iPhone 11 Pro - Top 10 Problems after 1 Month!

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  • Xuất bản 19 Th10, 2019
  • The iPhone 11 Pro is GREAT! But it's also not perfect..
    We go through the Top 10 Problems we've found after 1 month!
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    Among those on the list, the lack of 3D Touch has been noticeable since I've switched from the XS Max to the 11 Pro Max. I constantly find myself miss-pressing and trying to push down on the display, when it simply doesn't work like that anymore.
    Other issues include a very low amount of RAM as well as a lack of storage at the base price.
    There were also quite a few software issues I've experience as well, especially with the display.
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NHẬN XÉT • 472

  • Max Tech
    Max Tech  29 ngày trước +24

    Experience any problems yourself? Comment!
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    • Mel Mel
      Mel Mel 11 ngày trước

      Am I the only one experiencing volume problem? Speaker crashing earphone only playing high volume doesn’t go down! I’m Using 11 pro

    • aFamilyVlog
      aFamilyVlog 16 ngày trước

      Max Tech my video camera seems very pixelated at times specially when you move around. It seems like it may be due to lighting and the phone trying to compensate. Also the front camera at night it’s horrible. Have you played around with your camera much?

    • Ashraf Al
      Ashraf Al 19 ngày trước

      Aya Khedr
      My phone doesn’t heat up!

    • Ashraf Al
      Ashraf Al 19 ngày trước

      Markus Andersen
      I paid $1440 with a return of my XS Max with 1 year left in installments. I am paying $35 for 24 months with $600 credit for my old phone. This includes Apple Care +

    • Markus Andersen
      Markus Andersen 19 ngày trước +3

      Yep the iPhone 11 pro 256gb costed me 1600$ in Norway!!! Why is it so expensive compared to the US

  • Yeet yeet Bois
    Yeet yeet Bois Ngày trước

    I’m facing not having one

  • Andrewshadowy
    Andrewshadowy 2 ngày trước

    Yes problems with my eyes and eye strain with headaches and even nausea. This is down to t he oled screen flickering that the naked eye can’t see but it causes the eye strain

  • Ayman E. Selmy
    Ayman E. Selmy 2 ngày trước

    look at this issue with the camera in my test video !!!


  • Samuel Panaghita
    Samuel Panaghita 2 ngày trước

    All this are fixed on iOS 13.2.2

  • Pcola Dj
    Pcola Dj 3 ngày trước

    Not happy with how slowwwww it is. Seems connectivity isnt anywhere near what I had. On Verizon network so I expect speed with a new phone- especially one so expensive. Ive had mine about a month. Hate not having the home button and had a great laugh at myself trying to figure out how to shut it off-- to cycle it being slow. Ugh. Otherwise, the phone isnt all that great compared to my 8. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Being an Apple junkie I was hoping to have my mind blown but eh. Not so much.

  • Linda Hoffman
    Linda Hoffman 4 ngày trước

    I have an IPHONE 11 plus pro and it will not make or receive calls. It worked great the first 14 days. Now cannot do anything with it. What can I do?

  • Rick Harga
    Rick Harga 4 ngày trước

    Max Tech, Please can you do a test on the iPhone 11 Pro "Heat issues" & "Software freezing"
    Apple is denying anything wrong with the new iPhone 11 Pro despite a lot of users complaining and on the Apple forums. I own both the 11 Pro & Pro Max, the 11 Pro Max has no issues like this!
    Worst still is after PAYING A HUGE PREMIUM for this phone to have seamless upgrading & Quality hardware, boasting by Apple, the Apple Support officer are blaming us the consumers, for negligent or incorrect restoring or backing up, despite using the iTunes App correctly to do so! They are even suggesting wiping the iPhone clean and start from scratch!! I mean WTF? If I was to do that why buy an iPhone? I could start from scratch on a Google or Samsung! or pay $250 for a Mi!!!!
    I was absolutely appalled at the Apple Support dept. and need you to help prove to the world that the issue is real not just us consumers imagination!
    Please help us!
    #AppleSupport #MaxTech #iPhone11Heating #AppleNoLongerCares

  • Mj CiBiAr
    Mj CiBiAr 6 ngày trước

    Watching from my loving iPhone7plus, not changing, i still love the home button, and still works as new... JUST BE GRATEFUL and those little cons wont affect you 🙂

  • Azeem Mulla
    Azeem Mulla 6 ngày trước

    I was using iPhone X and really extremely disappointed with its Ram management so finally switched to Note 10+ and not gonna go back

  • Azeem Mulla
    Azeem Mulla 6 ngày trước

    Looking cool in this shirt , sir

  • joshua jimenez
    joshua jimenez 9 ngày trước

    Once you get to start using it it’s actually a bit simpler than 3D Touch

  • Jana Elagamy
    Jana Elagamy 9 ngày trước

    The sound

  • Ms. Marie
    Ms. Marie 10 ngày trước

    it's been more than 1month since they released it and until now i am undecided if I'm getting Iphone 11 pro max😂..im currently using my 6s and samsung S8 after 2&3 years..I am torn between Pro max or Note 10+ 🤔..or should I wait for S11 early next year?..🤔🤔🤔

  • Ian Jenkins
    Ian Jenkins 11 ngày trước

    This wish list as was mentioned earlier has now been rectified with the latest update

  • Nik Verschuren
    Nik Verschuren 11 ngày trước

    1. Battery wasnt good before this model, only on Max.
    2. Allways use a case, to prone to break during use.
    3. Allways on display is allways impacting battery.
    4. VNclip (Google) is being a dick about the uhd.
    5. Ram management Will get better over time, this is why xs has it.

  • M Z.14
    M Z.14 12 ngày trước

    I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but I can see the pixels on the photos I take and it’s even worse when I use the ultra wide lens

  • Marcus Neely
    Marcus Neely 13 ngày trước

    I just bought my iPhone 11 11/1 /19 and as soon as I get home the the phone rings even though the button is switched to silent. After a software update and a trip to the geek squad to run a diagnostic nothing worked. The phone just randomly switches the ringer on and off, when it does it’ll switch back and forth for a minute or two then it’ll stop and whatever it lands on is what it will do. I’ve seen previous post for earlier iPhone models that says turn off the “change with buttons” button and mine is off, has been since I bought it. Is this a software issue that Apple will fix or do I need to just get a new phone?

  • DR Rezveh Razavy
    DR Rezveh Razavy 15 ngày trước

    Bro if you don’t like max pro go to buy ather phones

  • Dr.Shaswata Dhar
    Dr.Shaswata Dhar 15 ngày trước

    Price is too much but still getting only 64 GB

  • D
    D 19 ngày trước

    Have patience and wait for iPhone 12 a new look is coming

  • ramesh kumar thapa
    ramesh kumar thapa 19 ngày trước

    Relly problem

  • Ida Lyse
    Ida Lyse 20 ngày trước

    i keep having problems with my keyboard. it always dissapears and its so bad its actually impossible to use my phone

  • mark martinez
    mark martinez 20 ngày trước

    great assessment MAX Tech! hope you find more things apple need to fix

  • mark martinez
    mark martinez 20 ngày trước

    the reason why apple didnt include ultrawide night mode is because they will include it next year. like a new feature even if they can offer it now. and they wont have it supported with the 11 series so you will buy the new iphone. hahahahaha!

    ICEWALKER 21 ngày trước +1

    Looks like a alien created the thing!

  • Irakli Goginava
    Irakli Goginava 21 ngày trước

    When I’m using iPhone for games with the 100% brightness after 10 minutes of it brightness things quite a lot

  • Miguel Perry
    Miguel Perry 21 ngày trước

    Apple will never give you folks the port you want. It will always be lighting to usb c.

  • enrico ignacio
    enrico ignacio 21 ngày trước

    the problem is ...human eyes are not always content what they see and observe......so in their eyes none are perfect

  • enrico ignacio
    enrico ignacio 21 ngày trước

    there is no perfect human ..brain inteligence etc...so that s why there are none such perfect smartphone .......MAX TECH ....i ask you something are you perfect??? if you jugde iphone 11 pro max is not perfect ...so what the hell is perfect ??? name it

  • Bethany Howe
    Bethany Howe 21 ngày trước +1

    I love my 11 Pro 🤗😛

  • Tash G
    Tash G 21 ngày trước

    well tried but these aren't even problems. like the 3d touch, u said u wud be fine with lil less battery to get the 3d touch and i think its dumb. and all the other problems u mentioned arent even real problems.

  • bob dylan
    bob dylan 21 ngày trước

    Rich people dont use cases

  • Aa Yash Waghela
    Aa Yash Waghela 22 ngày trước +1

    It is too true! I hate iPhone 11 series! Because it doesn't support 3D touch!
    And I hate 13 iOS because have big problem features but dark mode is good one only!
    iOS 13 and iPhone 11 series were launched in 2019! That is worst!

  • tihi
    tihi 22 ngày trước

    Yup...I liked 3D touch too.

  • Adrian Trincă
    Adrian Trincă 22 ngày trước

    Can you share the Spider-Man wallpaper? Is looking awesome.

  • Mohammed Rameez
    Mohammed Rameez 22 ngày trước

    First non biased 11 pro review frm u 👍🏼

  • yoututubus
    yoututubus 22 ngày trước

    Yes, they're "saving" the features most other (and CHEAPER!!) phones already have for the new editions to keep apple fans craving and spending money for upgrades. Typical apple policy.

  • Chivo
    Chivo 22 ngày trước

    The matte color glass looks like cheap plastic. It should be shiny.

    TECH IN TWI 23 ngày trước +2

    Please I know you are having that 10 problems but I need your phone will pay the shipping

  • Ethan T
    Ethan T 23 ngày trước


  • Ali
    Ali 23 ngày trước

    3D touch > haptic touch. Apples stupid way of increasing battery life. Idiots

  • Marc Guima
    Marc Guima 23 ngày trước

    I am yet to see anyone on the street with one of these iPhones. It seems not a very big hit to Apple. Noticing A LOT of problems with that IOS 13 It has been terrible to keep up with so many issues on everyday basic things.

  • Quixotic Tambourine
    Quixotic Tambourine 24 ngày trước

    I think I’m blind when it comes to video quality unless it is really really bad! 🧐

  • Start Visit
    Start Visit 24 ngày trước

    annoying voice

  • Deepak Ramesh
    Deepak Ramesh 24 ngày trước

    Happy to buy the note 10 plus. Upgraded from note 3.

  • Chris 2x
    Chris 2x 24 ngày trước

    I never understood why “Pro” models didnt have a standard 6gb RAM

    • Kamyar Paydar
      Kamyar Paydar 7 ngày trước

      Chris 2x there is no problem with 4GB Ram

  • Tom Gallagher
    Tom Gallagher 24 ngày trước

    Only problem I have with my pro max is being able to put it down, things sooooo good

  • Goror x
    Goror x 24 ngày trước

    I got 99 problems but your “problems” ain’t one

  • Stupid Fuc*
    Stupid Fuc* 24 ngày trước

    problem because still 64gb still same design too expensive asshole not a fast charging asshole back camera of course shit and funny😆

  • It's JJ That dude
    It's JJ That dude 24 ngày trước +3

    3:01 Holy Bible 💪💪💯💯 Respect!

  • Frank OSHEA
    Frank OSHEA 24 ngày trước

    I used to like your videos but now I think you need a medical check up and am done with your videos ,you talking shit

  • Antigua Paradise Island
    Antigua Paradise Island 25 ngày trước

    Apple could have put always on, on the iPhone 7 all the way up to the iPhone 11 pro, LG G6 is LCD and has always on display

  • Gianluca Cataldi
    Gianluca Cataldi 25 ngày trước

    I guess there is no night mode in the front facing cam, am i right?

  • Top Cat
    Top Cat 25 ngày trước

    I can't wait until the word very comes back into common usage, who is going to be the maverick? Super super super.

  • Eric Vengeance
    Eric Vengeance 25 ngày trước

    @Max Tech
    No need to upgrade on my end.
    I get *more* out of my *Note 10+ 5G version* and I'm never looking back at the *overpriced* and *underfeatured* iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  • Alex England
    Alex England 25 ngày trước

    Reach ability doesn’t work properly in the App Store and is just clunky compared to the iPhone 8 Plus I just upgraded from

  • Benzinewagen
    Benzinewagen 25 ngày trước

    Rudementary OS support of UW chip and reverse charging hardware. Disabling any hw innovation other than the 3-cams
    An outright fail from a launch perspective

  • joel i lawrence
    joel i lawrence 25 ngày trước

    Are you aware that if you turn the front facing camera on the iPhone 11 Pro to landscape that you will automatically enable the ultra wide angle lens? You can go back to the wide angle lens in landscape by touching ->

  • Godly Ryan
    Godly Ryan 25 ngày trước

    Stop moaning android loveR