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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison

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  • Xuất bản 01 Th04, 2023
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Detailed Camera Comparison #supersafstyle
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    Comparing 4K/8K, HDR with Dolby Vision, 200MP, Cinematic Mode, Action Mode, Primary, Ultrawide, Zoom and Selfie cameras, auto-focus, Portrait Mode and Stereo Audio of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Max for video and photos with sample shots indoors, outdoors and in low-light.
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    0:00 Intro
    0:22 Primary Camera
    0:55 200MP
    1:31 Low Light
    2:26 Shutter Lag
    3:07 Flash
    3:35 Ultrawide + Macro
    4:59 Zoom
    7:00 Portrait Mode
    9:33 Selfies
    10:58 Video + Auto Focus
    12:36 8K Video
    13:06 Stabilisation
    14:13 Cinematic Video
    15:15 Selfie Video
    15:32 Slow Motion
    16:05 Audio
    16:33 Conclusion
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  • SuperSaf
    SuperSaf  Tháng trước +324

    Hope you enjoyed the comparison 😎 #SuperSafStyle Which is your overall pick? 🤔

    • Chino Garcia
      Chino Garcia Tháng trước +1

      Samsung galaxy s23ultra is the king
      Samsung galaxy s23ultra es el rey

    • Red Harrison
      Red Harrison Tháng trước

      @JBL King 2 Thanks for the reply. I agree! But because the camera is 200 MP why not a 4x telephoto instead of 3x? Someone should do a camera zoom test between 3x and 200 MP!

    • JBL King 2
      JBL King 2 Tháng trước

      @Red Harrison The 200mp also helps with retaining detail when cropping in with Zoom

    • JBL King 2
      JBL King 2 Tháng trước

      @Red Harrison It's not a telephoto lens like on budget phones. It's an optical Zoom lens, kinda like a magnifying glass on your phone.
      There is also a 10x optical lens that really helps with zoom quality. Everything looks crisp sharp at 10x Zoom before it starts to crop in and compromise quality.
      The iPhone starts losing quality past 3X since it only has a 3x optical zoom at max.

    • Red Harrison
      Red Harrison Tháng trước

      @JBL King 2 Why does Galaxy S22 Ultra have a 200 MP and a 3x telephoto? It makes no sense!

  • Joaquin.
    Joaquin. Tháng trước +1784

    I'm a Samsung fan and I have placed my S23U pre-order. However, you can't go wrong with both phones, if you look at the camera photos you will see they are both nice but different, it's more like a personal preference. Not to mention that most of the time before you post a picture, you would edit it or click on Auto edit in Adobe which corrects all the colours and you will end up having almost similar pictures. The zoom details in the S23U and night shots are out of competition for sure.

    • Mohamed Reda Boutayeb
      Mohamed Reda Boutayeb Tháng trước

      @Boris Godunov 256 comes also with 12 gb ram

    • x9x9x9x9x9
      x9x9x9x9x9 Tháng trước

      One factor I always consider is build quality. Apple build quality just sucks. Feeling the phones in hand its clear samsung is just better fit and finish. BUT repair costs. Samsung repairs are expensive and its just that the parts are expensive while iphone parts are WAY cheaper. But with the way Apple is anti-repair and locsks everything down, so you have to either have an authorized repair center do it or do the DIY kit from apple which doesnt save much compared to just going to apple, its really coming back around to where the costs are starting to level out between apple and samsung.
      Before anyone says "you dont have to have an authorized repair center do it..." I know. However 3rd party repair centers will not be able to fix a device and have every function still work. Like true tone or whatever its called now. Or if they do a battery the battery percentage and health will never be right. I work at a 3rd party repair center that is samsung certified but not apple because apples process is awful. Samsung keeps copying apple and I am honestly scared of the day they decide to lock everything down like apple.
      To go back to what I was saying at the start. Apple parts are cheap but the actual repair cost (labor) is high while samsung parts are expensive but the repair cost (labor) is cheap. Maybe someday this will change. Maybe someday a good Right to Repair bill will pass.

    • Chris A
      Chris A Tháng trước +1

      @Joaquin. the low light video quality is very poor :(

    • Joaquin.
      Joaquin. Tháng trước

      @Chris A Which video quality? I have the S23U now and it's beyond amazing. Even better without the HDR10+ feature turned on.

    • Chris A
      Chris A Tháng trước

      The video quality is a joke though

  • Anna Bluelueluep
    Anna Bluelueluep Tháng trước +379

    What I love about your videos is that it never (rarely) feels like you personally prefer one side over the other. Both devices have advantages and disadvantages and I think you always bring that across very neutrally :)

    • Wing Zero
      Wing Zero Tháng trước +1

      Been watching this joey for 10 years, he's clueless and has always backed iphone whenever it's a 50/50. He should change his name to isaf.

    • CA Sanjith Kotni
      CA Sanjith Kotni Tháng trước +1

      He is biased

    • Ricky DeLeon
      Ricky DeLeon Tháng trước

      @Deegitian no just that its a lil faster in single core an thats it.. almost every other resource said the exact same thing, I only came across 1 that said itA16 was faster in single an multi an even at that galaxy still took every category,, so based on everything I've seen an gathered galaxy hands down was better an faster.

    • Deegitian
      Deegitian Tháng trước

      @Ricky DeLeon yeah which is the numbers I posted. Faster in both single and multi core performance

    • Ricky DeLeon
      Ricky DeLeon Tháng trước

      @Deegitian well I searched 2 that popped up when I typed in snapdragon Gen 2 vs A16
      Geenbench was one of them.. an they all basically said the same thing an had test results.

  • Leigh
    Leigh Tháng trước +1002

    There is now a setting on s23 ultra where you can toggle quick tap shutter. Meaning it should reduce shutter lag as Samsung tries to take picture when finger lifts off button rather than at first contact

    • warrior mohit
      warrior mohit 10 ngày trước

      ​@Campbell Tatham u went back just for shutter lag??
      What occupation ur into
      Are u a professional cameraman?

    • R H
      R H Tháng trước +2

      The shutter lag issue is down to the shutter speed used for default photos. Samsung by default uses a lower ISO but slower shutter speed (lower ISO reduces noise which is a good thing but captures less light so the shutter stays open for longer to compensate). iPhone has a bias for faster shutter speeds at the expense of higher iso (more noise). I wish Samsung introduced a new photo mode for fast shutter speed bias so people didn't need to mess around with the pro settings.

    • Fantasytky
      Fantasytky Tháng trước

      @MD NADEEM AKRAM read the comments replies first before even commenting? People nowadays.....

      MD NADEEM AKRAM Tháng trước

      Burst shot by long press volume button also help to quick capturing 100 pics.

    • Dimitris Jk
      Dimitris Jk Tháng trước

      @Fantasytky File size AND megapixels are the same using burst mode as a normal shot. Have your read my reply?! Apparently not.. !

  • Jorge Laki
    Jorge Laki Tháng trước +10

    Great video, lots of points compared.
    I think that you should have mentioned that you can use the pen stylus to take photos on the Samsung s23 ultra, which is very convenient for selfies and when using a tripod. Triggering from stylus removes any trepidation or blur that you may introduce when hitting the phone with your finger specially in long exposures (low light). Thatb isn't really a feature of the camera quality, but helps a lot taking photo.

  • Tom1k9
    Tom1k9 Tháng trước +164

    Given Samsungs extensive history with early on post release patches and updates, i'd be interested to see this one revisited say 3 or 4 months down the line to see if anything changes. I reckon it could have some quite suprising results

    • Antonio Ortega
      Antonio Ortega Tháng trước

      @n3hp5 que te da el pixel aparte de las cámaras?

    • Dylan Smith
      Dylan Smith Tháng trước +1

      @Chris A yeah it’s terrible

    • Chris A
      Chris A Tháng trước +2

      But the video quality of the s23 at night is a joke

    • AbdulRahman A.A
      AbdulRahman A.A Tháng trước +1

      @Dylan Smith lmao what 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Dylan Smith
      Dylan Smith Tháng trước

      @AbdulRahman A.A behave.

  • cliffjg
    cliffjg Tháng trước +15

    SuperSaf thanks for getting this comparison out so quickly and for doing a thorough job. We can see that there are big improvements in thr S23 camera and these are likely to get further improvements with updates. The buying decision comes down to whether you are in the Apple Camp or the Samsung one.

  • ankit chheda
    ankit chheda Tháng trước +32

    Well done comparison, I appreciate the useful bits you have mentioned like the varying shooting styles of the iPhone (I had forgotten about them!) and the option of longer shutter time for night mode - I feel like most users who know their phone even a bit in detail will actually use them (as I would). Can you please also cover the x90 pro plus global variant when it comes out? Would love to know the difference between that and the S23 Ultra, since my brother needs to upgrade his OnePlus 5 and the Vivo and Samsung are looking good!

    • nitin hooda
      nitin hooda 14 ngày trước

      @ankit chheda i dropped my OnePlus 5 more than 20 time and had no damage on screen etc only a few dents (i don't use case)

    • ankit chheda
      ankit chheda 14 ngày trước

      @nitin hooda that is true, slim, insanely fast and reliable

    • nitin hooda
      nitin hooda 14 ngày trước +1

      One plus 5 is the best phone i have ever used it will be hard for him to like another phone like he do OnePlus 5. It happened to me.

    • James Smith
      James Smith Tháng trước +1

      ​@arvandvarahram He should call himself 'super Naf tv' lol he's an iBot.

    • Mohammad Shoaib
      Mohammad Shoaib Tháng trước

      Bro please help me i have 13 and i am facing current like tingling on the edges of iphone while charging 🥹💔 i use Apple Original 20w adapter Does it damages battery health please reply IF ANYONE FACING 😭😭

  • Clive Nelson
    Clive Nelson Tháng trước +84

    You never disappoint!! I couldn't wait for this video. I'm going to pre-order the s23 Ultra but I think I prefer a lot of the images from the iPhone when compared side by side. Overall, I'm still impressed with the s23's photo and video capabilities. Looking foward to taking some comparison shots with my wife and her iPhone 14 pro max. 😉

    • BraveMan4
      BraveMan4 Tháng trước

      @Shams Gardi by what is top1.. only zoom or? Look battery test, look, speed test, everything iPhone is better plus iPhone has longest OS support which you can use 4+ years and works like a first day and price is not going down if you want to sell it.. iPhone right now is a beast

    • Shams Gardi
      Shams Gardi Tháng trước

      @BraveMan4 noway I don't want apple products in my Home...I will buy her s23ultra rather than ip...and ur wrong Number One in the whole world is Samsung bro

    • BraveMan4
      BraveMan4 Tháng trước

      Because you hate iPhone that doesnt mean that she hates.. Stay with your Samsung and do her a favour and buy her iPhone.. both phones are nice but still iPhone is top1 on market right now in almost every aspect..

    • Pritom Roy
      Pritom Roy Tháng trước

      @Shams Gardi I hate samsung.Because Samsung all-time hangd.

    • Shams Gardi
      Shams Gardi Tháng trước

      @Pritom Roy only Samsung bro I hate iphones

  • Alan Silva
    Alan Silva Tháng trước +9

    Samsung included an extra camera menu that includes shutter, it comes by default to prioritize quality, but you can toggle to be balanced between quality and speed or toggle to prioritize speed (in which I believe they use less images in the stack to make it faster and might sacrifice a little the quality in some situations). I would like to see how much shutter lag the camera would retain in these other two modes, versus their respective photo quality.

  • Nazmul Huda326
    Nazmul Huda326 Tháng trước +5

    They should had implemented 2x crop option. As S23U got 200mp, it's the only one I can expect to give best output in crop 2x mode. That would've been exciting. Let's hope they bring it through update.

  • Rob Leonard
    Rob Leonard Tháng trước +78

    They seemed to have perfected anything that was wrong with the S22. They did a really great job with the cameras this time.

    • MG Destiny
      MG Destiny Tháng trước

      @SAIYAN PLAYS just wait for iPhone 15

    • Michalis Kossyfas
      Michalis Kossyfas Tháng trước

      Everything except the most important thing. Shutter lag.

    • Manik Nagpal
      Manik Nagpal Tháng trước +1

      @blitzer25 blitz i think phones should be boring after few days of use so that you can do productive work in your life rather than using your s22U all day and most features s22U had are gimmicky

      SAIYAN PLAYS Tháng trước +1

      @Ali Exalted better camera, battery backup is better than ever, speaker quality is improved,gaming performance is better than iphone 14pm...dosent heat up like iphones

    • mikeironman
      mikeironman Tháng trước

      ​@Ali Exalted lmao 🤣

  • girardjeremie
    girardjeremie Tháng trước +9

    I really enjoyed your review! Like others have mentioned, however, I was expecting you to say (or even better: test) the option to enable a quicker tap shutter (with Camera Assistant). The result would be very interesting to see, especially when compared with the iPhone! But really interesting review.

  • Dk001
    Dk001 Tháng trước +205

    Based on what you show, I prefer the S23U for photos and the 14PM for video. Would like to see how it compares to the Pixel 7Pro.

    • Miku Hatsune
      Miku Hatsune Tháng trước

      @TB (Troll Bot) in your dream stop crying 1 year old kid

    • Blitz_Studios
      Blitz_Studios Tháng trước

      @ArtFartzy Me personally I like them because they add a bit of flare (no pun intended) to a scene, but it depends on a person’s preference I guess

    • ArtFartzy
      ArtFartzy Tháng trước

      @Blitz_Studios yes :)

    • Blitz_Studios
      Blitz_Studios Tháng trước

      @ArtFartzy Oh you mean lens flare

    • ArtFartzy
      ArtFartzy Tháng trước

      @Blitz_Studios I think you misunderstand, the reflections you see on the iphone comes from light reflections, you see them also on photos sometimes depending on how direct the lenses are being hit by light sources. It has nothing to do with infrared lights :)

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez Tháng trước +56

    They’re both brilliant phones, but the zoom camera on the s23 ultra is the best just amazing for a smartphone & I do like the better noise cancellation mode on the s23 ultra when filming a video, so I’ve pre ordered the s23 ultra with the 512 gb double the memory in dark green & I got £400 off for part exchanging my s21 ultra 128gb memory which is full, so I great upgrade & specially now that we finally getting the latest Gen 2 Snapdragon processor & no more Exdynnos slower processor absolutely brilliant cheers Supersaf and peace ✌️

    • Rafiqul Islam
      Rafiqul Islam Tháng trước +1

      Who uses that much zoom regularly in terms of capturing videos?
      I think people should decide first, which pictures are more suitable for daily drive and useable in real life, not just inside the phone storage only?
      What I’m thinking is if apple 48 camera can do that much with the Samsung 200mp, then how it gonna works if apple launch 200mp on their next phone 😂

    • Darkscoop-1
      Darkscoop-1 Tháng trước +1

      charge it 8 to 10 time a day 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Itsjust Toolate
    Itsjust Toolate Tháng trước +7

    Cameras on both phones are great and with the editing on the s23 ultra it makes it pretty stunning, with the night mode it's incredible with the 200x zoom is brilliant, I'm a huge fan of the note series but both phones are definitely great.

    • Darkscoop-1
      Darkscoop-1 Tháng trước

      charge it 8 to 10 time a day 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dr. Cool Gaming
    Dr. Cool Gaming Tháng trước +1

    It depends on what kind of photos you will be taking. The 14 pro 48MP doesn’t look good to me sometimes on people’s faces because it kind of over-processes them. I like the 14 pro for video because it has rlly good microphones and stuff like that. MKB said he thinks it takes the best video. I think they are both great cameras overall. I feel like at this point when I’m buying a phone I don’t look at how good the camera is because most cameras are good now.

    • Dr. Cool Gaming
      Dr. Cool Gaming Tháng trước

      I take lots of landscape shots on my iPhone SE and it actually takes pretty decent pictures. It all depends on what settings you put on because the settings I put on my phone are great

  • Robbie Khan
    Robbie Khan Tháng trước +99

    Remember that Samsung always update the camera software which results in more features and better processing/image quality every few months. This has been a trend since the S10 series and has not changed in any flagship Galaxy S since then. So I fully expect that the S23's cameras will look even better in 3, 6 and 9 months time. We are unlikely to get any further quality improvements with the S22 Ultra, maybe a last effort from OneUI 5.1 in terms of features, but that's it for the camera.

    • Michael Heath
      Michael Heath Tháng trước

      @Cihan Demir Samsung's camera gas been better than apples for a while now, it's only video where apple has been better but this year it's much closer, and Samsung takes more detailed images.

    • Kyle David Macaraeg
      Kyle David Macaraeg Tháng trước

      @Robbie Khan the thing is I am one of the people who cannot afford a yearly phone upgrade and i still have my s10 plus to this day, and do have a bad camera compare to before due to "updates" i am blaming it to updates haha, and i also noticed that when using the live pictures you can actually see the shot has better quality on it not until the phone will automatically process it even if I turned the auto HDR feature. and boy it is definitly ugly. and i truly noticed the ugly processing of the pictures after software updates when my phone was 2 years old. i hope samsung will fix this issue because that was my biggest let down from the company, and was being a fan of ther product since the galaxy pocket came out.

    • Robbie Khan
      Robbie Khan Tháng trước

      @catboy Ok?

    • Robbie Khan
      Robbie Khan Tháng trước +3

      @Kyle David Macaraeg I had the S10e, the camera definitely got better over various major updates. Then had the S20 5G and the same there, the S21 series from family who had one also saw the same, and my S22 Ultra over the last year also had camera quality and feature upgrades with updates.

    • catboy
      catboy Tháng trước +2

      Samsung users always finding excuses for an overpriced S22U clone

  • Chanuka_Rulez
    Chanuka_Rulez Tháng trước +1

    Both are great devices. They have their own strengths and weaknesses. I like that Samsung refined what they already had instead of adding a whole lot of unnecessary stuff like other android manufacturers. Would like to see how it compares to the Pixel 7 Pro

  • RevoltaKid
    RevoltaKid Tháng trước +46

    As Samsung S23 was just released, won't there be software improvements to its camera performance and overall picture quality? I guess it might be interesting to do the comparison after 3 months after the release...

    • Loren Potaczek
      Loren Potaczek 10 ngày trước

      @catboy ii don't have to wait because I never buy a new phone right away like the apple and pixels phone users that go stupid when new phones come out

    • catboy
      catboy Tháng trước

      You mean almost 7 years ago with the original pixel? 🤣 You’re defending a 2023 $1,200+ smartphone… if Pixel or iPhone had such issues & the users made the same excuse they would be called sheep.

    • catboy
      catboy Tháng trước

      @FF MDE
      Like how it took months for Samsung to fix the whole GOS scandal that caused throttling, overheating, battery drain issues etc. for millions of S10-S22 devices? Samsung was forced to acknowledge the issue due to public & telecom company backlash after months of ignoring the issue.

    • KFX
      KFX Tháng trước +1

      @catboy Lol don't you pixel owners know how terrible their sofware was when they first came out?

    • JLandstrom
      JLandstrom Tháng trước +1

      @RevoltaKid they only fixed the stabilization of the camera but the overprocessed photo on the iPhone is still there. They didn’t release a patch or fix for it. So it’s kinda ok to compare both camera phones.

  • Damien Lobb
    Damien Lobb Tháng trước +1

    Also, Super Slow Motion looks much better now! It was so soft and pixelated it was basically unusable. Now it is essentially on par with the iPhone's 240FPS... Very impressive indeed

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali Tháng trước +28

    Just pre-ordered the Ultra. Pretty excited to see the front facing video camera quality for video chats. Also very excited about that 200x zoom. Looks like something out of a sci-fi movie for sure

    • Mohammad Ali
      Mohammad Ali Tháng trước

      @sadbravesfan I'll be looking forward to it

    • sadbravesfan
      sadbravesfan Tháng trước +2

      @Mohammad Ali my S23 Ultra is set to arrive between March 2-9. Unless you have a video out there that proves what you're talking about, then I'll easily be able to test it and then school you once I have it myself.

    • Mohammad Ali
      Mohammad Ali Tháng trước

      @sadbravesfan hey just checking in, did you read up on your stuff?

    • Darkscoop-1
      Darkscoop-1 Tháng trước +1

      charge it 8 to 10 time a day 😂😂😂😂😂

  • R H
    R H Tháng trước +1

    I'd love to see a comparison between the S23 Ultra and the Pixel 7 Pro as it always seems to be Samsung vs Apple. I'm interested in both the aforementioned phones and going to be buying one so would like an idea of which is best. 👍

  • Kaiit
    Kaiit Tháng trước +9

    They definitely both have their differences but dang, i never thought iPhone would be catching up to Samsung when it comes to camera, I've always chose samsung over their camera when it came to iphone. I really like the way iPhone is handling the shading and colors now. It's probably because the s23 isn't fully released, but some of the S23's photos are giving off this Cloudy film compared to the iPhone, which is presenting darker, and more vibrant colors. Hope it's situated when the phone is fully released!

    • Eagleshot26
      Eagleshot26 Tháng trước

      @Kaiit yeah but the cinematic mode is edit a lot from the raw video. Samsung just need a mode with the same effect. If you take a picture raw with both phones the samsung is better the cameras are better. But yeah iphone "look better" because of the filters they use

    • Kaiit
      Kaiit Tháng trước +1

      @Eagleshot26 , on some aspects, the iphone taken the lead on its clarity aswell. The iphone cinematic mode topped the samsung just a bit, but again, maybe its because the phone isnt fully released

    • Eagleshot26
      Eagleshot26 Tháng trước

      Iphone use a filter, that's why the colors are different. Samsung is raw image

  • Tim Julius P.
    Tim Julius P. Tháng trước

    SuperSaf, once thing Samsung use to have on their cams is Dual Pixel Auto-Focus which made focusing really fast and the shutter speed was also faster. It seems that since they have removed DPAF from the cams, this has resulted in more shutter lag too.
    There is a benefit to some shutter lag. A shutter that closes to quickly, won't fill the "pixel tank". What this means is, each pixels has a small cavity underneath it. This cavity is what gets filled with light when the shutter is open, so that the sensor can try to get color accuracy. This "tank" fills with light. The more full it is, the more accurate the color is. Samsung mentioned in their presentation, that the tank on the S23U is much deeper than on the S22U, to allow for more light to hit the sensor to get a more reliable color image.
    Because it may take a few more seconds of the shutter being open to fill this tank, this has surely increase shutter lag. But should lead to a better result. The downside is, a single photo taking longer means you could miss a chance to take another photo really quickly. This is where burst mode my come in handy. or you can simply adjust the ISO to speed up the shutter. But this could result in fuzzier pics as the shutter could close to fast to get an accurate color shot to the sensor which would give a noisier, less sharp and lass contrast do to the shutter closing to quick.
    Any thoughts on this?

  • Eduardo A. Álvarez
    Eduardo A. Álvarez Tháng trước +262

    I'm very excited for this one. Based on other vids I've seen, the S23 Ultra has had huuuge improvements

    • rdrive
      rdrive Tháng trước

      Still can’t focus on moving objects with the shutter lag - an issue that Samsung has always had with their cameras 👎

    • Coconut Tree
      Coconut Tree Tháng trước +1


    • catboy
      catboy Tháng trước +2

      Did you see the grainy S23U’s video in low light? Even in daylight when he converted from HDR to SDR. C’mon, it looks like it was taken by a phone from 2010. Even the S22U isn’t that grainy in lowlight.

    • Vivek Venkataraman
      Vivek Venkataraman Tháng trước

      @丂卄卂丂卄丨 丂丨几Ꮆ卄 It uses a much larger area of the sensor because it bins down to 50MP compared to just using the middle pixels on the S22 ultra.

  • PC
    PC Tháng trước +35

    One thing will be good to mention is you can get faster shutter speed with samsung goodlock module.. i used it and i noticed no quality decrease in normal conditions, of course there is tight scenario where sensor need more light to enter.. so at that state you can turn of the faster shutter speed feature..

    • Jon Peach
      Jon Peach Tháng trước

      @Fantasytky I’ll never use the 200mp or 50mp just point and shoot

    • Fantasytky
      Fantasytky Tháng trước +1

      @selw0nk and most consumers dont go switching setting and just taking photo in full auto, claimed by most of the past reviews and many of the Samsung users

    • selw0nk
      selw0nk Tháng trước +2

      These VNcliprs Influencers don't use GoodLock.

  • Pedder Tech
    Pedder Tech Tháng trước +15

    More supersaf style goodness as always. Loved these camera comparisons for so long. Keep up the good work

    • SuperSaf
      SuperSaf  Tháng trước +1

      Appreciate it buddy!

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    About the the shutter lag and bad focus with moving objects, there are some settings you can turn on to reduce shutter lag and focus moving objects better. Tracking Focus is one of them, i think that was the name.

  • Yair Classified
    Yair Classified Tháng trước +10

    S23 Ultra looks amazing this year. I had S22 Ultra for two weeks, and enjoyed it and its cameras, so I can see they upgraded the Ultra this year.
    Great comparison. Gave a sub.

    • Darkscoop-1
      Darkscoop-1 Tháng trước

      S23 ultra you gonna charge it 8 to 10 time a day 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Phil M
    Phil M Tháng trước

    Samsung seems to have dialed down saturation. Side by side, I prefer the iPhone 14 Pro Max overall. That said, the Samsung is not blown away, and takes lead in some things. Don’t think one could go wrong with either device. Thank you for the great video!

  • Rolins
    Rolins Tháng trước +3

    Already I think it would have been more interesting to wait for the first updates before making this comparison.
    Then, it's good to talk about the ''Photographic Style'' option of the iPhones (an option that I find very good by the way), but it would have been also interesting to talk about the Samsung options, the personalized filters (which are the equivalent of Photographic Style), the fact that Samsung allows you to choose between Vivid and Natural modes...
    Choosing the Natural mode for the screen and in the camera settings allows you to have colors very very close to reality.
    It would be really interesting if youtubers, especially big channels like yours, also think about talking about the options available on smartphones other than iPhones.
    Ps: I hope there will be another comparison after the Samsung has received 2 - 3 updates.

    • Kelvin Atwaters
      Kelvin Atwaters Tháng trước +1

      They don't show after updates only out of box but I run a business and have multiple phones always the latest phone of each, and Samsung after updates is better than the iPhone

  • Jose Palacios
    Jose Palacios Tháng trước +1

    It’s really minor differences between the 2 and it goes back and forth we’re one performs slightly better than the other in different areas and settings. I think people are gonna be happy with either one so I’d say stick with whatever eco system you’ve been with and are comfortable with unless you’re balling 😅 then by both and have the best of both worlds 😂

  • catfud
    catfud Tháng trước +17

    top job!
    Pleased to see zoom and wides giving good results, as having that capability in something you carry around in your pocket day to day is pretty amazing.
    Also pleased as I ordered an ultra yesterday but have had my finger on the cancel button if bad camera reviews started coming in so...phew 👍

    • insanebmxthomas
      insanebmxthomas Tháng trước

      idk ive been on the s8 now s10 but i'm not impressed by this comparison at all. apple looks better to me in almost all situations. except maybe a couple photos. i like individuality so i'm never buying an iphone. but they do have better camera software

  • MD.Minhajuddin Quraishi
    MD.Minhajuddin Quraishi Tháng trước +5

    The S23 ultra's battery backup has been improved a lot as compared to S22 U and it has came close to IP 14 Pro max . I skipped the S22 U just bcauz of the same camera setup, same feature and mirror software tweaking compared to S21 U . But In S23 U has improved a lot in camera, battery and softwares.

  • Austin A.
    Austin A. Tháng trước +1

    I thought there was an option on the S23 Ultra to speed up the shutter speed? And another option that made the phone take the picture when you touched the shutter button, rather than after the finger is released? I'd like to see the comparison when the Samsung gets these options optimized for shutter speed. It's nice to see that these options are a thing so the user is given the choice. Might be a good option for people with young children or pets.

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One Tháng trước +2

    You can use 'Pro' Mode on the s23 ultra which you can use to increase/decrease ISO, Shutter Speed, or Aperture. This feature in itself is what deems the phone to be withhold its name; ULTRA, and makes it the more superior smartphone.

  • Jam Felicilda
    Jam Felicilda Tháng trước +12

    Always my fave dude to follow when making phone choices. You never fail to be as detailed as possible!

    • Jack Quick
      Jack Quick Tháng trước +1

      Never let a VNclipr make the choice for you

  • Lalla Sultana
    Lalla Sultana Tháng trước +2

    Thank you so much for this I’m debating between the two, my only concern is malware, I only stick with iPhone because it’s waaaaay better at protection but I really like Samsungs camera.

  • Mazuma
    Mazuma Tháng trước

    I think that a lot of the color problems with the S23 can be solved with some actualizations, it's just a matter of time because that camera is really good.

  • Enigma
    Enigma Tháng trước +151

    For the shutter lag topic. You just swipe down on the button(for s22 series.. used to press and hold for earlier models) and it'll take a series of burst shots. Not sure if people forgot about this feature on phones. But the button isn't intended to be spammed

    • Benjamin Jagun
      Benjamin Jagun Tháng trước

      Shutter lag on the S23 Ultra shouldn’t be an issue out of the box and but Samsung still hasn’t fixed it.

    • Doxa
      Doxa Tháng trước

      @arvandvarahram you know that ease of finding those features matter(user experience), as most users aren't all out on digging deep in software and tend to use the camera as it is

    • Fantasytky
      Fantasytky Tháng trước

      @Variabledegree series ya I'm happy. no worries, we always want the manufacturer to do better. We as customers would need to push them for going better.

    • Variabledegree series
      Variabledegree series  Tháng trước

      @Fantasytky then be happy with the sony..I used to be a sony fan too and am still a sony fan..Its a great device that never ever lags..great choice..However my needs are a little extra than stock android and basic sets of features and I love the spen too..I moved to samsung since one ui..and love their tablets too..I have no problem switching if sony cuts the price down and brings some more features on their UI..

    • Fantasytky
      Fantasytky Tháng trước

      @Variabledegree series what make you think I'm not using one?

  • Gelo Meme
    Gelo Meme Tháng trước +13

    I did not wait for S23 ultra. I still have my S21 ultra and I rarely used my 10x zoom camera so I went with iPhone 14 pro max. It's good to know that the s23 ultra is a good upgrade from its predecessor.

    • christ0
      christ0 20 ngày trước

      @Andrea Fortuna same , iOS is just much more refined and camera is more point and shoot

    • Andrea Fortuna
      Andrea Fortuna Tháng trước +1

      I switched from s21u to s23u, didn't like s23u and then switched to iphone 14 pro max

    • Cantendo
      Cantendo Tháng trước +1

      @Saturnino Abuda, Jr. For me definitely. I dont think there is enough difference between the S21U and the S23U. I love the iPhone especially because of the software, everything looks very aesthetically pleasing and the animations are very smooth. I didn’t quite get that feeling on the S21 even with One UI 5.

    • Saturnino Abuda, Jr.
      Saturnino Abuda, Jr. Tháng trước

      @Cantendo how was it? Is it worth it? Im currently s21U and planning if ip14 or s23

    • Cantendo
      Cantendo Tháng trước +1

      I also switched from the S21 ultra to the 14 pro Max :D

  • LaidBackDeveloper
    LaidBackDeveloper Tháng trước +10

    One thing I found in the iphone 14 pro is that the minimum focus distance is really pretty bad with the main camera... That is something that should be looked at in future comparisons

  • Ron Crouch
    Ron Crouch Tháng trước

    I do have a question: I have heard there will be an optimization update on the S23 series phones at release and was wondering if your test phone had that yet or if it was still the unoptimized version?

  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith Tháng trước +2

    This is the first time I’ve ever agreed with every one of someone’s choices in this type of video. Very unbiased, great video!

  • AyeWalker09
    AyeWalker09 Tháng trước +1

    I don't mind either side. Just don't forget to talk about the edit settings on the iPhone camera we can change the brilliance, noise reduction etc to make it a lot better too even if it already looks good.

  • DFTainment
    DFTainment Tháng trước +3

    Very nice and detailed review, all important points were addressed and tested, I think it's good!
    I like Samsung and until now I have only ever ordered Samsung phones and I also have the S23 Ultra, but after seeing your and other videos I am considering whether to buy the iPhone 14 pro max because I think the photos and videos just look more natural and realistic on the iPhone. Of course, Samsung can always improve this with updates, but at this point in time I find the photos and videos on the iPhone 14 better. What I like about the S23 Ultra are the 100x Zoom and the warm colors, but you have to ask yourself the question: do I want photos with warm colors or photos with realistic colors?

  • AnotherAnonymousMan
    AnotherAnonymousMan Tháng trước +6

    I've definitely seen elsewhere that the S23 has a "fast shutter" mode to capture photos faster: Samsung's default set the camera to capture the photo when the finger lifts off the shutter button rather than when you initially press it down to reduce movement blur from your finger nudging the phone.

    • AllDay3004
      AllDay3004 Tháng trước +1

      You shouldn't have to do that

    • Fantasytky
      Fantasytky Tháng trước +1

      Most of users take photo in full auto. Most won't go to change the setting when taking photo. Shutterlag still there.

  • Timelapse Traveler
    Timelapse Traveler Tháng trước +8

    Fantastic comparison. Everything covered from every angle.

  • Jace Palermo
    Jace Palermo Tháng trước +17

    In regard to shutter speed. There is a camera setting that allows you to prioritize speed and takes the shot more instantly

    • Leon Francis
      Leon Francis Tháng trước +2

      @JimJamJon It doesn't "heavily reduce quality."
      Assumptions aren't your friend.

    • JimJamJon
      JimJamJon Tháng trước +6

      And heavily reduces image quality. Terrible compromise when it shouldn’t even be a problem to begin with

    • Fantasytky
      Fantasytky Tháng trước +2

      No one going to manual go setting or do what ever change, most just point and shoot in full auto.

  • D&J Gaming
    D&J Gaming Tháng trước +59

    In reference to (shutter lag) on s23 u can hold down camera button and do burst shots to capture fast moving objects in pics, or use track focus as well and can remove shutter. So there's not shutter lag actually.

    • James Smith
      James Smith Tháng trước

      ​@Leon Francis He's a iBot. He's probably never even held a samsung. Sheeps gonna sheep.

    • Leon Francis
      Leon Francis Tháng trước +3

      @JimJamJon It does not "heavily reduce quality."
      Second comment I've seen you leave where you're repeating this lie.

    • Nate
      Nate Tháng trước

      @JimJamJon I understand it will change the quality. But heavily? The phone just came out. I guess we will see

    • JimJamJon
      JimJamJon Tháng trước +3

      LOL every phone has burst mode that’s not a fix that’s a terrible compromise. Stop defending Samsungs incompetence

    • JimJamJon
      JimJamJon Tháng trước +2

      @Nate which heavily reduces image quality. Terrible compromise for something that shouldn’t even be a problem to begin with

  • Randy Cramer
    Randy Cramer Tháng trước +4

    I do prefer the 14 PM in most shots and videos and I'm an S22+ user. However, the 14PM has had some OS updates and that S23U review model hasn't had any. I would like another comparison in a few months.

  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz Tháng trước +19

    Already pre ordered the s23 Ultra 🔥 cant wait to make some content with it!

  • JTW
    JTW Tháng trước

    Good video. Imagine how much better when the S23 gets some updates to the cameras.

  • Damien Lobb
    Damien Lobb Tháng trước +22

    That microphone audio quality. How does it sound so open and airy, without sounding artificial or thin?... That's fantastic! 👏👏

    • Jack Quick
      Jack Quick Tháng trước +1

      It sounded better in other videos

    DJESHGAMING Tháng trước +3

    I do not often react to review videos, i just watch them but i just wanted to thank you for pointing out the shutter lag. I see there are alot of reviews coming online that do not even mention it, they seem like straight up promotion videos and not reviews. For reviews it is essential to also point out negative things so thank u sir for standing out with top notch content.

  • bhgtree
    bhgtree Tháng trước +1

    Thanks, its just so hard to separate them, it'll really depend on personal preference and what situation is most important to the user .

  • Khaki Swag
    Khaki Swag Tháng trước +1

    I'm more interested in a S22 vs S23 camera test. But other than that, another great unbiased review.

  • Indigo Awakener
    Indigo Awakener Tháng trước

    For me, I pre-ordered the S23 after using solely Samsung for my whole Cell phone owning life, but cancelled and actually went with the switch to Apple. The shutter lag has been a constant annoyance for me on Samsung and the better video on iphone is also cause for celebrating, since most of my pictures are of kids and animals shutter lag is a hard No for me at this point. On to new experiences with an iPhone!

  • E Camacho
    E Camacho Tháng trước +9

    This test definitely needs to be done again after some updates from Samsung

    • Andrew
      Andrew Tháng trước +1

      Yeah, because they've been notorious to mess things up after a few updates...

  • Saravanan Manoharan
    Saravanan Manoharan Tháng trước +23

    i think the better way to avoid shutter lag for taking continues photos of kids or pets is to use the burst shot which is way faster and better than the manual click as it avoids device shaking as well while clicking.

    • Fantasytky
      Fantasytky Tháng trước

      @Drew Smith no one going to manually changing the settings while taking photo. Most I'm full auto.

    • Mohammad Shoaib
      Mohammad Shoaib Tháng trước

      Bro please help me i have 13 and i am facing current like tingling on the edges of iphone while charging 🥹💔 i use Apple Original 20w adapter Does it damages battery health please reply IF ANYONE FACING 😭😭

    • Drew Smith
      Drew Smith Tháng trước

      @Nate yes, you can change the shutter speed now apparently. But I've heard it greatly reduces the quality of the picture. Idk if this is true or not though.

    • Nate
      Nate Tháng trước

      @Drew Smith in another video I watched, it demonstrated how the S23 ultra has camera settings for changing the shutter lag speeds.

    • Albert Einstine
      Albert Einstine Tháng trước

      @Shplorf in "photo" mode that happens but in single take and burst mode i havent notice the blur.. i mean i havent captured a so fast and close subject but i 've tried shots many times in a fast moving vehicle and details really good

  • Armando Molina
    Armando Molina Tháng trước

    S23 Ultra has reduced shutter lags post 1st update as well.

  • Aiya J
    Aiya J Tháng trước +2

    I love the s23 ultra improvements but I am disappointed that there is still shutter lag.

  • Aadi
    Aadi Tháng trước

    also, for some shots, more blown out sky or other stuffs looks good rather than toning it down to have good dynamic range.., but in others, less blown looks better, so i think it depends upon situation..

  • Arda'nın Günlükleri
    Arda'nın Günlükleri Tháng trước

    The s23 has ultra-good shots, although some portrait shots are wrong, sometimes something can come in front of the lens.

  • Alexander Charles
    Alexander Charles Tháng trước

    Currently thr photo lag is due to the picture only being taken when your finger releases from the button and it prioritises quality over speed. Both options can be changed in the settings to get practically instant photos if that's your jam. 👍🏼

    • Doxa
      Doxa Tháng trước

      But it isn't getting the quality, lol😂

  • Damian Nocuń
    Damian Nocuń Tháng trước +5

    Good material Saf, as usually! I'm wondering how come that Samsung can not get rid of this shutter lag....

  • Daniel Țuna
    Daniel Țuna Tháng trước

    Excelent work. Love it. But i wanted to see the new Astrophotography mode on the Samsung. And with the shutter lag, you can use burst mode for moving objects.

  • Cam
    Cam Tháng trước

    Wow! Big improvements from Samsung!
    I’m not an expert at any of this but it always seems like it’s a ‘ processing ‘ problem for Samsung… it’s like the data coming from the cameras get used better by the iPhone. Almost as if Samsung has a harder time getting information and processing it. With that being said it looks like Samsung is getting better with the processing!

    • SabrewulfInstinct
      SabrewulfInstinct Tháng trước

      Apple has full control of its software while Samsung has to put another layer on top of the Android that's why Samsung has these issues.

  • BloodDragon_
    BloodDragon_ Tháng trước

    Can’t wait to see how it does against the iPhone 15 ultra this year 😊

  • Klejdi KD
    Klejdi KD Tháng trước +1

    With my S22 Ultra I swipe the shutter button downside and it takes a lot of photos very fast. It won't work on full resolution but it's very useful with moving subjects

  • SpecialVeloce
    SpecialVeloce Tháng trước

    Regarding the colors of cinematic mode. I tend to say the Samsung has a bit more flat mode, it's actually more useful when editing in post

  • Purusharth Sharma
    Purusharth Sharma Tháng trước +37

    Those night shots on galaxy 🔥🔥🔥

  • 1993rufus
    1993rufus Tháng trước

    Samsung nailed it this time for sure! People need to realize that all the kinks will be smoothed out with the 1st update. This is prerelease software and it is doing amazing already! Can't wait for mine to arrive!

  • uk7866
    uk7866 Tháng trước

    The shutter lag is a deal breaker. Seems like this will always be the bane of Samsung.
    You should do a comparison of the camera between the S23 Ultra and the Pixel 7 Pro.

    LUCIFER؄ Tháng trước +1

    S23 Ultra was Insane ⚡️♥️

  • DaiBao Goh
    DaiBao Goh Tháng trước +1

    I'd love to see a comparison between s23u and s22u! Thanks!

  • Chris Park
    Chris Park Tháng trước +1

    I have one question about this. There is the comparison about HDR to SDR exporting at 11min 43sec. I wonder what u did for exporting test exactly. Did u share HDR to PC through the cable or u share it online or something? Thanks:)

  • WCoast
    WCoast Tháng trước +3

    Would like to see a comparison of 1080P 60fps from each phone. Also, is Pro Video full-featured in 4K 60fps on the S23U. It's limited on the S22U. Great comparison. Thank you!

  • GregJ22
    GregJ22 Tháng trước +8

    Saf, thank you for getting this video out so fast. I wasn't expecting Samsung to fully catch up to IPhone on videos but it's nice to see how close they've gotten.

  • Leilani Henry
    Leilani Henry Tháng trước

    I think iPhone will always be there for a really awesome picture taking and social media phone. For Samsung I really like it because it comes with the stylus it is more of a business phone. I always loved iPhone for the camera specifically and whenever I go to Samsung I always get sad and want my iPhone camera quality back lol I honestly think at this point it is worth it to have 2 phones for me just because I really don’t use much social media on my iPhone

    • ocb05
      ocb05 Tháng trước

      IPhone for you. That snappy camera shutter feel is a deal breaker for me

  • Mood Milhem
    Mood Milhem Tháng trước +1

    Very useful comparison as usual. Thanks Sofian.

  • Tony DeVoe
    Tony DeVoe Tháng trước +2

    I wanted to say I really appreciate your very fair and impartial comparison. Great job!

  • RumDum
    RumDum Tháng trước +4

    Finally a major reviewer covering this very important issue of shutter lag which has been neglected for so long! Please keep this part of the test in all your reviews!
    IMO this is that makes the iPhone cameras so unbeatable, that ability to just quickly whip out your phone and take a photo of the moment or a fast moving kid or pet and to capture a decent shot without blur or lag ... That's the essence of smartphone photography no?
    Samsung flagships have failed for so long in this aspect and it looks like this year is no different. Despite all that marketing hype of 200mp blah blah, it doesn't mean anything if they can't get the basics right.

    • blackpinkive
      blackpinkive Tháng trước

      ​@Antonio R they don't know that coz they think they are the standard 🤣

    • Antonio R
      Antonio R Tháng trước

      There's an option on the Ultra to change the shutter speed and it fixes the lag issue.

  • Shree
    Shree Tháng trước +46

    So basically both the cameras have gotten crazy good in there respective fortè. It all boils down to what OS you want use.😅

    • Penguinwastaken
      Penguinwastaken Tháng trước +1

      yup it boils down to the OS and the ecosystem you're in

  • Jen A.
    Jen A. Tháng trước

    Thank you so much for addressing taking photos of kids. Both phones take stunning photos in bright natural light, but nowadays the majority of my photos are indoor/lowlight pics of my two active kids and my husband's iphone does so much better in those conditions. I always upgrade to the flagship samsung every 2 years and never had an iphone, but for this time in my life, I may have to make that switch just for that sole reason.

  • 3almi_q8
    3almi_q8 Tháng trước +1

    This is the expected review every year ❤

  • J. Goines
    J. Goines Tháng trước

    I much prefer the pixel4 XL my current pixel 7 pro. I’d love to hear an explanation as to why the older pixel device is took better portrait mode photos than even their latest phones!

  • kaio silva
    kaio silva Tháng trước +3

    S23 melhorou bastante mas ainda prefiro a coloração do iphone

  • ALON
    ALON Tháng trước +2

    For camera, the iPhone 14 has a pretty good color density, but from camera technology to zoom in detail and other features besides the camera, I hold the S23 ultra respectively.

    • Darkscoop-1
      Darkscoop-1 Tháng trước

      @ALON so why you got a smart phone ?! so got Nokia 33

    • ALON
      ALON Tháng trước

      @Darkscoop-1 My S22u 1x charge/day for normal use

    • Darkscoop-1
      Darkscoop-1 Tháng trước

      S23 ultra you gonna charge it 8 to 10 time a day 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matgunman
    Matgunman Tháng trước +21

    The photo and video is top notch and look miles better compared to the S22 Ultra. I hope software updates will make Instagram more optimized, it sucks whenever I have a great picture or video to post but Instagram compresses it to oblivion.

    • SabrewulfInstinct
      SabrewulfInstinct Tháng trước

      IG no longer values pictures. It is more about reels. A lot of professional photographers are saying that.

    • catboy
      catboy Tháng trước

      Samsung literally did a collaboration with Instagram… and their optimization is still a joke.

    • stainless stan
      stainless stan Tháng trước

      is there a chance that you did not set the settings to upload videos in the highest possible quality?

    • PES ZORD💥
      PES ZORD💥 Tháng trước

      @Mohammad Shoaib it does,try changing charger

    • PES ZORD💥
      PES ZORD💥 Tháng trước

      @Matgunman s23 ultra will be doing it

  • Ula La
    Ula La Tháng trước +1

    You might forgot the burst shot by just holding the camera button to give you better result in moving subjects. Always using it (S9 plus user here) ;)

  • beton scheitel
    beton scheitel Tháng trước +2

    WOW. Thank you for the shutter lag comparison. Finaly someone who understands what we or at least i wanted. More youtubers should do that so we can expect better results from the S24 Ultra.

  • Sam Theman
    Sam Theman Tháng trước

    Great review and showcase as always. I would have loved to see more 8k video comparisons as they were the most improved feature along with night photos. It looked amazing in other reviews.

    • Sam Theman
      Sam Theman 26 ngày trước +1

      @Hassan Naqvi Even when downscaled to 4k you end up with more details than with native 4k. Most high end youtubers use this tactic to get more professional grade videos and you can tell the difference. I also have 5k monitor and 140" projector screen where you can really appreciate all the details you can get.

    • Hassan Naqvi
      Hassan Naqvi Tháng trước

      I just don't get the 8k hype. You need the 8k screens to view it, so why have it?
      Even if Samsung did support 8k screens themselves that'd be 6-8 inch of real estate and to a naked eye wouldn't make much of a difference.

  • Chengy
    Chengy Tháng trước

    TBF, the S23U is still on the prerelease software during this preorder period. I've tested the demo sets. They have promised to release a huge patch to optimize the ISP and shutter lag after release so it's only going to get better so take this early comparison with a pinch of salt.

    • Tech R
      Tech R Tháng trước +1

      Lol it’s not going to fix shit. Samsung fans sat its fixed each month but never is

  • George Thanos
    George Thanos Tháng trước

    Great video! Personally with two young kids even though I prefer Android the shutter lag in S23 is unfortunatelly a big stopper. How this lag compares to the S22 ones? I have a S22+. Does the new main camera has a positive or negative effect? What about other phones at the top lines here? Thank you mate.

    • George Thanos
      George Thanos Tháng trước

      @sacred amog Thank you mate! Have you tried it? Personally I didn't see much of a difference. In any case, paying this amount of money you don't expect to do workarounds...

    • sacred amog
      sacred amog Tháng trước +1

      for shutter lag you dont need to worry there is an option in goodlock which allows you to reduce shutter lag for slightly worse quality

  • Garret141076
    Garret141076 Tháng trước +86

    S23 low light video is more detailed if you hold the camera steady. When you pan the camera it becomes a bit smeared and noisy.
    Overall the S23 is amazing. Video zoom is especially amazing.

    • A Ngoyem sSs
      A Ngoyem sSs Tháng trước

      Dude talking like he already owned it

    • catboy
      catboy Tháng trước

      40MP camera in the S22U versus 12MP in the S23U

    • Thomas
      Thomas Tháng trước

      @catboy 🧢

    • catboy
      catboy Tháng trước +2

      The S22U has less grainy video in lowlight and an overall better selfie camera than the S23U.

    • Alin
      Alin Tháng trước +4

      @User#%¥ Can't we just: Samsung 🤝 Apple?
      Damn, we really got to deal with these NPCs.

  • HydroVector13
    HydroVector13 Tháng trước

    I tried out an S23 Ultra on demo and the shutter lag is noticeably lesser than what is shown here

  • Daniel J.
    Daniel J. Tháng trước +4

    That's probably the most unbiased camera comparison right now. Love it.

    • James Smith
      James Smith Tháng trước +2

      Give me a break. Whenever apple outdid Samsung, "iPhone is better" when Samsung outdid apple, "It's very close". This guy can't even see pass he's own bias if he tried. 😂

  • Mario Saternus
    Mario Saternus Tháng trước

    Thanks for the video.
    To be honest, for most people the choice is already predetermined.
    I’m completely into apples ecosystem. We have a total of 4 iPads, 4 HomePods, 2 MacBook Pros and 2 Apple TVs. All light bulbs, LEDs, socket switches and so on are controlled via HomeKit.
    I subscribed to the Apple One Family plan and there is nothing like that on the Samsung or android side - afaik.
    I tried the S20 Ultra and the Fold 2 two years ago - but it was painful.
    My favourite complaints where the battery life and the software quality overall. Much better on the iPhone.
    I think the camera systems are great on either of these phones. So you don’t make any mistake on either of these.
    Maybe you can test the software and app quality too, SuperSaf? Maybe even an ecosystem comparison?
    I know, that’s hard and things can change fast. But a comparison of todays status would be nice. :-)

    • Loren Potaczek
      Loren Potaczek 10 ngày trước

      I'm a samsung user and the 20 ultra was a terrible phone the 10 was better and the 21 ultra that I'm currently using and thinking about updating to the 23 ultra