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Travis Hunter Decisions!!!

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  • Xuất bản 04 Th12, 2022

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    📸 By Me (Darius Sanders)

  • Linlin
    Linlin  +139

    Hey Travis I am an old JSU alumni. I have been there for the glory years long time ago and the bad years when you all came n made it GLORY again it was such a good feeling. THANK YOU. I wish you the best of luck but I know you don’t need it. You will be in the NFL killing it. God Bless. Thank you for making that choice if only for one year. ❤❤

  • m3mphiz_styl3z

    Look forward to your new changes at Colorado. Don’t let anyone tell or make you feel like you made the wrong decision. Live in your faith and continue to excel. It’s a journey ahead and we are all here to watch you enjoy the ride.

  • Chad Williamson

    Congrats to you JSU and Coach Prime wish y’all nothing but greatness in the future

  • Cool
    Cool  +69

    Congrats brother… truly hope you excel at the next level like we all know you can 💪🏿💯

  • Music Viral

    this song was my secret song back in '15. i had it on repeat when it was just underrated, i just loved it, the simplicity was everything. will forever love this song, the memories, time, everything was perfect. so timeless, takes me back… my favourite always. <3

  • Tyler Kelso

    Go Crazy in the off-season, keep motivating the trenches ✊🏿💯

  • Ty Dolla
    Ty Dolla  +51

    No matter where you play , you are still going NFL


    You will be an even bigger star at the University of Colorado TH! You, Shedeur & Prime are a dynamic Trio that the Pac-12 ain't ready for!

  • TFGSportsTV

    Congratulations on making your decision and no one else! This off season it’s about getting stronger. Train your tail off. Good luck to your future bro

  • Official JJ

    Congratulations bro! keep proving why you the best💪🏾

  • Stephen Dove

    Do it big Travis God bless you man love watching you at JSU love watching coach Prime and the whole team do their thing for Jackson State fly high brother always going to be a fan

    SUVSSMG  +102

    He getting ready to be on a big stage now!

  • William Tub Brown Jr

    Go be the change CU needs proud of you bro 🚨💯🔥

  • Moonroof

    Good luck to you in Colorado and this is just. A glimpse of greatness

  • Marcianno Escareno

    You deserve to go anywhere you want ! Big dawg . It’s your hard work nd dedication . Keep doing your thang . The best of the best !

  • Piccolo-san

    Congratulations young king!

  • Action Jackson

    You’re a Baller I’m excited to watch you. I was more excited about the idea of a player of your caliber of notoriety, to an HBCU now it just seems like we don’t believe anymore. Good luck to you little Brother. That 156 million dollar facility is nice in Colorado it really is something special but still not as special as that movement that was sold to us. God Speed

  • No matrix, no simping, all subjects channel.

    Travis, your decision should be based on what you and coach prime talked about when you originally committed. If he said something like "I might leave, but if I do I'm taking you with me" go to Colorado. But if he lied, you can't trust him. Go to a school where you will get max exposure like Georgia, Florida State, Texas.

  • M'BAKU_392

    As a Florida boy it makes perfect sense to go to FSU! You would get all the Media Coverage you Need playing for one of the most Popular and Respected teams in College Football. Way more FSU Corners have been Drafted and become Starters in the NFL than Colorado players. FSU produced the greatest Cornerback of Any School *Primetime*. On the flip side, that's also why I could see you going to Colorado with Deion. Continuing to learn from the GOAT at your Position. With such teachings, it's Guaranteed that in the next couple of years you will be the Best Cornerback in the Draft. No matter what you decide you already Know us Fans will Follow and Support! Much Respect and God Bless! May he keep you Safe, Healthy, and Motivated to be the Next GOAT @ Corner!