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Heavy Rainstorm and Strong Thunder Sounds for Sleeping | Black Screen Rain for Sleep, Fall Asleep

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  • Xuất bản 05 Th09, 2021
  • Enjoy this new Black Screen Very Strong Rain and Heavy Thunder Sounds for Sleeping composition. I recorded the whole session earlier this year in May and stayed in a little apartment close to the French border in the Black Forests in Germany. On my way I always dropped some audio rigs, when I knew that I Thunderstorm was approaching. Sometimes the weather forecast isn't always accurate, but this time I was really lucky.
    I really hope that all of you can fall asleep to these recordings. By the way I never told you this, but with all of my sleep sounds I connect to various beautiful memories of feelings, situations, smells and of course noises when I listen to them.
    Feel very welcome to drop me a comment in the section below to give me a little bit of feedback for this black screen rain video. Like or Dislike what is your impression. 😊
    You may try these sleep sounds in case of insomnia, tinnitus, or if you suffer from generalized sleeping problems. But the aware that these sounds can't substitute for a professional treatment.
    💫 I recommend listening to the video at low volume, so you have the best relaxing feeling. Enjoy it!
    And now Happy Relaxing Everyone! ⭐️
    All the best, Edy 🤗
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    DISCLAIMER: This video should not be used to replace any medical or psychological treatment. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult your medical practitioner immediately. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this recording.
    © Pure Relaxing Vibes, 2022. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.
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  • Brenda Shimp
    Brenda Shimp 15 ngày trước +8

    I enjoy this. Very relaxing and sleep inducing.

  • Ley's Boutique
    Ley's Boutique Tháng trước +29

    This helps me with my sleeping and has been helping people so thank you Good night everyone

  • Ron Wade
    Ron Wade 11 tháng trước +9


    EMILY Tháng trước +127

    My comment will probably be lost but whoever reads this.. you got this! whatever you're going through will get better💛

    • aM._8I8._AM
      aM._8I8._AM  Tháng trước +5


      VEROSTYE Tháng trước +3

      Damn there goes my plan to wrap myself around a telephone pole D:

    • Ryan Bray
      Ryan Bray 24 ngày trước +2

      ​@VEROSTYEdo it

    • Kristin Heath
      Kristin Heath 24 ngày trước +1

      Thank you for your encouragement. I hope everything is well with you 💗

    • Ryan Bray
      Ryan Bray 24 ngày trước +1

      @Neta Bolt I'm mentally unstable also but I'm not on VNclip bitching

  • 3merald
    3merald 3 tháng trước +68

    Finally, rain sounds that don’t sound like a jet taking off! Thank you! :D

  • funnyfaceaz
    funnyfaceaz 10 tháng trước +47

    Where we live in Arizona we don't get to hear a good rain storm like this. It's so soothing. Thank you!

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  10 tháng trước +7

      Thank you too for being here on the channel and comment section.

    • Tracey
      Tracey Tháng trước +1

      West Texas here and I understand lol and I love rain. This is wonderful!

    • Michelle Carl
      Michelle Carl 17 ngày trước +1

      @funnyfaceaz...but when we get those rare electrical thunderstorms, I love those storms. Please God make it rain during our monsoon season !! Wash all the dirtiness away just like our sins. God bless each of you and have a great day or a peaceful sleep🌧⚡️🌧⚡️🌩💕💤🙏😊🙋🏻

  • Deborah Freeman
    Deborah Freeman Tháng trước +8

    Always loved the peaceful relaxation rain and thunder brings. Be relaxed and wonder!

  • Jeb Smith
    Jeb Smith 2 tháng trước +9

    Thank you much for your lovely, real weather sounds. I have catastrophic tinnitus which makes it hard for me to breathe sometimes because I can't turn it down or turn it off. Your videos help me at night and during the day to stay calm and rest.

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  2 tháng trước +4

      You are so welcome! I really hope that your tinnitus will soften some day. Edy 🤗

  • Sheila Minott
    Sheila Minott 25 ngày trước +11

    Love the sound it's so relaxing❤

  • Liquid Stone
    Liquid Stone 10 tháng trước +44

    May you have restful sleep and a wonderful day to come 💜

  • reign PLZ
    reign PLZ 4 tháng trước +41

    loved this. rain sounds are truly lifesaving 💤💤

    • good stuff
      good stuff 4 tháng trước +1

      "Please take a moment to like and subscribe to my channel. Your support means the world to me and helps me continue creating content that I hope brings a little bit of joy and positivity into your day. Thank you!"

    • Ley's Boutique
      Ley's Boutique 4 tháng trước +3

      I know right it so relaxing

  • Nikki b
    Nikki b 8 tháng trước +94

    Do yourself a favor, read the comments tomorrow ❤️🙏 Close your eyes and relax. listen to this and let your mind empty 😴💤 good night everyone

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  8 tháng trước +6

      True words Nikki, almost a guided sleep comment. Happy Relaxing to you, Edy 🤗

    • Nikki b
      Nikki b 8 tháng trước +2

      @Pure Relaxing Vibes lmfao could very well be a subconscious comment. I forsure listen to so many guided sleep videos❤️🙏 happy relaxing

    • Brobinson Adnerb
      Brobinson Adnerb Tháng trước +2


  • Beth
    Beth 29 ngày trước +12

    So calming ❤❤❤

    • Melanie Hart-Weed
      Melanie Hart-Weed 23 ngày trước +1

      Yes it is! I'm just laying down for a good nap and a nice storm always helps me out. Sweet dreams ❤

  • Kaleem Austin
    Kaleem Austin 29 ngày trước +8

    Only thing I love is when this turns on my brain turns off so fast it’s so therapeutic 😮‍💨

  • Positive Sounds
    Positive Sounds 3 tháng trước +9

    Love it! I wish you all a good sleep! ❤😊

  • MItzxzz
    MItzxzz Năm trước +41

    I have the best feelings when i fall asleep listening this♥

  • DaynaAugust Nails
    DaynaAugust Nails 6 tháng trước +104

    I fall asleep to this video every night and take naps to it during the day. My kids request it themselves and my newborn only stays asleep to it. Thank you.

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  6 tháng trước +6

      That is awesome Dayna! 🤗 Happy Relaxing to you and your newborn! Edy

  • Rain Relaxing Home
    Rain Relaxing Home 3 tháng trước +259

    I hope even if it’s just 1 single person that sees this, that they have an amazing day and an even better future! 💖

  • MsD. Thibeaux
    MsD. Thibeaux Năm trước +17

    Thank You So Much for this sounds because it's really relaxing to me and help me sleep since I'm not feeling well and unable to get to some sleep! Sleep well all! 😴

  • C.J. Bills
    C.J. Bills Năm trước +33

    Listen to this even when it is raining and stuff outside 😂

  • Najah-lhee Toussaint
    Najah-lhee Toussaint Tháng trước +21

    Does anyone else likes when it’s raining outside and your just sitting there or laying there and everything just seems so peaceful 😊

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  Tháng trước +3

      Yes, it's like meditation without knowing that it's meditation. 🤗

    • Cloizen
      Cloizen Tháng trước +7

      copying a comment is crazy and all you did to change it was change the emoji LMAOOO

  • Ángel Taylor
    Ángel Taylor 3 tháng trước +16

    Sounds beautiful and powerful.

  • SleepRelaxChannel
    SleepRelaxChannel 2 tháng trước +207

    Does anyone else likes when its raining outside and your just sitting there or laying there and everything just seems so peaceful 😌

  • Jenny Robinson
    Jenny Robinson 9 tháng trước +35

    Wow, this is really relaxing and calming. Thank you

  • Wild Camping Seamus
    Wild Camping Seamus Tháng trước +8

    Sitting alone, peaceful vibe, the rain falls down, u feel alive

    • Mo afro
      Mo afro 16 ngày trước

      🤣🤣, do you really need a recording of nature to feel alive?

  • KJS2005
    KJS2005 19 ngày trước +13

    This audio is very helpful…definitely a good thing to listen to when I need extra sleep for school the next day…❤

    • Owl The Pirate
      Owl The Pirate 15 ngày trước +1

      Stay in school, and dont drink or do drugs and you will be just fine❤

    • Gtd_Dolo
      Gtd_Dolo 15 ngày trước

      @Owl The Pirate 😢.

  • Rhiana Lewis
    Rhiana Lewis Năm trước +38

    Love this to fall asleep to I sleep so good and I can't hear the snoring going on anymore LOL sleep well everyone 😌

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  Năm trước +3

      Sleep well too Rhiana! 🤗

    • damon341
      damon341 Năm trước

      My wife snores like a idling semi truck! No joke, so when I came across this video I tried it and finally found if I turned it up high enough I could get a few hours of sleep! I wish you all a good nights sleep!

    • Th3 V3x
      Th3 V3x Năm trước

      @damon341 RaceTrac dirt track

  • Jojo 79
    Jojo 79 4 tháng trước +17

    I found this a couple of weeks ago and use it every night now to fall asleep to. Thankyou x

  • Wo Jurera
    Wo Jurera Năm trước +8

    This one sounds great, thank you!😊😌⛈️

  • Lasiah Villalpando
    Lasiah Villalpando 11 tháng trước +16

    My every night all time favorite 🙌🏼💤🛌❤️ I’m sending positive and peaceful vibes your way✨

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  11 tháng trước +1

      Great you like ,y sounds that much Lasiah! Happy Relaxing to you and many relaxing nights ahead! ☺️

  • Kate Hazell
    Kate Hazell Năm trước +26

    Best sleep I’ve ever had. Thank you so much. You have helped my mental health for the past 3 nights that I’ve listened to this ❤️❤️❤️

  • Angela S
    Angela S Tháng trước +21

    I use this every night to sleep. I tried the paid subscriptions, and they are unmatched to this sound. Thank you for the most relaxing and peaceful sounds 🙏🏽☮️😴

  • Jean Bygrave
    Jean Bygrave Tháng trước +3

    This rain video has really helped me to relax and fall a sleep ❤

  • melissa alsheari
    melissa alsheari Năm trước +11

    I've been sleeping sooo good listening to this over and over Thank you

  • Carolyn Payne
    Carolyn Payne 11 tháng trước +8

    Very enjoyable and relaxing.

  • Yvonne Reid
    Yvonne Reid Năm trước +3672

    Whoever reads this I wish you a peaceful night sleep.

    • Penny Falls
      Penny Falls Năm trước +115

      When Ive been putting this sound on recently I always see this little comment and it always makes me smile before I head to the land of nod. Thankyou kind stranger - I wish you a peaceful nights sleep also.

    • thicc potato
      thicc potato Năm trước +42


    • Marquita Cross
      Marquita Cross Năm trước +32

      Likewise luv 💕

    • Keli Hicks
      Keli Hicks Năm trước +23

      You to dear💜😇🙋🏽‍♀️✌🏾🕯️🤞🏾🕊️✝️

    • Mishomish0
      Mishomish0 Năm trước +19

      I did, thank you

  • James W
    James W Tháng trước +9

    Everyone who is in a similar place to me right now, I wish you the best and hopefully we can all get away from these restless nights soon ❤️

  • John Willis
    John Willis Năm trước +17

    Edy, you are truly a genius. This video, the one with rain and thunder in a tent and the one with rain and thunder by the cliffs of a gently flowing lake are pure relaxation. I thank you and my Bulldog Buddy thanks you. 5 minutes after putting one of these on, Buddy is snoring peacefully and I'm right behind him. The only time one of them is not playing are those nights we actually have a storm going on outside.

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  Năm trước +2

      Thanks a lot John for your lovely words. And yes, there is nothing better than a true storm outside while you are lying in your cozy bed. True paradise to me. 🤗

  • miss shivani singh
    miss shivani singh 9 tháng trước +8

    Still here, every night. Hope everyone gets a restful night’s sleep tonight :-) |

  • reeceG
    reeceG Năm trước +20

    Love listening this feels like I'm in a tent ☮️

    • Teresa Thayn
      Teresa Thayn 5 tháng trước +1

      Mmm. I understand. Me too.

  • Eazy Eazy
    Eazy Eazy 2 tháng trước +14

    I hope everyone has peace ✌ 😍 😊

  • Ryan Beach
    Ryan Beach 7 tháng trước +15

    I started having nightmares from my combat tours over seas since I stopped drinking, these videos completely stopped them. THANK YOU!

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  7 tháng trước +2

      So great that the compositions have a calming effect on you Ryan! 🤗

  • Christie Horton
    Christie Horton Năm trước +13

    Yeeessss Thunder come thru!!!! Want Be up much longer now🥰🥰 Thank you I LOVE THIS ❤ good night everyone have a good night of rest

  • Ambient Sleep Sounds
    Ambient Sleep Sounds 11 tháng trước +10

    Peaceful and serene, lovely to read or sleep to

  • Eric Tripton - Artist
    Eric Tripton - Artist 3 tháng trước +14

    Not only sleep, but I love having this play at low volume as I do things online and as I do housework. Something just makes things peaceful when hearing it... Love it

    • undBueno
      undBueno 3 tháng trước +2

      damn mines on highest so i think its rain actually. i put it so high one time and did my work for like 1.5 and when i took off my headphones i was like: wasnt it just raining, whaaat? and then i realised..

  • Ultra_idk
    Ultra_idk 10 tháng trước +7

    have a wonderful night of sleep and have a fantastic tomorrow!

  • Heather Eidson
    Heather Eidson Năm trước +47

    Such wonderful rainy sound I love this storm. Thank you Eddie! Happy relaxing everyone! 💤⛈🌧

  • Xochi Martinez
    Xochi Martinez 9 ngày trước +3

    Love the part where it rains

  • Laura Gee
    Laura Gee Năm trước +13

    Thank you Eddie your thunder videos are so peaceful and calming

  • Brianna Vance
    Brianna Vance Năm trước +28

    I guess you can say this is the perfect sound. All 4 of my dogs and myself fell asleep to this in minutes!

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  Năm trước +3

      Sounds Lovely Brianna! Happy Relaxing to you and your dogs! 🤗

    • Luna Amore
      Luna Amore 3 tháng trước +1

      Cat & I⛈️😴😸⛈️

  • S Lee
    S Lee 9 tháng trước +6

    It's nice that you share the story behind this sound. It actually "adds" a context that listeners can enjoy your sound even more. I use your video for working. I no longer have to search for a video without visual distraction. Your sound is very high quality too. Thank you!

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  9 tháng trước +1

      Thank you very much S Lee. I really enjoy writing a short behind the scenes paragraph so people get to know the working conditions. Happy Relaxing to you, Edy 🤗

  • Ley's Boutique
    Ley's Boutique 2 tháng trước +4

    4:53 4:56 5:00 5:01 is my favorite part ❤

  • Jeanne Anderson
    Jeanne Anderson 3 tháng trước +6

    This is absolutely the best rain/thunderstorm sounds I have found. Thanks😊😴

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  3 tháng trước

      Thank you very much Jeanne for your kind words. Happy you love my recordings! 🤗

  • stephanie best
    stephanie best 3 tháng trước +4

    You nailed it this is awesome no more tossing and turning thank you ❤

  • ☆༒𝖵𝖾𝗇𝗎𝗌༒☆
    ☆༒𝖵𝖾𝗇𝗎𝗌༒☆ 9 tháng trước +4

    This made my day so much brighter😍

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  9 tháng trước

      Just perfekt Pokipop. A relaxing night counts for a brighter day. Awesome 🤗

  • S. G.
    S. G. Năm trước +28

    This one, has been by far, the best to fall asleep to. Thank you!

  • Lisa Shemwell
    Lisa Shemwell 5 tháng trước +16

    Good night, I wish you all the same, safe sleep, beautiful dreams and an awakening tomorrow that finds you refreshed, happy and ready to meet a challenging day!!

  • Jason
    Jason Năm trước +6

    I can't say thank you enough. This is absolutely amazing!

  • Wheresmycakegone
    Wheresmycakegone Năm trước +7

    This is one of the best I've listened to, helped me go to sleep

  • Alwanda Handie
    Alwanda Handie 6 tháng trước +19

    Good night everyone and have a very restful night!!!😴

  • florence wanjiru
    florence wanjiru 6 tháng trước +7

    Bless you. This is the best sleeping music ever. love it

  • PorkedBeans
    PorkedBeans 10 tháng trước +22

    Rain makes me realize how lucky I am to have a roof over my head

  • Francisco Rodriguez
    Francisco Rodriguez Năm trước +25

    @Pure Relaxing Vibes I listened to this thunderstorm and rain soundtrack. And I boosted up my window ac with it's cool temp air. I slept peacefully. Also, thanks for that black screen. I wish that everyone here gets a rejuvenating and restful sleep this week. I forgot to mention that I also walked for 2 hours and that exercise helped me sleep like a rock last night.

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  Năm trước +1

      Doing sport is the best thing you can do to put your daily thoughts to rest. I am really always calm after doing an exercise. Sleep then goes easy. Happy Relaxing to you, Edy 🤗

  • Tripple A_
    Tripple A_ Tháng trước +5

    I used this video for like a year now and I randomly look in the comment section to see that the creator is interacting with everyone. I respect that.

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  Tháng trước +2

      Happy that you wrote me about your experience. I lovely to be in interaction with the community, so it's a pleasure to answer the comments. Happy Relaxing to you Tripple A. 🤗

  • Time Q. Celledor
    Time Q. Celledor 16 ngày trước +2

    Thank you so much! I fall asleep to this every night. I've never had a more peaceful sleep in my life. Just wanted you to know this really helps people. Much love from Memphis! Good night. :)

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  15 ngày trước

      So great Time! Happy to hear that. A lovely day ahead for you! Edy 🤗

  • Rachel B.
    Rachel B. 11 tháng trước +18

    Tried other ways to help fall asleep, and I'm back to these sounds! Sweet dreams! 😊

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  11 tháng trước +2

      Hey there Rachel, sweet dreams to you too and Happy Relaxing times 🤗

  • Johna Henderson
    Johna Henderson Năm trước +25

    I’m glad I’m not the only one listening to this right now 😁

    • Rob H
      Rob H Năm trước +1

      What do you mean creep? Do you have hostages tied up in your room listening to it too 😂

  • Amber M
    Amber M 8 tháng trước +4

    I live in NM and I wish I lived somewhere it would rain like this all the time ❤ this is perfect to fall asleep to ❤

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  8 tháng trước +1

      Hi Amber, I would love a place where it would always rain at night, only at night, but these kind of places are very hard to find 😆 Probably almost impossible! 🤗

    • Teresa Thayn
      Teresa Thayn 5 tháng trước +1

      Imagine you're in deep south Louisiana! It's the rainy season all year round. 🥰

    • reeceG
      reeceG 5 tháng trước

      Here in England it rains pretty much every night in winter just it's that cold I can't open my window 🥶

  • sharon lee
    sharon lee 5 tháng trước +22

    Peaceful sounds, I fall asleep almost immediately. Thank you

    • Relax with U50 Twins
      Relax with U50 Twins 3 tháng trước

      We totally agree with you. Rain sounds and other nature sounds are so peaceful and relaxing that they have inspired us to create our own relaxation channel.

  • Martha Leffew
    Martha Leffew 10 tháng trước +3

    Lovin' this sooo much!! Thanks so much for making these....💙🤗😴

  • Mary Radix
    Mary Radix Năm trước +5

    Thank you for this.Helps me to sleep well.

  • Derrick Clark
    Derrick Clark 3 tháng trước +7

    This is relaxing 😴😴😴

  • Lily
    Lily Năm trước +2

    This video is so satisfying, I loved it❤️

  • Kat Guyot
    Kat Guyot Năm trước +39

    Thank you Eddie, for all your time and work creating these. Truly, they are such a gift to SO many.

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  Năm trước +2

      Glad you like them Kat! And thanks for being here on my channel watching the vids I create. 😊

    • Rob H
      Rob H Năm trước +1

      You know he just places a microphone near a storm and hits record right?

    • Kat Guyot
      Kat Guyot Năm trước

      @Rob H Yep :) and editing follows

  • Stephanie Mills
    Stephanie Mills Năm trước +10

    Just what I needed to de stress and drift off to a peaceful sleep 😴 Thanks again Edy! 😘

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  Năm trước +1

      You are always very welcome Stephanie. And thanks for tuning in. Always happy to see your name in the comments. 🤗

    • Alex Williams
      Alex Williams Năm trước +2

      Stephanie is already awesome! Her sharing the name of a great singer makes her even more awesome! Sleep well!

    • Barry Pritt
      Barry Pritt Năm trước

      @Pure Relaxing Vibes with

  • Don Alberto
    Don Alberto 11 tháng trước +13

    Just before I fall asleep..a melancholy serenity baths me with peace. 🙏 Namaste 😑

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa Năm trước +83

    This is the best 1 I have found so far. It actually has thunder sounds, not just some here and there. Thank you!!

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  Năm trước +11

      Glad you like it! Thunder is always the most critical part in a good well balanced Rain and Thunder video. So thanks a lot for your comment. 🤗

    • Rob Adams
      Rob Adams Năm trước +3

      I understand how hard it is to find rain sounds that include thunder. Rain just isn't complete without the sounds of a little gentle thunder.

  • Lesslie Diepenbrock
    Lesslie Diepenbrock Năm trước +44

    Love this. Everyone have a peaceful rest😴

  • Dani Holmes
    Dani Holmes 6 tháng trước +24

    I had this playing for over 8 hours. Just had the best night of sleep I’ve had in weeks. Thank you!

  • DarkChaos66
    DarkChaos66 Năm trước +153

    Honestly I was up for 3 days from insomnia and anxiety and I put this on and was relaxed right to sleep. Best sleep ive ever had

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
      Pure Relaxing Vibes  Năm trước +6

      Great to hear that DarkChaos! Happy you could beat your insomnia with it! 🤗

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Năm trước +4

      Repent to Jesus Christ
      “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.”
      ‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭5:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Daniel Rios
      Daniel Rios 11 tháng trước

      Not mmmmmmmn

    • Daniel Rios
      Daniel Rios 11 tháng trước

      @Pure Relaxing Vibes this m

  • Eli Kovačič
    Eli Kovačič 4 ngày trước +1

    This has helped me with falling asleep quicker.❤❤ But I'd love to listen to it the whole night but my battery would die like 2 hours in haha😂

    • Pure Relaxing Vibes
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