Clint Eastwood on What It's Really Like Being Ellen's Neighbor

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  • Xuất bản 09 Th12, 2019
  • Clint Eastwood's office is right next to Ellen's stage, and after she gave him a holiday gift for the front of his building, he explained the requirements for being her neighbor. The director also talked about his new film, "Richard Jewell," and how he spent years trying get the movie made.
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  • Olivier Gahungu
    Olivier Gahungu 4 ngày trước

    Clint has always remained iconic

  • bigmaxy07
    bigmaxy07 5 ngày trước

    I have always loved when Marty McFly walks into that saloon and "What's yer name boy" "Eastwood Clint Eastwood" What kind of a stoopid name is that !

  • Francis Salsbury
    Francis Salsbury 7 ngày trước

    I Loved him more, than little Joe, from Bonanza!!!! I'm now 65! lol♥️

  • bbigjohnson069
    bbigjohnson069 11 ngày trước

    We see too many people we admire taken before their time. It's good to see one live so many years. What a life he has had. And he's still going doing what he loves to do. Brain is still sharp too. You can't get more politically opposite than those two though.

  • Dorne Mason
    Dorne Mason 14 ngày trước

    Gosh he looks so much older now

  • Tillymea Ström
    Tillymea Ström 16 ngày trước

    Such briliant man ✨✨

  • vault14
    vault14 16 ngày trước

    I can't wrap my head around how friendly Clint Eastwood is with Ellen that he regularly visits her show. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would like interviews. They shouldn't even run in the same circles.

  • Andres E. Castillo
    Andres E. Castillo 18 ngày trước

    long live to Dirty Harry

  • robert4you
    robert4you 18 ngày trước

    Hello from Europe. Clint Eastwood is one of very few Hollywood stars who I still fully respect. He is not one of those snowflakes who gets offended by every little thing in society, he does not belong to the radical liberal left we so often see in Hollywood. A supporter of Trump. Very refreshing.

  • Ro Nin
    Ro Nin 21 ngày trước

    ah ah ah waah waah waah~~

  • Fenway Park
    Fenway Park 22 ngày trước

    Thank you Clint. Trump 2020 MAGA - KAG

  • Richard Kirk
    Richard Kirk 23 ngày trước

    It was Robert Mueller who framed Richard Jewel. The same guy who tried to frame the President.

    • Richard Kirk
      Richard Kirk 21 ngày trước +1

      Dave Hester
      Wouldn’t surprise me

    • Dave Hester
      Dave Hester 21 ngày trước

      I think he framed Roger Rabbit as well

  • T Hill
    T Hill 23 ngày trước +1

    He still "makes my day".

  • v c
    v c 24 ngày trước

    Let me say...Mr. Clint Eastwood is my idol cos he's a legend in the movie industry. Hope he'll be doing fine for the years to come.

  • Lennic
    Lennic 25 ngày trước

    the man with no name...

  • It's Dev!
    It's Dev! 25 ngày trước

    This the real alpha male.

  • Eric Surage
    Eric Surage 26 ngày trước +1

    The way Clint holding the bat 😂 Do you feel lucky, Well do ya, punk

  • Sarge Swagg
    Sarge Swagg 28 ngày trước

    I give Clint, a life long Republican, credit for going on uber lefty narcissist Ellen show. Wouldn’t happen the other way around. Look how Tulsi Gabbert was lambasted for going on Fox News. Hypocrite Socialists and Commies . A one way trip. No team work with those commies. Think about it. Clint, a stoic Republican willing to go on a socialist leftist show. But Ellen is just USING him for ratings. See the difference? Oh I thought so....

  • Jedmega
    Jedmega Tháng trước

    Clint on mobile legend

  • destROYer T
    destROYer T Tháng trước

    Most respect to you, sir!

  • Deeken Wheeler
    Deeken Wheeler Tháng trước

    The Good!

  • I A
    I A Tháng trước

    اسطورة كلينت

  • Herman Irascible
    Herman Irascible Tháng trước

    Tragic is used for unintentional mishaps! This was a travesty !!!!

  • Rick Gross
    Rick Gross Tháng trước

    making a movie about Richard Jewel I remember the event at the time it was kinda forgotten a few weeks later
    didn't think there was enough of a story for a movie

  • Samuel Cadigal
    Samuel Cadigal Tháng trước

    Clint wife is soo lucky

  • Samuel Cadigal
    Samuel Cadigal Tháng trước

    Clint is a goddess his still handsome till this time

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo Tháng trước


  • Cathy Heston
    Cathy Heston Tháng trước

    So remember him so much younger, now he is talking like my Beloved Daddy....breathlessly 😪

  • Cathy Heston
    Cathy Heston Tháng trước

    ❤ to Clint!!!

  • Matt W
    Matt W Tháng trước

    He will be 90 May, 2020. Legend.

  • Roy
    Roy Tháng trước

    Looks great for a hundred and ten

  • JaybayJay
    JaybayJay Tháng trước

    I'd love to see Clint make a film I've wanted to see for years, and surprised no one in Hollywood did... WW1's 100 year just passed, and only 1 film to commemorate the event. Clint.. You make it. I want to see a film about the Aviators that invented air combat. "Aces" is what I'd call it and have the tales of the world's first fighter pilot's put on film. Billy Bishop, the best pilot ever wrote books about his experiences, and I'm sure there are other stories out there centering the other Aces, including the Red Baron.. And he'd be an excellent General in the film (Clint).

  • Jennifer Hewitt
    Jennifer Hewitt Tháng trước

    He looks wonderful sounds wonderful and is wonderful one of our country's great much respect thanks for having him ellen I will go see this film thank you Ellen for having him like I say your the best and no less also always love Eastwood keep making films the country loves you

  • Adel Hesham
    Adel Hesham Tháng trước

    How can someone be so perfect?

  • Cephalotripsy Syndrome down
    Cephalotripsy Syndrome down Tháng trước

    Clint Eastwood rocks

  • bill stout
    bill stout Tháng trước +2

    The greatest living legend in Hollywood. Mr. Clint Eastwood.

  • Keith Purdue
    Keith Purdue Tháng trước

    Clint is The Man!!!!

  • Marc De Mil
    Marc De Mil Tháng trước

    Respect love you Clint👍🤗

  • Isaac kent
    Isaac kent Tháng trước

    Mr Far Far Right, meets Ms Far Far Left .

  • Reuben James
    Reuben James Tháng trước

    Jewell got done dirty and it’s no secret. Let it also be known that Jewell loves Clint and Ellen

  • Alex Soul
    Alex Soul Tháng trước

    FBI during the Clinton administration....::go figure..

  • c g
    c g Tháng trước


  • joske103
    joske103 Tháng trước

    LEGENDE and my favourite Director

  • Maximus Durden
    Maximus Durden Tháng trước

    SHOCKER...the FBI and the media colluding to lie and blame someone without facts!?!?!?!

  • nikanj6
    nikanj6 Tháng trước

    I'm intrigued. What a terrific public service to help right a historical inaccuracy. Bravo Ellen for this compelling interview.

  • eriberto476
    eriberto476 Tháng trước

    Com on give us 1 more cowboy movie you can still do it

  • Suzan Benet
    Suzan Benet Tháng trước

    Horrible movie. Full of trumpism

  • Suzan Benet
    Suzan Benet Tháng trước +1


  • Tom V-dog
    Tom V-dog Tháng trước +3

    Clint Eastwood = One of America's Greatest Living Actors, Directors and one heck of a Great American!

  • Iagoth
    Iagoth Tháng trước +3

    I liked him until the “empty chair incident”.

  • Sanjay Bakshi
    Sanjay Bakshi Tháng trước

    Life's good when bank accounts are full

  • Mary ndlela
    Mary ndlela Tháng trước


  • Nola Joe
    Nola Joe Tháng trước

    Right turn, Clyde.

  • Mei Lin Pang
    Mei Lin Pang Tháng trước

    He is my favorite actor. Love him and his movies. He is a great actor!😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️

  • Arlene Martinez
    Arlene Martinez Tháng trước

    My favorite of all times.❤

  • Eva May
    Eva May Tháng trước

    Suprised to see a conservative Trump supporter on her show... Clint is the man

  • Ace MacGruber
    Ace MacGruber Tháng trước

    Eastwood is an empty chair.

  • Trace R
    Trace R Tháng trước

    I used to fake a sick day from primary school when Clint was on the midday movies in the mid 70s

  • Tutor and Tourist
    Tutor and Tourist Tháng trước

    Clint Eastwood is a Legend. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Parsa Dolatabadi
    Parsa Dolatabadi Tháng trước

    There are two kind of people my friend
    Those who like Clint Eastwood
    And those who love him