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  • Xuất bản 16 Th03, 2023
  • FDU upset top-seeded Purdue in the first round of the 2023 men's NCAA tournament, becoming just the second 16 seed after UMBC to win a game in March Madness history. Watch the full final 1:44 of the incredible upset here.
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  • Eddie Clutch
    Eddie Clutch 2 tháng trước +1659

    Arizona: “we are the most disappointing team this March”
    Purdue: “hold my 1 seed”

    • Skill King Sports
      Skill King Sports 2 tháng trước +10


    • Adrian Smith
      Adrian Smith 2 tháng trước +29

      Arizona should never be a 2 seed again and Purdue!! 😑

    • cavachoncx3
      cavachoncx3 2 tháng trước +17

      Jesus Saves

    • iBlooket
      iBlooket 2 tháng trước +18

      First Virginia (3) then zona (2) it was just destined to be Purdue (1) next

    • Syan
      Syan 2 tháng trước +14

      Virginia was a 4 seed but otherwise yeah.

  • thesoulman573
    thesoulman573 2 tháng trước +453

    There's something about an upset like this that just inspires so much hope. The smallest team in the country vs one of the biggest. So much heart. So much to overcome. We witnessed history tonight!

    • Wellch
      Wellch 2 tháng trước +13

      Good thing that Kamala Harris didn’t try to console Purdue.

    • Poverty Spec
      Poverty Spec 2 tháng trước +3

      Purdue is not one of the biggest.

    • JStrauD | Tech & Gaming
      JStrauD | Tech & Gaming 2 tháng trước +12

      ​@Poverty Spec they were physically one of the tallest losing to one of the shortest. In terms of average height

    • William Oglesby
      William Oglesby 2 tháng trước


    • Derek Palmer
      Derek Palmer 2 tháng trước +7

      ​@Poverty Spec congrats. Your wisdom helped all

  • sparky ball
    sparky ball 2 tháng trước +735

    These kind of games shows the heart of the underdogs. Let’s go Knights!

    • Walczyk
      Walczyk 2 tháng trước +6

      the luck o the irish!!

    • John Maring
      John Maring 2 tháng trước +8

      😃 ☘️! 💚☘️💚 Congratulations To FDU Tonight! What An Historic Upset Win For The Boys From Teaneck, NJ! The Saint Peter’s 🦚 From Jersey City, NJ Would Be 🥲! Go, Knights! ❤️💙⚔️🛡️

    • Jeremy Tittle
      Jeremy Tittle 2 tháng trước +4

      And it shows why college basketball is the best. They can all play, regardless of seeding. It's still five guys on a court.

    • Rock Hetcher
      Rock Hetcher 2 tháng trước +3

      FDU believe it?! Yes!

    • Howard Stern
      Howard Stern 2 tháng trước +1

      Either Florida Atlantic or FDU will advance to the Sweet 16

  • Kai
    Kai  2 tháng trước +800

    FDU played some amazing defense, what a game

    • idahoan dude
      idahoan dude 2 tháng trước +16

      All they did was quadruple-team edey and give up a bunch of open 3s to everyone else. Everyone on purdue other than zach is a bum.

    • Chantry Starr
      Chantry Starr 2 tháng trước +28

      @idahoan dudeI mean, why adjust if it’s working?

    • Kai
      Kai  2 tháng trước +10

      @idahoan dude They also did a good job at covering the passing lanes so edey couldn't get the ball to begin with

    • Aus m
      Aus m 2 tháng trước +2

      @idahoan dude bro it still worked

    • HudsonTD777
      HudsonTD777 2 tháng trước +1

      That was the best Rigged game ever, it's so easy to entertain the walking dead.

  • Calebos
    Calebos 2 tháng trước +68

    Purdue in the last 3 tournaments:
    2021: Lost to 13-seed North Texas (R1)
    2022: Lost to 15-seed Saint Peter's (S16)
    2023: Lost to 16-seed Fairleigh Dickinson (R1)

    • Antonio Acevedo
      Antonio Acevedo 2 tháng trước +5

      That school is nothing but chokers.

    • Lorin Chak
      Lorin Chak 2 tháng trước +2

      imagine if you were a junior or senior on that team...you'd think you were the curse.

    • Sub if you are against antifa and BLM
      Sub if you are against antifa and BLM 2 tháng trước

      Tells you just how overrated they are

    • Calebos
      Calebos 2 tháng trước

      @Lorin Chak Zach Edey 😬

    • Lorin Chak
      Lorin Chak 2 tháng trước

      @Calebos nonetheless I wish those young fellas the best in their futures! tough breaks like this can mess someone up good mentally, so I wish them the best!

  • Bill S
    Bill S 2 tháng trước +101

    I literally thought I was watching the movie Hoosiers II. As a graduate of FDU this was just amazing.
    NCAA Madness fact, back in 1985 FDU almost became first 16 to beat a 1 when we lost to Michigan by 4. We had a double digit lead and lead at the half.
    Congrats FDU from all of us from 85!
    Do you believe in miracles .. YES!!!

    • Don Solo
      Don Solo 2 tháng trước +4

      Amazing comment! I hope this moment was as sweet for you as I imagine it to be. So awesome

    • Marty Klestadt
      Marty Klestadt 2 tháng trước +3

      "Fairly Ridiculous" (as my dad used to call them) made Purdue look ridiculous!

  • IzzyCooks
    IzzyCooks 2 tháng trước +126

    7:55 favorite part of this video because he had NO REASON to risk anything and contest a layup up 5 with three seconds left😭 what an absolute defensive masterclass. Props to the FDU players and coaches and thanks for the memory. Hopefully it’s not the last

    • Benjamin Eldridge
      Benjamin Eldridge 2 tháng trước +44

      Not only that, he slams his head into the hoop right after that block, gotta be pure adrenaline in his veins to make him do that 😆

    • fitforfreelance
      fitforfreelance 2 tháng trước +16

      I saw that 😆 he's got that dog in em. NO EASY BASKETS!

    • mdhcccc
      mdhcccc 2 tháng trước +1

      Why would you not do that?

    • Jumping Bomb Angels
      Jumping Bomb Angels 2 tháng trước +11

      @mdhcccc Because you unnecessarily risk fouling, giving them a 3 point play and stopping the clock. It was a clean block though so fair play.

    • OG Latte
      OG Latte 2 tháng trước +1

      whole team had that dog in em 😭🔥

  • Joseph Jones
    Joseph Jones 2 tháng trước +83

    That 3 pointer at 1:17 that iced the game was so clutch and cold blooded. Way to go FDU!

  • Phillip Riggins
    Phillip Riggins 2 tháng trước +177

    I’d never heard of FDU before today. Congratulations to FDU. 🎉

    • R.E. Lopez
      R.E. Lopez 2 tháng trước +11

      FDU had a world-class high jumper in the late 70s/early 80s named Franklin Jacobs. Only standing 5'8", he was able to hold the world indoor record of 7 feet 7 and 1/4 inches (which was his personal best).

    • Young Scrams
      Young Scrams 2 tháng trước +15

      FDU is located in Teaneck, NJ right across the Hudson River from New York City

    • HurricaneDij39
      HurricaneDij39 2 tháng trước +6

      They were a #16 in 2005 as well and gave Illinois a decent game.

    • dantes inferno purgatory
      dantes inferno purgatory 2 tháng trước +4

      Last year, it was another NJ team - St. Peters which knocked Purdue out of the Tournament.

    • SatanicalEve
      SatanicalEve 2 tháng trước +3

      @Young Scrams One of friends from school growing up went to FDU. I called him after FDU won and he was beyond himself. I'm so glad they beat Purdue!

  • Lucas Blanton
    Lucas Blanton 2 tháng trước +129

    Some of these blocks by fdu was absolutely insane

    • shioriryukaze
      shioriryukaze 2 tháng trước +21

      That last one was just disrespectful 🤣🤣🤣

    • Tyler Jackson
      Tyler Jackson 2 tháng trước +6

      Purdue fans felt that last block 100% that block was disrespectful 😂😂😂

  • Ralph Morris
    Ralph Morris 2 tháng trước +4

    Both the Purdue and Arizona losses had one thing in common. They both had guards that seemed to have completely forgotten that they had dominant inside play and instead tried to be playmakers themselves. Defensive pressure and poor shot selection at them alive. Great job FDU

  • Efarb12 F
    Efarb12 F 2 tháng trước +115

    for most of those guys this will be the most memorable moment of there entire life

    • Timothy Leon
      Timothy Leon 2 tháng trước +17

      … their entire lives”

    • Paul Wetzel
      Paul Wetzel 2 tháng trước +6

      ​@Timothy Leon Ok Karen people spell stuff wrong all the time

    • Merino 33
      Merino 33 2 tháng trước +3

      That and when they win a national title

    • Chris Beach
      Chris Beach 2 tháng trước +1

      FDU didn’t even win their conference tournament. The team that won the NEC was ineligible because they were transitioning to D1. FDU lost the NEC championship and still got to go to the tournament and pull off this historic upset.

    THE RED & BLACK 2 tháng trước +281

    Biggest upset ever! FDU lost conference title to Merrimack, who was ineligible. FDU average height was 6'1, that's 365/365 teams, Purdue was #1. FDU lost to a 2-win team and 2 schools with their first year in D-1. They are ranked 68/68 in this tourney behind 14-21 Texas Southern. They are ranked 298th in D-1. They are in a conference that has never had a team in the NCAA tourney higher than a 16 and all 3 of the conference wins were in the first four only. BIGGEST UPSET IN HISTORY!!! Congrats to FDU, lesson that you are never out unless you think you are, and NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER put money on Purdue basketball!

    • Johnathan Patrick
      Johnathan Patrick 2 tháng trước +6

      Purdue wasn't just the #1 seed in their region, but they were top seed overall. Virginia when they lost to UMBC were likewise the top seed overall. Just something about the size of the fight in the (under)dog you can't gloss over.

    • John Holmes
      John Holmes 2 tháng trước +3

      They were overrated by about 10 seeds

    • ArmzMagilageti
      ArmzMagilageti 2 tháng trước +26

      @Johnathan Patrick Alabama was the number 1 overall seed. But I have to agree that FDU beating Purdue is the biggest upset in NCAAB history. UMBC were much better than a 16 seed that year

    • Liam Mussi
      Liam Mussi 2 tháng trước +1

      Or Purdue football. Or on any Big 10 Team to win any major title in any sport

    • Johnathan Patrick
      Johnathan Patrick 2 tháng trước

      @ArmzMagilageti Forgive me, I shamrocked too hard...😞😞🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂...HTF did I forget about 'Bama??

  • Steven Turner
    Steven Turner 2 tháng trước +271

    Purdue didn’t play close to their ability. FDU played with more confidence than I have ever seen from a team facing such a tough opponent, and they played smart. Officials, in my opinion, did a good job. I’m not even a big fan of basketball, but I really enjoyed this game.

    • Val Kyrin
      Val Kyrin 2 tháng trước +12

      College basketball has always hit different to me. I've always been obsessed with Duke ever since JJ Reddick was a freshman, but have never been able to care about the NBA much.

    • Salvador Perez
      Salvador Perez 2 tháng trước

      All the way back to VCU loss years ago Painter a front runner coach of the year big ten that year too can't handle when things go wrong

    • POLO1985
      POLO1985 2 tháng trước +12

      Purdue is not a good team, They were exposed tonight.

    • B Pal
      B Pal 2 tháng trước +7

      Purdue not playing to their ability says a lot about FDU. They prepared, wanted it, they coached great and they played the way a march madness selected team should. Just punched them right in the mouth. High energy right to the last play. Ever possession mattered. Impressive. Hats off!

    • Our great surrender in chief Joe Biden
      Our great surrender in chief Joe Biden 2 tháng trước +6

      Purdue would have lost no matter who they played biggest choke jobs in ncaa other then Virginia.The Boilermakers have had a No. 16 seed now beat them in the opening round, a No. 15 seed beat them in the Sweet 16 and a No. 13 seed beat them in an opening-round game at a nearly empty building.

  • Tristen Rodrigue
    Tristen Rodrigue 2 tháng trước +123

    My expectations for Purdue were low, but not this low 😂😂😂

    • A Fridge Too Far
      A Fridge Too Far 2 tháng trước +24

      I work with several diehard Purdue fans. I can’t wait for Monday 😂

    • TheGodron
      TheGodron 2 tháng trước +8

      You know it was over when Purdue was hesitant on shooting wide open 3's

    • LD BWA
      LD BWA 2 tháng trước +3

      It’s more about the win than the loss. Focus on that.

    • James D
      James D 2 tháng trước +6

      More like Pur-don't ...am I right? 😀

    • mizzmini45
      mizzmini45 2 tháng trước +1

      Did you see those blocks they had?! That cohesion and chemistry with each other? SKILLS and SPRIT is truly unbreakable

  • Frantz Pierre
    Frantz Pierre 2 tháng trước +14

    This is why I love March madness. You never know how each game will go. What a bracket buster

  • Jim FRENCH
    Jim FRENCH 2 tháng trước +5

    This is one thing that makes college basketball and March Madness in particular so much fun to watch: The underdog through shear determination and energized play can come out on top. Bravo!

  • Mauro
    Mauro 2 tháng trước +174

    #11 From FDU . He shows his greatness on both sides.😮😮😮

    • FlexxMachine
      FlexxMachine 2 tháng trước +25

      Dude gonna get major transfer offers if he has eligibility left. Phenomenal player, absolutely no disrespect to FDU, but he deserves major exposure.

    • Mauro
      Mauro 2 tháng trước

      @FlexxMachine 100% right 👍 dude.

    • CollegeSportsREVIVED
      CollegeSportsREVIVED 2 tháng trước +9

      @FlexxMachine Id be surprised if he left, he’s one of the 3 kids on FDU that came over from D2 with the coach

    • The Holiday
      The Holiday 2 tháng trước +1

      @CollegeSportsREVIVED well sometimes things change when a opportunity like this comes up. Hope he takes it

      SPAWNOFSATAN 2 tháng trước +1

      Rutgers needs to after him if he has availability left.

  • Adam Place
    Adam Place 2 tháng trước +112

    Shock and awe part 2! I figured Purdue wouldn't see the second weekend, but I didn't figure they wouldn't see a second game.

    • Upbeat Productions
      Upbeat Productions 2 tháng trước +2

      You just said you figured Purdue wouldn’t see the second weekend but apparently you did figure that they would lose to a 16 seed

    • Good Boi
      Good Boi 2 tháng trước +14

      @Upbeat ProductionsWell yeah, Purdue was a weak 1 seed and FAU or Memphis seemed like they could beat Purdue. But almost no one thought a team that went 21-15 with one of the easiest schedule in basketball would beat Purdue.

    • Ramuel Cruzada
      Ramuel Cruzada 2 tháng trước +6

      ​@Good Boi and I will gonna add, a team that only replaced the tourney winner because the winner are still in transition phase from D2 to D1

    • Virt treks
      Virt treks 2 tháng trước +3

      @Good Boi I think he was making a joke cause he thinks you used a double negative, which at first glance looks that way. But your sentence was correct

    • Avery Daymond
      Avery Daymond 2 tháng trước +1

      @Ramuel Cruzada Yup, the culmination of all that makes a sound argument for biggest upset in ncaa tournament history.
      You could even make the argument that FDU wouldn’t even have deserved an NIT invitation, for real no joke.

  • someone
    someone 2 tháng trước +85

    Insanity, this is why I love March Madness
    also I didn't realize edey was that big, literally everyone else on the court looks like a child/scaled down compared to him

    • KingOfPopStars
      KingOfPopStars 2 tháng trước +20

      Fdu's the smallest team in the tourney. Heart over size!

    • Jamie Johnson
      Jamie Johnson 2 tháng trước +5

      ​@KingOfPopStars smallest team in the tourney? More like the smallest team in the country. But yeah you are right though... Heart over size

    • Devin
      Devin 2 tháng trước +3

      Yeah he probably should have gotten more touches down the stretch there lol

    • Connor Scholten
      Connor Scholten 2 tháng trước

      FDU’s roster and depth chart has zero people listed at center… yowza!

  • Andrew Vanderhoof
    Andrew Vanderhoof 2 tháng trước +242

    This is why March is madness

    • T F
      T F 2 tháng trước

      Pretty Cliche comment brother

    • T F
      T F 2 tháng trước +1

      I’m cringing.. can you please delete this comment?

    • Jackson
      Jackson 2 tháng trước +12

      @T Fu can delete your own comment

    • Andrew Vanderhoof
      Andrew Vanderhoof 2 tháng trước +1

      @T F oh yea, it is super cliche

  • Firog
    Firog 2 tháng trước +33

    That's why March Madness never disappoints.

  • JPS 77
    JPS 77 2 tháng trước +220

    We all witnessed history tonight!!!

    • Alex
      Alex 2 tháng trước +7

      Nobody is going to remember the second time in history this happened. 😂

    • zachary romeo
      zachary romeo 2 tháng trước +10

      This is probably a bigger upset , FDU was the 2nd best team from the weakest conference in D1 !

    • Hunter Mielke
      Hunter Mielke 2 tháng trước +4

      ​​@Alexgreed, but I think we're bound to have this happen once every decade or so. Just the start of the sequence. Even 15 over 2 is almost a yearly thing at this point. God I love March

    • Lori Schmid
      Lori Schmid 2 tháng trước +3

      @Alex nah but This will definitely will be the biggest upset in march madness the Virginia one was legendary but they weren’t a true 1 seed Fairleigh Dickinson came in and played their heart out and beat probably the second best one seed out there and this will sure go down as the greatest upset in ncaa history.

    • TheDistingue
      TheDistingue 2 tháng trước +9

      @Alex Disagree completely! This was a bigger upset than the UMBC vs Virginia game. UMBC blew Virginia out. I guarantee you 10 years + down the road, people will still remember FDU ending Purdue's season as the lowest 16 seed in the entire tournament.

  • iRunfastXC
    iRunfastXC 2 tháng trước +9

    That final block at 7:56 was a thing of BEAUTY

    • GC Aqua
      GC Aqua 2 tháng trước +4

      Yep! "Give me that sh**!"

  • Calming Blue
    Calming Blue 2 tháng trước +18

    This is just like in 2015 when Arkansas Little Rock beat Purdue in the first round. Everyone expected Purdue to win because of their frontcourt, overlooking Purdue's lack of good ball handlers. Then, in the game, their shooters went cold, the underdog team played press, causing turnovers, and, voila, another signature Matt Painter tournament coaching performance. I don't know why anyone ever expects Purdue to win games in the NCAA tournament. Anyone paying attention isn't surprised anymore.

    • Avery Daymond
      Avery Daymond 2 tháng trước +6

      That was 2016. But yes agreed.

    • Calming Blue
      Calming Blue 2 tháng trước +1

      @Avery Daymond You're right, that was 2016. Thank you for correcting me. I guess I'm getting old, lol.

  • Shane
    Shane 2 tháng trước +2

    As an Arizona fan: Thank you, FDU.

  • Cameron Davis
    Cameron Davis 2 tháng trước +66

    Purdue really outdid themselves. I expected a second round loss because that’s what they normally do but hey they surprised me

  • Jess
    Jess 2 tháng trước +31

    As a Mizzou student in 2012, when we were expected to be in the Final 4 but lost by 2 to Norfolk State, welcome to the club Purdue and Arizona. I feel your pain.

    • Devil doc
      Devil doc 2 tháng trước +4

      As a ky fan I feel your pain. St Petersburg anybody.

    • Borba Fatt
      Borba Fatt 2 tháng trước +15

      Nobody thought Missouri was going to make the final four that year except Missouri fans.

    • Relativity Ventures
      Relativity Ventures 2 tháng trước +1

      Different as a 1 seed,

    • Leonard S.
      Leonard S. 2 tháng trước

      Fact: On any given day ANY division 1 team can defeat ANY other division 1 team.

    • Ben Parr
      Ben Parr 2 tháng trước +1

      @Devil doc and then we lost to them too…and north texas the year before. life of a purdue fan is miserable

  • joe smith
    joe smith 2 tháng trước +28

    Things comes in full circle!
    Back in 1985. In the Southeast region, 16 seed Fairleigh Dickinson Knights nearly beat 1 Seed Michigan Wolverines . Lost 59-55. FDU Lead at the half, 26-20, Michigan rallied in the 2nd half. . FDU shouldve been the first ever 16 seed ever to beat 1 seed. But , they are the 2nd one ever (UMBC beat UVA a few years ago).
    Also, back in 1996. In the West Region. 16 Seed Western Carolina Catamounts lead 1 Seed Purdue in a back and forth game, each team had brief leads all game long. Then Purdue Boilermakers pulled away, but WCU came back. Had chance to win at the end. Missed wide open 3 point shot top of the key. Then missed tip in, that would send to OT. Close ending. WCU lost 73-71. Purdue wouldve been the First 1 seed ever to lose. Well, they are now the 2nd ever 1 seed to lose.
    Very very interesting!

    • alogsdino
      alogsdino 2 tháng trước +6

      do you work for ESPN? because sheesh you should work for ESPN

    • joe smith
      joe smith 2 tháng trước +4

      @alogsdino lol thanks

    • joe smith
      joe smith 2 tháng trước +3

      Wilt Chamberlain is the GOAT True. Many of them over the years.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 tháng trước +3

      Maybe they were like Rocky in the first movie, they didn't win but they did make the top seed go the distance! 1989 Princeton and 1990 Murray State (who even took it into OT) are like that as well.

    • joe smith
      joe smith 2 tháng trước +3

      @John Smith ​ Murray State! Forgotten about that one. So close, Went to OT against Mich State

  • Calebos
    Calebos 2 tháng trước +10

    Fairleigh Dickinson is the 1st 16-seed from the first four to ever win in the first round, and the 1st 16-seed overall to win multiple games in the tournament. Also, this is the first time that multiple first four teams have won in the round of 64.

  • Quintin Fink
    Quintin Fink 2 tháng trước +2

    Watching my granpas level of panic go up during the game to the end of him yelling at the tv while im laughing in the background, truly MADNESS 😂

  • Paul Hill
    Paul Hill 2 tháng trước +15

    This time of Year Anybody can beat You.. Hat's off to FDU..😎

  • itzS4wyer
    itzS4wyer 2 tháng trước +3

    Watching this game live was crazy!
    Congrats to FDU!

  • Ron Hicks
    Ron Hicks 2 tháng trước +9

    ALWAYS great to see history...💯🏀🏆

  • GC Aqua
    GC Aqua 2 tháng trước

    This is why in my view, the first week of the big dance is always the most exciting. Hoping for underdogs to win. This was great to witness.

  • Patrick Fordyce
    Patrick Fordyce 2 tháng trước +5

    I loved that for there was so much hype about Purdue and their Giant and it just shows you don’t have to be a giant to play like a giant !! My favorite upset of March Madness !!

  • Shaunna Allen
    Shaunna Allen 2 tháng trước +7

    Now, THIS is March Madness! Congratulations to FDU! 🎉🎉

  • GeorgeLennon100
    GeorgeLennon100 2 tháng trước +2

    Truly an amazing tournament this year one of the best I've seen so far.

  • Swimbait1
    Swimbait1 2 tháng trước +2

    Gonzaga almost blew a good lead right at end. Great game.

  • badger7
    badger7 2 tháng trước +4

    FDU played their hearts out!! What a game!

  • Gabrielle Appiah
    Gabrielle Appiah 2 tháng trước +8

    March madness is starting to look like what happened in the World Cup. The underdogs are winning.

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 2 tháng trước +8

    40 years ago there was a huge difference in the talent level between the starters for the top 15-20 programs and the rest. Now days not so much. The main advantage now is the larger programs are so much deeper. So the first round or two we see a lot of big upsets but then the upstarts begin to wear out.

    • Adam Hammond
      Adam Hammond 2 tháng trước +3

      Besides flattened talent, great coaching and 3 point shooting close the gap as well. And given Purdue's last 3 tournaments, I wonder if Edey is easily exploitable when opponents are really preparing - especially fast, undersized opponents.

    • MarkAJohnson.EDLD7431.Fall2018
      MarkAJohnson.EDLD7431.Fall2018 2 tháng trước

      I see your point to a degree, but how does someone explain Florida Atlantic who went from 17-14 in 21-22 to 34-3 in 22-23 and counting.

  • John Butler
    John Butler 2 tháng trước +7

    First time ever a "Last Four In" team has beaten the 1 seed...mind blown.

  • Chaos1Reigns
    Chaos1Reigns 2 tháng trước +36

    This has been the most exciting men's March Madness in awhile.

    • BuckNaked2k
      BuckNaked2k 2 tháng trước +2

      Better than '20.

    • Jamin Jones
      Jamin Jones 2 tháng trước +4

      You can just say march madness. Everyone knows what you’re talking about

    • Andrew Roberts
      Andrew Roberts 2 tháng trước +1

      @Jamin Jones dang dude you're seriously delicate

    • Jamin Jones
      Jamin Jones 2 tháng trước

      @Andrew Roberts ouch. Now my feelings are hurt, how will I ever emotionally recover from this?

  • Todd Ohlemeier
    Todd Ohlemeier 2 tháng trước +3

    Truly a modern day David and Goliath story. Goosebumps. God bless these kids and mega congratulations to them and their fans. Keep it running!

  • Ben Blue
    Ben Blue 2 tháng trước +3

    This can only be basketball, where it takes almost 10 minutes to show the final 1:44 of a game.
    But props to FDU!

  • Sleipnir
    Sleipnir 2 tháng trước +2

    Congratulations to Purdue on making history ,,, and have a good trip home!

  • Lucky_Cyclones☘️
    Lucky_Cyclones☘️ 2 tháng trước +4

    F D U BELIEVE IT!!!! The greatest feeling in the world last night. On my way back home to New Jersey ❤

  • Peter J. Vogel
    Peter J. Vogel 2 tháng trước +1

    This is what makes March Madness the greatest sporting event year in and year out. 👍

  • Lucas Sykes
    Lucas Sykes 2 tháng trước +2

    I'm not even really a College Basketball fan and live far away from both these teams, but Purdue lost in a heartbreak yet again! Back in 2019 in the Elite Eight, they were forced into overtime after Virginia (Mamadi Diakite) hit a miraculous mid-range shot that forced overtime, and it was out with 00.1 showing on the game clock. They were two tenths of a second away from a Final Four appearance four years ago, and now they lost to a #16 seed in the first round! Purdue is a very unlucky team!

  • FatherTime
    FatherTime 2 tháng trước +1

    When you're watching the game your bracket doesn't matter anymore. Amazing.

  • Blue Bottle
    Blue Bottle 2 tháng trước +2

    "It's not about size, it's about the size of your heart." Allen Iverson

    • mizzmini45
      mizzmini45 2 tháng trước +1

      This needs to be a movie

  • James Luchsinger
    James Luchsinger 2 tháng trước +28

    Crazy scoring drought for both teams in the second half.

    • Steven Turner
      Steven Turner 2 tháng trước +23

      Yeah, but it wasn’t just because they were not shooting well. FDU was doing everything they could to force Perdue to take 3 pointers, mainly because they could not let a 7’4’’ Goliath get the ball inside. Meanwhile FDU was taking mostly perimeter shots because going inside against that Goliath was also not practical. And FSU was running time off for about the last 7 minutes, which is solid strategy when you have a even a tiny lead or a tie against a stronger opponent. You want to put the entire game on fewer possessions and shots. Good coaching from FDU, in my opinion.

    • James Luchsinger
      James Luchsinger 2 tháng trước +6

      @Steven Turner I commented on the wrong video meant for Kentucky and providence
      Good take btw
      May bad

    • GioDEOx
      GioDEOx 2 tháng trước

      @Steven Turner I only watched about the last 3 minutes of this game when I saw the score on the top of my screen😂 so thank you for this breakdown

  • c dub
    c dub 2 tháng trước +1

    congratulations fellas, that was amazing to watch. good luck the rest of the tournament

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones 2 tháng trước


  • Ricky Iglesias
    Ricky Iglesias 2 tháng trước

    Man, I've never even heard of FDU until today. And I feel so proud of those players. They worked their BUTTS off to not only get to the tournament but also pull off the biggest upset (seed-wise) that you can do. huge props.

    • HovTchil
      HovTchil 2 tháng trước +2

      Learning about smaller schools and seeing them go far in the tourney Is my favorite part of the tournament

  • Vintage Gallerina
    Vintage Gallerina 2 tháng trước +8

    This was epic - one of those “Rudy”/feel good games. Loved their fans, too. The Purdue fans looked absolutely stunned and ill

    • Matt thew
      Matt thew 2 tháng trước +1

      Several are currently committed and on suicide watch

  • Anthony Jolly
    Anthony Jolly 2 tháng trước +14

    Virginia Cavaliers..your no longer alone in the record books of Men's NCAA Basketball. 16 Seeds can be pain in the backside.Look on the Good Side Virginia you came back and won the National Championship the following year.🏀🏀

    • SalKhayer
      SalKhayer 2 tháng trước +6

      Charles Barkley had the right of it here I think. Virginia didn't have De'Andre the year they lost as the 1-Seed, so that squad didn't have an actually dominant 1-Seed team on the floor when they lost. Purdue was literally healthy and stacked and still got beat.

    • Devil doc
      Devil doc 2 tháng trước +1

      Bets my ky wildcats off the hook from last year

    • FARTFRUIT115
      FARTFRUIT115 2 tháng trước +1

      @Devil doc Not at all St Peters still owns ur basketball program

    • Devil doc
      Devil doc 2 tháng trước

      @FARTFRUIT115 lol

  • iRunfastXC
    iRunfastXC 2 tháng trước +1

    Edie had absolute butterfingers the last two minutes. Looked completely out of sorts playing with a team as fast, small, and aggressive as Farleigh Dickinson.

  • Evan Kindig
    Evan Kindig 2 tháng trước +3

    For FDU this was an upset. For us Purdue fans this was just another March where Matt painter knew my heart couldn't handle another game so he took care of it. No real purdue fan ever saw Purdue making it out of round 2 at best. It's Painters hallmark move.

  • Mindy Gooding
    Mindy Gooding 2 tháng trước +2

    I am a big ten girl all the way but tonight, Purdue played horribly and FDU played like stars. They totally deserved it!!! CONGRATS FDU fans!!! How exciting for your school!!!

  • Press Master 1
    Press Master 1 2 tháng trước +4

    If FDU can play 5 more games with that kinda energy and fight they can hang a banner!! What a game!

  • Cory Spang
    Cory Spang 2 tháng trước +15

    Congratulations to Fairleigh Dickenson

  • Brian Odom
    Brian Odom 2 tháng trước +6

    This is what Purdue does, so it's not a legendary upset to me. Last year they lost to St. Peter's. The year before that they lost to North Texas. Purdue almost became the first #1 seed to lose to a #16 way back in 1996 when they barely eked out a last second shot against W. Carolina. It's in their DNA. Overrated Big10 school. Similarly, Virginia is also prone to first round upsets. It's what they do.

  • benny
    benny 2 tháng trước +2

    the timeout with .6 left was disrespectful
    I love it

  • Ryan Ting
    Ryan Ting 2 tháng trước +5

    The top seed of the East Region was derailed by Fairleigh Dickinson as the Knights conquered the Purdue Boilermakers, 63-58. What a shocking story this was & FDU will play either Memphis or Florida Atlantic.

    • Reid Simonson
      Reid Simonson 2 tháng trước +2

      Thanks for the update. No one could see the score or rankings until you posted this. Thank God. I was able to run around my neighborhood showing everyone this comment because no one had a clue. You literally saved lives tonight.

    • Ryan Ting
      Ryan Ting 2 tháng trước

      @Reid Simonson Whoa! You really surprised me. By the way, FDU's opponent in the 2nd round is the Florida Atlantic Owls, who got their 1st tournament win in school history over the 8th ranked Memphis Tigers.

  • Gregg Curtis
    Gregg Curtis 2 tháng trước +3

    Being a lifelong IU fan. This was GREAT!

  • Tone Loc
    Tone Loc 2 tháng trước

    When I was a kid back in the 80s doing brackets, Missouri, Arizona, and Purdue made my list of teams NOT to take deep into the tournament, because they tended to get upset. Some things never change . . .

  • Rob Studer
    Rob Studer 2 tháng trước +37

    St. Peters, Princeton and FDU....Jersey Strong!!!

    • Dentatus Dentatus
      Dentatus Dentatus 2 tháng trước +3

      You mean "Joisey Stwong." 😎

    • Christopher Battle
      Christopher Battle 2 tháng trước

      So why do so many college-bound New Jersey students attend college out of state?

    • dantes inferno purgatory
      dantes inferno purgatory 2 tháng trước +2

      @Christopher Battle The same reason college bound students in other states choose out of state schools - a change of scenery.

    • S R
      S R 2 tháng trước +1

      You know what's funny..purdue always seems to struggle with rutgers too

    SOOKY MMA 2 tháng trước +27

    The athletic difference alone is actually pretty clear here. I heard a few pundits say that the Purdue schemes will struggle here. Clearly, that was true.

    • FARTFRUIT115
      FARTFRUIT115 2 tháng trước +2

      that press held their head underwater

    • bob80q
      bob80q 2 tháng trước +2

      Purdue isn't a fast team and offensively they have lived off just throwing the ball inside to Eady; they got beat by a faster and more motivated team.

    • Don Solo
      Don Solo 2 tháng trước +1

      @bob80q great coaching too. They were running some great defensive schemes on Purdue's big man

    • James youing
      James youing 2 tháng trước +1

      Purdue needs to get on the treadmill!

  • el_Principe
    el_Principe 2 tháng trước +2

    FDU simply wanted to win so much more than Purdue did

  • NE Creations
    NE Creations 2 tháng trước +1

    This is what March madness is all about. FDU came to play on game day!

  • Ted Quaker
    Ted Quaker 2 tháng trước +1

    Fairly ridiculous University..in a stunner!! Absolutely Beautiful. Love it!!!

  • Marconi Lima
    Marconi Lima 2 tháng trước +19

    The most bizarre part is that FDU are only playing the Tournament due Merrimack's 4-year transition.

    • James youing
      James youing 2 tháng trước +1

      The refs gave that game to Merrimack, FDU was the better team. If you didn't watch the game, go back and watch the game, then you'll know!

  • DivineMizE
    DivineMizE 2 tháng trước +3

    SUCH a goodgame! FDU hit every 3 point attempt. Sharp. Good job!!

    • Meester Meester
      Meester Meester 2 tháng trước +1

      They went 7 for 23 from 3…

    • Ethan Courchesne
      Ethan Courchesne 2 tháng trước

      @Meester Meester I think he meant they hit the ones that mattered the most.

  • FR8TRAiN
    FR8TRAiN 2 tháng trước +1

    Now, everyone remember and feel the pain of when Norfolk St. beat Mizzou in a completely unprecedented, absolutely Bracket-Busting Loss so many years ago...this might be the icing on the Cake. Well played FDU, and Well Deserved.

  • LD BWA
    LD BWA 2 tháng trước

    Looks like the main difference was the coaching… the plays and the defense schemes and having a coach that believes in you and helps your confidence definitely makes a difference

  • zachary maney
    zachary maney 2 tháng trước +2

    First, all credit to FDU. You don't pull this big an upset without giving everything you can possibly give on the floor. I just want to point out the biggest difference between this game and UMBC in 2018. That was Virginia getting in a terrible mismatch and their players crumbling as the pressure mounted. This game was Matt Painter absolutely shitting his pants on national TV for all to see. What an absolute embarrassment if you're Purdue that your coach can't make adjustments, panics in pressure situations, and overall BURIED his own team with his almost farcical late game management. Sports malpractice on such a level he should have a show-cause order before he ever coaches again proving he understands the very basics of basketball strategy.

  • CJ
    CJ 2 tháng trước +4

    New Jersey teams are putting magic on March Madness.
    Last year 15 Saint Peters beat 2 Kentucky and was the first 15th seed to advance to the elite 8.
    This year 15 Princeton defeats 2 Arizona and 16 FDU stuns 1 Purdue.

  • Leonard
    Leonard 2 tháng trước +2

    Perfect illustration of why its important tone able to finish at the hoop with either hand. He goes up with the left and that's either a make or a defensive foul.

    • Chris Boro
      Chris Boro 2 tháng trước +1

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • Bob Napier
    Bob Napier 2 tháng trước +3

    I love that timeout with 0.6 seconds left, that was all about soaking up the moment

  • Jerry Okonkwo
    Jerry Okonkwo 2 tháng trước +1

    Purdue's severe damage to the nation's brackets didn't bother me besides trouncing my flawless bracket, now nearly flawless. I attended the game when my old school, the University of North Texas, defeated Purdue in 2021, the year I also graduated from there. As of right now, I'm currently enrolled at TCU. However, as I reflect, these individuals aren't aware that this moment demonstrates why you shouldn't invest in Arizona, Virginia, or Purdue.

  • David Mendez
    David Mendez 2 tháng trước +1

    Purdue ended up the regular season at 3-3 and had an easy road to the Big 10 final with all the upsets. Even then they struggled to beat lowly Penn State in the final. So this was almost an inevitability with the way they have played as of late

  • Travis
    Travis 2 tháng trước +1

    The cheerleader at ~1:25-1:28 is awesome. Made my day🥇

  • T C
    T C 2 tháng trước +2

    Unreal. Congrats to FDU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brother Eli
    Brother Eli 2 tháng trước +11

    FDU and Princeton reppin for Jersey. FDU lost their conference championship but still got the automatic bid from the NEC because the team that won the conference isn’t eligible to compete in the NCAA tournament yet

  • Bombo World
    Bombo World 2 tháng trước

    I went to FDU. Can’t believe this!! Great job fellas!!

  • Ya boy Krisppee
    Ya boy Krisppee 2 tháng trước

    So glad to watch this live! What a game

  • 222ableVelo
    222ableVelo 2 tháng trước +1

    Let's face it. FDU took Zach Edey out of the game. And no one thought that was possible. FDU had a good game plan, and they executed it well. Purdue was on their heels the whole game.

  • Ryan D
    Ryan D 2 tháng trước

    Great job, FDU. 👍

  • walterlv01
    walterlv01 2 tháng trước +1

    Purdue might have been the most scared that I've ever seen a team in that second half. Steve Lappas mentioned a couple of times on the commentary that nobody on their team wanted the ball. And when they did get it, they couldn't get rid of it fast enough. Nobody was willing to step up and shoulder the load, they were all too afraid to fail. You could see it in the body language and in how they hid from the ball. That's a bad reflection on the head coach; Painter has a culture problem with his program. His players don't believe in themselves.

  • Salvador Perez
    Salvador Perez 2 tháng trước +4

    Somebody explain I can only say Purdue did not expect this, choked, FDU shut them down like Perdue was just another team

  • Jimmy Graham
    Jimmy Graham 2 tháng trước +1

    Catalon and Lappas called a great game. FDU played incredible defense but Purdue played with a lot of heart. Edey is a beast. Hopefully next yr the Boilers will be just like Virginia next year losing to a #16 seed then winning it all the following year

  • Infinite Content
    Infinite Content 2 tháng trước

    THIS is EXACTLY WHY we love March Madness!!!!

  • Mitchell Golston
    Mitchell Golston 2 tháng trước +3

    Incredible game crazy ending

  • Jizmo Jimmy
    Jizmo Jimmy 2 tháng trước +1

    FDUs 3 point shooter was an absolute clutch shot