Beautiful Tigon is born - First lioness and tiger cub in Russia

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  • Xuất bản 09 Th08, 2016
  • As animal tamer explains: 'A lioness Sofa lives with a tiger Sultan and they feel love for each other. They hug each other, sleep together. Because of this love, a wonderful event took place!'
    Beautiful cub soon will take an active part in circus program called 'Empire of Predators' together with its parents, brothers and sisters.
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NHẬN XÉT • 251

  • Lakshay gupta
    Lakshay gupta 3 tháng trước

    Big animals have been given so little space...what's this absurdity

  • Sayera Huq
    Sayera Huq 4 tháng trước

    Cruel. Why did you put the lioness in such a tiny cage 😠😠😠😠 You should be put there

  • Zoie Rackley
    Zoie Rackley 5 tháng trước +1

    Russia is being so cruel to animals!!!

  • Zoie Rackley
    Zoie Rackley 5 tháng trước +1

    The cub in the beginning looks so scared and sad to be born in captivity

  • smile_kid
    smile_kid 6 tháng trước

    It's a circus, I don't know why people don't understand the innocent concept, they can't keep the animals in large enclosures like at cat rescues because it would cost a lot and they'd probably refuse to leave the area. Circus have to travel to get people to come to their shows so cages are their best bet, stop being salty, they obviously care for their cats.

  • Mo 2k
    Mo 2k 7 tháng trước +1

    U russians need to catch up with the 21st century. Caging animals isn't right

  • Phoenix Girl
    Phoenix Girl 9 tháng trước

    I can understand about putting them in zoos and animal sanctuary but circus no

  • Jinska
    Jinska 10 tháng trước

    so RT is tolerating this circus cruel acts??? shame on you! you lost my respect RT..

  • Triona Byrne
    Triona Byrne 11 tháng trước +1

    Beautiful hybrid animals.

  • Mayank Singh
    Mayank Singh Năm trước

    You know why she is licking it bcz that tigon is unhealthy.

  • kenpoarniceguy1
    kenpoarniceguy1 Năm trước

    The poor lioness carrying her hybrid cub like she wants to take him out of this horrible place.

  • Tigon
    Tigon Năm trước

    I hate seeing these beautiful creatures caged up 😡👎🏾

  • TraffordReds9
    TraffordReds9 Năm trước

    For those confused about the cub:
    Father lion-mother tiger = liger cub
    Father tiger-mother lion = tigon cub
    Horribly cruel and done for egos and money, like circuses and canned hunting.

  • The Bad Boy
    The Bad Boy Năm trước +1

    Hey ? Take care of that little thing ? Anyone here ?

  • Color Cross
    Color Cross Năm trước

    Those are not stable conditions for big cats to be in. And pasing back and forth is a sign of stress.

  • Enabledbrownie 1
    Enabledbrownie 1 Năm trước


  • K1 Fighter-88
    K1 Fighter-88 Năm trước

    it is beautiful, i love siberian tiger he is the strongest biggest and best fighter of all cats on the planet.

  • Snowphia
    Snowphia 2 năm trước


  • BeulaBellafonte
    BeulaBellafonte 2 năm trước +1

    Did y'all read the description box? 😂

    • Snowphia
      Snowphia 2 năm trước

      BeulaBellafonte a summary of what happened the night of simba and nala's reunion

  • o e
    o e 2 năm trước +1

    Sorry aber die löwin mit ihr cub so zu sehen, macht einen traurig, das es solche menschen auf der welt gibt auch.

  • i hate youtube
    i hate youtube 2 năm trước +1

    i remember jooheon from monsta x... :(

  • Sunna
    Sunna 2 năm trước +1

    This is animal cruelty.

  • fnac world
    fnac world 2 năm trước

    poor cub 😰

    • fnac world
      fnac world 2 năm trước +1

      and tigers and lion
      in the awful cirus

  • teh_ steve
    teh_ steve 2 năm trước +2

    nice forced breeding in a cruel circus captivity.

  • Noora نورة
    Noora نورة 3 năm trước +1

    awww... in the end its gonna perform for a circus :/ wish if it was wild

  • Siamak
    Siamak 3 năm trước +1

    Very shameful

  • ProperMan
    ProperMan 3 năm trước

    You all get angry over animals in cages yet cheer when a palestinian child is gassed with chemicals. Humans suck.

  • Jefferson McCloud
    Jefferson McCloud 3 năm trước +1

    I'm tired of animals going extinct and the only living being in prison for our amusement

  • Khusrav96
    Khusrav96 3 năm trước +1

    Zoos and use of circus animals should be banned

  • siberus48
    siberus48 3 năm trước +1

    very sad video

  • JayRockSkee .Bibbles
    JayRockSkee .Bibbles 3 năm trước +1

    Are they bragging about their slaves? I dont get it

  • homestraight
    homestraight 3 năm trước +1

    Poor animals!! Barely room to turn round. They look agitated and unhappy.

  • United we stand divided we fall

    Damn small cage...

  • James Evans
    James Evans 3 năm trước +1

    its a liger

  • allal231
    allal231 3 năm trước +1

    didn't know they could breed together

  • mewho1
    mewho1 3 năm trước

    Shame on you, RT, for calling animal abuse "beautiful." That is $@&#ing disgusting! At least have the decency to change the title of this video to something accurate, such as, "Shocking animal abuse in Russian circus." And we're to believe that this actual lion sleeps and cuddles with the male tiger? WHERE?! I firmly believe the lion was bred with the tiger for TICKET SALES! Please RT, stop supporting animal abuse and actually try to get animal protection rights in your country before you try to claim it's the greatest place on Earth!!! For $@&# sake!!

  • D Devo
    D Devo 3 năm trước

    These cells for transportation, you idiots think that they live in these cells?! Look at the animals they groomed, these animals live in the reserve is a big park for big cats.

  • maeve quinn
    maeve quinn 3 năm trước

    Despicable treatment of majestic animals! Some people are just so disgusting! No empathy!

  • Sammy Scott
    Sammy Scott 3 năm trước +1

    cool cub but the cages are depressing.

  • Brittni's world
    Brittni's world 3 năm trước +1

    Aww come on. At lest give them more room!

  • Metal Queen
    Metal Queen 3 năm trước +1

    This story should be about the outrageous conditions these animals are being forced to endure! Humans are a fucking disgusting.

  • Art3mis
    Art3mis 3 năm trước +2

    They train these animals to do tricks through fear and pain then cage them up in these small cages with no space, water and lack of protection from heat. I feel sorry for this poor baby, it shouldn't have been born as now it will only exist as a means for the circus people to rake in more money from people paying to watch this special Tigon perform.

  • gonzalo u
    gonzalo u 3 năm trước

    beautifull,except for the cages and beeing part of a circus

  • SteamedBun
    SteamedBun 3 năm trước +1

    chill the fucj out, its a travel cage thats why its small...

  • DasBubba
    DasBubba 3 năm trước +1

    The cub is, if I am correct, a Liger.

  • mohd firdaus
    mohd firdaus 3 năm trước +1


  • Ice Queen
    Ice Queen 3 năm trước +1

    They're all cute, but I wish the traveling cages were bigger.

  • Mac Al
    Mac Al 3 năm trước +3

    2 of the most beautiful things on earth are in cages for what? dont we have cameras and videos so we can see them without having to do this to them?

  • Kerrie Grant
    Kerrie Grant 3 năm trước +1

    ADi & NAVS have been fighting against these cruel beast wagons for years and years, these poor creatures kept in such awful enclosures, need to be rescued and put in a sanctuary, many country's now have banned caging of wildlife for circuses etc, i wish this was the case here.
    what an awful life the mother has, and that a new born must also suffer in slavery. just wish i knew where this circus is situated, because ADi would track them down and take thesae animals from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God bless them!

  • MegaRoFLL
    MegaRoFLL 3 năm trước

    Best word humans invented is

  • KirilG1
    KirilG1 3 năm trước +1

    Prison for big cats....

  • castlegate2013
    castlegate2013 3 năm trước +1

    This should be one of those Russian PR fail vids. You can't have animals in cages in 2016.

  • RequiemFor America
    RequiemFor America 3 năm trước +16

    arghhhhh i wish they stopped using animals for circus shows :( it's so unnatural to train these magnificent beasts like that and keep them caged up....

  • Metal Man
    Metal Man 3 năm trước +1

    it's a liger

  • Sleepydog
    Sleepydog 3 năm trước +2

    If you found this bad, just imagine how it is for all the animals you chew for dinner. That's right. Pigs, cows, chickens, lambs and like don't have a great life either. But they're tasty and not as cute so ehh

    • Bogdan
      Bogdan 3 năm trước

      they kill to eat, we either kill them or enslave them for fun......can you see the differnce?

  • ladeeda
    ladeeda 3 năm trước +1

    Im surprised RT would out such cruelty on display. really saddens me

    • RequiemFor America
      RequiemFor America 3 năm trước +1

      Sadly countries like china and russia are still backwards when it comes to animal cruelty and animal rights :(

  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 năm trước +1

    That's cruel

  • Jonbenet Ramsey
    Jonbenet Ramsey 3 năm trước +1

    Those cages are waaaay to big!!!! They are supposed to be able to turn around! Also it's called a Lyger.

  • Come Visit Waikiki
    Come Visit Waikiki 3 năm trước +1

    Lion: "Look you guys, I need a bigger cage and some food or I'm gonna eat my kid"

  • MrKZdemos
    MrKZdemos 3 năm trước

    drown it in a flood again russia