Jax Jones - This is Real ft. Ella Henderson (Live at Capital's Jingle Bell Ball 2019) | Capital

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  • Xuất bản 07 Th12, 2019
  • Jax Jones doesn't show up to a Jingle Bell Ball without an enormous festive themed trick up his sleeve, and this year is no different.
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NHẬN XÉT • 106

  • Lukas Paulo
    Lukas Paulo 3 ngày trước

    Super vioce Ellia's❗👌😂👌💞😘 It is Power!

  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash 4 ngày trước

    I nouman just chill

  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash 7 ngày trước

    Ok bro.just chill

  • Ian Thompson
    Ian Thompson 14 ngày trước

    Very impressive

  • BR1GG5Y
    BR1GG5Y 15 ngày trước

    A few wobbles on some notes but great tune

  • bran
    bran 21 ngày trước +2

    her voice, i'm SHOOK

  • Maira
    Maira 25 ngày trước


  • Mariu B Cover
    Mariu B Cover 25 ngày trước +1

    I Love Ella!! Incredible voice baby. 🔥✨

  • arsenalmanic
    arsenalmanic 27 ngày trước +2

    She's the real deal!

  • Meowthew
    Meowthew Tháng trước


  • Aylin Kenar
    Aylin Kenar Tháng trước

    Love Ella but never thought Becky Hill's vocals are much stronger 🤔

    • Ved I
      Ved I Tháng trước

      Its a different song. Becky has taken so much time before hitting high notes in her performance. Ella has no time to breathe and take enough air. Becky would not be able to sing at this speed.

  • Fabiano Atzori
    Fabiano Atzori Tháng trước

    Incredible job, Ella

  • liam Kelly
    liam Kelly Tháng trước +1


    A1MYT MCOC Tháng trước +4

    What a voice!

  • Turtle Ops
    Turtle Ops Tháng trước +1

    *insert comment about Harry styles or bts*

  • Steve Robinson
    Steve Robinson Tháng trước +3

    Still so underrated

  • wayne
    wayne Tháng trước +4

    That woman is on🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ditje Datje
    Ditje Datje Tháng trước +5

    One of the best voices ive ever heard, goosebumps!

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee Tháng trước +5

    Ellas fab!! But those dancers look like they are making up as they go along!!!

  • TheLifeOFrancois
    TheLifeOFrancois Tháng trước +2

    What an absolute vibe 👏🏽

  • Belle LIU
    Belle LIU Tháng trước +3

    Her live is so perfect!!!!!!!!🤤💕💕🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • MrNapz
    MrNapz Tháng trước +11

    Powerfull and natural talent, she doesn't need to back voices or "playback lives", a real artist does like this, pure live. Hope someday you will get the real value that you must have Ella!

  • Sarina Walker
    Sarina Walker Tháng trước +4

    She sounds perfect live !!!!! This gave me goosebumps ❤️

  • Shirin p
    Shirin p Tháng trước +1

    ugh i just love her voice.

  • Arundeep Singh
    Arundeep Singh Tháng trước +3

    She is still underatted.

  • 우영석
    우영석 Tháng trước +7

    what a powerful vocal..

  • Frenchie
    Frenchie Tháng trước +14

    I’m praying Ella pops up on tour with him. I love her voice

  • proudtobeanahgase
    proudtobeanahgase Tháng trước +17

    Ella should deserve more attention

  • niall jones
    niall jones Tháng trước +10

    Her voice is just wow 🤩

  • John Robertson
    John Robertson Tháng trước +2


    BLITZ Tháng trước +17

    THOSE VOCALS!!!!!!!! 😍😮🤩

  • Owen Vincent
    Owen Vincent Tháng trước +14

    She sounds amazing live!!

  • Billy Church
    Billy Church Tháng trước +91

    Ella is so underrated she really deserves big things (and her own set at this ball)

  • Panic! on the toilet
    Panic! on the toilet Tháng trước +4

    Nice that we get to hear her live voice. Jax be learning here👌

  • Hidden Music
    Hidden Music Tháng trước +10

    Lovely sounds like the studio version... People who's looking for BTS... Get lost this is not the youtube channel for you.

  • Ginny Potter
    Ginny Potter Tháng trước

    I was there

  • Selmaria
    Selmaria Tháng trước +7

    I love ella voice💫🔥

  • caine x
    caine x Tháng trước +56

    She’s so underrated

  • Kitty Claire 1987
    Kitty Claire 1987 Tháng trước +3

  • Ryann iV
    Ryann iV Tháng trước +40

    I love her voice. Gave me goosebumps

  • Sharmin Jahan
    Sharmin Jahan Tháng trước +36

    Omg her voice tho 🔥

  • Moochoo
    Moochoo Tháng trước +64

    Ella’s voice is beautiful!!!

  • Jillian Wilber
    Jillian Wilber Tháng trước +148

    Why dont they play these songs in the US? The UK has much better music.

    • David UK
      David UK 2 ngày trước

      I do love American music but I do feel ours is a lot more diverse

    • Adventure with Me
      Adventure with Me 28 ngày trước +1

      Jillian Wilber i first heard this song on the radio in the US. :)

    • liam Kelly
      liam Kelly Tháng trước +1


    • Kevin Anderson
      Kevin Anderson Tháng trước +6

      Well us got accept house MUSIC in uk and Europe moved on from EDM
      Disco house and tropical house (which this is

    • Shambles Athletic
      Shambles Athletic Tháng trước +10

      True. UK has the best for sure. Im glad I can listen to it everyday

  • Nabeel Reza
    Nabeel Reza Tháng trước +2

    Selena was the one who was supposed to sing thissssss

    • Unicorn Cakes
      Unicorn Cakes Tháng trước +2


    • Roberto Gambarini
      Roberto Gambarini Tháng trước +4

      @Nabeel Reza You get informed then speak... She wrote it 5 years so it's her own song but Syco wouldn't let her release it... So they gave it to Selena. Now Ella's signed to a new Label and she can sing HER OWN song... Bye

    • Nabeel Reza
      Nabeel Reza Tháng trước

      @Roberto Gambarini writing a song doesn't mean you HAVE to sing the song.. understand the comment and then reply

    • Roberto Gambarini
      Roberto Gambarini Tháng trước +6

      Ella Henderson wrote this song 5 years ago

  • Esteban Gallardo Berrocal
    Esteban Gallardo Berrocal Tháng trước +81

    So happy Ella is back this year!

  • Salvatore Matrone
    Salvatore Matrone Tháng trước +165

    Ella’s voice is INCREDIBLE

  • adamyspace
    adamyspace Tháng trước +25

    Ella 😍😍😍

  • Sbr Nazh
    Sbr Nazh Tháng trước +1


  • Milky Space
    Milky Space Tháng trước

    Pls we need Harry's perfomance T^T

  • Si MyStarz HD
    Si MyStarz HD Tháng trước

    Aspects of each message read my comment is that my support of you, O my subscription friends and people loyal because weak channels

  • bianca x
    bianca x Tháng trước +7

    okay now harry please this ain’t funny anymore.

  • OkayJessx
    OkayJessx Tháng trước +76

    why is everyone commenting about harry? respect the artist who’s video ur watching, u need to be patient, he was one of the last people to perform so wait

    • OkayJessx
      OkayJessx Tháng trước

      Unicorn Cakes calm yourself, i was saying respect the artist ur watching

    • Unicorn Cakes
      Unicorn Cakes Tháng trước

      OkayJessx who are you to tell people off? You didn’t publish the video and they didn’t know he was last so respect peoples opinions

    • tay lara
      tay lara Tháng trước +1

      @Stan Healey she said one of them

    • Stan Healey
      Stan Healey Tháng trước

      OkayJessx stormzy was the last on xd

  • Faye Sartain
    Faye Sartain Tháng trước +19

    Why is everyone saying where’s BTS they weren’t even there

    • Olivia Wannan
      Olivia Wannan Tháng trước +3

      People are confused because bts went to the American jingle ball

    • Kaaviyaa Thanenthiran
      Kaaviyaa Thanenthiran Tháng trước +1

      It's Behind The Scenes. As in when Jimmy talks to them before they go on.

    • daily vlogs
      daily vlogs Tháng trước +3

      exactky i’m so confused

  • Sean Lolman
    Sean Lolman Tháng trước +14

    We need Martin garrix to perform full set also in summertime ball 2020

    • J7P
      J7P Tháng trước +1

      wrong audience

  • Gheby Yunita
    Gheby Yunita Tháng trước

    When you want to upload bts full performance.. ?

    • Olivia Wannan
      Olivia Wannan Tháng trước +2

      Gheby Yunita yeah it’s a different event

    • Gheby Yunita
      Gheby Yunita Tháng trước +2

      @Olivia Wannan so its differents ? Ok..

    • Olivia Wannan
      Olivia Wannan Tháng trước +2

      BTS weren’t there. They were at the American jingle ball

  • Salma Elgabry
    Salma Elgabry Tháng trước +5


  • Evie Doig
    Evie Doig Tháng trước +9

    Just waiting for Harry

  • Fafa Ysn
    Fafa Ysn Tháng trước +7

    They owe half of the views to those who came to cm for Harry. 👐

  • Kyle Lowson
    Kyle Lowson Tháng trước +13

    Great ,who votes for roman to win im a celeb

  • Adam White
    Adam White Tháng trước +2

    I’m so sad this wasn’t released by Selena

    • Eduardo Coelho
      Eduardo Coelho Tháng trước +5

      @adamyspace i agree with u! This song would be too strong for selena to handle.
      Ps: I like Selena but if I'm really honest i prefer her studio versions than her live versions.
      ( weak vocals ).

    • Adam White
      Adam White Tháng trước +1

      adamyspace Selena can sing

    • adamyspace
      adamyspace Tháng trước +13

      I'm so happy this wasn't released by Selena. She would have never been able to sing this properly...