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We Take Rick Shiels Thrifting For Golf Clubs In America!

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  • Xuất bản 31 Th01, 2023
  • In this golf vlog we take Rick Shiels thrifting for golf clubs in America!
    Where we sell golf clubs: www.whatnot.com/invite/stacke...
    Get $15 off your first purchase with that link!
    Our Daily Channel: / @ashjon
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    The Most EXPENSIVE Golf Clubs We’ve EVER FOUND!
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NHẬN XÉT • 9 933

  • Rick Shiels Golf
    Rick Shiels Golf Tháng trước +3897

    Thanks for having me on the channel Jon & Ashley 🙌 I really enjoyed it

    • Josh Berry
      Josh Berry 9 ngày trước

      Rick calling a Goodwill a "Posh Place" is absolutely hilarious

    • Jay Harwell
      Jay Harwell 10 ngày trước

      Cool channels, the thrift trips give me an education. I didn't know about the Blue Goose being designed by SC

    • willycat33
      willycat33 16 ngày trước

      ​@StackedGolf where are the giveaway results? Please help!

    • ANDY BT
      ANDY BT Tháng trước

      You guys need to visit the UK.

    • Robert Galloup
      Robert Galloup Tháng trước

      It was a big surprise to see to see you on there channel. Then for you to hang with them is just super cool.
      Well done M8.

  • lewdog2001
    lewdog2001 Tháng trước +51

    Jon's golf club knowledge never ceases to amaze me. Great collab. Both channels deserve all the success they have.

  • Dave Olander
    Dave Olander Tháng trước +15

    Watching Rick go through a thrift store like a kid in a candy shop was truly magical

  • Dr. Craig D. Smith
    Dr. Craig D. Smith Tháng trước +70

    Jon's knowledge of bizzare old clubs was amazing. Rick is a class act and great to see the collaboration, we need more of that.

  • Aaron Archer
    Aaron Archer Tháng trước +12

    Only Rick can just walk into the back and start looking at clubs. Lol.
    This collab is amazing. So awesome of Rick to continuously support the golf community no matter how big or how small.

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee Tháng trước +40

    Caught myself smiling through the entire video🙃 A collab I never expected but had always hoped for👏🏻Cheers Jon, Ashley, and Rick

  • Lucas
    Lucas Tháng trước +475

    This is an absolutely extraordinary crossover. Not in a billion years did I expect this...

    • Andrew Dilbeck
      Andrew Dilbeck Tháng trước +5

      Same. And I couldn't stop smiling the entire video. Happy for John and Ashley.

    • aZdBUk
      aZdBUk Tháng trước +2

      me either....wild...............

    • Howard Clark
      Howard Clark Tháng trước +13

      actually Rick tried to buy used clubs in Scotland and called out Stacked golf in that vid about a year ago.

    • Dad_Robot
      Dad_Robot Tháng trước +2


  • Keith Smith
    Keith Smith Tháng trước +9

    COULD NOT HAPPEN TO A MORE AWESOME COUPLE! And…I find Rick Shields to be quite entertaining and enjoyable. Wonderful video. Hope your channel continues to grow exponentially!

  • TL
    TL 20 ngày trước

    This was so much fun to watch! Thanks for letting us hang with you all!

  • Louie Silverio
    Louie Silverio Tháng trước +4

    You guys 1000% deserve this amazing Collab and recognition in the golf world. I love your videos since day one and can't get enough of how honest and upfront you are with both sellers and viewers. Cheers to your success and many more fun videos with buying golf clubs and treats!

  • Jerry Robinson
    Jerry Robinson 6 giờ trước

    I cannot believe my two favorite golf channels collaborated for this video, you guys blended perfectly. More please

  • Steven Wallace
    Steven Wallace 28 ngày trước

    Love this episode. Rick is the best and John's club knowledge is on point. I will re-watch this video a ton.

  • DanielJD
    DanielJD Tháng trước +150

    The colab we didn't know we needed, but did actually need.

  • DM Trader
    DM Trader Tháng trước +3

    All I can say is WOW! What a special episode. You guys are awesome. I love dropping in to watch your videos and to see the collab with Rick is so cool.

  • Francisco Meza
    Francisco Meza Tháng trước +1

    This is the pinnacle of golf and youtubers. Not the collab we expected but the collab we deserve.

  • Dennis Dunn
    Dennis Dunn Tháng trước +4

    What an awesome treat.. Rick seems so down to earth. It was definitely nice of him to do this for y'all.

    ROBERT DRISCOLL 23 ngày trước

    Seeing Jon roll off any club name from just a glance is unbelievable. Nice to see fellow VNcliprs getting on maybe Rick could invite Jon & Ashley over to the UK???

  • Richard Chhom
    Richard Chhom Tháng trước +1

    I couldn’t stop smiling. I enjoyed this video so much. It was just wholesome and I know Rick always enjoys everything he does but I really felt like he was genuinely enjoying his time with y’all and thrifting. This was a great collab. And I hope I win!

  • Andrew Wolf
    Andrew Wolf Tháng trước +81

    This was the most genuine collaboration I’ve ever seen. You even took his out to eat. Seeing Rick in a Play it Again was hilarious, reminds me of my childhood and simultaneously his Golfbidder challenges I miss so much. I’ve been with Stacked watching since the beginning and this moment is exactly why working so hard is worth it. Congrats you two ❤

    • Joshua Carter
      Joshua Carter Tháng trước +2

      Shhhhh there is another golf bidder coming soon.

  • E_ka_ine
    E_ka_ine Tháng trước

    Such a great colab and the deals they found were crazy. Makes me wanna start club hunting.

  • Diego Bianchi
    Diego Bianchi Tháng trước +1

    I love this video ! I´m following both channels for a while. They are very different, and I think that they provide complementary golf knowledge to the audience, and that make them irresistible to watch.

  • Laurence Smith
    Laurence Smith Tháng trước +3

    So impressed by Jon's knowledge of the different club models and nuances. Very entertaining

  • Tyler Bennett
    Tyler Bennett 22 ngày trước

    Rick was absolutely amazed the entire time he was inside the store! Kid in a candy store!!

  • Joe Schulze
    Joe Schulze Tháng trước +1

    This was a really good collaboration. And great job by you two as well. It's not often that someone knows more about golf club history than Rick being that he has reviewed pretty much every club ever lol. Would like to see another one

  • Johnny On The Spot
    Johnny On The Spot Tháng trước +46

    This has to be the best Collab Rick has ever done. Really cool seeing him have so much fun with this.

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  • Blake Genco
    Blake Genco Tháng trước

    What a 4 ball it would be to play with these 3! Love it! Hopefully Rick joins you guys again next time he’s in Orlando!

  • David Levinson
    David Levinson Tháng trước +1

    Two of my favorite youtubers in an unlikely mashup! AND, you hit those clubs waaaay further than I expected! So fun to watch. Thanks!

  • Gimme Golf
    Gimme Golf Tháng trước +2

    This video is amazing. Been watching you and Rick forever you guys both inspired me to start my own golf channel. 🙌

  • Mark Reider
    Mark Reider Tháng trước

    Such a fun video to watch - as a subscriber to both channels it’s so nice to see everyone having fun and sharing it with all of us!

  • BRoss1985
    BRoss1985 Tháng trước +2

    I love both of your channels. I am glad to see people sharing the more real side of golf. Not everyone can afford the best clubs or play a great round of golf every time out. Two real class channels with top notch hosts.

  • Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia Tháng trước +59

    This is the greatest collaboration in VNclip history. This is good old fashioned wholesome fun. Great job, y’all.

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  • ObedientMammal
    ObedientMammal 3 ngày trước

    I loved this episode. Rick got me into golf big time. This was amazing.

  • Jens Otto Martinsen
    Jens Otto Martinsen Tháng trước +1

    Wow! I really hope to go to US again and visit those places. My family will not understand, but I could use hours in those shops so they have to find something else to do in the mean time. I have been looking at both your youtubes many times and it was great of you to combine for our amusement 🙂
    Greetings from Norway!!!

  • Steve Holliday
    Steve Holliday Tháng trước

    What an odd but amazing collaboration. I absolutely loved it.

  • Jonathan Surin
    Jonathan Surin Tháng trước

    The knowledge being thrown around by Jon and Rick is amazing, and those the deals on some of those clubs was even more amazing - great video guys! 💪

  • J Lee
    J Lee Tháng trước

    Only just found your channel! Feel like I’ve been missing out. Followed Rick for some time now being from the UK myself, but this collab was great! Jon’s insight/knowledge on clubs & his facts is fascinating. Look forward to future videos 🙌🏻

  • J. Hagler
    J. Hagler Tháng trước +64

    So proud of John and Ash they deserve this opportunity! Great kids!! Thanks Rick for giving them this opportunity. Your the VNclip GOAT!

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  • Ronald Davis
    Ronald Davis Tháng trước +2

    I love both channels. John and Ashley are down to earth people having fun buying golf clubs. Rick is a class act testing clubs. Great video.

  • TMacD
    TMacD Tháng trước

    What a great episode! Great to see this trio together!

  • YesPlease
    YesPlease Tháng trước +1

    A collab I didnt know I needed. This is superb viewing!

  • Matt Carter
    Matt Carter Tháng trước

    This was great to watch. A great chemistry throughout between you 3 and impressed by the knowledge

  • hachinoir
    hachinoir Tháng trước +1

    Two of my favorite golf channels in one video!!! Loved it!

  • Joshua's Life
    Joshua's Life Tháng trước +29

    Rick Shiels is such a class act. John and Ashley are so nice. I'm glad to see these two channels do a collaboration. Great stuff

  • Zachary Murray
    Zachary Murray Tháng trước

    The dream collaboration I never knew I needed!! 🎉😍 great video as always

  • Adrian Vicent
    Adrian Vicent 28 ngày trước

    That’s so awesome to have Rick on your channel!! 🤙 great stuff guys

  • Shaun Callahan
    Shaun Callahan Tháng trước +1

    Love this. Whenever my wife goes thrifting I like to tag along just to see what wild golf clubs and golf clothes I can find. My first two sets of golf clubs were thrifted. I still buy some on occasion to build spare sets for friends who want to try golf or have a fun backup set for the off-season. My favorite find was a Mickey Wright - Wilson putter.

  • Matt S
    Matt S Tháng trước

    Always fun content! Fun to see Rick with you rummaging around finding deals! love it!

  • Josh
    Josh Tháng trước +3

    Ashley & Jon's combined club knowledge is inspiring! Great collaboration!

  • Todd Piepho
    Todd Piepho Tháng trước +41

    Can’t believe this actually happened. So happy for you guys. What a guy Rick Shiels is, legend.

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  • Harold Penna
    Harold Penna Tháng trước

    One of the most fun collab videos I have watched, and how lucky was Rick with the finds

  • qnz
    qnz Tháng trước

    What an awesome collab! I love vintage / retro clubs I've been collecting some myself especially those old Ping putters.

  • C C Snow
    C C Snow Tháng trước

    Great to see Ashley, Jon, and Rick huddle together and spending time picking up odd ball clubs. Goes to say, does the gimmick club make a player? Terrific to watch two great channels collaborate!! Thanks for the entertainment during my lunch break! Now back to work for me!

  • Marc Moses
    Marc Moses Tháng trước +2

    Great collaboration. It was great to see Rick having fun shopping for clubs. I live watching this channel with my wife and wishing we had Thirift stores and yard sales with good clubs.
    Keeps it the great work Jon and Ashley.

  • Classic123
    Classic123 Tháng trước

    This was an amazing collaboration! Good to see my 2 fav golf channels doing something together

  • Don Crowell
    Don Crowell Tháng trước +27

    I think Rick has been more excited to see this happen than any of us. You guys are awesome to take him under your wings. You’ll be at a million before you know it .

    • TEXT+①③②③④⑤②③⑥⑤③
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  • Just Chris
    Just Chris Tháng trước

    Love the collaboration of the two channels! Nothing like two (three) great minds working together to put out an awesome VNclip video!

  • Jason Flack
    Jason Flack Tháng trước +1

    This was fun to watch. Definitely got a fan for life now Jon and Ashley.

  • I’d rather be golfing
    I’d rather be golfing Tháng trước

    So great to see some of favorite VNcliprs collaborating like this! Great content!

  • JB plays
    JB plays Tháng trước

    Greetings from Birmingham, Alabama, you guys!!!
    Jon, I watch you and Ashley all of the time. I love watching you guys grab up the sweet deals on some of the cool clubs you find!! And then getting to watch you play with them afterwards is always a treat!!!
    And I've been watching Rick for over a year now, to help me work on my pitiful swing!!
    Seeing you guys interact with Rick was GREAT! Really!!!! I loved it!! I know yall had a great time together!!!
    I HATE that we no longer have a Play it Again Sports in Birmingham! I bought my first "real" set of irons from Play it Again (a set of Ping Eye2 knockoffs). I forget what they were called now. That was while I was in college, in 1988 or maybe 89. I cant remember if it was freshman or sophomore year...
    Anyways, I love this video!!!!

  • Aquarium Cockpit
    Aquarium Cockpit Tháng trước

    So freaking rad that he came out and did this with you guys! Congratulations. Super fun video.

  • Zach Busch
    Zach Busch Tháng trước +58

    The most EPIC VNclip Channel crossover in history?! I think so!
    It was a pleasure to see two of my favorite YT Golf Channels collide! Jon & Ashley, you should try and get more VNclip golfers to "guest buy" on the channel. It would make for some great content! Thank you for being awesome!

    • Gustavo Cibrian
      Gustavo Cibrian Tháng trước +2

      Zach, I think is a great idea!! or bring Pro golfers to a Shopping, Food (Chat about their stuff) and Golf range sounds fun

  • The Modern Day Dad
    The Modern Day Dad 19 ngày trước

    Loving this TEAM UP 🙌...thanks for the great content as always

  • Dave Allen
    Dave Allen Tháng trước

    Super entertaining and great collaboration. I remember so many of these clubs, it was great seeing these again

  • TACKLEBOX for President
    TACKLEBOX for President Tháng trước

    that was just a super fun episode to watch just like the rest of the content you both make keep up the good work and keep treating yourself

  • Vorrid
    Vorrid Tháng trước

    Never had a smile on my face so big watching Ricky out there haggling

  • Richard Scott
    Richard Scott Tháng trước

    I know I'm a little late but what an unbelievably good video especially when someone slipped up and a little in store editing was done. You guys rocked the house I hope you took @RickShielsPGA to Disney. Keep up everything you do your videos bring a lot of joy to a lot of people.

  • Ben Boucher
    Ben Boucher Tháng trước +42

    The collaboration we never knew we wanted but now we want it everyday! Well done to you all. 👏

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  • Paul Boyer
    Paul Boyer Tháng trước

    It's always great to see two of my favorite channels together. Hope you had fun while you were over here, Rick.

  • Di Ter
    Di Ter 23 ngày trước

    Both of my favorite golf channels united!!! Feels like heaven 😁. Always fun to watch your videos. Greetings from Germany. I'd love to hear from you 😉😉

  • Ryan Probert
    Ryan Probert Tháng trước

    This is a wild ride through golf history! Love the kid at the shop nerding out about golfers who are in his shop to nerd out.

  • Rian Whitham
    Rian Whitham Tháng trước

    Wow! How you can just recognise clubs and their worth is really amazing! Great video!
    Having watched the podcast, Guy is very grateful about his Scotty!

  • Mitch
    Mitch Tháng trước

    This was some of Ricks best content. Slightly out of his normal comfort zone but he was awesome and so many of those clubs were a blast from the past.

  • Corey Vaillancourt
    Corey Vaillancourt Tháng trước +31

    The collab that we didn’t know was possible 🙌🏼 honestly that was a lot of fun to watch! You’re killin it Jon & Ash! 👏🏼

  • Alfred Diaz
    Alfred Diaz Tháng trước

    Truth be said here I have not watched the channels both Rick and snack golf in a while woke up this morning to go to work and there you guys are. There's a lot of fun seeing you all three interact the knowledge on clubs was fantastic I often go to goodwills and don't know what I'm looking at but I'm learning as I go from your channel and Rick truth be said there I've always watched your instructions and it's nice to see you come down to America and be part of what America is freedom and openness for everyone. Thank you guys have a great day

  • Jeff Gadomski
    Jeff Gadomski 29 ngày trước

    New subscriber but I have been watching both of your channels for a long time. I am so jealous because the Goodwills and thrifting places where I live have like the bottum of the barrel compared to your Florida seemingly never ending selection of great clubs that have been donated. You guys have a great chemistry and I love watching you guys. Kerp up the great content so I can kind of live vicariuosly through your awesome shopping , hunting sdventures!!

  • Kent Warheit
    Kent Warheit Tháng trước

    The collaboration that we didn't know that we needed...great Stuff guys and gal!

  • Heckman
    Heckman Tháng trước

    Lovely to see you collaborate! Amazing content as always!

  • Corbin Wallingford
    Corbin Wallingford Tháng trước

    Great collaboration! Have been a subscriber to both channels for quite some time. Never would have expected this amazing content and keep up the good work!

  • Truth will set you free!
    Truth will set you free! Tháng trước +36

    Been waiting for this collab for years! So neat to see it finally come together. Love the way Rick is willing to work with smaller channels to "rise the tide of all ships". Jon and Ash... you two certainly deserve this boost for all the wonderful content you have been putting out.

  • Ole Goat
    Ole Goat Tháng trước

    2 of my favorite golf channels together! Awesome collab guys! Definitely need more of these...Jon and Ashley across the pond maybe? Keep up the great work!

  • Adam Forster
    Adam Forster Tháng trước

    It's awesome to see the variety of golf clubs and the knowledge that you both have of them all 👍🙃

  • Brad Ackerman
    Brad Ackerman Tháng trước

    What an incredible experience that must have been. I cannot wait to see this channel at 3M. Congratulations on the excellent collaboration and content (as always).

  • Aiden James
    Aiden James Tháng trước +1

    Literally the only 2 golf channels I watch!!! To see them colab absolutely priceless had a smile on my face the whole 25 minutes!!!

  • Will Burdick
    Will Burdick Tháng trước

    John your knowledge of clubs is insane! Always impresses me

  • ChrisSellsHomes
    ChrisSellsHomes Tháng trước +49

    What an unexpected, yet amazing collaboration between these two channels! Well done all!

    • MJ
      MJ Tháng trước +1

      Really fun video!

  • Rhyan Abbott
    Rhyan Abbott 23 ngày trước

    ❤ absolutely love this channel and loved seeing Rick out with you guys!! Keep posting the great content!! hawaiian pizza for the win 😂 cheers from eastern Canada

  • skooterq
    skooterq Tháng trước

    This looks like it was tons of fun! I'm a big fan of Rick Shiels and the Stacked videos! Keep it up Ya'll!!!

  • Andrew Cambria
    Andrew Cambria Tháng trước

    So sweet you guys got to hang with Rick for the day. I enjoyed the video as it showcased your personalities, with a genuine love of the game.

  • P C
    P C 23 ngày trước

    This was a great collaboration! I would've had trouble not buying all those as well!

  • Harry Paulin
    Harry Paulin Tháng trước

    What treat of a video! love how happy Rick was to be hanging out with you two legends

  • Chadd Hatlevig
    Chadd Hatlevig Tháng trước +53

    Rick is a great VNclip ambassador for golf. It was awesome seeing you three together.

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  • Brandon Galasso
    Brandon Galasso Tháng trước

    Great collab and video. John its insane how much you know about clubs, you surprise me every video.

  • Pyro Loyal
    Pyro Loyal 18 ngày trước +1

    Just within the last week I've started getting into golf after listening to my friend from California talk about it constantly. Picked up a cheap set of clubs for $60 from Facebook marketplace, I should have went thrift shopping!

  • Cory B
    Cory B Tháng trước

    Love the cross over with Rick, two great channels to follow for golf.

  • Sugar water
    Sugar water Tháng trước

    So impressed with rick...just ask him how good good week went. Haha. Rick is a class act. Love the channel, opened me up to all the history behind these tools we attempt to use

  • nrehx
    nrehx Tháng trước +2

    I've never watched this channel before, but with Jon and Ashley's knowledge and bubbly personality I'm definitely watching more videos!

  • Bryan Lu
    Bryan Lu Tháng trước +29

    I LOVE THIS. Thank you Stacked Golf for being so committed to this channel, both of you. And honestly, thanks for Rick Shiels for being SUCH an amazing guy. These collabs grow your channel and theirs, sure, but VNclip as a whole cherishes this. Thank you all.

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  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson Tháng trước +1

    So awesome to see you all together!

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall Tháng trước

    I enjoyed seeing Rick talked about the L2 putter. I have one of those myself. Just wish I could’ve seen him try it out and review in the video.
    Great work everyone and keep putting out the awesome content!

  • Jon McGowan
    Jon McGowan Tháng trước

    Love your work. Just started watching you two a month ago and I am hooked. My wife now wondering why all the sudden I want to go bargain shopping with her all the time.