love your speed runs!

  • Roman Brenner
    Roman Brenner Năm trước +29

    i did this speedrun on my ds like 5 years ago and my whole family thought i could not do it without breaking something but i proved them wrong lol

  • Noein
    Noein Năm trước

    I literally used to play PvZ without sunflower, early stages and and day time levels... This seriously brings me back in time

    • Zadar
      Zadar Năm trước +1

      Why tho

    • Noein
      Noein Năm trước

      @Zadar because I notice middle part of the stage or late part of the stage I have so many suns, but nothing else to buy, so I thought maybe sunflowers aren't worth with so much suns.

  • TheYuty
    TheYuty 9 tháng trước

    Better format for this content I think (commentary of what happened over the footage pre-recorded, as opposed to commentary while playing) This is significant improvement from when I last watched. Well done!

  • Arcade Bee
    Arcade Bee Năm trước

    Here's a trick on the final boss: If a mower gets used by a zombie, and NOT crushed by the balls, then zomboss will stop placing zombies on that lane. you can fight on one lane where u can fit a lot more plants.

  • Lotie The Bunny
    Lotie The Bunny Năm trước

    Ahh..PVZ...what a memorable game to play

  • Sebastien Ollquist
    Sebastien Ollquist Năm trước

    You made me want to play PvZ again, thanks lol

  • Jonas Mayer
    Jonas Mayer Năm trước +186

    My only question is:
    How did he get the ideas for his videos?

    • LZH1703
      LZH1703 Năm trước +35

      @Micheal Laehcim
      Obviously. There’s an entire leaderboard.

  • Bloody Legend
    Bloody Legend Năm trước

    This is a great VNclip channel. So entertaining

  • Epic noob
    Epic noob Năm trước

    Easyspeezy is actually just like dream as speedrunning

  • SamDalorian1875
    SamDalorian1875 Năm trước

    It’s nice to see a game still active since it’s over 12 years old.

    QEE BOH Năm trước +2

    For 1-1 I suggest placing them at the front, so the peas can reach the zombies faster and kill them faster

  • kot1526
    kot1526 Năm trước

    Easypeezy: * plays without sunflowers *
    *The sunflower shows how good it is*
    I was like you totally did everything

  • Joss Kujoh
    Joss Kujoh Năm trước +4

    big respect to the speedrunners
    now imagine doing this in PvZ2 or any kind of speedrun, could be amazing tho

    • ItsPforPea
      ItsPforPea Năm trước +1

      In PvZ2, some levels have objectives, one of the possible objectives is "produce x sun", failing the objectives will fail you the levels also.
      So yeah, not possible.

    • RocknRoll will never die
      RocknRoll will never die Năm trước

      @ItsPforPea Nice to see you here

    • efw2358
      efw2358 Năm trước

      @ItsPforPea you don't have to beat every level to win

    • efw2358
      efw2358 Năm trước

      @ItsPforPea you can skip every produce x sun level except the one in modern day (which has gold tiles!)

    • miro machado
      miro machado Năm trước

      @efw2358 pvz 2 got an update that made the progression linear instead of you just being able to skip onto modern day,so it's just impossible now

  • Fresha Vocadou
    Fresha Vocadou Năm trước +1

    I read the title and imediately feel the pain from this run

  • touch252
    touch252 Năm trước

    The fog levels are the hardest part of this speedrun in my opinion because of the balloons in my opinion.

  • yxxvhy.
    yxxvhy. Năm trước

    im actually excited and anxious for if he plays pvz2.... i do not know how he will speedrun all the worlds

  • Silver 783
    Silver 783 Năm trước

    Finally another epic pvz player who is good and loves the game.(also the cactus can pop the ballon zombies balloons)

  • Fajar N
    Fajar N Năm trước +1

    Hoho, I've attempted this one randomly one day, it was quite challenging...really love the free shroom.

  • JP The Psycho
    JP The Psycho Năm trước +24

    How about a speedrun of plants vs zombies but you can only use instakill plants only (Doomshrooms, squash, cherrybombs, etc).
    Also sunflowers can be used, cause night levels would be impossible

    • That Nick
      That Nick Năm trước +5

      I mean theyd have to start the run at like level three when they get the cherry bombs, but other than that it could be fun

    QEE BOH Năm trước

    Suggest using jalepeno and cherry bomb more often since they insta kill, do not need to worry 4 lanes at the end just for 275 sun(or use doom shroom with coffee bean)

  • Little Scaredy Boy
    Little Scaredy Boy Năm trước

    I have never seen someone attempt to do this. This sounds like complete and utter pain.

  • Valkyn Luker
    Valkyn Luker Năm trước

    I actually did this my first paythrough because I thought the sunflowers took up too much room

  • bestroop
    bestroop Năm trước

    Quick tip: In boss battle if u let zombies through on all lanes but the middle one, zombies will only spawn in the middle lane

  • 3ea
    3ea Năm trước

    I remember playing this, it was real fun

  • Geu Lumiguid
    Geu Lumiguid Năm trước +3

    6 hours of straight plants vs zombies with no sun plants

  • Afiq Cho
    Afiq Cho Năm trước

    I used to play this years ago. I loved it so much

  • Burst644
    Burst644 Năm trước

    this speedrun was awesome lol also I just recently got into pvz again which is great

  • Cardnialbirb
    Cardnialbirb Năm trước +1

    This has got to be an absolutely draining speed run