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Gravitas Plus: A global recession is coming

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  • Xuất bản 25 Th11, 2022

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  • Cloudy Blaze

    Recessions are part of the economic cycle, all you can do is make sure you're prepared and plan accordingly. I graduated into a recession (2009). My 1st job after college was aerial acrobat on cruise ships. Today I'm a VP at a global company, own 3 rental properties, invest in stocks and biz, built my own business, and have my net worth increase by $500k in the last 4 years.

  • joesph cu
    joesph cu 14 ngày trước +832

    I used to think everybody went broke during the Great Depression and other major crashes but they didn’t… Some made millions, I also thought everybody went out of business during these times but they didn’t, some went into business, there's always depression/recession for some people and there's always a good time for others, it's all about perspective.

  • David Newbury

    I appreciate your approach to teaching.. To my understanding this just proves how much we need an edge as investors because playing the market like everyone else just isn’t good enough, we just need to hold onto our hopes and wait to see how things turn out because market movements are almost always unpredictable. In my portfolio, I'm noticing more red than green.

  • Ghulam Abbas

    Its normal to see so many investors panic during a worsening bearish market like this because of their dwindling fortunes but it is also important to note that this market situation is nothing new in the crypto world. Several factors are driving negative sentiments in the stock and crypto market including inflation, recession fears and rising interest rates. Bitcoin has dropped significantly from all time high because of these factors. And another thing to note is that the selling fatigue will wane out and eventually the market will reset. As a crypto investor, this current situation might seem bleak. However, there are several tried and tested expert-suggested investment strategies that can help you accumulate the current crypto storm. In few weeks of implementing trading with accurate signals directly from Mr Gordons, I have been able to accumulate over 2.9 BTC despite the current state of the market.

  • michael stevens

    Nice video. But let me talk about something major, I see both young and old making mistakes they shouldn't be making, I think everyone,both young and old, should have an investment plan that increases their financial return by three to six figures, the investment can be your retirement plan or your investment plan, whichever you want, but what matters most is that you have a profitable investment

  • Amir Brooks



    well delivered factual news by wion executive ,kudos to priyanka sharma

  • Terry judge

    Instead of trying to predict and prognosticate whether or not we’re going into a recession and precisely when it’s going to happen, a better strategy is simply having a portfolio that’s well prepared for any eventually, that’s how some folks' been averaging 150K every 7week these past 4months according to Bloomberg.

  • Bastian Russo

    My wife and I did very well in the amount of money that we amassed for retirement. Well over 80% of that money averaging about $2 million was made because of taking advantage of buying high-end stocks at a deep discount during the Great Recession. 2009 I fired the stockbroker got rid of all mutual funds and bought individual dividend stocks. Be patient don't get scared and do your homework and you can make a killing.

  • Anthony Covino


  • Vladimir Perez

    >>"Stocks are falling and bond yields are rising, but markets still don’t seem convinced the Federal Reserve will pursue plans to keep increasing interest rates until inflation is under control. I'm still at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my $117k stocck portfolio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear market?

  • Ms. Tian

    Quite sad what's happening in the market. Although, even the worst recessions offer wonderful buying opportunities in the markets if you're cautious. Heard volatility can also result in excellent short-term buy and sell opportunities. The market circumstances are driving me insane, my port-folio has lost almost $13K this month alone, and my earnings are tanking. I'd appreciate some advice from anyone who knows more going forward.

  • Chris Bluebird

    With the way the market is moving, we'll mostly hold for longer than 2025 to realize profit gain, I think a video on "How to profit from the present market" will be more effective, I mean I've heard of people making up to 250K within few months and I'd like to know how

  • Lucas Cordero

    The more stocks fall, the more I purchase because wealth usually moves during recessions. I'm just concentrating on boosting my investments and my income in the interim while recession fears rise. I read of someone who made $$$ in profit in just six months, so apparently there are ways to triple gains in the current market. Which stocks are the finest ones to purchase at the moment or add to a watchlist?

  • Jeremy Walker

    We are already in the big crash, Inflation is a catastrophe. This CPI report is a colossal failure. To bring the housing market to a halt, the FED will have to pull all the stops. The unfortunate issue is that other markets are being decimated.If you want to stay green, you have to rely on a lot of diversification. Currently up 14% and being careful. Still a better deal than leaving it in a savings or checking account yielding 0-1 percent interest.

  • Ujjwala Panchal

    love your report Priyanka, but sorry we still miss Palaki Sharma. It's like something is missing.

  • Harish Kasaudhan

    The main problem you failed to mention is mindless printing of notes last year. USA alone printed trillions of dollars worth of money. Other countries did the same. This set the stage for Zimbabwe effect of inflation. To cool down and to prevent hyperinflation these countries raised interest rates. Increasing interest rates decreased borrowing, which decreased economic activity.

  • tynu bernard

    I am a Delivery truck driver in Belgium and this year and last year are the same. People buy stuff the same. Lazy people have problem now like they have in economic boom. Work hard and you will have the money. The key to succes is to do the joob better then you opponent.

  • Thorman Boucher

    America is done. All signs suggest that 2023 will be a year of severe economic pain all over the nation. Put those money to work now to make it grow. I knew I had to invest. I didn't think a few hundred dollars a month would add up. But it is. From 2020 to date, I have made around $600,000.

  • Mellisa Bakker

    As the economic crisis keep rising, one needs to have different streams of income, a well detailed diversified investment portfolio in the financial markets is needed to survive, as well as secure a profitable investment future and also to create wealth, Thanks so much Mrs. Paula David for improving my portfolio.