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  • Xuất bản 13 Th06, 2019
  • Let me tell you a queer little story about a boy named Dan.
    Follow me online to see the rest of my tale as it unfolds in real time:
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    Content warning: this video contains far too much strong language and discussions of general sexuality, discriminatory language, bullying and an attempt on my own life. Otherwise totally appropriate for education, instilling good values in young children and my grandma who I will expect a disappointed text from.
    Special thanks to for production assistance.
    Art by Hector aka
    Handel - Messiah
    Camille Saint-Saëns - Danse Macabre
    Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture
    Chopin - Fantasie Impromptu
    Schubert - Ave Maria
    Additional Music by Kevin Macleod
    Disclaimer - This video is just a starting point for me, what I felt was the bare minimum (ha) required for me to get this out there so I can move forward with my life, a mix of explanation, justification and opinion. It scratched the surface of several things I could have gone into more detail about, but the purpose of this was to be ..reasonably concise and above all entertaining. In the future, in the right places, I will surely talk much more about everything touched on in this video and more. It’s also likely that something will get misunderstood or misrepresented, perhaps from the way I phrased things or people assuming my thoughts on things that I didn’t specify. Also my story is just the truth of what happened to me and what I thought at certain points of time in my environment, good and bad - of course not my opinions today. So JUST to be clear my opinion on general sexual and gender identities are that everyone is valid and deserves equal rights and the freedom to exist. The only thing I don’t tolerate is intolerance. Cheers to an inevitable bright future, either because people become nice and the old people die or the sun explodes first lmao.
    Some resources and charities for anyone who needs support or wants to learn more:
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    When your family asks why you dont have a girlfriend

  • Tenisha Reniewick
    Tenisha Reniewick Ngày trước

    Dan, I am so happy for you and you feeling good about yourself. The ones that support you have always wanted you to be happy. You should be happy being you and not give a shit what anyone has to say about it. You be who you are and as for anyone that does want to be in the know, that is your business and yours only. You deserve your privacy and you owe no one an explanation. Love you and you will always have my support

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  • Aflicted Ana
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    I’ve watched this 45 MINUTE VIDEO like 8 times when I’m feeling low, it’s so nice relating to someone that I’ve looked up to for years. Seeing Dan be okay after so much trauma helps me see that maybe I will be okay in the future as well... anyway Thanks Dan for making me feel better I love you so much

  • Weizenkaltschale
    Weizenkaltschale Ngày trước

    Hey Dan, thank you alot for this video!
    Also im honestly pretty shocked that there are still people that deem being *insert anything that a human can be* as "unnatural".
    Isnt the fact that there is a human that is whatever they deem to be unnatural pretty much proving that it is natural ? *thinking*
    Anyways, great video that helped me a lot in hoperfully someday breaking out of my specific shackles.

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    I kinda had to rewatch the video cause I spent the most of it staring Into his jacket

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    PS. Don't forget the eye padlol

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    I forgot what it felt like to not feel so alone. Thank you Dan for reminding me.

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    Jace Ok 2 ngày trước +1

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    Dan:Shhhhh it’s ok

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    i noticed that you have teared up a little during some parts of the video. i genuinely hope that you have recovered from all your hardships in your life & i am glad that you are a little more comfortable in your own skin.

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    Favour Lahai 2 ngày trước

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    The right opinion has a video full of praises nd analyting it for this video if you want positive earnest attention in another video, and see yoursel star in a youtube documentary.

  • Man of Cubes Destroyer of 4th Dimensional beings


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    I’m so glad you’re still here...and I’m glad I’m here too. I’m glad we both failed and took a second change at life, and I’m so glad that you’re sharing your life with us. In so many ways I feel like you’re a slightly older version of me, and you inspire me to hang in there.

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      Panic! Trash 2 ngày trước

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      Benjane Gesek 3 ngày trước +1

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    Better day andresen 4 ngày trước

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