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What Happens if the Moon Crashes into Earth?

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  • Xuất bản 07 Th02, 2022
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    Today we are answering an age-old very scientific and important question: What if the moon crashes into earth? It’s more interesting and weird than you probably think. Let's start with the basics: Why isn't the Moon on its way to crash into us already?
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    • CrownedYT
      CrownedYT 17 giờ trước

      I remember painting a picture of the moon crashing into the earth…
      then a year later we get a movie that is that exact same thing…

    • Stan
      Stan 3 ngày trước

      I love ur vids

    • Mims Homeschool
      Mims Homeschool 4 ngày trước

      well at least we get rings like saturn :)

    • Bryn Matthews
      Bryn Matthews 20 ngày trước

      @Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Absolutely Totally Awesome Video, loving it. I recently watched a Apocalyptic movie called: (Moonfall). Although this is not a totally accurate representation. Cause there was technology imbedded with the core of the moon itself. but would like to hear you thoughts about it.
      Also, would really love if you could do a video on: (If the Earth Core stopped spinning). As well there was another movie I watched quite some time ago called: (The Core), which the Earths core stopped and they restarted it with nuclear bomb. I'm really interested in learning what would actually happen and if it's possible to restart the Core?

    • Nuran arrowood
      Nuran arrowood 26 ngày trước


  • sottozen
    sottozen 9 tháng trước +23891

    A little too high a price to pay in order to have a view like Saturn! Loved this one so much!

    • ZΛeon-NineZero
      ZΛeon-NineZero Tháng trước

      I mean, a better and less catastrophic solution (albeit a very time-consuming one) is to mine the moon and insert the extracted lunar rock into a lower orbit around the Earth. Although, you may not want those rocks in too low of an orbit or they’ll succumb to orbital decay before the rings can be fully assembled.

    • Gale Force
      Gale Force Tháng trước

      Spoilers dude

    • i do edits
      i do edits Tháng trước

      @The Outer God agreed

    • Mono •_•
      Mono •_• Tháng trước

      Or is it?

    • André Felipe
      André Felipe Tháng trước

      so, you love killing more than half of the human population?

  • Matt J
    Matt J 3 tháng trước +1922

    When these guys say "science won't work, so let's use magic," it always concerns me how confidently they say it. I'm fairly certain they actually could.

    • Kimberly Hopke
      Kimberly Hopke 15 ngày trước

      Imagine , "now it is time for a real life example, for an even better understanding"

    • rondg2
      rondg2 17 ngày trước

      slowing down the moon is an engineering problem that could be done w/ future tech. you could populate an entire side of the moon w/ self replicating thrusters that mine the moon for resources

    • The Cyber Rabbit
      The Cyber Rabbit 18 ngày trước

      They’re birds. Of course they could

    • primisoda
      primisoda 20 ngày trước

      @Isaiah George 500 undecillion thrusters would work

    • Renato Gameplays
      Renato Gameplays 23 ngày trước

      Sometimes I wish I could use that spell lol

  • AdventureMase
    AdventureMase 2 tháng trước +616

    That image of the newly ringed Earth gave me chills
    Absolutely great video!

    • AdventureMase
      AdventureMase 2 ngày trước

      @GalopaWXY The spooky vibes are real

    • GalopaWXY
      GalopaWXY 2 ngày trước +1

      SAME! The music probably helped though

    • ten-chan
      ten-chan 17 ngày trước +1

      I am so glad I'm not alone feeling that way. Like, there's horror in those beautiful rings. I do very much prefer our little docile, pretty, round, friendly moon as it is, thankyouverymuch.

    • Vin
      Vin 17 ngày trước +1

      @John Dalton Well, it depends
      Because if we consider the volume/radius/mass of the moon even if it was broken in dozens of thousands of pieces those pieces would still be chicxulub asteroid size if not bigger, upon entering they would heat the atmosphere enough to mess everything that's not gone yet, also for those things to stay in orbit should go at least 28 000km/h so if one slips the situation gets tough, if 2 or more do as well, then that would be it

    • John Dalton
      John Dalton 17 ngày trước +1

      @Vin I doubt any of the moon CHUNKS could crash and kill every human that survived all over the world. The chunks simply wouldn't possess enough mass (therefore energy) for that

  • Cuttingham_123
    Cuttingham_123 Tháng trước +242

    Could you imagine surviving a year of absolute misery to see the most beautiful thing any human will ever see? That would be enough motivation for me to survive

    • GàcháBlöx Girl
      GàcháBlöx Girl Ngày trước +1

      I love how the main concern in the replies here is wet house and damp socks rather than no wifi and slow shipping, or even worse, human extinction

    • Simon Gabriel Aligam
      Simon Gabriel Aligam Ngày trước

      I think it is true
      What you said

    • wren
      wren 8 ngày trước +5

      @been guy I think your socks might be a little damp

    • been guy
      been guy 23 ngày trước +21

      aw hell nah my house is gonna be a little wet by then

  • TurtleShroom
    TurtleShroom 3 tháng trước +269

    I love how you approached this as if the moon's orbit, which is always spiraling anyway, slowed. I was hoping to learn what would happen if the moon directly crashed within a few months like in video games, but this was WAY more entertaining.

    • Ya dragon girl
      Ya dragon girl 6 ngày trước +1

      We’d die

    • VioletVixen
      VioletVixen Tháng trước

      Very fucking large explosion, firestorm melts the entire planet's surface, then weeks later when everything has stopped exploding, the smoke cloud that results has likely frozen the Earth for a while. A lot less interesting but very flashy, to be sure.

  • Gustavo Magalhães
    Gustavo Magalhães 9 tháng trước +8152

    Man, how can Steve Taylor convey so many emotions in a so stable voice, gets me thinking from "Haha very funny" to "That's terrifying". Love the channel, congrats to all.

    • Halekins Froggo
      Halekins Froggo 8 ngày trước

      HIS NAME IS STEVE?!?!?!

    • Perfect Protagonist
      Perfect Protagonist Tháng trước

      You kind of need to know someone's name if you want to hire them...

    • 𝙝𝙖𝙢
      𝙝𝙖𝙢 9 tháng trước

      @MARANDRHETTE yeah. True.

      MARANDRHETTE 9 tháng trước

      @Victoria Zero ...to dork or not to dork, that is the question?
      ...wait, did I just out-dork you?
      ... that. is. way. too. meta...
      ... *brain exploded* 😁

      MARANDRHETTE 9 tháng trước +1

      @𝙝𝙖𝙢 its more like you stumble on it. not go on a full on quest and everything. Is taking the time reading the credits really weirder than reading all the coments? ... once you're bored enough 😁

  • Jeff Zebert
    Jeff Zebert 3 tháng trước +65

    Even before the Moon reaches the Roche Limit, it would, in its own right, start experiencing volcanism! This is because all the tidal kneading on the Moon would exert enough friction to heat the Moon's interior to the point of melting. This is the reason why the Jovian moon Io has active volcanoes.

    • CrasherX 2000
      CrasherX 2000 2 tháng trước +2

      @Emalan yea man
      I fuckin love that game

    • Emalan
      Emalan 2 tháng trước +2

      @CrasherX 2000 A fellow Outer Wilds enthusiast in the... wild!

    • CrasherX 2000
      CrasherX 2000 2 tháng trước +2

      So would it be a case of Hollow’s Lantern from Outer Wilds?
      Where active volcanos on the moon erupt violently and rain down lava and ash from way high up in the sky?

  • i for imaginary
    i for imaginary 25 ngày trước +13

    I absolutely love this channel because in literally any apocalyptic scenario you would know what the next stage is and would have boatloads of time to prepare

  • The Roblox Person
    The Roblox Person Tháng trước +7

    I love how Kurzgesagt puts their sponsors at the end of the video so if people actually are interested in the sponsor, then they can watch it, but if people don't care then they don't have to sit through the sponsor segment

  • StarshineArtistry
    StarshineArtistry 3 tháng trước +37

    I love this channel. So much work goes into it just to keep us informed. Thank you so much!

  • Deirenne
    Deirenne 9 tháng trước +31529

    "According to science, the Moon is big and very massive"
    Spoken like a true master of sciencing 💜

    • Icon of THICC
      Icon of THICC 19 ngày trước

      @Music Noah for example, it’s actually quite small and tiny when compared to my di

    • Ashish Thenayi
      Ashish Thenayi 25 ngày trước

      yeah science

    • Black screen lol
      Black screen lol 29 ngày trước

      @S'renne Lamirez there are other bigger by that I mean ALOT ALOT ALOT OF TIMES bigger than the moon stars

    • Black screen lol
      Black screen lol 29 ngày trước

      Too bad even the sun is like a atom compared to the largest star and other objects

    • dima hourani
      dima hourani Tháng trước


  • Trollkiller 69
    Trollkiller 69 3 tháng trước +41

    One thing that you didn't mention:
    As the moon gets closer to the earth, you will either feel significantly heavier or lighter depending on which side of the earth you are on relative to which side of the earth the moon is on.

    • Michael Jorgensen
      Michael Jorgensen Tháng trước

      @Fauzia Azim After researching further on "Roche Limit" I found I was correct. You would be 1/8 OF 1/6 lighter. Notice the word "of". I did not write 1/8 or 1/6 or 1/10. So 1/8 of 1/6 is approximately 2.083 pounds for every 100 pounds. I was correct again when I said you would not be significantly lighter. When the moon comes closer that the Roche Limit it will affect your weight more significantly.

    • Spirit of Fire
      Spirit of Fire Tháng trước


    • Michael Jorgensen
      Michael Jorgensen Tháng trước +1

      @Fauzia Azim Think about it. The moon being at the "Roche limit" DOES NOT mean you weigh 1/6 what you normally weigh. The Roche limit DOES NOT mean the satellite (moon) is at the point where it's gravitational influence is equal to the planet you are standing on. Reaching the Roche limit means that the gravity holding it [the Moon] together is weaker than the tidal forces acting to pull it apart. That point is NOT the point at which you weigh 1/6 or 1/10 of what you normally do.

    • Fauzia Azim
      Fauzia Azim Tháng trước

      @Michael Jorgensen even 1/10th would still be 10 pounds for 100 pounds bruh. 1/6th is 16.6 pounds for 100

    • 高若嵩
      高若嵩 2 tháng trước +2

      On the moon's surface, the moon's gravitational pull is about 1/6 that of Earth's.
      HOWEVER, that doesn't mean it'd have the same gravity further away! Throughout this entire scenario the distance from the moon and the Earth is >10000 km, and the Earth itself has a diameter of 12000 km. You are always >22000 km away from the moon.
      And since the moon is 1/80 of the Earth's mass, but 4 times as far from us than we are from the Earth's core; apply |a|=GM/r^2; the moon's gravitational effect never exceeds 0.1% of the Earth's from our perspective.

  • yana
    yana Tháng trước +1

    This was such a scary experience for me, as someone who is fascinated by the moon and seeing the way it could affect us if it begins to shine a little brighter or appear more larger will always remind me of this video, the transition from assurance to earth having its own rings will forever scar me

  • AshieGiddy
    AshieGiddy Tháng trước +2

    I absolutely love how the music at 8:56 starts off as peaceful and hopeful to haunting at10:23 when we see an Earth resembling Saturn. As this video demonstrated, an Earth with beautiful rings comes at a colossal price.

  • Sarthak Paswan
    Sarthak Paswan Tháng trước

    Brilliant video as always, I learned a lot. I was watching the video for the 3rd time, but still it felt amazing and entertaining with tons of knowledge. Thanks for making such wonderful content.🥰

  • Name not found
    Name not found 9 tháng trước +9901

    This episode was absolutely spectacular. The animation of the moon collapsing into a set of rings was extraordinarily well done.

    • Nim Studios
      Nim Studios 6 tháng trước

      The rings are worthy of the wait of 12 months

    • Adriel Altamirano
      Adriel Altamirano 9 tháng trước

      This episode goes hard

      SYAM KUMAR KATURI 9 tháng trước

      This is all rubbish sell gold buy platinum.hydrogen industry needs platinum as CATALYZERS.platinum is white gold...gold is not rare metal.There are so many metal every metal has their own uses..///....

    • LotusAnimxtes🌸
      LotusAnimxtes🌸 9 tháng trước

      it was 3d

    • Andy🇧🇮
      Andy🇧🇮 9 tháng trước

      fr fr

  • Mr. Flopppa
    Mr. Flopppa 23 ngày trước +1

    This has got to be one of my favorite videos of your guys’s love the channel keep it up

  • Bent Mathiesen
    Bent Mathiesen 3 tháng trước +5

    One question. As I understand, the moon is moving away 4cm/year, and the Earth and the Moon are both growing due to small objects that enters the Earth atmosphere or hit the Moon. How does that work out in the long term?

    • Bluechair
      Bluechair Tháng trước

      The moon eventually leaves Earth's orbit is the consensus I think. The moon is moving away much, much faster than both the Earth and Moon is growing. After all, the moon was much closer when it was formed, so I doubt a few (relatively) insignificant mass additions would change the Moons drift.

    • Brian Ronald
      Brian Ronald 3 tháng trước

      The "small objects" are negligible. As the tides of Earth transfer energy (in the form of angular momentum) from Earth to the moon, the moon rises to higher and higher orbits. Eventually, the Earth's day and month are the same, and the moon orbits in a fixed location in the sky as seen from Earth. At this time, it ceases its rise. The Earth's day is a month long, and the month is slightly shorter. There are no more total solar eclipses, only annular ones. All of this in similar timescales to the Sun's lifetime, so it might not actually have time to happen.

    • TurtleShroom
      TurtleShroom 3 tháng trước

      The moon never escapes, but it becomes tidally locked, meaning it orbits at the same speed as the earth.

  • fim.... edits
    fim.... edits Tháng trước

    Hoje estaremos respondendo uma pergunta antiga muito científica e importante: E se a Lua colidir com a Terra? Isso é mais interessante e estranho do que você provavelmente acha. Vamos começar com o básico: Porquê a Lua já não está a caminho de colidir conosco?
    Sabemos que a gravidade da Terra puxa tudo em direção a ela, incluindo a Lua, mas de alguma forma, ela continua lá em cima, como se fosse suspensa por outra força oposta. Mas não há outra força contra a gravidade - ao invés disso, o truque para continuar em cima é uma moção 'de lado' na qual chamamos de órbita. Você vê órbitas todo dia: quando você joga uma bola ela fez uma bem pequena órbita. A única diferença entre a órbita dessa bola e a da Lua é que a bola eventualmente cai no chão. Basicamente, a razão é velocidade. Se você pudesse jogar sua bola o rápido o bastante, ela iria dar a volta ao mundo e voltar para você. Se não tivesse ar a alontecendo, ela poderia órbitar para sempre. E é isso que a Lua faz: Caindo de lado ao redor da Terra, muito rápido, sem ar para a deixar mais lenta. Orbitando a Terra a cada 27 dias, em 3600 km/h. Então para a Lua só parar a sua órbita e cair em direção a Terra iria quebrar mais leis da física do que nós temos tempo de explicar. Então como fazemos ela ir colidir com a Terra? Resumido, para mudar a órbita de um objeto, você precisa mudar sua velocidade, oque muda onde a gravidade o leva. Mas até mudanças pequenas iriam requerir forças enormes, oque é porquê todos os objetos grandes no sistema solar são tão estáveis hoje em dia. De acordo com a ciência, a Lua é grande e muito massiva. Até

  • Mrinal Rai
    Mrinal Rai 19 ngày trước

    What a brilliant concept this was. One of my favorite videos on VNclip. There need to be a movie made on this.

  • Uncle J
    Uncle J 9 tháng trước +2866

    It was actually surprising to hear that the answer isn't "Impact destroys the planet". I never considered that it was possible to survive the moon falling.
    Edit: Since some of you don't seem to understand what "possible" means, yes, you PROBABLY die. Between the tides, complete destruction of several food webs, shortage of drinkable water, earthquakes, super volcanoes, and chunks of moon that will impact, survival is not probable. What's surprising is that the probability is any fractional amount above 0% because I assumed the Moon falling would mean Mars gets promoted to the 3rd planet.

    • El Cactuar
      El Cactuar 2 tháng trước

      @TheDarkendstar *than

    • Sam
      Sam 9 tháng trước

      @Paulo Azuela Like what?

    • Paulo Azuela
      Paulo Azuela 9 tháng trước

      @Sam Well there proven parts at least not mostly on space ofc.

    • Sam
      Sam 9 tháng trước

      @Paulo Azuela Let’s stick with the first part. If they lie, why would you trust them about anything? Space and the globe are belief systems because no one’s ever seen them apart from on a screen. All we’ve seen is flatness. I agree they’ll do anything for profit, that’s just another reason to question what we’re being told.

    • Paulo Azuela
      Paulo Azuela 9 tháng trước

      @Sam What do you mean, it's genuine that you don't need one right? And ofc the government and sciences always lies. Just wanted you to see the Earth's surface if it's truly flat. You won't die in space, those politicians are lying that we need suits for them. They just won't let us so they gave this stupid idea of expensive space suit rendering a lot common folk to not go to space

  • Jalil James
    Jalil James 4 ngày trước

    Can i just say whoever created the backing track for this episode... OMG IT"S AMAZING!!! I want to play it in sets when im DJing it's so damn good 🔥

  • David MacNeil
    David MacNeil Tháng trước +3

    "According to science, the Moon is big and very massive." Whoa, slow down there, Poindexter!😂

  • Evil Brynn
    Evil Brynn Tháng trước +2

    I was expecting Moonfall to be exactly like this video
    But no, me and my mom laughed our heads off at how terrible it got 😂

  • Everett McGuire
    Everett McGuire 3 tháng trước

    Your videos are great I watch them every day before school to learn keep it up this is a great channel for kids to learn it’s very kind of you💕

  • Peter Lane
    Peter Lane 9 tháng trước +2219

    You know what the crazy thing is? My wife was watching a HermitCraft season end video yesterday where the moon crashes into the planet, and I thought to myself; "I wonder if Kurzgesagt has done a video on the moon crashing into earth yet?" And if I had acted on that thought and searched 12 hours ago, the answer would have been no.

    • Perfect Protagonist
      Perfect Protagonist Tháng trước

      Several years ago, Grian commented a Kurzgesagt video saying something like "Man, I love this channel!" Maybe they watch each other now.

    • whitebear
      whitebear 9 tháng trước +3

      Why did I have to scroll so far to see anything relating to HermitCraft. I don't think this video is a coincidence.

    • dabguy001
      dabguy001 9 tháng trước +3

      @Sapphire what the hell is that got to do with anything interesting

    • Random Animations
      Random Animations 9 tháng trước +1

      @Jack Salzman yes I was wondering too.. moon big?

    • VM
      VM 9 tháng trước +1


  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan Tháng trước +3

    I love it when they answer these apocalypse questions.

  • Tim-Tonya Ratliff
    Tim-Tonya Ratliff 2 tháng trước

    "According to science, the moon is big and very massive." Thanks Kurzgesagt, I never knew this before. :)

  • golden pony
    golden pony 3 tháng trước +2

    Really respectful of the " youd need actual magic for this to happen " disclaimer.
    Ps: Jesus what a crazy vid, you guys rock!!

  • Astro3901
    Astro3901 Tháng trước

    I've been wondering what happens if the moon drifts away to us in the same timespan of this video. Would the exact opposite happen?

  • Gabe Ruiz
    Gabe Ruiz 9 tháng trước +3368

    This would actually be really great for a movie. The stages the earth go though almost mirror the creative decisions that directors use to make the story entertaining lol. It’s also an epic topic

    • Subaru & Shuba duck
      Subaru & Shuba duck 9 tháng trước

      Check “Moon fall”
      It will be releases this year

    • hAk
      hAk 9 tháng trước +1


    • Football Nerd
      Football Nerd 9 tháng trước

      Wouldn't become a movie cos it has a sad ending. Humans only like movies with happy outcomes.

    • Bane
      Bane 9 tháng trước

      just play majors mask

    • NASTAR01
      NASTAR01 9 tháng trước

      @Noah S I actually believe that's what inspired this video

  • Aria Hadgis
    Aria Hadgis 3 tháng trước +2

    "According to science, the moon is big and very massive." lol I love it

  • opal yuccas
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    I had this as a dream - that the Moon was falling to Earth and I was in an adventure to Florida for some reason as the news sugg. Florida was somehow the place to survive this impact. It was very memorable and like a movie.

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    That last image of the Earth with a ring around it gave me chills.

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    • Halekins Froggo
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      I thought the music in that shot sounded eerie, yet hopeful. Hope for a new world built on a old one. The rings for me symbolizes a new point in history, a new, not alien buy certainly unfamiliar world, and that humanity can push through it.

    • Waaaaltz
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      Hopefully, IF ever there are still humans to experience that kind of event, it would be a very quick death for everyone, except some or most part of the world where there are massive riot, people killing each other because why not? who would arrest them? why not try to break as much law as possible while you still can with very little time.

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    • dietermitplatten
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      It would probably take thousands of years for the moon pieces to spread equally. But even before that it would look awesome when you see the rocks passing by twice a day or so. Like orbital clouds.

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      @Francesco Favro If you like the idea of scavenging during low-tide and then hiding from the water, you may like to try Rainworld.
      And then you wouldn't like the idea anymore. (?

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      Approved Dust 9 tháng trước

      I don’t think a bunker would survive

  • Syndicalist mapping
    Syndicalist mapping 3 tháng trước +1

    this video is really good at explaining this situation from the human perspective

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    Nikki San Pedro 3 tháng trước

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  • The Gentleman Potato
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    Peak wisdom right there lol😊

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    Imagine if the movie Moonfall actually portrayed this. Instead of being a dumb movie, it could be an epic movie with incredible cinematrography. It could even have a beautiful ending, where the people emerge from the rubble and witness an incredible view with the disc around the earth. It would be sad, sure, but it would also be beautiful.

    • Levi's RCs
      Levi's RCs Tháng trước

      ​@BlaDeKke If we would have tides from the sun, we already have tides from the sun!
      Heck, we have ridiculously tiny tides from Pluto!

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      TurtleShroom 3 tháng trước

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    • Gudok345
      Gudok345 6 tháng trước

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    • UhOhMeMeBiggestBoy
      UhOhMeMeBiggestBoy 7 tháng trước

      There actually is a game like this about the moon falling after mining changed it's mass u can't remember what it's called but it is about scavenging and all

    • small block 305
      small block 305 7 tháng trước

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  • VolTer
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    This was very packed for a fun scenario video, I loved that. It's clear you try to sneak in things to improve our understanding of science and general knowledge.
    - How orbits work
    - How tides work
    - Internet & underwater cables
    - Satelites & orbital corrections
    - Tectonic effects
    - Geosynchronous orbit
    - Just lots of physics stuff
    - Roche limit

    • kindlin
      kindlin 9 tháng trước

      @Brian Bellinger
      The video is very factual, I was just pointing out that this video was pretty high level, and none of the the individual points were covered to any depth. Which is fine, that was the point of the video. It's all factually accurate, tho, so I'm not sure what you're trying to say, here, exactly.

    • kindlin
      kindlin 9 tháng trước

      @Aquarius on Zombs
      Very true! Also, I just love Kurzgesagt, and their pretty unique take on many subjects.

    • Milos
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      Oh those things should be learnt by playing Kerbal space program

    • iRaz_err
      iRaz_err 9 tháng trước

      @Aaron Davis Lol, is it because the moon formed from a collision?

    • Aaron Davis
      Aaron Davis 9 tháng trước

      I found it weird that they failed to mention the fact that this has actually already happened.

  • John S
    John S 2 tháng trước

    So what happens in the opposite scenario, where the moon starts to escape earth's orbit? Alternatively, what would happen if the moon were to be destroyed, either fully, as in the case shown in Dragon Ball, or partially, as displayed in Assassination Classroom?

  • lorderik237
    lorderik237 2 tháng trước

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  • CitiesTurnedToDust
    CitiesTurnedToDust 22 ngày trước

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  • Phasmicide
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    • Gelad
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    • ckl
      ckl 9 tháng trước

      @Gelad And while that movie came out last week I've been hearing about it and/or seeing commercial about it for months. Doesn't take watching the final product to be prompted to ask a question on the basic premise.

    • Hen0bot X
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    • benedict
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    Thanks, science, I had no idea.

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  • Ray Berczik
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  • Alejandro Yanes
    Alejandro Yanes 3 tháng trước

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  • LostBoy_wasHere
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    • wtf bros
      wtf bros 2 ngày trước

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    • Daniel Morris
      Daniel Morris 15 ngày trước

      I run a D&D campaign where the moon (Selune) was turned into essentially a Dyson Sphere around the earth (Toril) by god-magic and such. I calculated there's enough mass to do it, but pretty much only a literal god could actually pull it off and keep it stable. :-P We're talking Spelljammers and space dragons and stuff... science has to end somewhere for fiction to begin!
      Basically, an alien entity from the Phlogiston wanted to invade the Solar System, so it took over a Stellar Dragon and started wrecking gods in a battle in the space between earth and the moon. The dozen or so gods who weren't dead yet realized they couldn't kill it, so a bunch sacrificed themselves bull-rushing it onto the earth, and the rest poured all their power into spreading the moon's mass over the globe in a huge hollow sphere. They each portaled what humanoid followers they could from the Earth's surface and placed them in essentially a "Garden of Eden" the size of Australia atop the sphere, which is ringed with mountains... the rest of the sphere's massive surface is pure moon rock, barren and lifeless.
      While forming the sphere, knowing they were soon to pass into weakened, catatonic slumber, the gods had decided to create one long shaft down to the Earth. To find this shaft, they also scattered a grid of trials, challenges, and rewards throughout the land, meant to build up adventurers who might someday find a way to defeat or banish the Eldritch entity who decimated the world. One of the gods, however, was a traitor who initiated a mind-wipe for all the humanoids, hoping his chosen creatures would overpower the rest and lead to a new age of supremacy over all living beings, not caring at all about the surface world. The attempted conquest failed, but even so, it severely undermined the cooperating gods' plan to save the world, and for centuries the mind-wiped surface creatures simply formed a new society and countries and mythologies and never learned of the great plan.
      Enter the Party. They are in a "typical low-magic fantasy world," during a time of peace, and for all they know the world is young. Outside of myths and legends, recorded history only stretches a few centuries back. Monsters "don't exist," and the oldest Elves are covering up the fact that they have no memory of their own childhoods. No one has ventured over the far mountains, for civilization simply hasn't spread that far yet (and no explorers have returned). But something new has happened. A true, real monster was found attacking a farm, and it was tracked back to a strange, underground room, made of perfectly spherical stone, with a chest in the middle containing artifacts with never-before-seen designs and languages and runes. Was there a civilization before this one? The Party joins a new Adventuring craze, as a mad gold rush begins to find even more caches and treasures of this mysterious nature. The slumbering gods' plan is finally in motion. But many dangers lie ahead, as there is yet one Elf who, through the power of the Eldritch Entity, remembers the world of before, and under the entity's influence will do anything to make sure this prison is destroyed...

    • Tanmay
      Tanmay 18 ngày trước

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    • Kanak Randheer
      Kanak Randheer 21 ngày trước

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    • Andres el Panda
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  • Dennis Cambly
    Dennis Cambly 2 tháng trước

    We've been told lately missions to the Moon will begin to draw moisture in the form of water from the Moon's south pole. How will years or decades of mining the Moon effect planet Earth?

  • Xris Dazzzzed
    Xris Dazzzzed Tháng trước +1

    Doesn't the moon have escape velocity of about 3mm per year, or something? Maybe it's three cm per year I can't remember?
    We are in a very lucky/unique time because the moon perfectly eclipses the sun. in a few million years the sun will form a ring around the moon from our perspective, rather than being totally eclipsed by it, as the moons orbit of the Earth increases in size.
    You can thank the laser reflectors they put on the sea of tranquility/Mare Tranquillitatis for this information.

  • Spiderninja1
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    My only complaint is that the title was clickbait. This did not at all show us what would result of the moon or a body of equal size crashing into the earth. This was instead a different video about the moon getting closer to the earth but never crashing into it… I would still like to see their animation of what that would look like…

    • Sir. Cheese
      Sir. Cheese 2 tháng trước

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    • Brian Ronald
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    • vkobe vkob
      vkobe vkob 9 tháng trước

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    • Lasty Hopper
      Lasty Hopper 9 tháng trước

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      (to make your expectation lower, so that once you viewed it, you simply fall in love with it because it exceed your expectation)

    • pAnDa_IN VentiOn
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      Exactly how I felt! This was way better than the 'way bigger than the dinosaur extinction level event' video I was expecting. Great 'twist' ending too!

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    Also, would really love if you could do a video on: (If the Earth Core stopped spinning). As well there was another movie I watched quite some time ago called: (The Core), which the Earths core stopped and they restarted it with nuclear bomb. I'm really interested in learning what would actually happen and if it's possible to restart the Core?

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  • Lupus Dei
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    Kurzgesagt: Yes

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  • ShogunRyuusha
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      SHARKNADO FARTQUAKE 5 tháng trước +1

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  • PBJ - 55
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    • Textagony
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    • Chroma
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      @Poor Quality Edits no, europa is a moon, not a dwarf planet

  • Simple_Samuel
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    I like they way they show the months that the moon is coming close to the Earth a dark colour, but for "a new month" the colour is lighter and unexpected, so it also implies that it's uncertain of how the aftermath will be.

  • Quetzal the Gamer
    Quetzal the Gamer 3 tháng trước

    Orbital mechanics are absolutely wild to me. Matter attracts matter, so the idea that something is gravitationally bound to us but not also being pulled closer to the Earth is completely bonkers to me.

  • turtle
    turtle 28 ngày trước

    theoretically speaking, is it possible for the moon to actually come closer to earth in a few million or billion years? because if you look at Saturn, Saturn has rings around it, why though? because the moon came closer etc, so is it actually possible for the earth's moon to do the same in a few million or billion years?

  • Matsuhiko Takagawa
    Matsuhiko Takagawa Tháng trước

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  • Saban Tander
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    • That guy rna
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      SYAM KUMAR KATURI 9 tháng trước

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    • Zoya Dulzura
      Zoya Dulzura 9 tháng trước

      @lukafilm Aw man, I was gonna suggest "Lunar Year" for a title. You know, since it takes a year for the moon to fall apart. That can be the low-budget imitation, starring some big name who's trying to get out of debt.

    • CloudSeven
      CloudSeven 9 tháng trước

      @SeSSioN day after tomorrow is the same director as Moonfall, funnily enough.

    • Eaglewings 747
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      Hermitcraft season 8 is that exact thing, just as a series instead of a film

  • MrKitkat006
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    if any of the people in charge of videos at kurtzgesagt sees this, could you do a video similar to this but with a black hole and the entire solar system?

  • Lirishee
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  • universalperson
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    The irony is that you'd think after the volcanoes and tidal waves it would end with the lunar impact ending it all.
    But no, it's like the rainbow after the flood.

  • Plotsky
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    Theres a whole movie based off of this which i think is pretty underrated: "moonfall"