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Defending Deion Sanders

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  • Xuất bản 04 Th12, 2022

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  • Steel
    Steel  +1

    He came...he saw...he improved...he mentored..he coached...THEY WON and he moved on.

  • Grey
    Grey  +118

    I agree Rickey, it’s been happening for years and still happening with our own people. Great job!!👏🏾

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    People conveniently forgot about how he spoke up abt the water crisis in Jackson…everything he did not only for JSU but the whole HBCU community should be applauded and celebrated!!!…this is why black people don’t like to help each other or patronize black business because as soon as we can’t help or shop with them they’ll talk down on you!! We gotta do better Deion was a blessing sent not only to JSU but the HBCU community as a whole!! Thank You Coach Prime!🙏💯

  • Jack Burton

    "Do not allow my confidence to offend your insecurity." Deion Sanders

  • Michael Martin

    I'm born and raised in Mississippi, and I'm embarrassed that the nation saw how Jackson treated Deion.😪

  • Paris McCovey

    I have to admit, I was a little upset at first because I’m currently a student at an HBCU here in Alabama and I loved how he brought attention to the HBCU side because at one point it seemed like we didnt matter when it comes to sports but then after thinking about it he had to do what was best for him, and his family. So I understand because I had to leave one job and move on to the next in order to elevate in my paralegal career. So now I get it and I must apologize to Coach Prime I’m so sorry for being upset 😞

  • James Bond

    Deion Brought 30 million to the school. Fixed the field, Locker rooms. ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Game Day, 60 minutes, CBS, Good morning, America. 2 winning seasons, undefeated. 2 championships. Got his kids exposure. Had Pro scouts at practice. Houston is in the pros, Miller is Next. Put the SWAC on the Map. What did JSU, the state do in return except benefit from the success. They sat back and went along for the ride. he left JSU in a much better place. Let's see if the next coach can keep it going.

  • Sterling Moore

    You're definitely telling the truth my brother. The ungratefulness is absolutely amazing from "our people". This is so obvious in all industries, organizations, places of employment, homes, and relationships. Brother Smiley, while here, during this moment, I greatly appreciate you my brother. I can't help but recall meeting a young Indian man who was once incarcerated in our Georgia prison system, prior to my retirement, who spoke so highly of you as a boss. If more could have the decency and appreciation to speak with the same graciousness for Brother Dion.....it would be awesome. Thank you and yours for all you have done for others as well. Blessings.

  • Antionette Love

    I am an Alumi of JSU. thankful for this awareness, Rickey. JSU highlight is football season. Then the city is a ghost town. Coach Prime brought positive energy back to Jackson. It's about time, Jackson shines with positive energy again! Thank you, Coach Prime, and the players for coming to Jackson. You gave our school a chance and helped our HBCU programs. Also, thank you, NFL coaches, for teaching our young men sportsmanship. That means a lot.

  • Roshonda Cary

    Deon was like Glenda the good witch in the Wizard of Oz. He helped the players realize that they had the ability all along to be winners just like Glenda told Dorothy " You had it all along." I'm a die hard JSU fan but I recognize that Deon didn't have to do what he did for us. I'm very sad that he is leaving but even more sad at all the negativity he is getting. He doesn't deserve that AT ALL! I will always be greatfull to him AND support him. Black folks....stop the crab in a bucket mentality. PLEASE! WE MUST do better.

  • Tea Smith
    Tea Smith  +52

    This video has blessed my soul🙌🏽. Thank You Rickey. Some of our people are selfish and tunnel vision af. Deion did more for HBCU than many of their alumni have and HE DID NOT have to. Our people have a long way to go. Just EMBARRASSING! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Luv2Liv4Him

    I missed the live. But, I’m watching it now. He did so much for JSU and HBCU’s as a whole. I am a JSU alum and appreciate all that he has done and wish him well. While I wish he would have stayed long enough for us to get a stadium of our own, I understand that business is business. He has a heart for players and he will continue to do him in a new location. The exposure he gave to HBCUs as a whole cannot be quantified. Blessings to him!!!

  • Kay Bee
    Kay Bee  +283

    I want to APOLOGIZE to coach prime.

  • Letesa Mimms

    I think it is a shame how Deion is being labeled as a sell out because he wants to pursue his own personal goals and dreams. Deion never said that he was going to be at JSU forever! I think it is a shame and very disrespectful to send him off in that manner after all he did at JSU and for the area. Thank you Coach Prime for everything that you did may God continue to bless you!!!!!

  • Tanya Tremble

    This needed to be said and change need to be made within the hearts and minds of our people. Thank you Ricky!

  • Hutchinson860

    Thank you Rickey for “telling it like it is.” Congratulations and thank you Coach Prime for all you’ve done for JSU and all HBCUs. May God continue to Bless and Keep you🙏🏽❤️

  • Sharon McCollum

    I love Coach Prime and I applaud everything he's done for JSU.

  • Eulanda Threat

    So proud of Deon and all of his accomplishments.

  • Valencia Parker Allen

    Did anyone notice when Colorado's President or AD said they will partner with JSU by supporting them and sharing resources...will financially support JSU. Coach Prime is the reason for that! Thank you for all you do and have done for JSU and HBCUs. 💙💛

  • IceQueen007

    Thank you Rickey! We don't think before we react! People are forgetting that Deon Sanders has a responsibility to himself and his family! Now, high profile NFL coaches are going to think hard before even thinking about applying to a hbcu coaching position. Congrats Mr.Primetime!