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DIY CNC Machine - Frame Build | Part 1/2

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  • Xuất bản 09 Th05, 2019
  • In this video, I show you how I built my DIY CNC machine. All moving parts of the DIY CNC router are running on ball bearings while the structural parts are made with natural materials, namely birch plywood and solid beech wood.
    Download Project Plans: bootec.webstarts.com/store
    If you like my projects you can support me on Patreon and get free access to the plans of my builds: www.patreon.com/bootec
    Part 2 of the build - Electronics: vnclip.net/video/Rr6VwpDct1g/video.html
    Parts used for the build: (Total materials cost ≈ 620 $)
    - Linear Rails - alitems.com/g/1e8d1144942ab6f...
    - Ball Screw - alitems.com/g/1e8d1144942ab6f...
    - Stepper Motors & Drivers - alitems.com/g/1e8d1144942ab6f...
    - Drag Chain - alitems.com/g/1e8d1144942ab6f...
    - Limit Switches - alitems.com/g/1e8d1144942ab6f...
    - Rocker Switches - alitems.com/g/1e8d1144942ab6f...
    - DC Power Supply - alitems.com/g/1e8d1144942ab6f...
    - Arduino Uno - alitems.com/g/1e8d1144942ab6f...
    - CNC Shield - alitems.com/g/1e8d1144942ab6f...
    - Blower Fans - alitems.com/g/1e8d1144942ab6f...
    - 500W Air Cooled Spindle - alitems.com/g/1e8d1144942ab6f...
    - 1-flute end mills - alitems.com/g/1e8d1144942ab6f...
    - 2-flute carbide end mills - alitems.com/g/1e8d1144942ab6f...
    - 4-flute carbide end mills - alitems.com/g/1e8d1144942ab6f...
    Software used to run the machine:
    - Fusion 360 CAD/CAM Software - www.autodesk.com/products/fus...
    - Universal Gcode Sender - github.com/winder/Universal-G...
    - Grbl - github.com/grbl/grbl
    Thanks for watching, leave a comment or question and see you for the next project!
    Roman - BooTec | Naturally Engineered
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  • BooTec
    BooTec  3 năm trước +22

    The plans for the CNC are now available for download at bootec.webstarts.com/store
    Good luck with your builds and thanks for your comments and support!
    If you'd like to see the machine in action you can check out my newest project at vnclip.net/video/Fcfj5zil5_Y/video.html

    • JayGamz TV
      JayGamz TV 3 tháng trước

      how can i purchase this sir? i want to buy

    • Mark Strunk
      Mark Strunk Năm trước

      What size is the bearings and rails ?

    • Terminator
      Terminator Năm trước

      please this video files to sent me im living in the 🇮🇷 iran and not buy in im country please sent files me to my email address 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 terminator8583@gmail.com
      please please please send me ❤️

    • Torin
      Torin Năm trước +3

      @William Parks Agreed. No drill patterns or part alignment in the plans. Quite disappointing.

    • C K
      C K Năm trước

      Thanks for the quick email back! I am excited for all the parts to arrive. I am going to make one for me and a mate! Cheers for sharing this.

  • Peter Meyer
    Peter Meyer Năm trước +7

    Having reviewed a lot of professional and DIY CNC router designs over the past 3 years, I find this one to be excelent! It cleverly keeps the amount of parts low and the manufacturing and assembly quite easy. This is probably the best wooden CNC router for the buck. I watched this nice video several times as an inspiration for my own designs.

  • janios30
    janios30 3 năm trước +8

    Hello! I’m really fascinated by your build. You keep it simple yet versatile and you presented it in a very well made video! You inspired me to build my own cnc machine. Can we get in touch?

  • Twitch Airsoft
    Twitch Airsoft Năm trước

    Amazing absolutely amazing I've been looking all over VNclip for this exact video for weeks! By far the most detailed best laid out and I formative video on this project by far. In my opinion of course... thank you so much for all your hard work! Your design is so clean and clear I am so much less intimidated by this project now. I'll be sharing with everyone I can think of!

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 3 năm trước +2

    An elegant design, beautifully realised. I'm looking forward to more videos!
    The only concern I have is whether or not the gantry provides enough rigidity in the x direction? Still, even if it doesn't, I doubt there would be much difficulty in designing and adding a couple of pieces of plywood to cross-brace the gantry sides the same as you have done elsewhere.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Peter An
    Peter An 2 năm trước +4

    hi, really great build, Im thinking about building one like this, but have you tried different milling bits and how accurate is it?

  • Andreas Flinspach
    Andreas Flinspach 3 năm trước +3

    awesome CNC! I like the idea to do as much as possible out of wooden materials. Sadly the parts list above seems not to be complete (some parts missing, some others Need dimensions) and plans would help a lot! Would be great if you could update this info, if not i will have to calculate that myself. Thanks a lot for the Video.

  • Gus Sharples
    Gus Sharples 3 năm trước +10

    Dude! Great little machine! I see a lot of CNC builds on VNclip that are scrappy, not thought through, or just not polished. Yours is none of that. Great machine, great video. Subbed!

  • Bluustreak
    Bluustreak 2 năm trước +1

    Aside from the very expensive tools used, this is very cheap and fun. Love it :)

  • Artnovetor
    Artnovetor 2 năm trước

    Imprecionante parabéns 👏 👏👏

  • Alun Morgan
    Alun Morgan 3 năm trước +2

    Loved it. Very similar to my own plyboard built router except that I use threaded rod not ballscrews.

  • Phil Havens
    Phil Havens 2 năm trước +1

    This is one of the most elegant builds I have seen yet. I Started wanting to but a machine and have new decided to build my own. Thanks for you video it is very inspirational I will buy your plans.

  • Natan Brid
    Natan Brid 3 năm trước +4

    Felicitaciones!! Muy buen trabajo 👍

  • szameth
    szameth 2 năm trước +1

    I really like your elegant design. Would prefer oak for accuracy though, instead of beech. Beech might be a pleasure to work with and finish, but even quartersawn it just begs to warp like a rainbow under the first hint of humidity stress it encounters.

  • Steve M. Potter
    Steve M. Potter Năm trước

    Very nice and clean build, Roman! And your video is so well lit, clear and well explained. I bought the plans, thanks. It would be good to include the links you put in the VNclip description into that PDF, as well as the electrical diagram. QUESTION: Did you measure the accuracy of the CNC? I would like to know how small is the backlash with your ball screw design, and how repeatable are the cuts in both hardwood and aluminum. Thanks!

  • Tom Grant
    Tom Grant 2 năm trước

    Also, more importantly than my other comment, thanks for thisreally well presented video. I love how you showed the machine first, explained how it works, what makes it work, then showed some of the assembly process last - including great commentary throughout. There are too many how-to or build-vids where they show ever single step of construction, don't explain any interesting concepts, and you don't even know what they'd building until then end! This vid is the way to do it.

  • Yvon Levasseur
    Yvon Levasseur 3 năm trước +9

    Wow this is the motes simplest cnc machine I'v seen so far, I would love to build this. would you have plans for this?

  • Faturahman Project
    Faturahman Project 3 năm trước +4

    I’ve seen many cnc tutorials out there but this is the best one. Simple with good explanation.
    Great video! Keep it up.

  • Cody Christian
    Cody Christian 3 năm trước +7

    Very nice build! Mind sharing your full specs of the build / parts? I’d like to replicate this exactly. Thanks

    • Tevin abeysekera
      Tevin abeysekera 2 năm trước

      This is because the electronics take a long time to come from China. So you can buy those first and go to local homedepot and get wood to size

    • Tevin abeysekera
      Tevin abeysekera 2 năm trước +1

      I would recommend just buying the rails and parts you need, then buying the wooden pieces to size. Because there are no software limitations to the size of this machine, you can scale it up or down any way.

  • Robert Menzies
    Robert Menzies 3 năm trước +4

    Hi great video and project, would like to build, do you have dimentions and plans for the wooden parts as I don't see any in the description?

  • serchmman
    serchmman 3 năm trước +2

    hi! awesome machine! i was wondering if you would do the same for a large cnc... actually i need a working space for X axis around 2000mm, and I think it's not really recommended to use the screw to move along the axis.. is it better to use the belt system? Would you change something apart from this on your design? i appreciate the tips.
    thank you

    • Phil Havens
      Phil Havens 2 năm trước

      If you need a system that large You should look into the Gatton DIY plans.

  • Pujan Shrestha
    Pujan Shrestha 2 năm trước

    One of the most detailed video on cnc i found on youtube appreciate your work.

  • Tim Goetz
    Tim Goetz 3 năm trước +3

    wow, what a nice build I would like to get some dimentions so I can build one just like yours.

    MURRAY BROWN 3 năm trước +2

    Very clever and so neat and tidy! Thanks!

  • getenlightened
    getenlightened 2 năm trước +1

    I wonder how the strength and elasticity of the hardwood compares to a 40x40mm piece of aluminum t-slot or v-slot extrusion?

  • Tom
    Tom 2 năm trước

    Excellent video and layout production. You just got another subscriber. Great job.

  • The Lone Craftsman
    The Lone Craftsman 2 năm trước

    Roman, I hope to see more from you soon. I have watched numerous videos on diy cnc's and these two videos are far and away the best I have seen. Additionally, you are a gifted teacher. I'm a life long woodworker and never thought I could build a cnc....I'm a bit old school. After digesting these two videos, I have all materials on hand and ready to begin my build.....that's a big step for me. Thank you for sharing your gifts of design, creativity and obvious desire for excellence. Wish me luck!

    • The Lone Craftsman
      The Lone Craftsman 11 tháng trước

      @Bill Meade Hi Bill, Thank you so much for the info! You rock. Tony

    • Bill Meade
      Bill Meade 11 tháng trước

      @The Lone Craftsman If you go with the Bob's CNC check out Garrett Fromme's VNclip Channel. It is CNC Routers, Beginners & Beyond. He is using a Long Mill CNC now but he started out with a Bob's CNC and has many videos on it.

    • The Lone Craftsman
      The Lone Craftsman 11 tháng trước

      @Bill Meade Hi Bill, Man, this is weird....the cnc has been on hold. I was just now thinking of getting it started about 5 min ago and this notification popped up. Additionally, I was considering Bob's cnc too....more strangeness in 2022!

    • Bill Meade
      Bill Meade 11 tháng trước +1

      Did you get your CNC built? I too am getting parts together to build this CNC. This is not the first CNC I have built. I built a Joe's 4x4 CNC back in 2011. I am building this one a little bigger. I am using 1000mm linear rails for the X and Y. Z was kept the same.

  • Bruce Fox
    Bruce Fox 3 năm trước +1

    Outstanding effort!

  • Craig Sunderland
    Craig Sunderland 3 năm trước +3

    I've got to admit, I love these DIY builds, and there is much respect for the finished article. However, I noticed just from the video that everything was so tight fitting and perfect, that there must have been something else at the end there. I wasn't surprised at all when I saw the entire industrial grade carpentry workshop which in itself I would say prices this unit right out of the DIY 'home' section and right into the contractor cnc enthusiast section.
    Again, a great video, but would have loved to see this built using real home tools that someone can keep in a 8' x 6' shed.

    • verygoodbrother
      verygoodbrother 5 tháng trước

      You can do this at home, the only difference is that you will ask the lumber supplier to finish the wood for you as opposed to doing it yourself as in the first section where he was in his friend's shop

  • Carl Wheeler
    Carl Wheeler 2 năm trước +5

    You inspired me. I'm in the process of building it right now. I upsized it a little. The size is 1100mm (X), 1120mm (Y), and 500mm (Z). The kit included the 20mm guide rails and the HGH20CA glides including 2 Y-axis ball screws and rails. I also upsized the motors to 1.9nm (269oz in). I do have the Makita router in your video but I upsized that to the Bosch 1617 2.25 hp. My only concern is whether the 1.9nm motor for the Z-axis can lift the 6lb Bosch router without stalling. I also will be installing an emergency 'OFF' pushbutton and I will be mounting the Ardiuno USB connector on the front, not the rear. I have all the parts cut out and have started assembly. Wish me luck.

    • Bill Meade
      Bill Meade 11 tháng trước +1

      Did you document your build anywhere? I too am starting this build. I purchased 1000mm linear rails and 950mm ball screws for the X and Y axis. Kept the Z the same.

    • Carl Wheeler
      Carl Wheeler 2 năm trước

      @Phil Havens I used Aliexpress.com, the link is below. If the link doesn't work do search for "the Jason August Store". www.aliexpress.com/item/32958539515.html?spm=a2g0o.detail.0.0.7d1667796FUZ5H&gps-id=pcDetailCartBuyAlsoBuy&scm=1007.12908.131037.0&scm_id=1007.12908.131037.0&scm-url=1007.12908.131037.0&pvid=b2013286-4dfc-44d0-8f7b-87c7987bc453

    • Phil Havens
      Phil Havens 2 năm trước

      Where did you source the longer Linear guide rail and bearings, Roman's linked site has 800 mm as the longest linear rail.

  • Irfan Bhatti
    Irfan Bhatti 3 năm trước +1

    You have great work. Video is brilliant. I shall be very thankful to you if you please share plans of the machine.

  • Sam se zrobię!
    Sam se zrobię! 3 năm trước +2

    Amazing work! is it possible to get the plans or dimentions for cuting plywood?

    • BooTec
      BooTec  2 năm trước +2

      Hi Sam, thank you and check out the download link in the video's description.

  • Mark Lawler
    Mark Lawler 2 năm trước +1

    Looking forward to building my own! Thanks!

    RANULFO INVENÇÕES 3 năm trước

    FRIEND FIRST CONGRATULATIONS FOR VIDEO AND FANTASTIC DESIGN. And secondly I would like to know if you would have the project to make available?

  • roger velazquez
    roger velazquez 3 năm trước

    Deseo construir mi cnc. He visto muchos tutoriales, y sin alguna duda, este es el mejor. Si pudiera tener los planos con medidas, esta sería mi selección. Los tiernes a la venta?

  • Philippe Rivolet
    Philippe Rivolet 3 năm trước +1

    Very good job ! Congratulations. Is it possible to have build plans for making my own ? Best regards and thank's.

    • BooTec
      BooTec  2 năm trước

      Thank you Philippe, the plans are now available via the download link in the video's description.

  • Matthew St. John
    Matthew St. John 3 năm trước +1

    This is really cool. Is it possible to get the plans for this?

  • Vladimir Nikolic
    Vladimir Nikolic 2 năm trước

    Hi, I love your videos. Is this the machine used to make beautiful PC case? This CNC can cut wood and alu plates?

  • Highline Guitars
    Highline Guitars 2 năm trước +2

    Those couplers you used break very easily. The types with urethane inserts work much better.

  • Rodrigo Rocha
    Rodrigo Rocha 3 năm trước +2

    hi there... I know you provided the list of items needed, but when I click on the link, we are supposed to pick some sizes... like the rails... could you please provide the exact part sizes you bought? Thanks... great video.....

  • dmorri1980
    dmorri1980 2 năm trước

    Excellent job!! I like the idea of building my own CNC. I downloaded your plan but all the measurements are in MM. If you ever have a plan in inches please let me know.

    • Troy D
      Troy D Năm trước

      Buy a metric tape measure, that's what I did. 5/8 plywood is very close to the 15mm used. I ended up doubling up two 1/2" pieces of Baltic birch--much stiffer and glued up flatter. Surprising how often plywood has a bow to it. You need FLAT for this to work.

  • DanCopy
    DanCopy 2 năm trước

    Hello Roman!
    First of all, thank you for presenting your beautiful CNC.
    Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, because I haven't watched the second video yet, here (first video) you provided the link to purchase the parts used on your CNC, only, for example, when you click on the "Linear Rails" link , is shown on the website (aliexpress) various Sizes and Color, so could you detail more about the size and model issues? Or do you detail that in the Project Plan?
    Now, a sincere question: Will someone (like me) who never tried to make a CNC, be able to do it?
    Thank you

  • Станислав Медведев

    Thank you for the video. I realized that to create a cool milling machine, you need a bunch of cool machines ...

  • GP DIY
    GP DIY 2 năm trước

    That's a quality build!

  • AlexAlexAlex
    AlexAlexAlex 2 năm trước

    With wood cnc machines I'm always worried about moisture and temperature issues that could warp the frame

  • Haley
    Haley 2 năm trước

    Annoying music. Great video! PS aren't you supposed to use the gantry to determine exact spacing of parallel linear rails before tightening to prevent binding?

  • Ross Evans
    Ross Evans 3 năm trước +1

    Excellent video and very easily followed, but where can I get or buy the plans.

  • Zygfryd Konieczny
    Zygfryd Konieczny 2 năm trước +1

    Your CNC milling machine made a huge impression on me, the quality of milled elements is at a very high level. Would it be possible to share construction plans? I would love to build such a CNC.
    Best regards and I wish you further successful projects

    • Zygfryd Konieczny
      Zygfryd Konieczny 2 năm trước

      @BooTec If I'm not mistaken, the second Y-axis motor is doubled this way? vnclip.net/video/r1zi9vx3YP0/video.html
      and If you could write, What are the parameters of the capacitors?

    • BooTec
      BooTec  2 năm trước +2

      Thank you cycu87! The plans are now available via the download link in the video's description. Good luck with your build 👍

  • John Williams
    John Williams 3 năm trước

    I would like to build one. Anyone get the dimensions of the wood that needs cut and the length of the spindles and track? Love the video but it would have been great to attach the plans.

  • CarveX CNC
    CarveX CNC 2 năm trước +1

    Great job Sir. I am planning to Upgrade my small machine with this one, i have only 1 motor for Y axis, how do i connect 2 Motors to Y Axis on Arduino and GRBL Sheild

  • Happy Campers Minnesota
    Happy Campers Minnesota Năm trước +1

    Since this is a homemade machine, when selecting a cnc to download information to, which machine does a person use?

  • Sultan's workshop
    Sultan's workshop 2 năm trước

    Would you mind sharing the dimensions of lead screw and linear rails? Please

  • Carl Wheeler
    Carl Wheeler 2 năm trước

    I started the assembly today, its going well. The pieces are fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. Without having the dimensions of Roman's machine, I had to estimate and I estimated correctly. I tried to post a picture to this thread but that didn't work. Does any body know where I can post a picture that can be seen by the public?

  • Thiền Xông Hơi
    Thiền Xông Hơi 3 năm trước +1

    Nam mô A Di Đà Phật, tôi chưa bao giờ xem được cách chế tạo máy hoàn hảo như thế này !

  • AliasGardenz
    AliasGardenz 2 năm trước

    Hi there,
    I would like to know if this build has room to be resized a bit bigger. Like, if i want to cut pattern in a full sheet of MDF or Plywood ( 4 foot by 8 foot ) ??

  • steveu235
    steveu235 Năm trước

    I bought the plans It's a beautiful machine and thanks for showing us

  • Tevin abeysekera
    Tevin abeysekera 2 năm trước

    I am currently making something like this. Has anyone tried mounting a router to this and upgrading to an actual spindle later?

  • Joe Gagnon
    Joe Gagnon 3 năm trước

    I enjoyed your presentation, and would like plans. Thank"s

  • Carlos Viales
    Carlos Viales 3 năm trước +4

    Hi, These are a good project. Can you give me the schematic of the CNC machine.

  • Jonathan Weiss
    Jonathan Weiss 3 năm trước +32

    You say that there is a complete parts list but all you have are you affiliate links. You dont have a list of dimensions, lengths, etc. I would like to attempt you build at my shop and would happily use your affiliate links if I could get a more complete parts list with specific lengths and dimensions that you are using in the video. I would love to see more videos of this router in action. Keep it up.

    • marc chatelaine
      marc chatelaine 2 năm trước

      @Mattchu Moore there is plans for a nominal fee but some of the sizes for the lengths of the ball screws and the rails are not there

    • Mattchu Moore
      Mattchu Moore 2 năm trước +1

      He has a build plan in the first comment I believe

  • Patrick Le corre
    Patrick Le corre 2 năm trước

    Bonsoir ,
    La fabrication de votre machine m'intéresse .
    Pouvez-vous me transmettre les plans.

  • Eugenio Fructuoso
    Eugenio Fructuoso 3 năm trước +3

    Amazing attention to details. congratulation¡¡

    PRASONA 2 năm trước +1

    @BooTec @10:25 the linear rails are mounted to the side to which the gantry is connected. Isn't that putting too much weight on the rails and the screw? Instead, shouldn't the rails have been mounted on the top face of the wood?

  • abdelmajid ask
    abdelmajid ask 3 năm trước +2

    bro it's great job Thanks alot for the good work & for The information

  • Fred Mason
    Fred Mason 3 năm trước +1

    where can I get the building planes with the measurements for this cnc machine? Thanks.

  • Josh Boatman
    Josh Boatman 2 năm trước

    Hi Roman, I’m currently building your design. I have a question about the green paint you used. What colour and manufacture is it?

  • Rober
    Rober 3 năm trước

    Hay alguna forma de conseguir los planos con medidas en mm y esquema eléctrico y materiales?

  • Ashley Vega
    Ashley Vega 3 năm trước

    i love it tech nice cnc machine is there anyway to get build plans for this machine i sure would like to build one exactly like this for my husband

  • keith davis
    keith davis 3 năm trước +18

    boo tech nice cnc machine is there anyway to get build plans for this machine i sure would like to build one exactly like this

  • Christian de Heus
    Christian de Heus 3 năm trước

    Do you have plans for this machine? I am very interested to build one my self.

  • Lucky Yvan
    Lucky Yvan 2 năm trước +2

    Putting electronic under waste board ,is it the good idea?that ofcourse can make our cnc machine more portable but can't it cause some problems?thank you so much for your inspiring cnc video

  • DMaker
    DMaker 2 năm trước

    Nice build! Just subscribed! 😉 👍

  • Borja Hoz
    Borja Hoz Năm trước

    One of the BEST home made CNC machine I ever seen

  • Drone for fun
    Drone for fun 2 năm trước

    Hi, When it comes to accuracy, dont you think a metal frame is better? In thinking wood is also prone to move/warp over time..

    • Levia Chan
      Levia Chan Năm trước

      the machine is constantly destroying itself lol

  • [Alcorex]
    [Alcorex] 2 năm trước +2

    i am Looking forward to make that too when i am done with my Training as an Carpenter. good video

  • My Dachshund Family
    My Dachshund Family 3 năm trước +1

    hi, thank you for sharing this with us, can please share your plans

    • BooTec
      BooTec  2 năm trước

      Hi, the plans are now available for download via the link in the video's description.

  • domfra _
    domfra _ 3 năm trước

    Sir, Is it possible to get the plans for this?

  • Rober
    Rober 3 năm trước

    Me gustaría tener los planos y las medidas de la máquina por favor me gustaría ponerme en contacto con usted

  • Waqas Tariq
    Waqas Tariq 2 năm trước +1

    Hi great video one of the best one. Please can you share the plans and sizes.

    • BooTec
      BooTec  2 năm trước

      Thank you Waqas Tariq. I've just finished the plans and added a download link to the video's description.

  • Edgar Escobedo
    Edgar Escobedo 2 năm trước

    Hi there
    I've just bought your CNC plans. Do you have all the drawings with dimensions (e.g dimensions of center of the holes )

    • Ricardo Melo
      Ricardo Melo 2 năm trước

      Olá Edgar...
      Você conseguiu baixar o pdf dessa cnc?
      O desenho esta completo?

    PRASONA 2 năm trước

    can you please tell me the length of the linear rails?

  • tedi sanjaya
    tedi sanjaya 3 năm trước +2

    can you give me to know my board size that you use for this project and the part list that you use

  • Happy Campers Minnesota
    Happy Campers Minnesota Năm trước

    how do you know which coupler size to use and where did you get them?

  • vsa sab60
    vsa sab60 2 năm trước

    Very nice design. Never use tree. Tree is alive and changes according to the humidity and other effects. Change the plates with al or steel then you will have an accurate system.

  • -StefanV-
    -StefanV- Năm trước

    Would there be a huge difference between the makita RT0700C (710W) and the one you have in the part list of the description (500W).
    I am thinking of building such a machine for some time now, already did some successful Arduino projects so I now start to search for a suitable Design/Inspiration for one... (Should be able to cut/carve styrodur foam, wood aluminium and if this is somehow realistic steel (but steel is likely not possible with such a machine or would take way to long)...

  • LL Pete
    LL Pete Năm trước

    I'm also doing a DIY Frankenrouter out of an old IKEA bunk bed frame, some drawer glides and junk in my backyard. Thanks for making me feel totally inadequate.


    Amazing vedio sir,lot of love from India,very systamatic vedio and explain.

  • Kartik sundar
    Kartik sundar 2 năm trước

    What was the rationale for using two motors for Y axis? Was this done for additional torque? Same movement can be achieved with one Nema 23, right?

  • Rajiv Kumar
    Rajiv Kumar 3 năm trước +1

    It's really good, but upgrade it to full aluminium.

  • Troy D
    Troy D Năm trước

    Why only 1 linear rail on Y axis, and 2 everywhere else? I really like it and have purchased the plans. May modify a few things, but overall a great design.

  • Christopher King
    Christopher King Tháng trước

    Beautiful. Do you worry about the the frame swelling with ambient moisture?

  • Gunesh Kumbhare
    Gunesh Kumbhare 3 năm trước

    Will u send the diagrams of the frame pls......

  • jancasuper
    jancasuper 2 năm trước

    if I had to think of an ultra low cost version, the engines could be nema17.....
    The Y axis already has two engines and the effort is already divided by two, so two nema17 are sufficient. the head (z-axis) does not make much effort, and the only one is the x-axis which should be nema23. do you agree?

  • rolland elliott
    rolland elliott 3 năm trước +2

    very nice!

  • mark howe
    mark howe 2 năm trước

    Hello Roman, Great looking assy. I'm sorry to bother you with such a trivial request but...I have searched for the hardware that you are using in the US but am having difficulty identifying it. It looks great and I would like to obtain that type of screw assembly. (Screw and washer) Help

  • Corentin Ricou
    Corentin Ricou 2 năm trước +1

    Hey, there is almost 200€ worth of the cheapest linear rail I could find. Is it really worth it ?

  • Robert Russell
    Robert Russell Năm trước

    Hi. I want a CNC that can do Aluminum milling for small jobs. Would you recommend any upgrades for that?? And could I attach a Laser.

  • Don Chama
    Don Chama 3 năm trước +14

    I clicked as soon as i saw it. It. Is. AMAZING.

    • VINEETH .V
      VINEETH .V 2 năm trước

      @BooTec Wt is the cost of plan in Indian rupes

    • BooTec
      BooTec  3 năm trước +5

      Thank you Dario! Great to hear that you like to project.

  • Jim F
    Jim F Năm trước

    Man, we all need a friend with a shop like that.

  • Happy Campers Minnesota
    Happy Campers Minnesota 2 năm trước

    what length ball Screw and Linear rails did you purchase?