Nerf War: Parents take on Kids!

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  • Xuất bản 06 Th10, 2016
  • In this episode of Twin Toys, twin kids, Eli and Liam challenge Mommy and Daddy to an all out Nerf War just like in the Payback Time episodes except this there are no scripts, no mercy, and it's an all out Nerf war brawl. It seems that the twins have been talking smack about who is better in a Nerf gun war, kids or parents. During the battle, the twins use their payback time strategies to try and defeat Mom and Dad, in which Mom and Dad have a couple tricks up their sleeves that the kids won't know what hit them. The rules are whoever has the most points after 6 rounds wins and you have to win by two points. Who do you think will come out on top of this family Nerf War Rival, the Parents or the Kids? Happy 1.5 Year Anniversary of Twin Toys. The Nerf guns used in this video are the Nerf Rival Khaos, the Nerf N Strike Elite Rapidstrike, the Nerf N Strike Modulus, the Nerf Mega Centurion, the Nerf Mega Mastodon and many many more from the twins Nerf Arsenal.
    Find the Nerf Rival Khaos, the Nerf N Strike Elite Rapidstrike, the Nerf N Strike Modulus, the Nerf Mega Centurion here
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