I Tried Wedding Dresses From Wish

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  • Xuất bản 02 Th03, 2019
  • Ok, here it is, finally, after all of your requests! I bought 4 wedding dresses from Wish.com and tried them out IRL to see how they were! We bought a ballgown, a renaissance dress, a black wedding dress, and a slightly more expensive gown to test out a few different categories.
    Now, I have previously bought inexpensive clothing, knockoff electronics, "free" items, and mostly fake makeup from Wish before, with usually the same results: it's just not that great, and definitely not as good as the item listings seem online. However, I think the convergence of my recent engagement and the desire for more Wish roasting resulted in this: The Wish Wedding Dress Haul. What do you guys think?
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  4 tháng trước +27965

    HELLO FRIENDS!! and now, a highly requested video that opens the jar to more (non-wish-related) wedding content!! i hope u enjoy it! and have a happy weekend :) xoxo, saf

    • Gypsy Foster
      Gypsy Foster Ngày trước

      Safiya Nygaard I just had to be the 500 comment lol 😂
      New subscriber and loved you video and great funny review mate !!!
      Your man in one lucky fella !!! 🎩 Getting one gorgeous sweetheart for a wonderful bride 👰 lucky 🍀 man. 💜
      I hope your wedding is wonderful guys. 💋👰🤵🌹💜

    • ManhaHossain
      ManhaHossain 5 ngày trước

      Safiya Nygaard hola

    • Anna ???
      Anna ??? Tháng trước

      What about light in the box it's like wish lol

    • dc_politie
      dc_politie Tháng trước

      Hey im a really *DRESS FAN* *can you make more?* plz?

    • LadyLuck321528
      LadyLuck321528 Tháng trước

      More wedding videos please! A cake tasting one or wedding makeup video would be fun, or even a storytime video with some of your wedding planning experiences

  • John Robinson
    John Robinson 4 giờ trước

    You are hilarious!! I was thinking this video was long but you were entertaining to the end!

  • Kaalia Morrow
    Kaalia Morrow 5 giờ trước

    The black and beige "one size" one is a ripoff of designer CocoMelody. I would ask that when you find dresses like that, you report them, as it is theft. Especially when they use the original designer's photos to sell their knockoff version.

  • Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O 6 giờ trước

    Out in nature with a breeze, the dresses aren't nearly as bad but definitely not wedding worthy 😂

  • jaxxstraw
    jaxxstraw 10 giờ trước

    XXL? Whut?

  • Holly Prouty
    Holly Prouty 10 giờ trước

    I got my wedding dress from wish and thankfully it was amazing! Other products i got from them were "so-so".

  • Samantha Kingston
    Samantha Kingston 10 giờ trước

    You also have to watch the reviews on wish because a lot of them are generated through employees or people that receive free stuff to give a good review.

  • Cindy Lavoie
    Cindy Lavoie 11 giờ trước +1

    i like the 1st dress better

  • Cindy Lavoie
    Cindy Lavoie 11 giờ trước +1

    i was suprised for the dresses

  • Destiny Jordan
    Destiny Jordan 12 giờ trước

    I actually cried when i seen you wearing them out in the open with the song :p i was like "I'm so happy for her!" because i was thinking about your actual wedding :) i Am so happy for you :) Congrats @Safiya :)

  • Addison Bennett
    Addison Bennett 16 giờ trước

    you should go wish shopping for a tux for tyler

  • Cynthia LaPlaca
    Cynthia LaPlaca 16 giờ trước

    Snow White ???????

  • Susan Smaltz
    Susan Smaltz Ngày trước +1

    I love the banter between you and Tyler...it makes me smile. It's very sweet.

  • Harmoni Cunningham
    Harmoni Cunningham Ngày trước


  • Shea Witz
    Shea Witz Ngày trước

    11:18 did anyone else just go aaaaawwwwwww when tyler cmplemented Safiya.

  • Rose
    Rose Ngày trước +1

    Is it jus me or these dresses look like halloween costumes

  • E Oharrison
    E Oharrison Ngày trước

    May I just say how much you made my day, ma'am! Not only did you answer that burning question about WISH wedding dresses, BUT, you did so with humour, intelligence, grace, and just plain FUN❣ I have no doubt you'll be a beautiful bride as you are beautiful inside and out.💞 Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Again, thank you for the much needed smile, and laughter. I've been very ill, and, physically hurting. For this short while, you managed to make me forget my circumstances and make my heart smile. Blessed be, and, THANK YOOOOOOOOOU! (Sorry. Had to do a shout out. 😉)

  • Captain David Starr
    Captain David Starr 2 ngày trước

    What is the name of that crazy Ballet ?

  • Captain David Starr
    Captain David Starr 2 ngày trước

    Never spend more than you can afford to never get back regarding wish.com.

  • Lazy Tounge
    Lazy Tounge 2 ngày trước +1

    If you're erasing a 3X I have no chance of firing into a 5X!!😞😢😭😭

  • Lazy Tounge
    Lazy Tounge 2 ngày trước +1

    I haven't even watched the video yet but no matter how tempting Wish is I never fall for it. Life the old saying days , "if it's too good to be true, it probably is."

  • Tracey Miner
    Tracey Miner 2 ngày trước

    am i the only one who saw that dress for 203$ like what the hell

  • Xxx Paris xxX
    Xxx Paris xxX 2 ngày trước

    I loved the ballgown but I also like the idea of a mermaid on u

  • Pythonaria
    Pythonaria 2 ngày trước

    "My dress has mange" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Leone Lelen
    Leone Lelen 2 ngày trước

    Just don’t buy wedding dress online, who would?

  • Jennifer Spencer
    Jennifer Spencer 2 ngày trước

    The stain on the first dress.. that's what it looks like when bedbug infested clothing is put into a dryer, and the bugs explod on the clothes. My ex had them. It was disgusting. I hope nobody gets bedbugs from ordering off of Wish.

  • Lesbian Thot
    Lesbian Thot 2 ngày trước

    Does anyone know what the song that she used when she was showing off the wedding dresses was?

  • Junk Yardagans
    Junk Yardagans 2 ngày trước

    The way you said “oh my god, I didn’t order that” i lost it 😂😂 ive said the same thing before but the way you said it . Golden

  • YMRM McCree
    YMRM McCree 3 ngày trước

    Wish is trash 😩

  • tigoxgirl
    tigoxgirl 3 ngày trước

    I see you I feeeeel you! lol You are hilarious, thanks for the grade a content! :D

  • Ms. Heather J. Forsman
    Ms. Heather J. Forsman 3 ngày trước

    I used to sell wedding dresses the mermaid was the right dress for you of the 4.

  • Official Chlo
    Official Chlo 3 ngày trước


  • Deena H
    Deena H 3 ngày trước +1

    Who else got a wish ad before the video

  • Tyree Snyder
    Tyree Snyder 3 ngày trước

    I just got married this last June and the theme was black and white. Due to my husband being white and I'm black :) so I had the tuxes and completely black with a white long tie and suspenders. The bridesmaids were solid black, knee length dresses with a white bow around their waist. The wedding dress was a white dress but with a black kind of sash going a long the top rim of the breast and crossing like an X in the back all the way down to the train. I have never felt so beautiful!

  • Nikita333
    Nikita333 3 ngày trước

    LOVE your personality!!! Best of Wedding Wishes to you Both!!!

  • Hadil Dah
    Hadil Dah 3 ngày trước

    14:41 is that a green cross on the floor? 😂

  • The How Do-Er's
    The How Do-Er's 3 ngày trước

    I think the ballroom dress was a bit short lol

  • Trish
    Trish 3 ngày trước +8

    I am so impressed by your vocab, pronunciation and articulation. I will recommend my students to watch your videos.
    Teacher of English from the Netherlands

  • Pastel Belle
    Pastel Belle 4 ngày trước

    Imagine if there is a women who actually wear a wedding dress from wish on her wedding day XD

  • SellerThink
    SellerThink 4 ngày trước

    I kinda like the black one on the beach, but probably not for a wedding dress

  • Wendy Ervin
    Wendy Ervin 4 ngày trước

    If you do end up wearing a black wedding dress, you simply must play this marvelous song for your first dance!

  • Lola Holliday
    Lola Holliday 4 ngày trước +1

    Your pretty

  • Odella-Anna Jones
    Odella-Anna Jones 4 ngày trước

    Joom is better with their stuff and free shipping

  • Manaal Siddiqui
    Manaal Siddiqui 4 ngày trước

    Wish should probably sponsor Safiya by now! 😄

  • Jill Hogg
    Jill Hogg 4 ngày trước

    I bought my wedding dress at a consignment shop. Wasn't exactly what I wanted, but all the dresses at that time were "shoulder-less" and I needed to cover my shoulders (for vanity reasons). I was looking for soft and ephemeral, but I looked more like a cream puff. Doesn't help that I'm only 5' tall.

  • daekonteeb
    daekonteeb 4 ngày trước

    Just try on the dresses...... please!

  • Deadwindshadow
    Deadwindshadow 4 ngày trước

    Safiya has curvessss

  • Dear Joanna
    Dear Joanna 4 ngày trước

    After seeing them all lined up in action I have to say the ballgown looked the best! Too funny, love this!

  • Jennifer Wee
    Jennifer Wee 4 ngày trước

    The ballgown kind of reminds me of a 50's wedding dress. Kind of retro.

  • Keebs41
    Keebs41 4 ngày trước

    OMG... The renaissance dress you bought is the same one an acquaintance bought for her Celtic-and-carnival themed wedding. This make too much sense. Wonderful video, though! I love wish.com videos.

  • Sweetly Beth
    Sweetly Beth 4 ngày trước

    I got an ad for Wish when I tapped on this video

  • Kim Van Herik
    Kim Van Herik 4 ngày trước

    I've never watched before, and I have no sound on my computer at work, but I laughed so hard tear were streaming from my eyes! and not from the wind!

  • Laura Everitt
    Laura Everitt 4 ngày trước +6

    I bought my wedding dress from eBay...it cost $345...I had to go to a seamstress for my measurements and it took 4mths to receive it from China and let me tell you...it was BEAUTIFUL

  • Pixelles
    Pixelles 4 ngày trước +7

    How on earth do these merchants stay in business? The quality is just atrocious!

  • Sandra Slingerland
    Sandra Slingerland 4 ngày trước

    You didn’t mention that the “expensive” wedding dress had much sparser beading on it!

  • Sawsan Soso
    Sawsan Soso 4 ngày trước

    Try Shein Please :)

  • Veronica Ann
    Veronica Ann 4 ngày trước

    You are too funny!!

  • Nawaal Ali
    Nawaal Ali 4 ngày trước +1

    Am I the only one
    Who think that the first dress makes her look like snow white, just me. Ok

  • Ahana The Amazing
    Ahana The Amazing 4 ngày trước +2

    This is the second time I watched her wish video and I got a wish add.

  • Bella Hotdog
    Bella Hotdog 4 ngày trước

    Omg I died when he said “crusty” 😂

  • KittysBlingBling Melissa Gurschke

    #1 Is WAAYYY too short waisted, and looks absurd.

  • Tora Murph
    Tora Murph 5 ngày trước +1

    I got a wish ad right before the video started

  • Dodged a Bullet
    Dodged a Bullet 5 ngày trước

    You over-think it...AND over-talk it too!

  • daiana riofrio
    daiana riofrio 5 ngày trước

    the first one looks cuteee

  • Julia Pugh
    Julia Pugh 5 ngày trước

    Did you get refunded for all the dresses? I love watching things about wish, I have had many fails and many wins. I am a photographer and I have had some luck with maternity dresses, I have never ordered wedding dresses.

    ANGELA BEERS 5 ngày trước

    Very funny,thanks for the laughs!! 😂🤗😁

  • Helen Morales
    Helen Morales 5 ngày trước


  • Jaylae Morgan
    Jaylae Morgan 5 ngày trước

    Her boo was there for full support. I neeed a man!

  • Luminya M
    Luminya M 5 ngày trước +1

    Hilarious wonderful review of wedding dresses by Wish. Love your great videos, thank you.

  • jackiesauter2
    jackiesauter2 5 ngày trước

    Hiiiiii where did you get your cat shirt? #need