Rising Star Clairo Performs 'Bags'

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  • Xuất bản 17 Th09, 2019
  • New artist Clairo took the stage for the first time to perform her hit "Bags" from her album, "Immunity".
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  • fla la
    fla la 8 giờ trước +1

    This song reminds me of another song/s but I can’t think what it is ?
    Maybe a Bombay Bicycle Song / + a Born Ruffians song? Can’t quite figure it out

  • Nelki
    Nelki 21 giờ trước

    This is my favourite version of this song. It’s literally just a tiny bit different but adds so much to it.

  • muddy b. ́·
    muddy b. ́· Ngày trước

    exclusively on soundcloud only 3-4 years ago, claire

  • vega capella
    vega capella Ngày trước

    MY BABY 💜

  • AndyGM05
    AndyGM05 Ngày trước

    Her voice is so soothing and satisfying to listen to

  • Taylor Perkins
    Taylor Perkins Ngày trước +1

    Cute for teenagers but nothing special, honestly.

  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith 2 ngày trước

    She's really talented, glad she's still at it

  • mia goard
    mia goard 2 ngày trước

    if i see one more person calling her an industry plant i’m drop kicking them in the head.

  • Keith Shelton
    Keith Shelton 2 ngày trước

    Clairo and Beabadoobee on Nov. 14 in Detroit!

  • nash snail
    nash snail 4 ngày trước +2

    Now they gotta make kingprincess the up next artist :'/

  • Mohammed Shaabawi
    Mohammed Shaabawi 4 ngày trước

    From home made music videos to The Ellen Show. That’s our Clairo👑✨💜🎸

  • Posh'z Saykaew's
    Posh'z Saykaew's 4 ngày trước

    Love it !

  • Hailey Wilson
    Hailey Wilson 6 ngày trước +1

    the screen behind her really said bi rights

  • Marisa Parker
    Marisa Parker 6 ngày trước

    girl in red next please

  • Javier Gomez
    Javier Gomez 6 ngày trước

    Amazing 💖💖💖

  • xochitl v.
    xochitl v. 7 ngày trước

    this bangs so much :,)

  • Chandra Vang
    Chandra Vang 8 ngày trước


  • ddiki c
    ddiki c 8 ngày trước


  • Chelé
    Chelé 8 ngày trước +2

    her voice is getting less breathy which does this song more justice. Just a bit louder and she would be on point

  • Victor Daniel Ruelas Almada
    Victor Daniel Ruelas Almada 10 ngày trước +2

    This generation Jeff Buckley

  • paisleyplastic
    paisleyplastic 10 ngày trước +2

    at 2:30 there are some lead guitar lines on playback that that lead guitarist should be playing. they are simple and that part doesn't need two people chugin chords

  • Victoria Sevilla
    Victoria Sevilla 11 ngày trước


  • Ailen Marfil
    Ailen Marfil 11 ngày trước +1

    we love clairo but wheres hayley kiyoko im still waiting for you to invite my girl

  • john goforth
    john goforth 11 ngày trước

    Look at that smile at the end!!!!

  • i See Kings
    i See Kings 12 ngày trước +1

    Shes sounds pop. This sound is not her. The voice is great but instruments dont fit. Unless this is country sound, then 👌

  • renaaaaa
    renaaaaa 12 ngày trước


  • PacifierMusic
    PacifierMusic 13 ngày trước

    Lot of music and vocals that weren’t coming from the stage. We’re they actually playing?

    • Kyle Jackson
      Kyle Jackson 8 ngày trước

      PacifierMusic a lot of artists use backing tracks on live performances

  • shada abdelaal
    shada abdelaal 13 ngày trước


  • Nana Banana
    Nana Banana 13 ngày trước

    i remember listening to hubble gum like a year and a half ago. and now she’s on ellen. i feel like a proud mom.

  • Seth Woods
    Seth Woods 13 ngày trước

    Straight up, marry me

  • O Tom
    O Tom 13 ngày trước +1

    so beautiful! I'm crying

  • Ima Rodriguez
    Ima Rodriguez 14 ngày trước

    im in love and so proud of her

  • bea n
    bea n 14 ngày trước

    her voice is so soft

  • JawJX
    JawJX 15 ngày trước +1

    From her bedroom to Ellen, Jimmy Fallon.. I'm so proud of her

  • Patrick Mc Toal
    Patrick Mc Toal 16 ngày trước

    Dirt toonz is apt for a plant

  • Sola Odewole
    Sola Odewole 17 ngày trước

    FINALLY! Getting the recognition she deserves

  • megan
    megan 17 ngày trước

    this performance rocks. this outfit rocks. i love this

  • S Y
    S Y 17 ngày trước +1

    her live of this song is much better than her studio version 😭 someone put this on Spotify

  • Nielsjeee
    Nielsjeee 17 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who gets a bit of a ‘the 1975’ vibe??!

  • Emilia Alvarez Chaves
    Emilia Alvarez Chaves 18 ngày trước +2

    Jesus she’s so attractive

  • Taasin Bin Hossain Alvi
    Taasin Bin Hossain Alvi 18 ngày trước +3

    Her voice in here reminds me of justin bieber

    • Taasin Bin Hossain Alvi
      Taasin Bin Hossain Alvi 16 ngày trước

      @.-.-_- So I am not the only one..

    • .-.-_-
      .-.-_- 17 ngày trước +1

      Taasin Bin Hossain Alvi I cant unhear it now lol you’re right

  • James Ebola
    James Ebola 18 ngày trước

    I've heard it ALL before. Same ol', same ol'...

  • Jenna Dox
    Jenna Dox 19 ngày trước

    god its so nice that artists are finally playing instruments again

  • sapphicsanvers
    sapphicsanvers 19 ngày trước

    she cant sing live omg

  • Adriana Matos
    Adriana Matos 19 ngày trước

    I love U. Come to Portugal 🇵🇹

  • s p r i n g l i n k
    s p r i n g l i n k 19 ngày trước

    So proud of her❤

  • themaayte
    themaayte 19 ngày trước

    Clario you are great, please keep your genuineness forever

  • Wen Bah blah
    Wen Bah blah 20 ngày trước

    my baby

  • BillieJoeDirnt 182
    BillieJoeDirnt 182 20 ngày trước

    She finally made it :)
    I've waited for nearly 2 years

  • MathinusG
    MathinusG 20 ngày trước

    Good to see girls playing instruments as opposed to just being singers.

  • ervin trik
    ervin trik 20 ngày trước

    Every second counts
    I don't wanna talk to you anymore, and
    All these little games
    You can call me by the name I gave you
    Yesterday, yeah
    Every minute counts
    I don't wanna watch TV anymore, yeah
    Can you figure me out?
    Just doin' to waste more time on the couch
    Can you see me? I'm waiting for the right time
    I can't read you but, if you want, the pleasure's all mine
    Can you see me using everything to hold back?
    I guess this could be worse
    Walking out the door with your bags
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    Pour your glass of wine
    Bet you'll tell me I should be just fine, yeah
    Cases under the bed
    Spill it open, let it rush to my head
    I don't wanna be forward
    I don't wanna cut corners
    Savor this with everything I have inside of me
    I'm not the type to run
    I know that we're having fun
    But what's the rush? Kissing, then my cheeks are so flushed
    Tell you how I felt
    Sugar coated melting in your mouth
    Pardon my emotions
    I should probably keep it all to myself
    Know you'd make fun of me
    Know you'd make fun of me
    Know you'd make fun of me
    Know you'd make fun of me
    Can you see me? I'm waiting for the right time
    I can't read you but, if you want, the pleasure's all mine
    Can you see me using everything to hold back?
    I guess this could be worse
    Walking out the door with your bags
    Walking out the door with your bags
    Walking out the door with your bags
    Walking out the door with your bags

  • person 123
    person 123 21 ngày trước +1

    I’ve been a fan of her since she released pretty girl and bubblegum :,) I love her so much

  • angelique
    angelique 21 ngày trước +1

    the bassist is definitely a statue

  • Jake Davies
    Jake Davies 21 ngày trước

    Don’t wanna be that guy, but y’all should check out my music if you like the bedroom pop style

  • NovaBiljaTrepavica AliBoljauSvakomSmisluTeRijeci

    happy we get to grow with this lil billie (not in a way saying shes copying rather they had same position and clario is our lil secret just like billie once was) in front of our eyes...your gonna reply to this comment when she hits her first milions on ig ;))

  • Anahi Villalba
    Anahi Villalba 21 ngày trước +1

    Clairo se lo merece❤

  • Qiao Wang
    Qiao Wang 21 ngày trước

    wow niceeeee!

  • Abby Skinner
    Abby Skinner 21 ngày trước

    I'm proud of her :')

  • John H
    John H 22 ngày trước +1

    Who is playing the lead lines on keyboards? Nobody....

  • anastasya hendren
    anastasya hendren 22 ngày trước