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3 military aircraft from Spokane sent to Montana following discovery of possible Chinese spy balloon

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  • Xuất bản 01 Th02, 2023
  • The U.S. is currently tracking a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon that has been seen over U.S. airspace for the last couple of days.
    Image credit: AP Images
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  • Carlos
    Carlos Tháng trước +272

    How is no one addressing the fact it was already in Montana before anyone noticed it? Clearly the US airspace isn’t as impenetrable as everyone thinks

    • J L
      J L Tháng trước

      @tokamak you like dragons ???

  • Quiroz Family TV
    Quiroz Family TV Tháng trước +242

    How does something like this enter our airspace without the military catching wind of it?

    • John Jessey
      John Jessey Tháng trước

      @David Gilbert thanks David for the reply. I do get the safety factor. But we can fuel F 22 raptor in the sky at 35,000 feet. I do believe we should be able to get something up there to tug it over Nevada or Kansas and slowly let it down. And maybe we are jamming the communications, or we are studying it. Could be, we are getting more information out of it than it is giving the Chinese. I think the common thread on most of the comments here are related to the feeling. It would just be nice to feel like our government is in control of something as of late instead of reacting. Wouldn’t it have been cool to get up in the morning and read, US military discovers Chinese balloon, entering our airspace. It’s now in Nevada being studied by the Air Force. Sorry this is so long my friend. Enjoy your weekend.

    • Colt Lee
      Colt Lee Tháng trước +1

      @Mase you *get it*

  • Seth Moses
    Seth Moses Tháng trước +277

    This is the most exciting thing that has happened out of Montana in decades

    • Rebecca Swift
      Rebecca Swift Tháng trước

      Exciting?..I say more like terrifying..how could that balloon come into usa airspace unnoticed by our military?..

  • Susan B High
    Susan B High Tháng trước +151

    If it were not for citizens spotting and recording this spy balloon no statement would have been made.

    • B3tHAnY  L3OnA L3mL3y
      B3tHAnY L3OnA L3mL3y Tháng trước

      Susan they have since this and the train accident has deploy the national guard everywhere

    • Texas Texas
      Texas Texas Tháng trước


    • Daniel Nelson
      Daniel Nelson Tháng trước +1

      I think it is a Google Loon.

    • Halal Meat
      Halal Meat Tháng trước

      My guess is it went up north and came down from Canada it’s pretty sparsely populated in that region

  • Andrew Lynch
    Andrew Lynch Tháng trước +106

    Fun fact, in WW2 the Japanese bombed the west coast of the US with air balloons, it wasn’t very effective but if I remember correctly they weren’t maned meaning that they were technically drones

    • Jack Andblaze
      Jack Andblaze Tháng trước +1

      Could be an altitude sensitive nuke. Let's shoot it down and find out.

    • Jill Parmenter
      Jill Parmenter Tháng trước

      It killed a group of young girls out on a hike. There is a monument in Oregon that tells the story about the death balloons.

    • Halal Meat
      Halal Meat Tháng trước

      @Caleb Flaharty that is a fun fact for sure. We are extremely lucky the US had Nuclear capability before anyone else. And we used them at an appropriate time in a strategic way. That bombing is one of the hardest decisions we have made but produced one of the greatest results in the known history of conflicts.

    • Shane Tyler
      Shane Tyler Tháng trước

      your exactly right!

    • Matt
      Matt Tháng trước

      @Caleb Flaharty
      Thanks Cliff Clavin. 👍
      You'll have to be old as dirt to get that reference....and I admit not a very funny one at that but someone had try and stop it.

  • SmokeAbagUhThat
    SmokeAbagUhThat Tháng trước +15

    It's amazing how stupid they think we all are

    • SmokeAbagUhThat
      SmokeAbagUhThat Tháng trước

      @Phil sorry Phil , I'm not one of you zombies..🤣

    • Phil
      Phil Tháng trước

      @Bill Brown Go outside and at least shake your fist at real clouds, gramps, you probably could use the exercise.

    • Phil
      Phil Tháng trước

      @Bill Brown LOL, you go gramps.

  • Jason Yu
    Jason Yu Tháng trước +332

    that's the balloon i lost 30 years ago, i'm so happy to see she grew up nice and thick.

  • Max Medverd
    Max Medverd Tháng trước +289

    Isn’t part of the point of giving the military so much money precisely to make sure foreign/hostile objects can’t just come on over? It’s Montana, pretty much empty shoot the thing down for goodness sakes

    • NWpilot07
      NWpilot07 Tháng trước

      @MrAce I *assume* it doesn’t pose a threat by way of common sense. A balloon of that size at that altitude is incapable of carrying ordinance, wouldn’t be able to drop any chemicals of consequence, and is so high up that the best it could do is try and get photo imagery of the terrain. Since high definition imagery of the US is already attainable to anyone and also to satellites, it really doesn’t pose a threat. That’s likely the conclusion our military came to as well. It poses more threat as a a large piece of flaming falling debris than it does a redundant floating camera

    • NWpilot07
      NWpilot07 Tháng trước

      @robert harrison Sattelites are actually pretty easy to reposition, for example during the filming of Top Gun Maverick the Chinese reoriented a satellite to get a better image of the prop Mach 10 jet used in the film because they thought it was a real thing. A balloon on the other hand is completely uncontrollable at that altitude, it needs to be so light that any control or propulsion mechanism would weigh it down

    • Ali
      Ali Tháng trước

      @Zee are yo unable to have a normal conversation without retorting to curses and insults?

    • Ali
      Ali Tháng trước

      @Lighttheway lol figured, as most people on the internet tend to usually be 😂

    • Max Medverd
      Max Medverd Tháng trước

      @RenegadeElite101 The point is that we shouldn’t allow our chief rival to just blatantly send spy and other objects into American territory. It’s one thing to use a satellite, quite another to use something people can literally see from their yard.

  • Jon D
    Jon D Tháng trước +29

    So if a peeping Tom was staring at you outside your window, you'd let them just continue to watch?! We have the "most sophisticated military" yet we're allowing this?! Wow!

    • frpgplayer
      frpgplayer Tháng trước

      On 9-11,pilots were scrambled and couldn't find a plane.
      A plane that crashed into the pentagon.
      The air force can't afford to fail to find a balloon.
      The leaders,however,are gleeful. They all got promoted for their 9-11 failures.
      Probably will get medals of valor for watching a balloon.

    • J
      J Tháng trước

      First one was sent up Sept 30 2022... USA knew then. But want you to think it is a surprise. The payload is near 2.5 TONS and that is not a camera.

    • Jazmin Sanchez
      Jazmin Sanchez Tháng trước

      omg youre right 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • k.k. marriott
      k.k. marriott Tháng trước


    • Bob Hope
      Bob Hope Tháng trước

      Lmao we all know you would!

  • Emanuel Velez
    Emanuel Velez Tháng trước +5

    If our leaders decide not to take action they are in on it.

  • Josiah H. King
    Josiah H. King Tháng trước +375

    I’m surprised that no one has attempted to shoot it down lol

    • Enrique
      Enrique Tháng trước

      @Derek Marks the military doesn’t need to tel Derek marks everytime it finds something.

    • Enrique
      Enrique Tháng trước

      @Sarah Davis oh wow your so cool. Btw the military knows things before you…just bc they find out doesn’t mean they need to tell Sarah Davis in podunk Missouri

    • Enrique
      Enrique Tháng trước

      @Sarah Davis one thing is for sure…you are not. Maybe less than average.

  • ToastytheG
    ToastytheG Tháng trước +42

    Ever wonder how they knew it was a Chinese balloon so fast, but they still can't tell us who was on hepsteen's client list? 🤔

    • B3tHAnY  L3OnA L3mL3y
      B3tHAnY L3OnA L3mL3y Tháng trước

      @ToastytheG who’s hepsteen ‘s

    • Jack Andblaze
      Jack Andblaze Tháng trước +1

      False flag, that's why.

    • ToastytheG
      ToastytheG Tháng trước +2

      @Private Data Just like everything else in the United States...

    • Scott
      Scott Tháng trước

      @Private Data shhh don’t say that, it’s a bigger conspiracy

  • My Britches are Electrum
    My Britches are Electrum Tháng trước +110

    How does a balloon stay over Montana for days?

    • John
      John Tháng trước

      @Shamus White 🤔

    • Shamus White
      Shamus White Tháng trước

      @John they also reported on the news that there is a second one.

    • Benito Salazar
      Benito Salazar Tháng trước +1

      Joe Biden

    • John Dymond
      John Dymond Tháng trước

      @John didnt have to originate from china

    • John
      John Tháng trước

      @Debbie W. UFO

  • Kevin Deming
    Kevin Deming Tháng trước +87

    "(paraphrasing) The US military is keeping an eye on it..." How in the hell is this not shot down?!?!?!?!

    • Allflights Canceled
      Allflights Canceled Tháng trước

      @Proverbs 3:5-6 I’m answering the dudes question…

    • Terry Monroe
      Terry Monroe Tháng trước

      We have to thank all the Biden supporters and for the ships in American waters also

    • Benito Salazar
      Benito Salazar Tháng trước

      Joe Biden

  • Jayr M.
    Jayr M. Tháng trước +31

    US: “It’s a Chinese balloon!”
    China: “why it’s always us?!”

  • Michael McManus
    Michael McManus Tháng trước +11

    Funny how the govt uses words “suspected” and “Chinese” in same sentence.
    The govt knows exactly what it is.

      RYNNY KITTY Tháng trước

      And still did NOTHING about it!

  • Pasqual Guigano
    Pasqual Guigano Tháng trước +63

    Imagine that thing dropping vials of bio weapons as it flyover

    • Pasqual Guigano
      Pasqual Guigano Tháng trước

      @SD operation X-ray

    • SD
      SD Tháng trước

      It was full of bats.

    • Jon Doc
      Jon Doc Tháng trước

      @Pasqual Guigano maybe they are looking into just making a huge base in Montana it would be impossible to infiltrate with all the rolling hills once they establish a base of sorts

    • Pasqual Guigano
      Pasqual Guigano Tháng trước +2

      @OSEN KING and December 7 1941 was just another day

  • Dre Ha
    Dre Ha Tháng trước +9

    Since we don't dare to shoot it down, expect to see more balloons in the future.

  • 289 Cobra
    289 Cobra Tháng trước +68

    "It was a weather balloon"
    - Roswell, 1947.

    • SD
      SD Tháng trước

      War of the Worlds.........

    • D.J. Krol
      D.J. Krol Tháng trước

      I don't understand the tin foil hat meme. Aluminum foil is a cheap, quick and easy way to make a Faraday cage. It's literally effective why joke about it?

    • Daniel N
      Daniel N Tháng trước

      Chinese weather ballon was shot down back then, but the government did not want to disclose it to avoid scarring the public. Thanks for pointing that out. Makes sense to me.

    • hopeサタン
      hopeサタン Tháng trước +2

      Get your tin foil hat

  • Water life.
    Water life. Tháng trước +2

    It's a way that the Chinese can monitor our communications about threatening craft in our territory. They not monitoring just from the balloon but from the internet and probably deep sea submarine cables. They will know what channels we use to talk about something like this. It's to feel out the process of what and how it happens. It's all about information gathering from several different ways.

  • Rico Hernandez Jr.
    Rico Hernandez Jr. Tháng trước +49

    Nobody enters our air space like this well until now…

    • Rico Hernandez Jr.
      Rico Hernandez Jr. Tháng trước

      @So Fly true but they entered our air space from within.

    • Albert Salazar
      Albert Salazar Tháng trước +1

      Thanks for building America back better. It's so great.

    • greasesicle
      greasesicle Tháng trước

      From ship or plane.

    • So Fly
      So Fly Tháng trước


  • Jacksun More
    Jacksun More Tháng trước +4

    I see similar objects here in NJ very late at night ...it's very strange

  • Philip McDonald
    Philip McDonald Tháng trước +9

    Good I am glad someone spotted it 48 hours ago. My alien friends started telling me to look in the sky so immediately I knew something was wrong because they would never told me to look in the sky. If I ever needed to look in the sky, it wouldn’t be for them yesterday at noon I found this great job

  • MOWilderness
    MOWilderness Tháng trước +8

    A thing to realize is that they are now admitting that this has happened before, this tells you that they have a lot of other stuff they won't tell you when s*** hits the fan

  • Jacob Goetz
    Jacob Goetz Tháng trước +150

    They got satellites that can see the screen on your phone but this thing somehow made its way into US airspace undetected? Sus. Very sus.

    • Dan C
      Dan C Tháng trước


    • ssww3 2040
      ssww3 2040 Tháng trước

      @Dan C sus

  • J M
    J M Tháng trước +28

    Braddah-man is so proud of himself for that video, lol, cute! Glad he got his moment. And thanks for sharing the footage! 🤙🏽

    • Sure Shots
      Sure Shots Tháng trước +4

      He should be proud. He single handily caught the Chinese spying on us.

  • Joey Outdoors
    Joey Outdoors Tháng trước +16

    So glad our military was willing to step in AFTER a CIVILIAN noticed it. 🙄 Maybe our DHS / DOD would have seen it sooner if they weren’t so focused on the social agenda.

    SHWN SHTS Tháng trước +5

    How does anyone mess up the opportunity?!

  • Jeff Orr
    Jeff Orr Tháng trước +7

    You can’t blame the Chinese for wanting to have a Birdseye view of some of the farmland they bought up in this country

    • ben davis
      ben davis Tháng trước

      it reminded me of the movie with Jackie Chan in around the world in 80 days in the hot air balloon sorry for any misspells or mistakes in spelling.

  • andrew valenta
    andrew valenta Tháng trước +4

    Notice they are saying "suspected" chinese balloon, or "possible" chinese balloon

  • chris cheehan
    chris cheehan Tháng trước +135

    So....what was it's flight path to Montana?

    • Chris Sullivan
      Chris Sullivan Tháng trước

      It’s an advertisement for panda express

    • Chris Sullivan
      Chris Sullivan Tháng trước

      @chris cheehan Don’t tell me you’re buying that gibberish

    • BB -62
      BB -62 Tháng trước

      ICB solos.

    • chris cheehan
      chris cheehan Tháng trước

      @Chris Sullivan what is fake?

  • Andrew Parrish
    Andrew Parrish Tháng trước +17

    The only issue is the potential for the balloon to carry a biological hazard. Anthrax spores for example. This could be a major reason why it hasn't been shot down. Of course they wouldn't admit that publicly, as to not stir public fear. One only need to watch the music video of Metallica's "All Nightmare Long"

    • Flight of the Bumblebee
      Flight of the Bumblebee Tháng trước +1

      As a fan of 30 years (I'm 40 now) I think All Nightmare Long is one of their best songs.

    • RJB
      RJB Tháng trước

      @Tyrell Corp
      Containment took too long. They probably gathered plenty of info already sent electronically before we shut itvdown.

    • 3v1LSkuggi
      3v1LSkuggi Tháng trước

      Maybe its a zombie agent

    • Roger
      Roger Tháng trước

      Or something even worse, like Ebola😟

  • The One
    The One Tháng trước +13

    My first question was how did this go undetected and for how long? Given the location it was spotted my next question is are they trying to gather info on the missile fields?

    • SendThis
      SendThis Tháng trước

      @Steve Jones

    • Brandon Groves.
      Brandon Groves. Tháng trước

      @imANoppressedAMERICAN there were fighter jets scrambled on 9/11, there were a select few trusted pilots stationed at different airbases around the country that were given authorization to scramble and BOLO for any possible foreign aircraft, they were the only aircraft in the United States skyline at that time

    • yajj
      yajj Tháng trước

      They already have and have had satellites that can see those areas.

  • Clarence Sammah
    Clarence Sammah Tháng trước

    How did it enter U.S or north America's airspace without any one noticing it?

  • Lifes Been Good
    Lifes Been Good Tháng trước +1

    Imagine that balloon being armed with an EMP

  • smelly
    smelly Tháng trước

    How has a plane not hit it 😱

  • George Herbert Moonwalker Bush
    George Herbert Moonwalker Bush Tháng trước +8

    I wonder what’s happening to keep us distracted like this 🤔

    • Bekool
      Bekool Tháng trước +1

      No I don't remember that, but very interesting to know.

    • Bekool
      Bekool Tháng trước +3

      And While everybody's looking up to the sky what's happening down in the ocean

  • Dr Betelgeuse
    Dr Betelgeuse Tháng trước +7

    The balls on those guys to fly a spy balloon in plain sight.

      RYNNY KITTY Tháng trước

      @Sandra W I agree!

      RYNNY KITTY Tháng trước +2

      Joey's getting his 10%! LETS GO BRANDON!!!

  • Dawna
    Dawna Tháng trước +10

    Dang! Thanks for being the eye in the sky on that one.

  • talon1313
    talon1313 Tháng trước +1

    surprise, now the government has to say , oh no, that's not a balloon, that's a UFO

  • oculuis
    oculuis Tháng trước +2

    I would contact my nearest Astronomical Society to get the word out. Plenty of us amateur astronomers would love to get our scopes out on it to make out any detail with our largest apertures. Astrophotographers would do the same to see if they can capture some crisp photographs. It's not common to see a foreign spy satellite (if that's a proper word for it) over your hometown.

    • Charles Wiltsey
      Charles Wiltsey Tháng trước

      Time to operate multiple Schmidt Cassegrains with 150 kW laser systems.

  • Handsome the cat
    Handsome the cat Tháng trước +2

    If a ballon made it here with our military seeing it imagine a nuke…

  • Gary
    Gary Tháng trước +5

    How could it be seen for a couple days over the same area? If its a balloon!

  • Specops915
    Specops915 Tháng trước +1

    I can see why the Japanese balloon bombs were kept a secret now.

  • babasnaners _
    babasnaners _ Tháng trước

    The lengths they're willing to go just to watch Yellowstone...bravo 👏

  • Taylor Glover
    Taylor Glover Tháng trước

    We saw one of these a few months ago here in Austin Texas. I have a picture of it on my phone

  • Johnny JR.B
    Johnny JR.B Tháng trước +2

    Ahhh the famous Krem news. My favourite and most reliable news source.

    • Susan Morgan
      Susan Morgan Tháng trước

      Well......more reliable than mainstream.

  • Tech_Critter
    Tech_Critter Tháng trước +1

    There is a USAF Boeing on its way from Spokane to what looks like Bighorn Nat. Forest, WY right now (3:04 pm mountain time). Wonder if they're going to take it out 👀

  • Slo Mo
    Slo Mo Tháng trước +10

    How do they tell which country it's from?

    • Lance Short
      Lance Short Tháng trước +7

      Made in china on the side

  • BlikenavE
    BlikenavE Tháng trước +1

    If it was blue instead of white, it could have blended in better. Maybe they'll use clear balloons next time so it will seem invisible.

  • Dr. Phil Goode
    Dr. Phil Goode Tháng trước +1

    Yellowstones wolves began mobilizing their forces soon after realizing it was not the moon they were howling at. When reached for comment, the alpha male stated the grizzlies forced them to howl at the ballon. What a mess.

  • Take A Look At
    Take A Look At Tháng trước +2

    How they guessed that it’s Chinese balloon?

  • jomac
    jomac Tháng trước +16

    Don't shoot it down! That little boy could still be in there!

    • H S
      H S Tháng trước

      I was thinking of that story as well! Man the years have gone by I’m sure he’s a grown man up there now!

  • A. Certain Woman
    A. Certain Woman Tháng trước

    Is that showing on the flight tracker or is this dark and not on the airplane tracker sites? There is a balloon showing all week but more over Ok and south.

  • Roger ramjet
    Roger ramjet Tháng trước +18

    Keeping an eye on it?? Are you kidding me ?? Who’s running this country???? WTF.

    • Brandon Groves.
      Brandon Groves. Tháng trước

      @Pink Smoke well I don't see a point in jamming it because if it's what they say it is their space satellites do the same exact job on a larger scale, and as for watching it I believe we are but watching it isn't really gonna make it disappear

    • Pink Smoke
      Pink Smoke Tháng trước

      Do you really think their not jamming the signal and not watching it ? 🙃🍶🍪

    • Brandon Groves.
      Brandon Groves. Tháng trước

      Exactly, and to answer that you'd have to qualify with an IQ around 1 to 5.5

  • B W Neuberger
    B W Neuberger Tháng trước +1

    Impossible to shoot that down with an F-22.

  • Alex Zubarev
    Alex Zubarev Tháng trước +2

    So they just prove to everybody that they don’t have satellites they’re all balloons essentially❤

  • Robert Negron
    Robert Negron Tháng trước

    How could he see that 60,000 feet up. ?

  • Drumpf Todd
    Drumpf Todd Tháng trước +1

    LOL... I don't know what they are expecting to see but this is hilarious. Welcome back to the 1960s everyone! Such advanced technology!

  • Mostly Positive
    Mostly Positive Tháng trước +4

    Does anyone know how China got this all the way to Montana? Was it sent from China or did China have some dude set this up in his yard in America and release it? Obviously we have nukes there so how did they get it to go here and how many others come by that we miss? I couldn't find any info on this happening before, though some news station said this has happened a few times over the last few years.

    • Repent, Jesus Is Coming Soon!
      Repent, Jesus Is Coming Soon! Tháng trước

      One news source said it traveled down thru Canada.

    • Bob Hope
      Bob Hope Tháng trước

      Am I high or was there something about a Russian spy ship few days ago, put two and two together

  • MR. UN-important
    MR. UN-important Tháng trước +63

    One way to deliver a EMP bomb, then you’re off to the 18th century

    • B W Neuberger
      B W Neuberger Tháng trước

      Ya, put a nuclear weapon on a balloon and see where it goes. Good grief people.

    • Scott
      Scott Tháng trước

      lmaoo, a little tiny ballon is going to take out the power for a country thats 3.5 million square miles. ok dude, and i’m related to king aurthur

    • SimonSaysDie315
      SimonSaysDie315 Tháng trước

      @c sharp wrongggg

    • SimonSaysDie315
      SimonSaysDie315 Tháng trước

      @c sharp wrong

    • mh
      mh Tháng trước

      Emp bomb is hollywood lmfao.

    MR. PRIME Tháng trước +2

    I’m really curious how our military forces didn’t shoot this down before crossing over

    • MR. PRIME
      MR. PRIME Tháng trước

      @B W Neuberger you really asking that silly question? Lol do you not know America is the king of the sky when it comes to military jets ? you really asked that question without thinking we don’t have anything to shoot that down lol

    • B W Neuberger
      B W Neuberger Tháng trước

      Just how would you propose to "shoot down" a baloon at over 100,000 feet?

  • DrewSki AKG
    DrewSki AKG Tháng trước +2

    If only they can have a short burst emp to stop any signals.
    Or Send a drone to some how guide it to wherever they want or two detect signal and see what they can do with it?
    Crazy days we're living!

  • william louie
    william louie Tháng trước +2

    They discovered this in middle of Montana. That meant it slip by Washington state before they noticed it.

  • Antonio Montano
    Antonio Montano Tháng trước +2

    Possible? That's a Chinese spy Ballon, that's an act of war, what if the next one is a tactical EMP?

  • Richard R.Micheal
    Richard R.Micheal Tháng trước +1

    I would have definitely been like , " Hey son, grab my rifle. "... we got a UFO, and I'm gonna bag it!

  • Jason Boyd
    Jason Boyd Tháng trước +30

    25 years ago I would of taken it out with my bb gun.
    How did it make it to Montana from China?🤔

    • Bob Hope
      Bob Hope Tháng trước

      @D W gumption

    • Melt
      Melt Tháng trước

      @Scott Need to pull either ethernet plug or life support plug then

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy Tháng trước

      Probably Canada which is very close with them politically.

    • Scott
      Scott Tháng trước

      @Melt they just give anyone access to life..

    • Megggg
      Megggg Tháng trước +2

      Right… made it all the way to Montana without being spotted and then manages to stay put for days? Sus.

  • Swagman Explores
    Swagman Explores Tháng trước +14

    Just when you thought it was safe to look up at the sky - it’s Roswell 2 Return of the weather balloon...🤣

  • Bingo Sun Noon
    Bingo Sun Noon Tháng trước +19

    It looks like one of those balloons that was let go at the Lunar New Year celebration I was at last weekend.

    • SendThis
      SendThis Tháng trước +1

      @[Hashknight Gaming]
      That’s about this size of a Macy’s parade ballon, no?

    • [Hashknight Gaming]
      [Hashknight Gaming] Tháng trước

      I mean it's like two school buses flying up there that is the size of the thing it's frickin huge.

    • Steven James Bull
      Steven James Bull Tháng trước +1

      Are you serious? Or just kidding?

  • JoeRandom11
    JoeRandom11 Tháng trước

    can someone please explain how this is different than a Chinese satellite?

  • Richard Eastman
    Richard Eastman Tháng trước

    It is weather warfare data collection allowing China better information for crunching its computer models and for calculating ongoing adjustments of its upstream weather warfare interventions over Siberia, the Arctic and the North Pacific. The ballon is monitoring an atmospheric way station to report where the arctic air they are sending through Montana are headed.

  • Rod Milner
    Rod Milner Tháng trước +1

    How did civilians spot this balloon before military personnel, it got all the way to Montana before being detected? Hmm🤔

  • Beth Jim
    Beth Jim Tháng trước +23

    😅 I saw the F-22s get mobilized and fly over Mt. Rainier. Wild!

    • B3tHAnY  L3OnA L3mL3y
      B3tHAnY L3OnA L3mL3y Tháng trước

      I never saw a F-22 in my life till i was in Indiana them jets were very low between oct-December 30. I never got so excited in my life it was something new i never seen before

    • Randy Bobandy
      Randy Bobandy Tháng trước

      No way!! You lucky. I'm in spokane and didn't hear any craft leaving fairchild

  • Joseph Steffen
    Joseph Steffen Tháng trước

    You have to admit that is a really smart idea. Low tech and low cost. Better resolution than an orbiting satellite.

  • Booty la tuttes
    Booty la tuttes Tháng trước +1

    I told uncle harry not to get the “biggest balloon on eBay” just didn’t listen. 😂

  • Kiki
    Kiki Tháng trước

    I was confused when they said “flying”.
    If its in fact a Chinese spy balloon, capture and disable.

  • el stinko
    el stinko Tháng trước +6

    A decision was made not to shoot it down, the second they heard the story because it wasn’t a Chinese spy balloon.
    Why in the heck would they use a ‘spy balloon’ when they can just use google maps?! 😂

  • Shane Tyler
    Shane Tyler Tháng trước

    The Japanese did something similar during ww2 to cause wildfires in the northwest. they attached small explosives to the balloons to create havoc here in the states.

  • Daniel Okunev
    Daniel Okunev Tháng trước +102

    Not so much of a spy ballon if it got caught lol

      RYNNY KITTY Tháng trước +1

      Meanwhile our generals did nothing about it!

    • Douglas Freeman
      Douglas Freeman Tháng trước

      "Spy" does not mean "invisible to the naked eye", otherwise how would people be able to fire guns at James Bond?

    MARK BOUDREAU Tháng trước +2

    Good job Chase!!

  • Dad4
    Dad4 Tháng trước

    The PLA’s answer to the SR71 😂

  • Lonnie Sutter
    Lonnie Sutter Tháng trước +1

    I thought we challenged adversarial vehicles that entered our airspace. Was this launched in Canada?

  • TheTooginator
    TheTooginator Tháng trước +1

    It almost seems like a prank: “I bet those Americans aren’t expecting a balloon! Should we paint something cool on it? Like a dragon or something?” “Nah, we want this to look all official and serious.” “A balloon?” “I think the Americans will appreciate something harmless and fun to talk about.”

  • That Guy
    That Guy Tháng trước

    I would have thought it was a weather balloon.

  • Bekim Krasniqi
    Bekim Krasniqi Tháng trước +3

    It came all the way to Montana and it wasn't caught!!!

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson Tháng trước +12

    One week our nation's idiots are running in circles over green M&M's, and now it's a weather balloon. In fairytales the villagers finally figure out there is no big bad wolf.

    • Goatbeez
      Goatbeez Tháng trước +1

      Wait... In fairy tales it turns out there IS though...

  • Elevated Minds
    Elevated Minds Tháng trước +1

    How does a balloon just sit in the sky stationary ? Doesn't line up with characteristics with a balloon

    THE STUDIO Tháng trước +1


  • edward tobiasen
    edward tobiasen Tháng trước

    Technically, they don't have to shoot it down they can hit it with a paint gun, and it will change direction. Now, seriously, we should tow it to a secluded area, force it down, and investigate the craft.

  • AJ Lucky007
    AJ Lucky007 Tháng trước

    100% real I've seen one of these things before. I swear on everything I love.

  • SELLY  ͏
    SELLY ͏ Tháng trước +4

    A very slow moving Chinese spy balloon somehow infiltrated the US? 🤣 you’re joking right?

  • Pure Ruckus Power
    Pure Ruckus Power Tháng trước

    This happens more often than people think. Just rare that everyone can see it.
    Shooting it down is obvious. But if you can jam it and prevent it from taking valuable Intel. Let it float.

  • SorryTruth
    SorryTruth Tháng trước +1

    It’s gonna land on an energy plant and short the grid. Would be cool

  • Cliff Clover
    Cliff Clover Tháng trước +1

    Did the drone get captured? We want to know? Or did the government allow this to keep getting data as part of the share our secrets program?

  • Scott K
    Scott K Tháng trước +4

    Biden is excited because he associates balloons with parties and parties with ice cream 🍦

  • Richard Tipton
    Richard Tipton Tháng trước +1

    That's no Balloon, that's a space station....

  • snowman
    snowman Tháng trước +33

    A balloon that hovers for 2 days?

    • Brandon Groves.
      Brandon Groves. Tháng trước

      @snowman no I'm sorry I didn't realize you were the one that posted this comment and I misunderstood you and thought you were saying I was wrong, which I could be but I don't think any of us civilians know the real truth

    • snowman
      snowman Tháng trước

      @Brandon Groves. 👍, sorry i missed your point

    • snowman
      snowman Tháng trước

      @Brandon Groves. none! And also dive 20,000 feet per second like the pilot said in this video...none...and hover 2 days, then in less than 24 hours it moved from momtana to eastern missouri...must be a special kind of helium,

    • snowman
      snowman Tháng trước

      @Brandon Groves. 👍. Sorry i missed your point,

    • Brandon Groves.
      Brandon Groves. Tháng trước

      @snowman and how many Jetstreams have you heard of stopping to allow a balloon filled with helium to just stop midair and allow it to gather data over a nuclear storage facility!!!

  • DUANE Shriver
    DUANE Shriver Tháng trước

    The Airforce should have used a 30mm cannon to shoot the balloon down instead of a middle. The balloon would have made a controlled descent and remained in tact. That missle probably cost 100,000 dollars.cI don't know what a 30mm cannon round cost. But I'm sure someone will tell me .

  • LT Warhorse
    LT Warhorse Tháng trước +3


  • paydrough
    paydrough Tháng trước

    Someone give this man his photojournalist job back!!!