The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won't Use

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  • Xuất bản 04 Th02, 2019
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  • Prathik Guduri
    Prathik Guduri 4 giờ trước

    Should have let the end tick out to 10 minutes, you deserve it from the effort put into this video.

  • ball fadora
    ball fadora 10 giờ trước

    I want the fastest one so i want it to be real

  • Emanuela Chicosu
    Emanuela Chicosu 19 giờ trước

    I think the should make the pass way larger

  • GoldenAce57
    GoldenAce57 Ngày trước

    The there’s me who flys Southwest Airlines 95% of the time....and Southwest uses the randomized seasting system. Southwest still uses boarding groups, but all it is, is a way to catergoize who gets on the plane first. If you want to be with your friends or family, you either check in together at the same time so you’ll get a spot in line next to each other, or you can drop back to the lower group and board together there. You can also spend a bit extra money to get early check in so a high chance of being in the A boarding group or even in priority boarding which is A1-A15. Essentially, Southwest plays around with and sells perks that determines who is first in line. But once you’re through that jetway, it’s a free for all for whichever seat you want.

  • JayJay Aviation
    JayJay Aviation Ngày trước

    My airline has a twin otter which can board in 5 minutes *nerds*

  • Sadie M :D
    Sadie M :D Ngày trước

    As someone who flies with little kids, the window middle isle idea sounds very chaotic and awfully complicated. 😖

  • Axria
    Axria Ngày trước

    The airport I went to did the just go on as you get there they put vip and disabled on first then everyone else just goes on in a random order

  • Deathwish5000
    Deathwish5000 Ngày trước

    ok, but if you number the seats at the gate, put that number on the tickets that are purchased, you can get that perfect robotic human boarding order

  • ew its michela
    ew its michela Ngày trước

    ah *yes*, *lord of the rings*

  • Fil Mart
    Fil Mart 2 ngày trước

    Why don’t airlines ask for those WITHOUT overhead bags to get off of plane first?

  • lincoln schreiner
    lincoln schreiner 2 ngày trước +1

    Me on the timer part: UM UM UM.... crash the plane?

  • beard
    beard 3 ngày trước

    because we’re delta airlines, and life is a fucking nightmare

  • TH 1
    TH 1 3 ngày trước

    The correct lineup should be delivered to the passengers in such a way that they could follow through on this.
    How about putting a dynamic flight seat ID on every seat in the gate waiting room, which updates itself based on what plane is at the gate. The seats is then placed in the most effective order so that the waiting passengers just stand up then march in. I don't know if a setup like this would work though, since this theory is based on 250 healthy identical individuals. There would be concerns regarding splitting people up, but you could probably fix that by making exeptions for voulnerable people.

  • TH 1
    TH 1 3 ngày trước

    Pay to sit first. Yet any way you slice it the plane won't take off before everyone is seated.

  • TheL0wner
    TheL0wner 3 ngày trước

    meh no flight I've ever taken has had assigned seating.

  • michael kraul
    michael kraul 4 ngày trước

    Is it just me that thinks he shoulda let the plane to empty to end the vid?

  • George Buckle
    George Buckle 4 ngày trước

    Window midle aisle would seperate kids and parents so maybe not

  • EnterFalcon
    EnterFalcon 5 ngày trước

    just make the isle thicker

  • Matthew Desrosiers
    Matthew Desrosiers 5 ngày trước

    I am offended being called a monky.

  • Albert Nielsen
    Albert Nielsen 5 ngày trước

    The theoretically *best* boarding method is to take the top off the plane, dump the passengers from above directly down into the seats and with their bags held over the lockers so it gets into place just before they reach their seats.
    It may not become the most popular boarding scheme, though.
    More popular, and perhaps even more efficient, is to have the pasengers board in a container the airport and then push the whole thing into the plane body.

  • Huh Neat
    Huh Neat 5 ngày trước

    Unboarding sequel?

  • Lunarchy107
    Lunarchy107 5 ngày trước

    1:02 what a rhyme bro

  • Beep Beep Lettuce 420
    Beep Beep Lettuce 420 6 ngày trước

    Is this guy just gonna replace people with robots

  • Beep Beep Lettuce 420
    Beep Beep Lettuce 420 6 ngày trước

    I live in Chicago by Ohare airport and I can say boarding is the least of its issues

  • ßéñjámíñ
    ßéñjámíñ 6 ngày trước

    2:02 I think grey is using a time Turner or something

  • emily Kemps
    emily Kemps 6 ngày trước

    In Belgium after first class go we just wait and go we dont have things like boarding lines

  • Fine Art
    Fine Art 7 ngày trước

    Air New Zealand doesn’t do that.😜

  • Brina dreams
    Brina dreams 7 ngày trước

    1:07 BARSS🔥🔥

  • Poyoism
    Poyoism 7 ngày trước


  • Erika Spykman
    Erika Spykman 7 ngày trước

    The way Grey says “the smell” at 6:17 is so wonderfully dramatic 😆

  • Pramod Walikar
    Pramod Walikar 7 ngày trước

    Way to maximize human life wasted:
    Front to back (by row) aisle-middle-window

  • Brandon Hesselink
    Brandon Hesselink 7 ngày trước

    You just gained a subscriber

  • Favorite Things
    Favorite Things 7 ngày trước

    The best thing about flying is that once you are past security every thing is out of your control. Relax and enjoy it. It's a rare break in life. Planes usually have a scheduled departure time so the amount of combined time waiting to sit and sitting is generally the same. Boarding strategy is irrelevant unless the equipment was really late arriving and a quick turn around is needed. Even then, while you are queuing, people are working all around the plane. The movement of people (and traffic) is like water. It will go where it can go. If standing in line stresses you out, then pack light, book an aisle seat and wait in the terminal until the end when you can stroll aboard and sit right down.

  • Rivers Cuomo
    Rivers Cuomo 7 ngày trước

    Jesus Christ dude if you feel this strongly just stop flying

  • Dexter Jettster
    Dexter Jettster 8 ngày trước

    Top 10 boarding methods that airplane companies DON’T want you to know about!

  • dandansfu
    dandansfu 8 ngày trước +1

    I keep coming back to this video. Not sure if it’s the music the animation or the frustration I can sense lol

  • MasterMiller404
    MasterMiller404 8 ngày trước

    God this is exactly why I hate flying, it would be so much easier if everyone would just check their damn bags and maybe put smaller items like laptop bags or backpacks under the seat in front of them it would save so much time

  • Apple Person
    Apple Person 8 ngày trước

    Highly unrealistic, everyone is smiling in this

    xXx_KASZALOTGANGSTER_xXx 8 ngày trước

    or just jump out plane

  • nfistfu
    nfistfu 9 ngày trước

    Why not make the aisle wide enough for two people?

  • Alejandro Bardo Laserna
    Alejandro Bardo Laserna 9 ngày trước +1

    The animation looks like something the devs of prison architect/rimworld could have made and that's great!

  • Lucatin
    Lucatin 9 ngày trước

    I fly about once every seven years so I think I can tolerate it.

  • kinsel
    kinsel 10 ngày trước

    Don't allow carry on. Problem solved?

  • RiotShield
    RiotShield 10 ngày trước +9

    Have the flight attendant crack a whip every time someone takes more than 5 seconds putting in their luggage

  • Matthew Harris-Levesque
    Matthew Harris-Levesque 10 ngày trước

    I've been bitching about the window first method for over eight years now... Finally someone people might listen to says something.... The Steffen method still has the seat jockey problem. Window first means no seat jockey and plenty of space for the person to stand inside the seating area (of the as yet unfilled aisle seat) while stowing their crap up above.. they ARE out of the aisle and the rest of the cows can moo-ve along!

    (Sadly the "nutcracker method" is unlikely to happen... but window first isn't THAT complicated!)

  • beefjerkythesecond
    beefjerkythesecond 10 ngày trước


  • Günther Eder
    Günther Eder 10 ngày trước

    A recent publication on this topic :)

  • Matteo Tironi
    Matteo Tironi 10 ngày trước

    Except that planes have two entrances. So it's more like front and back to the midddle

  • Matteo Tironi
    Matteo Tironi 10 ngày trước

    Except that planes have two entrances. So it's more like front and back to the midddle

  • Pockets MacCartney
    Pockets MacCartney 11 ngày trước

    In the old days planes were boarded off the tarmac. That was neat. You could turn at the top of the stairs and do your "presidential" resignation wave. Yell to the boarders "It's a cook book!!!!"

  • bob hope
    bob hope 11 ngày trước

    It's all a psychological illusion of getting there faster. Why do we need to optimized a rush on seating? I usually fly cheap so I'm always in the back, last boarding group. I wait to the end, everyone is mostly seated, and I walk on, all the way to the back with little delay. Why would I care if I wait outside an additional 10-15 minutes to board. Why would I want to be in my cramped seat even longer?

  • J P
    J P 12 ngày trước

    5:34 it's... beautiful

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller 12 ngày trước

    Getting off frequently I have seen people do some combination of "position" vs "front to back" -- because while the window seat people ahead are hitting their head and climbing over armrests the people in the isle behind have already got their stuff and zip by. Is there really anything much more efficient?

  • Spider Girl
    Spider Girl 12 ngày trước +1

    In other words

    whispers : *Southwest for the win*

  • Justin Moore
    Justin Moore 12 ngày trước

    Humans and their baggage.

  • Rachel Gaeckle
    Rachel Gaeckle 13 ngày trước

    I was watching at 11:15 and his boarding ticket says 11:15 weird

  • Y Love
    Y Love 13 ngày trước

    The cheapest seats are at the back of the plane, usually purchased by people who don’t fly much and, therefore, bring their entire closets with them. If you board these cheapskates first, they will consume ALL of the overhead bin space, leaving NOTHING for first class passengers who paid the most. Brilliant.

  • Lolbro Gaming
    Lolbro Gaming 14 ngày trước

    TYS (Alcoa) ----> EWR (Newark)

  • Kristián Slánička
    Kristián Slánička 14 ngày trước

    Random boarding is in my country

  • OcramTheWeirdo
    OcramTheWeirdo 15 ngày trước +1

    Casey neistat at 3:06 tho lmao