Lions vs. Vikings Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2019

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  • Xuất bản 08 Th12, 2019
  • The Detroit Lions take on the Minnesota Vikings during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.
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NHẬN XÉT • 597

  • Kenny L Garrett Jr
    Kenny L Garrett Jr Tháng trước

    IDC what nobody says. I c real potential n David Blough. And Jesse James will always b one of the greatest at his position!!!!!!!!!! True facts!!!!!!!!! GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jake Arsenta
    Jake Arsenta Tháng trước

    The Vikings are winning the Super Bowl!

  • The Vanilla Godzilla
    The Vanilla Godzilla Tháng trước +1

    There's a microcosm of the Lions season: a defensive back stupidly hustling after an already dead ball play and then getting squashed on a stupid 4th Down play @1:34

    ANDREW GROSS Tháng trước

    I’m a Vikings fan and I was crying before the “Minneapolis Miracle” then I was crying tears of joy!

  • Don Sturgeon
    Don Sturgeon Tháng trước

    Ford is making macaroni and cheese now instead of trucks

  • RoguePepper 9606
    RoguePepper 9606 Tháng trước

    Damn Harrison Smith can’t stop knocking out Xavier Rhodes

  • tupac Goat
    tupac Goat Tháng trước

    The Vikings are 0-4 against teams with winning records. 9-0 against teams with sub 500 records. Wow

  • The Truth
    The Truth Tháng trước

    Lmao the Ref @ 1:26.

  • xxxtenchin
    xxxtenchin Tháng trước

    yo bro chek out my musik

  • Chartreuse03
    Chartreuse03 Tháng trước

    Viking fan since 1970, always hopeful. Vikings and Lions: only two NFC teams not to get to Super Bowl since 1990.

  • Dan Rimjob
    Dan Rimjob Tháng trước

    I hope lions can land Chase Young

  • Dan Rimjob
    Dan Rimjob Tháng trước

    I like RB bo for the lions

  • o k
    o k Tháng trước

    Is no one going to talk about how good the minesotas offensive line is

  • b metrix
    b metrix Tháng trước +1


  • HTTR Hail to the rainbows
    HTTR Hail to the rainbows Tháng trước

    Anyone for hire as QB . just have two hands and two feet and of course eyes . Just the basics . Send resume to Minneapolis Minnesota Vikings Stadium .Try outs upon first come first serve basis .

  • xXMc1ovinXx
    xXMc1ovinXx Tháng trước

    didnt see the full game, can someone do a quick update how they felt the vikings played?(GB fan asking lol) I see the highlights, but how did the rest of the game look?

  • Linda Bauske
    Linda Bauske Tháng trước

    Hello! Let it be a Vikings year! Been fan4 ever!

  • Defense General
    Defense General Tháng trước

    2 minute left of the game and it was 0-20 Vikings, they shouldn't let it a late touchdown in the last minutes of the game. would been more historic as a shutout.

  • Pootie TAng
    Pootie TAng Tháng trước

    My Vikings doing so well. I’m so proud of you guys

  • Gabe Agca
    Gabe Agca Tháng trước

    1:47 my goodness the Lions really suck

  • Peter Ineleo
    Peter Ineleo Tháng trước

    How do we struggle to win at home to a team with their 3rd string QB, 2nd and 3rd string running backs, and 2nd string Tight End?

  • MattnCam0408
    MattnCam0408 Tháng trước

    Wow 1:33 wasnt a catch

  • newby dong
    newby dong Tháng trước +1

    ....wait were Vikings fans excited over this win of the lions...I repeat the LIONS...

  • rg3champ816
    rg3champ816 Tháng trước

    Skol!! Still disappointed with are secondary really Rhodes he soft and he disappointing this year, offense keep it up

  • LEE Paul
    LEE Paul Tháng trước

    When the Belichick’s underlings will learn that the mere fact that they worked under him does not give you an automatic success? Mangini, Wise, Crennel, McDouchbag, and Patricia (Bill O’Brien has been the most successful among the bunch: Mike Vrabel might be as good as O’Brien) have all failed miserably!

  • Noah Johnson
    Noah Johnson Tháng trước

    Good win for us!

  • Tatiana Robinson
    Tatiana Robinson Tháng trước

    Go cousin go

  • 54Gotland
    54Gotland Tháng trước

    Dalvin Cook is such a beast. What a player

  • Franklin Perez-Merino
    Franklin Perez-Merino Tháng trước

    Madden needs stop trying Stephon diggs and give my boy a x-factor !!!!

  • Antonio Haynes
    Antonio Haynes Tháng trước

    I'm sick of lions man got dang fire fukn Matt Patricia dammit man we need a better coach

  • Jackson Terrance
    Jackson Terrance Tháng trước

    Treadwell has been good vikings fans are just idiots you have to give a player time to develop.

  • Devaris Givens
    Devaris Givens Tháng trước

    I already had my broom out lmao #skol

  • Ron S
    Ron S Tháng trước

    Go Vikings!

  • DakahriGT
    DakahriGT Tháng trước

    I just checked the last year week 17 vikings bears game it was unwatchable, this is how we play at home now undefeated

  • KrillDaily
    KrillDaily Tháng trước

    Everyone is talking about Cook, why not Mattison the fact that he jumped over a player

  • George Jefferson
    George Jefferson Tháng trước +2

    Treadwell really been improving lately.

  • Princeroman28
    Princeroman28 Tháng trước

    Im not satisfied until Rhodes play better the RHODES been open all season the DLine bring pressure secondary gotta hold up ...Cousins is a good QB but not a Aaron or Wilson we CANNOT put the games in his hands in the 4th it just can’t happen

  • gor9027
    gor9027 Tháng trước

    Vikings are going to be diehard 49ers fans in 2 weeks. Otherwise they’re going to need to win out to get in.

    • the drowsy one
      the drowsy one Tháng trước

      Either 49ers or if titans somehow got any farther in.

  • Douglas Silver
    Douglas Silver Tháng trước

    Minnesota could have stayed home!! They still would've beat Detroit!!

  • Kristi Kendzie
    Kristi Kendzie Tháng trước

    I got the vip pass and got to hqng wit all the players

  • Kristi Kendzie
    Kristi Kendzie Tháng trước

    Bro i was there at thr game

  • Darrell Campbell
    Darrell Campbell Tháng trước

    Minnesota Vikings defense didn't impressed me because they didn't shutout the Lions offense.

    • DakahriGT
      DakahriGT Tháng trước +1

      Bro it was a garbage time touchdown but I agree

  • Andrew Sallee
    Andrew Sallee Tháng trước +1

    What an embarrassment. Im a die hard lions fan. They need to fire Quin and Patricia. Why would they get rid of Caldwell. After only a few season he had brought us to the playoffs twice and his last season we finished 9-7 but they decide to fire him and bring in Fat Patricia. What a joke of a franchise. They really piss me off. Its also embarrassing that they are trying to steal the Patriots identity and become them. Stop drooling over the Pats and become your own identity. The only thing I have to look forward to until next season is the firing of a couple people and the NFL draft. No point in letting Stafford play till next year. Lets get a solid top 5 draft pick and bring in some new personnel and try again. Shits getting old tho. I hope everyone that reads this comment is having a better day than I am lol

  • HU -LK
    HU -LK Tháng trước

    Same old Lions, undefeated in pre-season

  • Kole Dvorak
    Kole Dvorak Tháng trước

    Not super impressed with the Vikings, they should have smoked this team. Playoffs are not guaranteed

    • Zack Schorr
      Zack Schorr Tháng trước

      5 sacks, 2 int and it wasnt even close in offensive yards gained.

  • Murph dog
    Murph dog Tháng trước

    all we have to do is win the rest of our games, and hope that the rams will lose a game then were in the playoffs

    • Zack Schorr
      Zack Schorr Tháng trước

      Rams have 5 losses. If the Vikings win the rest of their games, they are in.

  • Scrap lover
    Scrap lover Tháng trước

    Cousins-to-Diggs is the new Culpepper-to-Moss 👍🏾

  • Ismael De La Rosa
    Ismael De La Rosa Tháng trước

    the Tank for chase young begins

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    - Red Wings are garbage that even the Sens laugh at
    - Tigers are a black hole
    - Lions are the epitome of irrelevance
    - Pistons pretend they're competitive
    - Michigan State having a terrible year
    - Michigan doing the typical Michigan thing.


  • Arlando Beler
    Arlando Beler Tháng trước


  • Ger Lee
    Ger Lee Tháng trước

    Wait until Thielen gets back. The offense will be more dangerous.

  • BM32
    BM32 Tháng trước

    Lions are trash...

  • Kevin Tetz
    Kevin Tetz Tháng trước

    Has anyone notice that Treadwell has had two sneaky good games in a row and 3 total this season. He's already beaten his by 3 lol

  • Apple 9089
    Apple 9089 Tháng trước

    Why is endgame the only time a team thinks to get things together and comeback? It's not like you had 2-3 quarters before to comeback

    • Apple 9089
      Apple 9089 Tháng trước

      @the drowsy one also I was just wondering why a team picks that time to comeback

    • Apple 9089
      Apple 9089 Tháng trước

      @the drowsy one my team is the bears btw

    • the drowsy one
      the drowsy one Tháng trước

      If you want your team the lions to improves, make yourselves as loud as possible in comment section, but you need to study successful teams and find the flaws in your own team.

    • the drowsy one
      the drowsy one Tháng trước

      After all in last week close loss to seahawks vikes almost had diggs and another star player out with injuries.

    • the drowsy one
      the drowsy one Tháng trước

      You got it wrong. Sometimes its the second half. When a team totally dominated, the 4th quarter is called trash time. They can afford to rest some players, keep the pressures off. Most injuries occurs when it's very competitive or close game.

  • Aye
    Aye Tháng trước +2

    Imagine the Vikings offense if they had a Russell Wilson or Patrick mahomes 😬

    • Zack Schorr
      Zack Schorr Tháng trước

      I dont think Cousins is the problem. Its the o line and the defensive backs, cornerbackd specifically, that arent very good.

      WE WUZ VIKANGZ Tháng trước

      Well tom brady is probably gonna be a free agent this offseason....

    • the drowsy one
      the drowsy one Tháng trước

      Lol. That's why vikes and packers ain't going to superbowl this year. Even if cousins is above average for a qb vikes will have to be on the level of ravens and 49ers to go to superbowl.

  • David Wynn
    David Wynn Tháng trước

    Yet another Kirk Cousins "Superhero" win against a team with a losing record.

    • the drowsy one
      the drowsy one Tháng trước

      Still hes above average for a qb. Its defense to be blamed.

  • Reginald Hightower II
    Reginald Hightower II Tháng trước

    I'm ready for the 2020 Detroit Lions💯. Who's with me??

  • Skyler McGrath
    Skyler McGrath Tháng trước

    Both of my running backs are > than yours 😂

  • Hatchet Jack
    Hatchet Jack Tháng trước +2

    After the 1st game 2019 i knew the Loons were done , Tie? Rookie QB and kept letting the other team score. The culture and the Owners of this lousy Organization for almost 60 years ....Rebuilding Since 1957

  • Ray Lars
    Ray Lars Tháng trước +3

    Love watching HAM , pop pop pop !!!