Ellen Thinks Instagram Should Get Rid of This One Feature

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  • Xuất bản 18 Th11, 2019
  • Instagram recently announced they're going to stop showing the likes on posts, but Ellen has a better idea of what the popular photo app should get rid of.
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  • RubiMercuri
    RubiMercuri 13 ngày trước +5

    I haven't been on instagram in a few weeks because I was sick of the whole idea of likes revolving around photos and decided to start using vsco instead. Instagram is such a toxic social media

    • Xam
      Xam 10 ngày trước

      Just about all social media is toxic. Twitter, Facebook included 😑

  • MrNikkimaxine
    MrNikkimaxine 14 ngày trước

    Do do that this beat need help with ween I get wi-fl on my talent is my question

  • Black Manta
    Black Manta 14 ngày trước

    Ok boomer

  • S C
    S C 14 ngày trước


  • Xam
    Xam 14 ngày trước +8

    Wow, I didn’t know Instagram were thinking about doing that. I don’t have an Instagram but I think that’s a great idea.

  • Briony Pedelty
    Briony Pedelty 15 ngày trước

    Instagram should keep the comments up on screen☺

  • Uni Pey
    Uni Pey 16 ngày trước +2

    Instagram is owned by Facebook...so go figure...anyhow: I am amazed how people can't just look at the pictures...they really seek for statements that make them feel something...or it is a counterpain that makes a no related organical pain less hurting.

  • ran Lco
    ran Lco 16 ngày trước

    That’s a good idea, no comments

  • Steve Calvin
    Steve Calvin 16 ngày trước

    The Kardashians are shaking now!

  • Emma Louise
    Emma Louise 16 ngày trước

    You can take off comments and you can change the comment section so only your followers or people you follow can comment.

  • sierra_ kilo
    sierra_ kilo 16 ngày trước

    Correct! Comments should be closed

  • Harish Kumar
    Harish Kumar 16 ngày trước

    Hi Ellen how are you

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 16 ngày trước +14

    This girl sounds like ellen from TheEllenShow

  • Chrissy McCarthy
    Chrissy McCarthy 16 ngày trước


  • Patrick Weir
    Patrick Weir 16 ngày trước +1

    Ok boomer.

  • Putri Kyu
    Putri Kyu 16 ngày trước

    A cactus ? 😱

  • Marci LK
    Marci LK 16 ngày trước

    I wish they’d keep likes. I am an amateur photographer and use Instagram to share my photography. The likes are feedback for me to judge how my photos are because I’m still learning.

  • itzladyPurplє
    itzladyPurplє 16 ngày trước +5

    I have been saying this... i 100% agree... get rid of comments

  • Melissa Mukutnauth
    Melissa Mukutnauth 16 ngày trước +4

    Comments is what they should work on.
    Not taking away persons 4 likes. Lol

  • Madelyn Freeman
    Madelyn Freeman 16 ngày trước +2


  • Lucas A&S
    Lucas A&S 16 ngày trước

    Orange ellen

  • Sabrine's Dream
    Sabrine's Dream 16 ngày trước +1


  • Gaingamlung Pamei
    Gaingamlung Pamei 16 ngày trước

    Hi m nothin but I wanna live a life

  • Matilda Brown
    Matilda Brown 16 ngày trước +1

    ❤❤❤ for u mama El

  • Akshaya Kirthik
    Akshaya Kirthik 17 ngày trước +2

    I love uuuuuuuu Ellen more than anyone does❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️

  • py lvr
    py lvr 17 ngày trước

    not funnt

  • Xo.goddess.cee
    Xo.goddess.cee 17 ngày trước

    Since we on the topic .. follow me on ig @xo.goddess.cee 😛

  • Ginger Bread
    Ginger Bread 17 ngày trước +3

    Who else is a true Ellen fan

    I am a youtuber trying to reach 25 subscribers

  • DaniEatzTV
    DaniEatzTV 17 ngày trước +1

    Eggplants & Peaches??? OMG!! People will definitely get around this :) The internet comes up with the wildest things :) Blessings to ALL!

  • Willie Corry
    Willie Corry 17 ngày trước

    Hi ellen please listen to Kry$tal Kleer on youtube!! Thank you!

  • sharanya k
    sharanya k 17 ngày trước

    Plz call mamamoo on Ellen show

  • Pradeep Yadav
    Pradeep Yadav 17 ngày trước +1

    Hey Ellen! Looking forward to meet you one day. Thank you! And keep going!

  • trinni binni
    trinni binni 17 ngày trước +53

    i deleted it because it made my life more complicated, it hurt me more than i had fun scrolling you know

    • Uni Pey
      Uni Pey 15 ngày trước

      @trinni binni ...hurting makes you more resistant. You can decide how much you can take in at a point...and when you take a pause. It hurts you because you are still in level one in Plato's divided line. You can't even determine Werther those comments are honest, trolling or created by a bot in order to measure the reactions.

    • trinni binni
      trinni binni 16 ngày trước

      yeah but it truly hurts some people my guy

    • Uni Pey
      Uni Pey 16 ngày trước

      You can just watch the pictures.
      And obviously you are not trained in detecting irony and sarcasm...because the things that hurt are nothing else than a giant global and non-pictorial/verbal meme.

  • trinni binni
    trinni binni 17 ngày trước

    i’m glad

  • Nishanth prabu
    Nishanth prabu 17 ngày trước +1

    No likes i think thats good

  • ArtOfGenpest
    ArtOfGenpest 17 ngày trước +26

    Ellen is such a boomer.

    • Katelyn
      Katelyn 16 ngày trước

      ArtOfGenpest a Boomer is a male Kangaroo 🦘😮🤣🤣

  • Anant Nigam
    Anant Nigam 17 ngày trước +7

    No actually Instagram just needs a dislike button coz some posts are 👎 specially those "Did yoU kNoW" ones.

  • HESHAM .m
    HESHAM .m 17 ngày trước +7

    I disagree we need comments after hearing her out you got a point 😂 😂

  • alix ali
    alix ali 17 ngày trước +1

    u r great Ellen I love u lady so much

  • Darren Schmidt
    Darren Schmidt 17 ngày trước +1

    Corporate media personalities like Ellen, don't like comment sections because being able to comment is the antithesis of broadcast television, the medium they have been soaking our brains with for almost 100 years now.

  • Hello you there
    Hello you there 17 ngày trước


  • Princess Jauregui-Hansen
    Princess Jauregui-Hansen 17 ngày trước +3

    I agree tbh. Take away the comments and just have negative and positive reaction buttons

  • sourav raveendran
    sourav raveendran 17 ngày trước

    Hi Ellen 😀

  • TerrorTales 666
    TerrorTales 666 17 ngày trước


  • Gokul Agrawal
    Gokul Agrawal 17 ngày trước +37

    Commenting everyday until Ellen replies day 16 😄

  • Max and Mateo
    Max and Mateo 17 ngày trước +4

    Who’s been a fan before 201

    I am gifting my next 27 subscribers

  • giselle joseph
    giselle joseph 17 ngày trước

    I am adjustin i cannot see likes but its for our selesteem

  • Shefana Imami
    Shefana Imami 17 ngày trước

    before 1M?

  • MamaGround
    MamaGround 17 ngày trước


  • Sarah Blue
    Sarah Blue 17 ngày trước +137

    I can't let instagram take my 3 likes away..I need them 😹💔

    • Sarah Blue
      Sarah Blue 17 ngày trước

      I am _ alukat _ on insta go follow and like my post 😋😍

  • Avetor UAC
    Avetor UAC 17 ngày trước

    I explane maiby people fined somfing new for not only porn> other sheet)

  • Saverio Avarino
    Saverio Avarino 17 ngày trước +4

    Lorena 😎✌️ Patrizia come va con le spese

  • Saverio Avarino
    Saverio Avarino 17 ngày trước

    Loredana Belmonte

  • Saverio Avarino
    Saverio Avarino 17 ngày trước

    Loredana Belmonte

  • Saverio Avarino
    Saverio Avarino 17 ngày trước

    Loredana Belmonte

  • Saverio Avarino
    Saverio Avarino 17 ngày trước

    Loredana Belmonte

  • Mizzy Digo
    Mizzy Digo 17 ngày trước +3

    Leaving out the comments is a great idea. Theres enough commenters in the world already. Instagram take notes.

  • Saanvi Sharma
    Saanvi Sharma 17 ngày trước


  • Maidan LEBON
    Maidan LEBON 17 ngày trước +72

    Thank you Instagram.. this move to eliminate 'likes' could improve mental health of the social media platform's users

  • X %
    X % 17 ngày trước

    Too true..ha