The Greatest Show - The Greatest Showman Ensemble (Full Clip) HD

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  • Xuất bản 12 Th07, 2018
  • This single song encapsulates most of the major arcs in the movie, from Barnum’s dream as a child to Carlyle’s relationship with Wheeler to Barnum losing sight of his initial devotion to his family.
    A lyrical combination of “A Million Dreams”and “Rewrite The Stars” - The Greatest Show can be interpreted as the product of the hard work of every member within the circus.
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  • Tiffanie Wilbur
    Tiffanie Wilbur 3 giờ trước

    The part where Zac Efron comes sliding in at the last part always gives me goosebumps and is my favorite part. He has a great singing voice and is a great dancer.

  • María Cristina Contreras flores

    Is good this song if you liked put a like👍

  • The quiet Kid
    The quiet Kid 9 giờ trước

    If you look closely you Zack of it change completely after he passes the person at 3:14 to 3:17

  • Enigma / Iggy
    Enigma / Iggy 10 giờ trước

    More more more more!!!!!

  • Keila Flores
    Keila Flores 14 giờ trước +1

    Lettie Lutz voice at 2:40 just gets me

  • Emma Plays Roblox
    Emma Plays Roblox 18 giờ trước +1


  • Yakede Yorkedson
    Yakede Yorkedson 22 giờ trước +1

    3:13 Zac's coat disappears and he slides across the stage

  • Yakede Yorkedson
    Yakede Yorkedson 22 giờ trước +1

    I just love the horse's hooves beating to the music (0:49)

  • 아현
    아현 Ngày trước

    이 영화를 영화관에서 안본게 제일 후회된다...
    +이거 재조명에다가 싱어롱 만들어야 된다

  • Solaina Sjoukens
    Solaina Sjoukens Ngày trước

    Wolverine when he stoped. ...start a singing circus with fake animals but still a super cool movie

  • 이민재
    이민재 Ngày trước

    노래 엄청 신난다

  • Jeff Xiong
    Jeff Xiong 2 ngày trước

    This song is sick I watch the movie but not the end

  • anon ymous
    anon ymous 2 ngày trước

    No one ever seen les miserable before? Pls...acting like it’s first time Hugh singing

  • Mary DC
    Mary DC 2 ngày trước +1


  • Kath Paz
    Kath Paz 2 ngày trước

    anyone who loves art and it’s not doing something about it will fell the heart beating with the drums and get fucking chills when they say “this is where you want to be”

  • Acacia Zavarise
    Acacia Zavarise 2 ngày trước +2

    No wonder Hugh Jackman's in this movie his talent is his claws and his show name is WOLVERINE!!!!!!!

  • Acacia Zavarise
    Acacia Zavarise 2 ngày trước

    It's WOLVERINE!!!!!!!!

  • MrSomeThingMr
    MrSomeThingMr 2 ngày trước

    My Grandson:This a such a cool circus
    Me:Did I ever tell you about the Greatest show in 1885?

  • MrSomeThingMr
    MrSomeThingMr 2 ngày trước

    Sir you have 4 minutes and 45 seconds to live,what will you use with it
    Me:On The Greatest Show

  • Charry Lopera Aquino
    Charry Lopera Aquino 2 ngày trước

    This is me!and the greatest show

  • Jona Carranza
    Jona Carranza 3 ngày trước


  • 永戸俊旭
    永戸俊旭 3 ngày trước

    I was moved by this video.
    I have never heard this beautiful voice.

  • Kettoxxi
    Kettoxxi 3 ngày trước

    Still can't condone the treatment of circus animals

  • ryuuji juichi
    ryuuji juichi 3 ngày trước +6

    I smiled when he said "the show must go on"

  • ꧁Silas Daniel꧂
    ꧁Silas Daniel꧂ 3 ngày trước

    My favorite part 3:13

  • 近所のジジイ
    近所のジジイ 3 ngày trước


  • Amelia Santostasi
    Amelia Santostasi 3 ngày trước

    Dio merda che schifo

  • Waper Clan
    Waper Clan 4 ngày trước +2

    This is my fav part 0:50

  • Rachel Dillon
    Rachel Dillon 4 ngày trước +4

    I can’t be the only one that noticed when zac slides on the stage his cape disappears at 3:15
    he has a cape thing on at 3:14 and then it disappears

  • 정태석
    정태석 4 ngày trước


  • Rocio Arones
    Rocio Arones 4 ngày trước

    My ovaries explode when Zac Effron enters the ring and starts singing

  • Majin Prince.
    Majin Prince. 5 ngày trước

    I still don’t understand how the girl has a beard.

    • MJ Truth
      MJ Truth Ngày trước

      Majin Prince. No problem.

    • Majin Prince.
      Majin Prince. Ngày trước

      MJ Truth Ah, thanks for the insight.

    • MJ Truth
      MJ Truth 2 ngày trước

      Majin Prince. Either hypertrichosis or polycystic ovary syndrome. The former basically causes excessive hair growth, affects men & women and is referred to as werewolf syndrome. The latter can cause weight gain, weight loss and excessive hair growth in women.

  • Majin Prince.
    Majin Prince. 5 ngày trước +50

    The beginning is so badass, where he’s in the dark with the smoothe notes.

    COLOSSAL TITAN 5 ngày trước +1

    Karate dance?

  • alanwatson1
    alanwatson1 5 ngày trước +5


  • Ajay Jayakumar
    Ajay Jayakumar 5 ngày trước +1

    Such a beautiful movie
    Sorry the best musical treat ❤️

  • たろさん
    たろさん 5 ngày trước


  • Njoroge Mbuthia
    Njoroge Mbuthia 6 ngày trước

    Zack's slide to the stage... ICONIC💯

  • Miguel Perez
    Miguel Perez 6 ngày trước

    How I survive a college social life

  • Tara Lady
    Tara Lady 6 ngày trước

    This fillm is GREAT !

  • Jimena Nunez
    Jimena Nunez 7 ngày trước

    I love hue gac man

  • Blondie Tiger
    Blondie Tiger 7 ngày trước

    I love when they jump out of the smoke 1:28

  • gacha mundo 1612
    gacha mundo 1612 7 ngày trước +1

    Alguien que hable español plis

  • Lc3
    Lc3 7 ngày trước

    A friend brought this movie to my attention. The one thing I like about this movie though is u can literally see in the interviews and everything that this movie was more than just another job to them. They enjoyed doing this and bringing this story to us. The messages and all. I'm not much into these musical movies but I cant help but really like this movie.

  • BessJM JM
    BessJM JM 7 ngày trước +1

    Great song to start the year 🙌. Happy New Year 🥳

  • Pokemon RobloxianGamer128
    Pokemon RobloxianGamer128 7 ngày trước

    this clip is actually have a connection with the first and end scenes because when hugh jackman was behind the chairs which was inside the tent so this video is a good and non confusing movie

  • Jade brown
    Jade brown 8 ngày trước +2

    Where it's covered in all the colored lights
    Where the runaways are running the night
    Impossible comes true, it's taking over you
    Oh, this is the greatest show
    We light it up, we won't come down
    And the sun can't stop us now
    Watching it come true, it's taking over you
    Oh, this is the greatest show

  • Speedex 27
    Speedex 27 8 ngày trước

    0:00 song ? Pls

  • The gaming pr0 Of da centurY
    The gaming pr0 Of da centurY 8 ngày trước +2

    everyone talks abput how good songs are
    me DiD THey TaME reaL elEPhAnts

  • ななし
    ななし 9 ngày trước +2


    • Zay Ham
      Zay Ham 8 ngày trước

      Zac Efron!!💗

  • Shrimp 41404
    Shrimp 41404 9 ngày trước

    OK so I know this is asking a lot, but I am in a show choir class (basically we have to choreograph and perform songs) and we are performing this song in our spring concert, if anyone has any ideas for choreo, you should reply and give your advice

  • Will Grayson
    Will Grayson 9 ngày trước

    If you need a jolt of energy go ahead and crank it up!!!!

  • jayson galang
    jayson galang 9 ngày trước

    insert trowa barton on gundam wing

  • kitten 856
    kitten 856 9 ngày trước +1

    I'd say this is really "the greatest show"! But seriously, this is a really great movie.

  • Sebastian Briones Tapia
    Sebastian Briones Tapia 9 ngày trước +2

    I want a costume like his. It'd make my students' day

  • Harry Styles's Wife
    Harry Styles's Wife 9 ngày trước +3

    I remember being 12 and watching the trailer for this Movie and being so exited, when it came out in Cinema , I sore it 3 times and fell in love with Zac Efron

  • unicorn lover
    unicorn lover 10 ngày trước +1

    Me watching all the trailers to the movie cause I cant afford to watch it in the theaters :')

  • Mariam Nazziwa
    Mariam Nazziwa 10 ngày trước

    Wow amazing

  • Ogam0
    Ogam0 10 ngày trước

    this is the end we wanted the movie was too short got little confusing in the end when they talked aboyt a big tent then it was like boop thei were there