Kumiss and Roasted Whole Lamb make you feel like paradise.| Liziqi Channel

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  • Xuất bản 05 Th11, 2019
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    『Kumis and fire-roasted whole lamb that make you feel like paradise.』
    「Have always been thinking about doing this and I finally did it~」
    「Fyi, kumis is one of the state-level intangible cultural heritages of Haixi, China.」
    「What’s better than the combination of a bowl of milky Kumis and a fire-roasted whole lamb on a snowy day like this?」
    吃过 喝过 撒疯过!
    「Eat, drink and be merry!」
    「Life couldn't have been better~"」
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  • Jerry Sun
    Jerry Sun 37 phút trước +1

    Respect to her granny. Liquor, lamb and full bowl of dumplings... she better be getting her share of youtube$

  • Bless All
    Bless All Giờ trước

    Li Ziqi, this is your version of shawarma! That roasted, chili-seasoned lamb looks so delicious!

  • Andrew Telley
    Andrew Telley Giờ trước

    She is over 30 years old and try to makes faces of a 14 years old. Something so off about these videos. She is targeting the market of pedophiles.

  • Andrew Telley
    Andrew Telley Giờ trước

    There is some weird vibe about these videos.

  • Marcelo Ferreira
    Marcelo Ferreira 3 giờ trước

    Se você ama jesus da like..

  • MCamiful
    MCamiful 4 giờ trước

    She looks like a real life Mulan..or is that just me?

  • Shami Saleem
    Shami Saleem 6 giờ trước


  • Thu Trangg
    Thu Trangg 6 giờ trước +1

    Có ai Việt nam yêu thích ko ạ

  • T SM
    T SM 7 giờ trước


  • 1verseislife
    1verseislife 10 giờ trước +1

    It's so cute when she calls her crew to come eat dinner with them aaaa this video is full of warmth I love it

  • Blood Reaper
    Blood Reaper 13 giờ trước

    She's beautiful" she have a lot of skills than the other women!

  • 小陳Vlog
    小陳Vlog 15 giờ trước

    Who love Liziqi?
    Who love Liziqi?
    Who love Liziqi?

  • Edho Rama
    Edho Rama 15 giờ trước

    Saya sangat suka ...keren

  • 張可瑜
    張可瑜 16 giờ trước


  • 夏增军
    夏增军 17 giờ trước


  • Anna Tq
    Anna Tq 18 giờ trước

    Did nobody notice how incredibly matted and dirty the horses' tails and manes are? At 1:11 in the pen and at 1:13 you can see that they look like they are full of burrs. Same with the horse she's riding at 1:16. Those burrs are like little balls of needles and are really painful, it sucks that the horse owners don't care.

    Just to clarify, I'm not criticizing Ziqi, I'm criticizing the horse owners. Horses have to be groomed regularly, especially if they are in a pen where they can get burrs and other stuff stuck in their fur and hair. :( Booo for bad animal welfare

  • Jhelo Viernes
    Jhelo Viernes 22 giờ trước

    Shes even beautiful when she is talking,i am fan of you from phillipines

  • Kpop Panda
    Kpop Panda 22 giờ trước

    Girl let me be in your family.

  • sowndarya durga
    sowndarya durga Ngày trước

    Give english subtitles plz

  • MJ G
    MJ G Ngày trước


  • Maciej Nurkin
    Maciej Nurkin Ngày trước

    I love this girl 😍😍😍

  • Michele Harris
    Michele Harris Ngày trước

    I'm catching up on your recent videos, and I've noticed that you're not doing English subtitles anymore. Could they be added back in please? It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Love watching your videos :)

  • Evelyn333
    Evelyn333 Ngày trước

    I really like your hairstyle and clothes at the beginning of this video!

  • Angie N. Carpinter Carpinter

    QUE RICO 😋😋😋😋

  • Maclourt Sessions
    Maclourt Sessions Ngày trước

    Mi intención era poner el vídeo y pasarme hasta el final pero resulta que terminé viéndolo todo 🤭🤭🤭 Diosito las cuide 😊

  • NekoMiku Waifu
    NekoMiku Waifu Ngày trước

    If id wake up there an she riding past me with a horse id Think i traveled back Time lol

    KIOSCOS BRISAS Ngày trước

    7:50 is the dog???

  • muaz sultan
    muaz sultan Ngày trước

    Please give English subtitles

  • 张瑞玲
    张瑞玲 Ngày trước


  • Dana Marzouq
    Dana Marzouq Ngày trước

    and they lived happy ever after...

  • chae
    chae Ngày trước

    lol the real life Cinderella doesn't need a prince.

  • Nadeem Siddqui
    Nadeem Siddqui Ngày trước

    So nice you I am Nadeem form Dubai!!!

  • Khairuzan Dwijayanto
    Khairuzan Dwijayanto Ngày trước

    Someone call gordon ramsey please.

  • GRRL.
    GRRL. Ngày trước

    At least brush the horses tail, jeeez.

  • Violet i
    Violet i Ngày trước +1

    보기 좋네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • loïs
    loïs Ngày trước +2

    1:08 is she saying “i love you” here?

  • Senciana Schroth
    Senciana Schroth Ngày trước

    Red riding hood

  • احمد الجبوري
    احمد الجبوري Ngày trước +1


  • Thanh van Tran
    Thanh van Tran Ngày trước

    This afternoon I ate rice 🍚 when my mother called Ms Hoang Anh to come down to eat when I asked to buy that ring and neck lace, Liziqi. But my mom kept having a headache 🤕, she made Hoang Anh go to the 4th floor to sleep 🛏 at night.

  • Nisa mans Kpnisa mans
    Nisa mans Kpnisa mans Ngày trước +1

    I wish to see liziqi sis....but im an indian...

  • Andrew Telley
    Andrew Telley Ngày trước +1


  • klin cho
    klin cho Ngày trước


  • haibo he
    haibo he Ngày trước


  • SH Green
    SH Green Ngày trước

    I wish my wife was like that

  • Posture Patterns and Health

    this is exactly what western culture DOESNT want you to be doing. They want us dumb, ignorant and reliant on the system. we are a few generations from being so stupid that we will be forced to pay whatever they demand cause we wont know how to be self sufficient anymore

  • kinan azkha
    kinan azkha Ngày trước

    euweuh kacape eta liziqi.. hebat

  • Imtiaz Brohi Tv
    Imtiaz Brohi Tv Ngày trước

    my contict number +923073288469

  • Imtiaz Brohi Tv
    Imtiaz Brohi Tv Ngày trước


    KARATE KID AZAD Ngày trước

    Her dress👗, her home🏡, her way to cook

    KARATE KID AZAD Ngày trước

    It seems like she lives in 1900 to 1920

  • A. C
    A. C Ngày trước

    Can I come live with you?

  • poonam Sharma
    poonam Sharma 2 ngày trước

    This place where u live is beautiful

  • shushu chen
    shushu chen 2 ngày trước


  • Vỹ Dươnt
    Vỹ Dươnt 2 ngày trước

    Cs bình yên thoải mái quá. I like this girl.

  • DatsRight ItsMeh
    DatsRight ItsMeh 2 ngày trước

    She is a princess

  • سفينة بلا مرسى 1
    سفينة بلا مرسى 1 2 ngày trước


  • James Sinio
    James Sinio 2 ngày trước

    Gordan ramsey needs to come here xd

  • mar ivanita Islas
    mar ivanita Islas 2 ngày trước

    Que bonito vídeo así en familia es muy hermoso convivir

  • Matildas Fest
    Matildas Fest 2 ngày trước

    Is it possible to buy pomelo seeds from your tree? It looks like your kind can live in cold climate.

  • Kongo Mihu
    Kongo Mihu 2 ngày trước

    That cloak